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Saving James by ACx
Chapter 6 : The Great Hogwarts Food Fight
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CI by AtomicPanda@TDA

A line of terrified first years walked past as my stomach growled loudly. Paige giggled and I shot her an evil look. I had had nothing to eat and now was not the right time to be laughing at me!

The sorting ceremony began and slowly the procession of first years shrank. I zoned out for most of it, images of chocolate cake and roast beef zooming through my mind. I came back to earth just in time to hear “Zwen, Gareth” being sorted into Slytherin.

Mcgonagall said a few words, then the food appeared on the plates. I started grabbing everything in sight, getting even hungrier as the food’s smell blew in my face.

“Hey girls!” A voice came from across the table, where James, Ryan, Fred, Liam and the other seventh year Gryffindor, Harry Adams had just sat down. I rolled my eyes and turned away as Fred tucked into his food.

Now that was something I really didn’t need to see!

“All that food just for you, Phoenix?” Harry said, giving my the classic elevator eyes. “I wouldn’t keep that up if you wanna keep your nice figure!”

I turned to April, ignoring the boys, as Paige started eyeing up Ryan again. I wished so badly that she’d just talk to him!

“Hey! Phoenix, heard you were the new Head Girl!” I turned to see the owner of the voice walking down the aisle between the Ravenclaw and Gryffindor tables.

Okay, Drake Wood was hot, but we had always hated each other. And that has been hard when I had had a major crush on him in my third year! He was a Slytherin and was pretty much hated by all Gryffindors.

“What’s it to you!?” I shouted back, lazily flicking my wand at a goblet of pumpkin juice and catching it as it flew towards me.

“Lets just say I have a few plans for this year that you better not mess up!” He laughed, winked at me and I was sure his eyes flickered to James before he turned to walk away.

Everything was suddenly in slow motion. I turned in my seat and saw a spoonful of mashed potatoes in James’s hand, a mischievous grin on his face. I shouted “NO!”, just as the spoon bent back and sent the blob of food flying towards Drake’s head.

SPLAT! The potatoes went all over his perfect brown hair and despite the fact I was Head Girl and should not have let that happen, I started to laugh.

That was the beginning of the Great Hogwarts Food Fight. It took about a second for Drake to get food to throw back at James. And that would have been the end of it, had he not missed and covered an unsuspecting Paige in gravy.

Suddenly, all hell broke lose. People were throwing food everywhere, ducking under tables and even a few first years had started to cry, shooting panicked looks at each other.

“James, you complete arse!” I shouted across the table at him, “look what you’ve started!”.

“Oh, come on Jenny, its just a bit fun!” he shouted back before disappearing under the table.

It didn’t take long for the chaos to calm down enough for McGonagall to be heard. Her shouts of rage where just to much for the rest of the first years and those who hadn’t been crying, started to.


Everyone started to slowly make their way out of the hall. No-one was clean, food was in people hair, all over their robes. And the hall looked like a food bomb had just exploded all over it. Me and James made our way to the front of the hall where all of the teachers stood. Most of them, like the students, were covered in the remains of the start-of-term feast. I could see Hagrid chuckling and even thought I heard Professor Longbottom say “Well, that’s a first for Hogwarts…”.

We reached McGonagall and I suddenly wished I had never been picked for Head Girl. A piece of roast beef was hanging off of the front of her hat, but I thought maybe saying anything would just be chancing my luck.

“Please, can you two explain to me how this,” she swept her hands across the room, “happened?”

I chanced a look at James and saw his most innocent face, the one he used to get out of detention.

“Well, Professor, you see Drake Wood was being cheeky so I, as Head Boy decided rather than give him detention would just give him a face full of mash. But that prat, sorry miss, has such a shite, sorry, aim that when he tried to hit me back he missed and it all started from there.” James said all of that with such a look of apologetic ness and innocence on his face, I’m surprised he wasn’t made an angel.

A small giggle escaped from my lips and McGonagall shot my an evil look.

“Even if that was the case Mr Potter, as Head Boy and Girl something should have happened to sort it out that was more responsible than throwing food,” she said it in a tone which clearly said James should get the grin off of his face.

I bowed my head, not wanting to look at her in case I was turned to stone or something. But the strange thing was that, despite the fact I had totally neglected my responsibility, I felt good. It was like the adrenaline from the whole situation was coursing through my body, happy that it was finally allowed to break the rules.

“As a punishment, both of you and Mr Wood will come here first thing tomorrow and clean this whole hall, without magic!” I stared at her in total shock, as she said that. It wasn’t fair!

She took one look at our shocked expressions and I thought I saw a small smile flit across her face. “If that is all, then I will show you to your new dorm.” Me and James just nodded, to shocked to say anything.

McGonagall walked out of the Great Hall and headed up the stairs, heading towards Gryffindor Tower. We followed her, a new excitement building up in me. I was about to go somewhere I had never been before.

Just before the opening that led to Gryffindor Tower, she turned right and walked straight towards a large painting hanging on the wall. It was a simple picture, a tree curving across one side, a little girl sitting on a swing hanging from its branches.

“The password is ‘flutterby’, I trust you will find everything you need inside, Good-night!” and with that McGonagall walked off down the corridor, her robes flying out behind her.

I looked at James, and despite the fact we usually hated each other, I thought it was nice we were sharing this moment together.

“Ready?” I asked nervously, suddenly scared that my new home might be the opposite of what I would like it to be.

“Yep!” he said cheerfully, walking forward and saying ‘flutterby!’ as he did so.

Slowly the portrait flew open…


A/N- Hey! Sorry for taking so long to post, there been loads of tests at school latley! Well hope you like the chapter and i promise more soon! x






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Saving James: The Great Hogwarts Food Fight


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