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Another Skywalker by EighthWeasley
Chapter 15 : Snogging George
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Meanwhile, in the Astronomy Tower, Harry and Hermione had taken a quick break from snogging and were sitting, cuddled up, and talking.

“Okay, now I know you’ve snogged Cho. Anyone else?”

Harry shook his head. “No. You?”

“Anyone aside from Cho, you mean?” She grinned at him and he rolled his eyes.

“Yes, actually.”

Harry starred at her. “Who? Krum?” Hermione shook her head.

“No, not Victor.”


“No! Not Ron.”

“Then who?”

He didn’t hear what she mumbled, for he said: “Say that again Hermione, I thought you said ‘George Weasley.’”

“I did say George Weasley.”

“WHAT?” Harry bellowed out. “When, where, why?”

“Last year....the common room, the Room of Requirement, empty classrooms, the Quidditch locker rooms, the Great Hall, the Forbidden Forest, behind Hagrid’s hut, the Owlery, Astronomy Tower, and because he’s a sexy beast.”

“Were know, with George?” Harry’s head was spinning.

“Lord no. How would that have looked for a prefect to have been dating a Weasley twin?”

“Then how did you and George...”

Hermione smiled to herself. “Well, do you remember how they insisted on testing their stupid candies on first years?”



“George Weasley!” George froze. Where oh where was Fred? Oh, that’s right-snogging Angelina, leaving he, George, to deal with Hermione Granger.

“Why Hermione! You’re looking smashing today! Have you done something different to your hair?”

“Can it, George. I’m here to tell you to knock it off. You can’t keep testing things on first years.”

George grinned wickedly, an idea forming in his wicked Weasley mind. “Hermione, do you ever have any fun?”

“Excuse me?!”

“Do you ever have any fun, Hermione?”

“Of course I have fun!”

“Oh yeah? Prove it.”

Now, all George really wanted to do was shake her up, take her mind off the fact that she was dead set on not letting them do necessary testing on Hogwarts students. How was he going to do that? By snogging Hermione, of course!

And that’s exactly what he did after he dared her to prove it. He pulled her to him and snogged her.

Unfortunately for George, Hermione proved to be quite good at snogging. He no sooner had started snogging her than he decided that he never wanted to stop. Oh, he didn’t want anything with Hermione like a relationship, but heck, there was nothing wrong with having a good snogging buddy.

Hermione, for her part, had figured out what George was doing, but decided to play along and maybe throw him enough of a curse ball that he would forget about testing products on first least for the time being.

However, snogging George was quite enjoyable, as all it was was snogging. Oh yes, George was an excellent friend to have, and she very much enjoyed, as much as she resisted, the twin’s antics.

So there they were, in the middle of the Owlery, snogging their brains out. Both knew nothing lasting could come of it, but for now, neither had any other pressing romantic conflicts, and they decided that it was okay to be snogging buddies.

“And we stayed snogging buddies through the end of the year. Snogging was all that ever went on, and when he left Hogwarts, I got an owl from him and we agreed it had been fun, but we were done. That’s all.”
“My Hermione...snogged a Weasley twin!” Harry tickled her, and they were back to their own snogging.

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