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Alice Liddell by VeronicaOlivia
Chapter 2 : Starry Night
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    Warm sunlight streamed in through the windows of the Great Hall as Hogwart's early-risers sat quietly down at their tables, picking and choosing what their first meal of the new school year should be. I glanced up from the old, worn words of the novel I was reading and scanned my schedule once again. The first class of today was History of Magic.

   Honestly, I find that history itself is fascinating. To see how the lifestyle was back then and then compare it today is quite interesting. However, I knew the entire History of Magic curriculum for Sixth Year for over the summer, to keep my brain from dying of boredom, I read the textbook for this year. Besides, Professor Binns is not exactly the most invigorating professor, to put it at the least.

    The clock read forty-five minutes past six. There was still a little bit more than an hour left; therefore, I finished reading my novel by the time the bell struck for the first class of the day. At this point, the Great Hall was filled with sleep-deprived students who still dreamt of the mornings that they would wake up in the afternoon.

    Pulling out my hair tie only to pull my hair back up into a sloppily done bun, I shoved the novel into my bag and stepped out of the bench. With my head low, I walked out of the hall and towards the dusty depths of the History of Magic classroom. For the first time in several weeks, the sun shone through the cold stones of the castle, warming the occupants.

    I waited outside along with others until the bell rung. Eventually, the wooden doors swung open to reveal the same old classroom as students reluctantly filed in. I took a seat towards the back of the room, like most students, for there was no need to pay attention in this class. Slipping out the notes I had taken over the summer whilst reading the textbook, I laid them out in front of me along with a quill and ink bottle to look as if I were paying attention. I looked over my detailed notes to find the material we would be covering today.

   Resting my head on my heads, my eyelids closed for a few fleeting moments only to open when someone asked softly, "Excuse me. Is it all right for me to sit here?" I looked towards the direction of the voice to meet the warm brown eyes of Remus Lupin. "Sure," I said after a few seconds. I turned away for a warmth began to spread through my usually ivory skin. Closing my eyes to keep from embarrassing myself, I couldn't help but open them once again.

    There was a ruffle of papers and the light thump of a textbook before the screech of the chair echoed through the room while he sat down. There was a pause before he said, "I'm sorry, I didn't introduce myself. I'm Remus Lupin." Although there wasn't any point in him introducing himself for everyone in the school knew the names of the Marauder's, and he was no exception. Countless of times, I have heard girls swooning over his gentleman-like manners and mysteriousness.

     A small smile spread across my face for I was sure he knew that all the students knew him. "Oh, of course I know the names of the infamous Marauders. I'm Alice, Alice Liddell," I said. He chucked quietly and replied, "Your name, Alice Liddell - a bit fairytale, isn't it?"

"I suppose it is."


    Unfortunately, during the length of the entire period, I had fallen into a deep slumber. Dreaming of crashing waves and true blue skies, I never wanted to be awaken. But life does not always go the way you expect it to; thus, I stretched my arms and rubbed my eyes after someone had shook me gently in order to wake. I was embarrassed to find that it as Remus who had woken me up. "Oh, I'm sorry. You really didn't have to wake me but thank you!" I quickly said, grabbing my bag. "It was nothing," he said waving it off, "I'll see you tomorrow."

    My cheeks were still a deep pink as I looked down at my schedule to find that I had to go into the shadows and dark corners of the dungeons for Potions. Lovely.


      Tired of the centuries old lecture concerning O.W.L.'s, I walked with heavy eyes out of the Charms classroom, the last class of the day. Heading straight to what one could call my second home, I sat in the midst of the much used books in the Library of Hogwarts, where hundreds of people have sat in the same old chair I am currently sitting in. It really does need a good dusting, though, who knows what is hiding in the shadows. A body may even be discovered. Perhaps they would even find that third year who disappeared some thirty-eight years ago, supposedly. Although I reckon that he had just skipped school and never return but let's not ruin the rumours that keep people's spirits alive.

On our first day back we already had three essays due in the coming week along with a quiz in two weeks. Oh, how wonderful!

Out of habit, I retied my blonde locks into a bun and with a sigh, dipped my quill into the ink bottle. I might as well start on these essays to get them done with before I end up with a pile of unfinished work which was certainly not needed.

It doesn't seem that I ever left.


