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Sirius and Harry by GredandForgeRock
Chapter 16 : The Diversion
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(There are a few sentences in this chapter that are quotes from Harry Potter and the Sorcerers stone by JK Rowling.)

Remus and Sirius sat in the study holding the mirror waiting on Harry’s call.  It was as they sat in silence that Remus remembered the trip to Diagon Alley on August first, “What happened in the wand shop?”

“What?” Sirius replied.

“The day they got their wands.” Remus said, “Something happened in the shop and I forgot to ask you about it.”

“Oh, yes, Harry’s core is a Phoenix feather.” Sirius said, “The same Phoenix gave another feather and that one is in You-Know-Who’s wand.  He said that Harry and he will either be identical or polar opposites.  Then I asked him not to tell anyone.  He said he was going into hiding and selling his shop to a distributer.  He closed today.’”

Remus was speechless for several minutes then finally he asked, “Does Dumbledore know?”

“Yes.  The Phoenix who gave both feathers was Fawkes.”

“They’ll be opposites.” Remus stated.

“I know.”


“But I will feel better when he’s sorted.”

At that moment the mirror warmed and vibrated, Sirius looked at the smiling face of his Godson, “Gryffindor.”

“Excellent, I’m happy for you.  Everyone or just you?”

“All of us.  Luna said she had to argue with the hat it wanted to send her to Ravenclaw.  She said normally that would have been fine but she wanted to be with the rest of us.  When Hermione went to Gryffindor she knew the rest of us would so she refused to go anywhere else.”

“How many in each dorm?” Remus asked.

“Five girls and five boys, Hermione, Ginny, Luna, Lavender Brown and Parvati Patil for the girls, and Ron, Neville, Seamus, Dean and I for the boys.”

“How did you do it Harry?”

“Do what Sirius?”

“Find the boy’s that were to be in your dorm years before you should have met.”

Sirius didn’t hear from Harry again until the end of the week, “Defense against the Dark Arts is terrible.  I was really looking forward to the class but the teacher is the worst.”

“What’s wrong with him?” Sirius asked.

“He stutters and seems to be scared of the subject.” Harry grumbled.

“Sorry Harry.”

“Any word from Professor Dumbledore on the next thing?”

“No.  But don’t give up hope yet.  This is a very touchy subject and it will take a long time.”

“Ok, everything else went fine, except potions which I expected.  Professor Snape tried to trick me by asking the famous person to answer some basic questions.  He actually asked a few fifth year questions, luckily having read some of Bill and Charley’s books I knew the answers, he still took away five points for cheek.”

“Do you think I need to come have a chat with him?”

“No, it’s just like Fred and George said, he favors Slytherins and hates Gryffindors.  It’s probably your fault anyway.  I remember all the pranks you used to play on him.” Harry grinned as his Godfather looked sheepish at the accusation, knowing it was probably the truth.

Every Friday Harry would use the mirror to contact Sirius.  Every time he would ask if Dumbledore had gotten the item yet.  Every time he would get a negative answer.  All through September and October the trend continued.

This year Halloween fell on a Thursday so Sirius got an extra call, “How are you doing today?”

“Fine, I hate Halloween.”

“Come on Sirius get out of bed and talk to me.”


“Because I’m staying here instead of heading down to breakfast, I won’t eat if you don’t get up.”

“You know Harry, that’s blackmail.”

“Did it work?”

“Yes,” Sirius sat up and grabbed the mirror, “ok, I’m up now get to breakfast.”

“Maybe you and Remus should come up to school today.”

“I’ll be fine.  Thanks for checking on me.  Do you need me at school today?”

“No, I don’t have as much trouble on Halloween as you do.”

“Be good.”

“I’m always good.”

“I know you are Harry, have a good day.”

“You to Sirius love you, bye.”

“Love you too, bye.”

Harry stuffed the mirror into his pocket so that he could call Sirius during breaks.  As he walked down to breakfast Harry contemplated why he wasn’t as depressed on Halloween as Sirius was.  When he reached the Great Hall he sat with his friends still deep in thought.  When Hermione asked what he was thinking about he explained his question.

