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How Far Would You Go? by Pepper Finn
Chapter 10 : The End?
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I fled deeper and deeper into the woods, the candle flickering in the wind as a raced past trees and bushes. I had to out run them then disapatarate, it would be my only hope. The woods became thicker, coarser and I was soon hopelessly lost. I strained my ears to hear the sound of my pursuers but it appeared as if they were as lost as I was.

Extinguishing the candle, I crept slowly forward, trying my hardest not to make any noise as I searched for a space wide enough to apparate from. In the distance I could see a clearing lit up from the moon and I cautiously made my way towards it.

I glanced around carefully, making sure there was no trace of life as I stood at the edge of the clearing. Taking a deep breath to steady myself, I turned on the spot and was instantly hit with the most terrible pain.

"I've got him!" Cried a voice I could barely hear in my agony.

"You didn't think I'd let you get away that easily again, did you Draco?" Pansy sneered.

I couldn't respond or even think of a reply the pain was so bad. It wasn't until I heard the sound of others approaching that she realised me from her curse and left me sobbing and shaking on the forrest floor.

"So defiant, Silver Sight and so strong willed. You would be an asset to us, to our order. All you have to do is be the man, the wizard you know you are. Give up pretending, wearing a mask and be your true self again." The Leader rasped.

I could not move, I could barely speak . I was hurting, yes, but was I broken?

Look inside yourself, Draco. I know this hurts, but would it hurt you more if you gave up your love for Hermione? I reflected.

Before I could process an answer I was writhing in torment again and may possibly have been screaming, I was not aware. All I was aware of was the pain tearing me apart.

Eventually the pain subsided and I could hear the Leader speak once more.

"Give in to us, Silver Sight. The pain must be terrible as it is all the pain you have inflicted upon Nightshade with your berayl, your choosing that muggle. But it doesn't have to be like this. You have a choice. Join us and we will spare her suffering."

"I'd ....rather..... die." I choked out.

"A pity, Mr Malfoy. I had looked forward to having you in our service. But you have made up your mind. Your death will not be painless and it will not happen for some time, not until we extract from you what we need."

Before I could comprehend what he meant I was again hit with Pansy's curse and no longer capable of thought. After what seemed an enternity, the pain ceased and I felt a hand under my chin, holding my face up.

"Give us the information we seek and it will be painless."


"Then you leave me no choice."

I could make the outline of his head in front of mine and felt him probing inside my mind, trying to find where it was Hermione was hidden. I tried to hide my thoughts, to put up defences but it was so hard. I was exhausted and getting too weak to fight him, too weak to hide. I could feel him probing hard at my deep secret and I forced myself to break eye contact with him.

"You defy me still? I begin to lose patience. Nightshade! Finish him. Destroy his defences!"

And again I was engulfed in the agony and it went longer than all the other times put together. I was not sure how I was aware of this, but I was. As I was being cursed, the Leader gazed deep into my eyes and plowed through my defences. I felt him pulling at my secret and I could not resist him any longer.

"Our .... HOUSE....... She....... Is ...... At ........ Our..... HOUSE." I was yelling.


"The name of it, Malfoy! You must speak the name for the secret to be broken!" The Leader cried in triumph.

"W...Wi... Willow ...... Hall. Please...... spare .... my" I begged, broken at last.

"We can not allow such a threat to continue. But it won't matter to you anyway."

I felt all the hope and happiness drain from me as the realisation of what I had done hit me. It was so cold and all around me I could hear the Dark Balance apparating away. I felt the darkness closing in around me and I thought I was about to pass out when I felt something cold on my arms.

I am sorry, Hermione. It shouldn't have ended like this.

I closed my eyes as I felt something cold brush my face and a few moments later a blinding light surround me. Opening my eyes I saw a pale and beautiful female face with lumiciently blonde hair gazing at me.

I must be dead, but why am I in heaven?

The light faded, my eyes closed and I knew no more.

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How Far Would You Go?: The End?


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