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There's Just No Way by mischef_maker148
Chapter 2 : Merlin, Please Have Mercy
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Lucille Davis Hates Good Byes
            Saying good-bye to my parents before boarding the Hogwarts Express is always a rather embarrassing affair. And of course my seventh year is no different. In fact, I think it might actually be worse. The thing is my mum can be a little..............over the top. Of course I love her to death, but I must admit I have been tempted to just knock her over the head with a lamp, lock her in the house, and make a run for it. Okay, maybe she's a lot over the top.  

"OH MY BABY!!! GOING OFF TO HER LAST YEAR OF HOGWARTS!! OH DARLING, WHEN DID YOU GET SO OLD?!?!?!" My mum continued to scream out such lovely sentiments as she did a rather impressive impression of Devil's Snare while I struggled against her strangling embrace. I have serious reserve over the woman's mental stability.

"Mum *huff* please, *wheeze* I can't *huff* breeeeeathe," I gasped as she hugged even tighter (I think I heard a rib crack. Seriously.).

My dad watched on with vague amusement (traitor's just glad it's not him my mum's sobbing all over), while my younger sister was edging away slowly, trying to look like she did not know us (as if I'd let the treacherous little bint escape this humiliation).

"Oh Mum, isn't this Ellie's OWLS year?!?" If looks could kill, I'd be soaring down into the seventh circle of hell as Ellie was carted of to Azkaban.


Smirking at Ellie's murderous glare, I caught, my breath and looked around the platform for my friends. I spotted the rather large crowd of redheads that could only be the Weasley clan. That family seemed to get bigger every year.........or it could just be me, I'm crap at estimations and numbers and such (which explains my Potions mark). I finally  spotted the inky black hair of my best friend, Bekka Lee and began waving my arms around frantically, in order to capture her attention. Upon seeing me, she cringed and ducked her head, while making slashing motions at me in order to get me to stop my frantic arm waving. Hmmm, perhaps my mum isn't the only embarrassing one.......despite my friend's offending behavior, I grabbed my trunk and started towards her. It was rather silly of me to assume I'd get away that easily.

"Mum! Isn't it Lucy's NEWT year? She wants a boyfriend you know, shouldn't you be warning her about the distraction of lads or something?!?"

I froze upon hearing those accusing words leave my sneaky sister's mouth. No wonder that conniving little bitch was in Slytherin. Turning slowly, I faced my family once again to find my sister looking at me apologetically (although I detected a ghost of a smirk around her mouth), my father frowning slightly and my mother...............well, the expression upon her face was rather frightening. She had pasted on a super wide smile that exposed every single one of her teeth and widened her eyes till they bugged out of her face. All in all, she looked like a person right before they serial killed you, so I take no shame in admitting that I took one GIANT step back; I never claimed to be a Gryffindor.

"Lucille Astrid Davis." I winced at the use of my middle name, not only because it was so horrid (I mean really, Astrid?! Ellie used to go round calling me "Turd girl" when we were younger and I don't blamer her one bit), but because that meant she was seriously upset.

"What in the world are you thinking? I swear to Merlin, if you ruin up your future because your wasting away your time on some boy, I promise you young lady, you will be very sorry." I recoiled as she hissed this at me and found myself wishing she would yell again instead of using this scary voice that would most likely do Voldemort  proud.

I nodded wordlessly, probably looking like the coward that I was and finally my father (took the man long enough!) stepped up and laid a hand upon Mum's shoulder. He smiled at me gently and then turned to bestow the same smile on Ellie.

"Just do your best, I know you'll make both your mother and I proud." At this, he looked at my mother meaningfully, raising a single eyebrow (such a cool skill, I had tried practicing that in the mirror and always ended up looking constipated). At this she sighed, and began tearing up again.

