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The Torns on the Rose by the minister for magic
Chapter 1 : The Prologue
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He watched her walk down the aisle and she looked beautiful, actually she always looked beautiful. Today, their wedding day she looked radiant no James decided she was more than that she was… perfect. Her emerald eyes glanced at him nervously and he returned his huge grin which James was pleased to see seemed to give her more confidence as she walked closer to him. Lily wasn’t normally the type to get nervous but he supposed there were about a hundred people watching her. But this seemed to make him proud of Lily, his Lily soon to be his Mrs Potter.

The blushing bride was nearly at the alter now, actually her checks looked like they had caught on fire and slightly resembled bonfires. Matching her fiery hair. James was so preoccupied of her glowing face he nearly missed what she was wearing. Her dress was white, strapless with diamonds wonderfully scattered at the top. It went in at her petite waist and came flowing out to the floor with a layer of lace delicately spread on the top. And in her hands were a bunch of impeccable red roses.

However his admiration of her was rudely interrupted by his best man Sirius Black and a sharp nudge which was shortly followed by his loud whispers of “Still time to bail out I recon” He ignored this as Lily had just arrived at the alter but Sirius was rewarded with a stern almost evil glare, that would make McGonagall proud, from Emmeline Vance, Lily’s maid of Honour.
James never thought he would get married this soon he had asked Lily to marry him at the end of their seventh year at Hogwarts but it was her who had wanted to marry soon after and who was he to deny anything to his dear Lily.

“Oi” Sirius had just sharply kicked James in the back of the leg, he hadn’t realised he was daydreaming during his wedding of all times. Everyone’s eyes were watching James with curiously and the wizard conducting the ceremony questioned him with a concerned face. “Do you Mr Potter?”, “Take Miss Evan?”

James replied this with his huge grin “Yeah of course I do”

This was shortly followed by a collective sigh from the guests and Sirius trying and failing to hold in his laughter.

Emmeline Vance watched her best friend walk down the aisle with her portly father. They both looked nervous although Emmeline knew Lily was much more nervous than her face portrayed.


Emmeline remembered a couple of weeks back just after they left Hogwarts when she heard a rapid knock on her door followed by a sobbing Lily. It grieved her to see lily like this they had been best friends since first year and were so close they would do anything for each other.


Lily sat next to Emmeline on the old couch in the corner of her sitting room and would not stop sobbing. “Lily, Lily calm down what’s happened” But all that followed was more sobs and mutters of “What am I” sob.. “Going to” sob.. “Do, I’m 18” sob… “I’m pre"

“Lily slow down your not making any sense”


“Emma I’m pregnant”



“I’m to young Emma, I’ve just left Hogwarts, I’m 18, I’m not ready for this and what will James say we only just got engaged..."


It had taken a while to calm her down but eventually they reached a plan and brought the wedding forward. Emma knew lily only wanted a small wedding but Mrs Potter was a sociable woman and here they were at Lily and James’ wedding with about one hundred guests in the grounds of the Potter Manor house. James was going to get a surprise tonight because they had never actually found the right moment to tell him the news. But if the last two years had told Emmeline Vance anything then it would be, James would do anything for Lily, so she was confident everything would go as planned.


Lily was exhausted but couldn’t bring herself to sleep; she was sat in bed at St. Mungo’s on the maternity floor. She looked at her James next to her but he was staring at their beautiful baby girl, who was peacefully sleeping in his hands.


James looked up at Lily “How are you feeling?”

Lily smiled back “Tired but happy” she looked at the single red rose in the vase next to her bed. It looked so perfect, so fragile yet so strong, like it was untouchable, so magnificent standing there and pouring out its intoxicating enchanting passion.




James looked up at her


“Rose, we should call her Rose”

James gave his grin and said “Rose Lily Potter”


“But what are we going to do about Godparents, who do we pick? i know you would want Sirius but what about Remus and then we cant leave about poor Peter”


James pondered this for a moment before coming up with his answer “all of them, Sirius, Remus, Peter and Emma”


Lily laughed “Lucky girl” before falling into a gentle sleep.


About fifteen minutes later their peace was disturbed by the presence of Sirius, Emma, Remus and a trailing Peter. Sirius came bouncing up to them with a beaming smile and a loud “Well were is it”

And Emma correcting “don’t call they baby it, Sirius”


There was a small cough from James’ arms and a collective “awhh” from everyone although Sirius’ sounded slightly patronizing. James stood up “This is Rose. Rose Lily Potter”


At this Sirius took out a bottle of firewiskey and glasses from his coat. But Emma discerning words paused him for a moment “Sirius you cannot possibly open that here”


“Really I don’t see a sign”


“Don’t patronise me Sirius"

But he had already started to poor the golden liquid. He rose his glass “To Rose Lily Potter”

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The Torns on the Rose: The Prologue


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