      By the end of three hours, I managed to write a successful essay for Charms and half of the dreadful Transfiguration one. Resting my head in my hands, I closed my eyes for a few moments. The sun had now dipped below the horizon, saying good bye for now before coming out again tomorrow. I gazed out of the window, at the clear night sky, the moon still in the new moon phase.

A soft smile spread across my face as peace overcame my weary head before I began to collect my parchments, quill, and ink bottles, packing them. However, I heard a few unfamiliar voices behind the book case in front of me. Curiosity took over the best of me; thus, I pretended to look through a few books.

James jokingly said, "Did you hear about Padfoot's latest catch?"

There as a pause before I heard them chuckling. "Oh, come on, Padfoot, you must admit that she isn't the brightest with of the century. Well, millenium," Peter said.

"Well, not every girl can be Evans."

"Don't bring her into this!" James warned.

"You don't have to get defensive, mate, no one is taking her away from you, don't worry," Sirius said calmly. I shook my head for Lily was certainly not James's property and if she overheard this conversation she would probably have a smack at him.

"James we understand that you love Lily but I don't think you should talk about her as if she were yours, and only yours," Remus commented whilst writing.

For a moment, the only sound was that of quills scratching against parchment along with the pages of books being turned. I slowly got up to leave until I heard someone say, "What's wrong, Moony? You have been awfully quiet today."

"Probably just over-thinking, again," Sirius noted.

My eyes looked through a tiny crevice between two books and watched as he looked up from his parchment with confusion, "I suppose I have been unusually quiet today but I have been thinking."

"Padfoot, do you happen to know a girl named Alice?"

"Alice Prewett, the one going out with that Longbottom bloke?"

Of course.

Remus furrowed his eyebrows, "No, never mind."

"Bloody hell, you are worse than a girl," Sirius exclaimed, stretching his legs onto the table before James shoved them off.

"Well if the only Alice you know is Prewett there is no point in talking about the subject, is there?"

"If you are thinking about it, then there is a point."

Remus sighed, his persistent friends winning him over, and said, "It has been bothering me all day. Have any of you ever heard of a girl named Alice Liddell?"

"Sounds like something out of a book," Peter said, confused.

"Why is it bothering you?" Sirius asked.

"Well, before meeting her this morning, I thought we had known every person in our year and to find that I had never heard of this girl, I was quite surprised to say the least. How could we never hear of a girl that has been in our year for the past five years?"

"Perhaps she is new?"

"Then wouldn't she be part of the sorting hat ceremony?"

Silence fell between them as I felt certain heaviness in my stomach. Am I simply a ghost wandering these corridors?

"Are you sure she is a sixth year?"

"She is in the same History of Magic class as I."

"How strange."

    Turning my back to them and sliding down the bookcase, I sat there contemplating the fact that I had been invisible to everyone for five years. It is a known fact that the Marauders know the name of every Sixth Year. At least now that fact is true.

    Lowering my eyes, I pulled myself up and dragged my feet towards the Ravenclaw tower. I was in no mood for dinner; thus, I stayed in the comfort of my bed, staring up at the indigo curtains. My mind thought of everything... and nothing.

    An hour later, I sat on the ledge of the open window, staring down at the faraway ground, when the dormitory was completely empty of life. I must practice, I thought, for then I would forget. The sky seemed endless, the stars shone down upon to me as if they were calling my name.

    Crouching on the windowsill, my eyelids closed peacefully and before I could open them again, I fell. My body was falling through the crisp air of the endless night. My soul soared through my lungs, an adrenaline rush pumped through my veins, a single coo of an owl echoed through the darkness.

   All worries had been left behind, there wasn't a care occupying my mind, not a single thought.

    Spreading my arms, my body transformed into it's animagus form moments before reaching the ground. My arms spread into the wings of a raven, rich dark feathers covering my body. A strong gust of wind caught me as I flew high above the magnificent castle, the only thing visible were twinkling lights and shadows in the windows.

    The most illegal action I ever committed was that of becoming an unregistered animagus two years ago. Although I was an amateur, practice makes perfect, as they say. However everything comes with consequences which is why no one must ever know.

   This wasn't very hard to do for my thoughts always stayed within my head and my secrets never left my lips.

    For who could I possibly tell them to?



Hello! Another chapter has been revised and is up for validation. The story is still in its beginning so don't judge it too harshly just yet. Thank you and all reviews are very much appreciated. 


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