"Oh my girls, I'll miss you so, I love you SO MUCH!" At this wail, she tried to sweep both Ellie and I up into another rib cracking chokeho-hug! Being well versed in our mother's flair for dramatics, we both stepped out of range, so that she ended up sweeping armfuls of air and almost falling flat on her face, till Dad grabbed the back of her shirt and hauled her up. Struggling to contain our snickers, we each dutifully pressed a kiss to one of her cheeks, gave our dad a quick hug, and grabbed our trunks; making a fast and efficient get away was the only way to escape our mother's ridiculous farewells.

Unfortunately, it did not stop her from yelling at our retreating forms. Which is why, as I boarded the train, hoping that Bekka had already grabbed a compartment, I heard my mother's distinctive yell sail across the platform and slam against my unsuspecting back.

"AND DON'T FORGET DARLING, NOT HAVING A BOYFRIEND IS NOTHING TO BE ASHAMED OF! THERE'S PLENTY OF TIME FOR KISSING BOYS AFTER NEWTS!!" I fumbled with my trunk almost dropping it, as the entire platform erupted into laughter and Ellie snorted behind me. I could literally feel the blush that flamed my face and made my cheeks burn. Oh Merlin, kill me now.

James Potter II Likes Train Rides

Saying good bye on the platform is always such a hassle, since there's so many of us and of course everybody recognizes the Great Harry Potter and the Weasley Family. Don't get me wrong, I love my family, and I'm happy they come to support us and wish us well and all that, I just wish we could be a little more low key sometimes. Having a famous family isn't easy. 

Once some mad fan came up to us in Diagon Alley and recited everything he knew about Albus. To Albus. As if Al wasn't aware that he hated Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans and had an Owl named Gertie. And then the loon tried to cut off a piece of Al's hair! (And Al isn't even the really famous! Sides for being a Potter/Weasley). I thought Aunt Mione was gonna hex his privates off, which would've been hilarious (Aunt Hermione in a fit of rage is rather long as it's not directed at you, Then it's terrifying and you should run away. Fast.). But as it was, Dad turned on his authoritative "I am the Savior of the Wizarding World" voice and sternly told the man that he "had no right to touch my son, so kindly keep your hands to yourself." He ran off in a hurry after that. So like I said, it can get a little tedious on the platform with all those "brave war heroes" and the bloody Chosen One himself, but it's the thought that counts eh? 

However I like the train ride to Hogwarts. It's rather relaxing and a good time to hang out with my mates and plan for the year ahead (Not to mention you can get away with murder). And since this was my very last, first train ride I intended to make the most of it. So with a quick wave to my numerous family members, a quick kiss for my mum, a fleeting hug for my dad, and a promise to write over my shoulder, I ran to catch the train.

As I reached an empty compartment, I heard what sounded like a screaming banshee screech across the platform, through the open window. Man did I felt bad for whoever was stuck with a mum like that. I stowed away my trunk and sat down to wait for my mates.

Which lasted approximately one minute, after which I promptly jumped up again out of restlessness (patience is not a virtue I have ever claimed). Glancing around with a stretch of my arms (this move usually causes girls to swoon at my impressive biceps and washboard abs), I decided that a walk was in order. Walking into the hall, I looked into the slowly filling compartments with a vague interest. One of the compartments I passed was already filled with a group of giggling girls that looked to be in fifth year and made a mental note to pass that particular compartment later (there is absolutely nothing creepy or disgusting about that Rose!). Another held a few fourth year I recognized as Hugo and Lily's friends, so I waved at them (a cue for them to awkwardly wave back with weird smiles and twitter at each other) and then came across a rather interesting sight.

Lucille Davis was glaring daggers at the trunk she was currently holding up and trying to push up onto the rack. With little success I might add. Plastering on my infamous grin (it's irresistible you know) I walked over to where she was struggling.

"Need some help?" I felt a weird flutter in my stomach (mum always told me I should eat like a human being, as opposed to "shoveling food into your mouth like a barbarian or worse, your Uncle Ron!") as she glanced at me, blowing a stray piece of hair out of her face.

