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Who is SHE? by Kenzie Black
Chapter 10 : Hogsmeade
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Chapter 10 - Hogsmeade










Good Morning Hogwarts!
Today is such a lovely day is it not?

It is Hogsmeade so all those girls getting ready for their dates trying to impress those guys and all those guys just throwing on whatever is lying on the ground cause they can pull off anything, yea I don't think I have a point to this, but anyway have fun and remember don't do anything your grandmother would do *Wink* *Wink*. I have been told I am over using that wink thing. I don't think I am but according to some people I am, you know who you are! Anyway, so if you girls sent me drama filled letters about not having a date or your boyfriend is going out with his friends, here's your advice, take a step back, take a deep breath, go to Hogsmeade with some friends or a complete stranger, who doesn't have a date, just like you, can to go Hogsmeade together and get drunk. Sorry Headmaster who is most likely reading this. Everybody needs to live a little, stop stressing cause from twenty years from now your not going to remember who did what to who. Well before I leave I have one more wise saying for you "Never judge a book by its cover." Thank you and have a good day *wink*.





Today was Hogsmeade. Today was the day that McKenna had her date with Remus yes she was nervous but who wouldn't when you were about to find out all of the Marauders secrets. McKenna hoped in the shower did her duties and came out, she said a drying spell and entered her room that she shared with five other girls, two of them being her friends, Katie Allen and Nicole Shellicks. Katie was a pretty girl with brown hair that fell past her shoulders with blonde highlights in it, she also had a to die for body and hazel eyes that would sparkle everytime something would catch her attention. Nicole was a pretty blonde with a pink streak in her hair, Nicole has amazing full lips that just look amazing on her, Nicole happened to be smarter then Katie and liked the cold hard facts more while Katie liked fairytales and make believe. These two girls became best friends because of McKenna. 


 An 11 year old Nicole was a reading a potion book, while on the other side of her a 11 year old Katie was reading an fairytale. The two girls looked up and saw what the other was reading. 

 "You know fairytales aren't real." Nicole said "As a matter of fact nothing in that book is real." 

Katie glared at her. "Facts aren't everything you know!" 

"Hey, knock it off just because you two don't like the same thing doesn't mean you can't be friends." An 11 year old brown haired McKenna said. 

"I really like your hair." Nicole said touching McKenna hair. 

 "Thanks, but my mom wants me to die it for some stupid show she wants me to try out for."  McKenna said.

"That’s stupid, what color?" Katie asked. 

 "Red." McKenna said. 

"Do you like strawberries and cherries?" Katie asked. McKenna nodded her head.

 "Well, there's your excuse, I like strawberries." Nicole said. 

*End of Flashback*

McKenna wore faded and ripped muggle jeans, with thigh-high high heels and a white shirt with a leather jacket to keep warm. McKenna then turned to Nicole and Katie who were already dressed and ready to go wolf-whistled. McKenna then put on her make up and said goodbye to Katie and Nicole who also had dates. Katie was supposedly going with a guy named Scott Thomas and Nicole was going with a guy names Jason Wood? I'm not sure but I like the name Wood for Nicole and Thomas for Katie. I mean think about Katie Thomas and Nicole Wood, sounds nice. McKenna shook her head from her thoughts and grabbed her wand and money and left.

 McKenna meet Remus at the entrance at exactly 10am. McKenna slid her arm into his and walked towards Hogsmeade. James, Sirius and Peter not far away and not to closely either. (In reality they were walking right behind them, but you know the saying right?? It's let the Marauder's dream.) McKenna leaned into whisper into Remus's ear.


"Pst, Prongs what do you think she's saying? I think she's whispering sweet noting's in his ear!" Sirius said quite loudly too. McKenna then walked away. Remus turned around and fuming with anger. 


"What the bloody hell?!?" He shouted. Sirius simply shrugged his shoulders.  

 "Come on guys, just leave me and her alone. Please?" Remus practically begged. James nudged Sirius to tell him to 'Stop' it. Sirius nodded to Remus 


"Okay." Sirius said to Remus. Remus nodded a thanks. 

"Three broomsticks?" Sirius asked James, when Remus was out of ear shot. James nodded his head.

Sirius and James walked, wait no strutted into the three broomsticks, catching the eye of every girl In that room, just by walking in.

 Prongs leaned over to Sirius and whispered "I still can't believe we can do that."  He smirked and Sirius's smirk grew wider.

 "I know."Sirius said,

Sirius and James sat down at a table and order two butter beers. James was going on and on about qudditch but was soon cut off by Sirius. "I really like her!" 


"What? Who?" James asked. "OH." Realization finally hit him.



"Now you know how I feel mate." James said taking a swig from the bottle. 





Authors Note: I don't own anything except for McKenna.


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Who is SHE?: Hogsmeade


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