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Another Skywalker by EighthWeasley
Chapter 14 : Plotting on Percy...
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Classes continued on for quite a while, no real adventures happening, except the occasional sharp remark from Snape regarding Harry’s inability at Potions. He never said a word to even suggest Heather’s relationship to Harry, and they all knew why: Snape was a member of the Order, and he was not about to put Heather’s life at risk. Draco Malfoy, on the first day of class, had seated himself next to Heather, since Harry was sitting with Hermione. Heather was at the next table to them, and at the last minute, Malfoy plopped down beside her. This shocked all present: Draco Malfoy sitting with a Gryffindor?

Heather said nothing, opting, instead, to ignore Malfoy. This drove him nuts, but he didn’t dare insult her, for, after all, he thought her a cousin of the Weasleys and therefor a pure blood. Plus, he’d seen her jinx people in the Dueling Club and in Defense Against the Dark Arts, and he had no desire to be on the receiving end of a jinx.

Quidditch tryouts took place the second week of term. Heather, along with many others, tried out for the positions of Chasers. Harry was reinstated as Seeker, a move which made Ginny quite happy, for she was ensured a place as Chaser. After a weeks worth of hard tryouts, the final team was the Creevy brothers were the new beaters, Ron was Keeper, Harry was Seeker, and Ginny, Euan Abercrombie, and Heather were the new Chasers. The team worked almost seemlessly together. Their first match of the year was Ravenclaw, and they were preparing relentlessly for it, as a victory against them would allow them to stay in first place.

Classes were fun and they worked hard, since, after all, N.E.W.T examinations were the following year. Heather and Hermione split the honors for top of the year. Malfoy continued to be ignored by Heather. Snape continued to despise Harry, and the couples continued to keep their relationships secret. Harry’s Invisibility Cloak was used often to allow Harry and Hermione to sneak out and up to the Astronomy Tower, where, of course, snogging would commence.

Ron and Heather had to be even more careful, since they were, at least to everyone who wasn’t a Weasley, Harry or Hermione, cousins. They used the Room of Requirement often, not daring chance using an empty classroom. There was too high a chance of being walked in on.

Alas, one night, Ron and Heather were planning on sneaking out after everyone else had gone. They waited up in the common room, pretending to study, when everyone else was gone, they would sneak out (as Lily had left an Invisibility Cloak for Heather in Dumbledore’s possesion as well.) They were sitting on the couch, getting ready to leave, when they heard the portrait open and someone leave. They looked at each other, and Heather summoned her cloak while Ron summoned the Mauraders Map. Both items came to them, and they huddled under the invisibility cloak and looked to see who was leaving. Their eyes met as they saw that it was Harry Potter.

“Where’s he headed?” Ron whispered to Heather. “And why didn’t he take the map with him?”

Heather shrugged. They hurried to the protrait hole and hurried out, following Harry. He twisted and turned along corridors, and finally, they saw him start up the Astronomy Tower’s stairs.

“He’s going...oh, this is bloody awesome...up to meet Hermione!!!” Heather squealed out and Ron looked at the map. Sure enough, a dote labeled “Hermione Granger” was in the Astronomy Tower, pacing.

They followed Harry up and watched as he took the cloak off and kissed Hermione. Holding their breathes to keep from laughing out loud, Ron and Heather hurried back down the stairs and back into the tower, collasping on the couch of the common room.

“They’re snogging!” Ron exclaimed. “Those weasels never told us they were snogging, and we’re their best friends!”

“Don’t forget, we’re snogging and we didn’t tell them that.” Heather reminded him gently, quietly.

“True enough. Weasels!”

“Have you and Hermione ever snogged?” Heather asked a moment later. Ron looked at her, horrified. “I’ll take that expression as a ‘no’.”

“Bloody hell Heather, no. God no.”

“Well, she mentioned snogging a Weasley, she just never got to tell me which one.”

“WHAT?!” Ron bellowed out. “She’s snogged Percy, I just know it!” He buried his head in his hands and rubbed his eyes.

“Percy?” Heather considered it. “I suppose that’s possible.”

“I’ve just got to get him back. He’s five years older than us! You’ve got to help me, Heather.”

“And do what?”

“Get at Percy. Let’s do something....” He leaned in and they came up with a plan of attack......

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