"Oh hey James!"

As recognition bloomed over her face, I noticed how tan her skin had gotten and how golden her eyes seemed. Clearing my throat, I focused on the leering threesome behind her, recognizing the two Ravenclaws in my year as her friends Bekka Lee and Jules Harris. I couldn't place the third girl, but the Slytherin tie she sported had me frowning on the inside. Why in the name of Merlin was Lucille hanging out with a Slytherin.

Despite my misgivings I smiled easily at the girls and I must admit I smirked to myself as they giggled and flipped their hair. Except the Slytherin, who smiled politely and nodded (I bloody hate Slytherins). Lucille was looking at me expectantly and I took a moment to admire the healthy flush of her cheeks and the way she moved those long elegant fingers through her lovely mass of chocolate tresses (I cannot explain why I know that word, only that I have a number of girl cousins, not to mention a very outspoken little sister). Shaking my head (snap out of it Potter!) I moved to take her place under the trunk and felt her back brush against my arm as she turned away. My heart felt like it was about to jump right out of my chest (I should probably go to see Poppy when we arrived at Hogwarts), but I pushed the trunk forward and onto the rack. I turned to face the group with a triumphant smile.

Lucille gave me a grateful grin. "Thanks James, I would've been fighting with that thing the whole ride if it weren't for you being so fit."

"It's not a problem," I assured her and I couldn't help the grin from turning into a smirk. "So you think I'm fit eh?" (Please, like you would've ignored that comment.)

"James how was your summer?! I heard you and your family went to Romania?"

I turned to the interrupter, Bekka and nodded. "Yeah we went to visit my Uncle Charlie, he trains dragons down there."

"That's wicked," breathed Jules.

"It was pretty cool. What about you lot?" I settled onto the doorframe and looked around at the foursome.

"I just hung at home, nothing too exciting." This from Jules, who grimaced at the recapping of her summer.

Bekka just shrugged and muttered "I went to France......again."

I decided to not acknowledge her bitter tone and looked expectantly at Lucille. Brushing at the hair in her face, she glanced at the Slytherin girl and looked back at me. "Me and Ellie spent some time in Dublin with our nasty grandmother, but other than that it was pretty uneventful. Dublin was nice though, right Ellie?"

At the mention of her name, Ellie looked away from her window and nodded in agreement in my general direction. So this Slytherin was Lucille's sister, well that explained it.

After a short silence, I decided it was probably best that I take my leave and so I pushed away from my leaning post and announced, "Well, my mates will probably be wondering where I am, so I'd best be off. I'll see you girls around?"

At their nods of confirmation, I started turning away.

"Oh James!" I turned back and was met with the rather intense gaze of Lucille's golden eyes. "Erm you're doing NEWT potions, aren't you?"

"Of course, my mum would kill me otherwise. Something about working to my potential......" I grinned as she chuckled and she nodded at me.

"Well, good. We made a good pair last year, wouldn't you say?"

I felt the fluttering in my stomach again, but determinedly pushed it away as I ran a hand through my hair (probably the millionth time today). "Yeah, we certainly did."  

I wandered back to my compartment moments later to find it filled with my cousin, Louis, Lis Longbottom, Dylan Thompson, Phoebe Jordan, and Lysander Scamander. As I sat down and endued their ribbing about where I was (as if there was a broom closet on a train! honestly...), I couldn't seem to rid my mind of the image of Lucille Davis with her golden eyes, smiling and hoping we would once again be potions partners. My heart couldn't stop pounding. Oh Merlin, kill me now. 

So it's only taken me about 2 years, but hey I finally updated! Whoo! If you're still reading I congragulate you. I really am going to try to stick to it this time, I promise. So I hope you like it, although I have my reservations about James' part. Please review if you wanna lemme know what you think, and definitely if it's something nice. Even though I probably don't deserve it. 


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