“I think I know.” Ginny said, “You tend to miss them more on important days like Christmas or birthdays.  You miss them when something is happening that you wish they could see.”

“You’re right Gin.” Harry smiled, “Thanks.”

As they finished eating Neville pointed out, “Professor Dumbledore missed breakfast this morning.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen him miss it.”

“Probably Ministry business,“ Fred said.

Harry nodded and went on with his day without another thought for the Headmaster; all his thoughts were for his Godfather.  Between each class he would make sure he was still out of bed and still eating and doing everything he needed to do. 

Before lunch he called Sirius once again, “How are you?”

“I’m fine, why do you keep calling me?”

“I want to make sure you haven’t gone back to bed.” Harry laughed at the look of exasperation on Sirius’ face.

“I won’t.  Dumbledore called and I’m meeting him for lunch at the Leaky in a few minutes.”

“Oh, we wondered where he was.  See if he got the thing would you?’

“I’ll ask.  Now get to lunch before you’re late.  And don’t be such a worrywart.”

“Ok, have a nice lunch, bye.”

“Bye Harry.”

At lunch Sirius was shocked by Dumbledore’s request, “You want me to create a diversion while you are in the vault looking for the item?  What kind of thing do you want like a prank?”

“Yes exactly,” Albus exclaimed, “I’m going to have ten other Wizengamot members there and I don’t want the wrong ones to see me check for it.”

“What do you want me to do, let a dragon loose?” Sirius joked.

“Well that would work, but you have to make it look like an accident, don’t let anyone get hurt and preferably don’t use your wand unless you’re trying to help subdue it.” Albus said.

“What time do I need to be there?”

“We are going at three today. “ Albus said. “You and Remus are the premier pranksters; surely you can come up with something.”

“Flattery will get you everywhere they say.” Sirius groaned.

“So you’ll be ready?”


Almost three hours later Sirius and Remus made their way to the Black family vault.  The two walked into the vault and started sifting through the all the items, like they were trying to find something.  Near the back wall Sirius reached over a large box to reach a wand on the shelf as he did he dropped his wand behind the box.  He grabbed the wand and did a levitation spell but the spell levitated an invisible package and set it behind the dragon.  It was timed to go off in two minutes.  Almost two minutes later Albus followed by nine other members of the Wizengamot and two Aurors approached the vault to the right.  When they reached the door the Goblin opened it and stepped back, just as he did the package behind the dragon exploded.  Albus who had stepped into the doorway of the vault quickly put up a bubble head charm.  The rest of the group in the area fell asleep as the gas quickly filled the entire room.

Albus did a quick spell and located the object on a high wall.  He made a copy and summoned the original and put it deep into his pocket.  He stepped back by the door and removed the charm and tumbled as he fell asleep.  The next thing Albus knew he was being roused by a healer. 

He unsteadily got to his feet and asked, “What happened?”

The Goblin answered, “A package exploded behind the dragon and it put you humans to sleep, it angered the dragon, but did nothing to us.

Albus waved the two Aurors in and said, “Will you two check the vault, I think I’ll just wait here.  I feel a bit woozy still.”  Sirius and Remus stumbled out of the Black vault with the help of the healer.  The two men sat by Albus and chatted while they recovered.

Twenty minutes later the two Aurors stepped out with a large box, “These items are either illegal dark items or have dark curses on them.”

“I must inventory that before you go.” The Goblin said.

“Next vault?” The Auror asked Albus.

“I think I’m going to have to pass on the next vault.” Albus said, “Can you handle it without me?”

“Certainly Sir.” The lead Auror said, “Do you need any help?”

“No, thank you.” Albus smiled, “Remus and Sirius have already volunteered to help me back to school.  I think maybe a nap is in order.  I do have a feast this evening.”

When they reached the school Albus walked over to a table beside his desk and picked up a small lumpy bag.

