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All This Time by Mischief_managed18
Chapter 2 : Let the Games Begin
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Obviously, I don't own any of these characters. While I did make up some of the story line, the credit goes to the amazingly wonderful JK Rowling. 

Enjoy!! :)


I stared up at Hogwarts. Or rather, what was left of it. A shudder ran down my spine in memory of what had happened here only months ago. The students who were of age, mainly 7th years with a mix 6th years seeing as we were all pretty much behind a year, were here a month early to work on finishing the rebuild of the school.  Our dorms and everything were ready and we were told that we could settle in for a few hours and then food would be brought up to us because the Great Hall was still destroyed. For whatever reason I automatically started walking towards Gryffindor tower only to realize I was now head girl and of course had different dorms.

I went up to the dorms only to realize I didn’t know the password. Shit. I thought to myself. Now what? I was about to turn when a drawling voice from behind me said one simple phrase but it was enough for me to immediately know who it was.

“Initium novum.” Draco said.

I turned to face him. He looked much better than he had all those months ago. Handsome even. What was I thinking?! This was Draco I’m talking about.

“Good evening Draco.” I said, trying to keep calm. This could only mean one thing, Malfoy was head boy. Shit.

“Hello Granger. And what may I ask are you doing here?” he said. The nerve of him.

“I’m head girl. What else?!” I retorted.

His face immediately dropped. He couldn’t believe it. A mudblood head girl?! Unheard of. I could see the look of disgust on his face.

“Are you?” He asked casually. “I wondered why McGonagall hadn’t introduced me or even informed me as to whom the head girl was. I suppose she figured we’d both freak out. Fortunately for your sake, blood status doesn’t quite matter to me any longer. It’s unimportant, mundane. I’m willing to start over if you are.”

He then put his hand out as if asking for me to shake it in agreement. I couldn’t help but be shocked. Draco wanted to but everything behind us and start over? He was the one who was always a jerk. Deciding on being a good person I’d let him have the benefit of the doubt. Maybe he did want to change. I reached my hand out and shook his. Electricity coursed through me and I drew back immediately. I realized this was the first time I had ever made contact with Draco in all the years I’d known him.

I’ll spare you in the details of what happened during the rebuilding. It took us about two weeks total and we left the Great Hall as it was in order to remember that infamous day. We built a new dining hall and that was the end of the rebuilding process. We now had a week to spare before the younger students arrived back to Hogwarts.

After dinner the final day I came back to the Head common room and collapsed onto the couch instantly falling asleep. I awoke with a start and realized Draco was sitting in the chair across from me smiling to himself.

“Can I help you?” I asked annoyed at his staring.

“No no go back to sleep, you look exhausted.” He replied.

“Why are you so suddenly being so nice to me?” I asked him, sincerely confused.

“I thought I told you before, I wanted to put the past behind us and just move on. I want friends as much as you do and I know that you’re going to have a hard time doing so with the Weasleys now.” He responded, surprising me to the point where I was at a loss for words for a good fifteen seconds.

“Oh. And why the sudden change? I mean you tortured me all those years. You called me names. You insulted me and my best friends.” The dislike I had for him all the past years seemed to have built up and was finally released. I still instantly regretted it the moment it came out.

“Look Granger, I’m sorry for the way I treated you the past seven years. And I’ll give you the full story at a later time, far too long a story now. I’ll let you get back to your sleeping I’m sorry I bothered you.” He stood up and gave me a quick, but seemingly genuine smile, and left.

I had no idea what just happened, but Malfoy had just sort of apologized and I was being a total bitch in return. It was the first time we had actually had a conversation in the two weeks we had been here but I knew there would be several more to come in the week we were due to be alone together. I guess I was bitter about everything that had happened but I knew over time I’d learn to forgive him. It was all just that, a matter of time. I sighed to myself and closed my eyes knowing all too well I’d have a much harder time falling asleep this time.

Well thank you for reading guys, it's much appreciated and PLEASE PLEASE review!! I need the criticism, be harsh!! Hope you all enjoyed it, the next few chapters should be longer. :)


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All This Time: Let the Games Begin


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