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Hate/Love by dramionerules
Chapter 7 : What happens now?
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Sorry for the wait guys, hope this chapter comes out just as good at the rest. Also I don't own anything but the plot :)



Draco and Hermione just stood there in the wake of Skeeter. Hermione could feel her blood boiling as she stepped away from Draco, her hands balled into fists and her face bright red. Draco would have laughed but he knew that that would just upset her more and maybe even garner him a black eye.

"How dare she...." she spat out, her body started pacing back and forth. Then she gasped and looked up at Draco. "Oh Merlin, your parents..." she couldn't really finish that thought. It was obvious that one thing they'd have to talk about was his parents. Sure in this stage of their relationship it didn't really matter. They weren't anything in particular. But if it became more, then she'd always worry that they'd dislike her more then they probably already do.

"I don't really care what they think. The war is over; this blood superiority is a load of bollocks. Just look at you...the fact that you're the most talented, brightest witch of our age and you're muggleborn...I'm pureblood and I can't even beat you." he smiled down at her before grabbing her waist and pulling her close. He didn't know what his parents were going to do but the fact remained that it didn't matter to him.

"Thank you," she whispered before hugging him once again. Things between them were moving lightening fast but somehow that didn't seem to be too fast. She didn't know what was to come, the fact that they would be outed as anything other than enemies was going to cause problems but she was thankful that he wasn't going to drop her because of his parents.

Suddenly a cough behind them broke them apart once again. It was starting to get annoying to both of them. Hermione was surprised to see the four people that were standing there, who really had no reason to be together let alone trying to talk to either of them. Harry, Ron, Blaise and Pansy stood there looking, well, nervous. Pansy actually just looked like she'd rather be anywhere else.

"We ran into these two," Harry said pointing to the Slytherins "and decided that we'd really like to all be friends. Well, most of us do anyway." he glared at Pansy who glared right back. "Plus we saw Skeeter. She's a bloody menace." he smiled at them. Draco and Hermione weren't expecting their friends to talk to each other, let alone want to all be friends.

Hermione pulled Harry into a Hug. "Thank you." she said pulling back. "I means a lot even from you, Pansy, to be here when you obviously don't want to be." she gave the girl a smile. Pansy sighed and smiled slightly back. She didn't want to lose her friends over this but that didn't mean she liked the mudblood or anything.

"Why don't we go to the Head's common room? Potter, where's your girlfriend? She's obviously more than welcome to join us." all of them were surprised by Draco's pleasantness towards Harry, and Harry could only smile.

"I'll go find her and meet you guys there." he said before running off to find Ginny. The rest headed for the castle. Hermione could hear the whispers and looked down to the ground. Draco saw this and slipped his hand into hers. She looked up at him and smiled. It was a lovely feeling to her, to hold his hand regardless of what others thought. Once they were inside the common room everyone found a seat.

The silence was killing Hermione so she opened her mouth, "So how was everyone's summer?" once the question was out there she shook her head and closed her eyes briefly. "You know besides all the death and destruction we all had to recover from." she laughed nervously. It looked like it would be a long wait for Harry and Ginny because no one started really talking right away.




"Can you believe it? Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger in a romantic embrace! This is going to blow peoples socks off." Skeeter squealed to her assistant, and the man behind the camera. He didn't really respond but he knew this was going to be a big mess. "Front page with an additional page for extra photos. I know you took more than just one right?" he only nodded at her. "Wonderful." she was already coming up with the article in her head. Her meeting with the Headmistress didn't go so well but she got something far more intriguing anyway and once they could apparate, they were off to her office.




"Wait what? Malfoy and Hermione?" Ginny wasn't going to the Heads with Harry and he had spent the last twenty minutes trying to convince her. It wasn't that far fetched really when you thought about it but he knew that people wouldn't understand. He hadn't really at first either.

"Yes. Look, he likes her, she likes him. Obviously they've been snogging and should we really hold that against our best friend? It's her choice. Just..look Blaise and Pansy will b-.." he was cut off.

"Blaise and Pansy? What are you going to call Malfoy, Draco too?" she was more amused than angry really, which was good for Harry.

"Maybe. Come on, Draco himself invited you and they are waiting so let's go!" he grabbed her hand and pulled her out the Gryffindor common room to meet up with everyone else.




"You can't possibly be serious? I mean look at her. Draco. Come on!" Pansy was having another rant and everyone just kind of ignored her. He shook his head.

"Really? This again? Grow up." was all he said as he heard the portrait hole open up to Harry and Ginny entering.

"What's going on?" Harry asked

"Oh just Pansy throwing a fit that I'm snogging her ex. I think she's jealous." Hermione said with a laugh, getting sick of Pansy's whining.

"Oh well then, what else is new?" Ginny said before finding a spot to sit with Harry.

"I AM NOT JEALOUS!" Pansy shrieked but everyone simply just laughed. It didn't take long for everyone to start talking and laughing. Even Pansy calmed down a bit and joined in.


This chapter has been edited and spell checked.

Ok so this didn't end really in a cliffy but hey I can't do it ALL the time! Review please? Or not...whatever! lol

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Hate/Love: What happens now?


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