“What’s that?” Sirius asked.

“This is the Horcrux.” Albus replied.

“How did it get here?” Sirius was confused.

“I took a page out of Malfoy’s book so to speak.” Albus chuckled at his pun, “I charmed a pocket in this robe and anything I put into this pocket will appear here on this table.  I didn’t want to be caught with a dark object in my pocket.”

Several hours later Remus and Sirius were still in the office.  Albus invited the two men to join him in the Halloween feast that was to start in a few minutes.  The three men strolled through the halls and as they approached the Great Hall they heard Harry yell, “Sirius, Remus what are you guys doing here?”

“Well we were in the neighborhood and thought we’d stop by for a visit.” Sirius said.

“Sure you were.” Harry hugged each man and continued as his friends also greeted the men, “Whatever reason it really is I’m glad you’re here.”

The group proceeded into the Great Hall and enjoyed a great feast.  Their DADA professor was the last to arrive and he ran into the room and screamed, “Troll in the dungeon.” Then promptly fainted.  As he had entered the four flames had lit up and it took a moment for Albus to comprehend what Quirrell had said.

Most of the students were panicking; Albus let loose a loud bang from his wand, “Please calm down.  Stay in your seats your professors will deal with this situation.  Madam Pomfrey, please wake up Professor Quirrell and make sure he hasn’t been injured.  Professor Snape and Mr. Lupin will you please stay with the students.  The rest of the professors should follow me. 

As Sirius passed Harry on his way to help with the troll he mouthed “Later”.  Madam Pomfrey, Remus and Snape approached Quirrell.  He was awoken, checked and found to be free of injury.  By the time they had him to the head table and sipping tea the rest of the Professors had returned and the feast continued.  When the feast finished Albus made another announcement, “Please follow your head of house back to your dorms.  We ask that none of you leave your common rooms this evening until we can locate the avenue that allowed the troll entry.  Have a pleasant evening.”

As they reached the Gryffindor common room Minerva stopped the four students, “Harry you and your friends need to wait here by me.  Sirius has expressed a wish to speak with the four of you before he leaves.”  Minerva made sure all the Gryffindors were in their common room before she looked at Fred and George but announced to all, “Stay in the common room or your dorms.  I will give two weeks detention with Professor Snape to anyone caught out.  Am I understood?”

“Yes Professor.”  Was the united reply.

The four students and their head of house walked quietly to the Headmasters office.  Upon their arrival hugs were passed around and pleasantries were expressed.  After several minutes Albus asked, “What happened tonight?”

“Professor Quirrell has a piece of Voldemort in him.” Harry replied, “And I noticed earlier the one in Gringotts has been moved.  I was glad when I felt it show up here.” 

Albus pulled out the cup and handed it to Harry.  The four students joined in the now familiar circle and destroyed the cup.  After a few minutes rest Harry said, “Now all that’s left is me and the part in Quirrell.”

“How are you going to remove yours?” Sirius asked.

“Same way as all the others.”  Then the four stood up to do the next part that was in Harry.

“Wait,” Sirius objected, “how is this going to affect you?”

“I don’t know for sure.” Harry replied, “But I’ll be unconscious for a couple days at least.  If we do it now I probably won’t miss many classes.”

“What excuse will we use for you being gone for the rest of the weekend?” Minerva asked.

“Too bad we don’t still have a troll.  We could say he got attacked.” Ron said.

“Excellent idea Ron,” Albus said, “The troll was being removed by Hagrid after the feast.  We’ll have him say it woke up while he was dragging it out and it came back and attacked as you were going back to the common room after visiting with Sirius.  Do you need to rest anymore before this happens?”

“No we’re fine.” Harry said and the group touched hands and the flame lit up.  The flame aura grew larger than it had for any of the other Horcruxes.  It took longer until they heard the scream and saw a bit of black ooze seep from Harry’s scar and then lift away.  When it was completed all four collapsed.  Each one of the adults levitated one of the students to the hospital.  When they arrived Madam Pomfrey checked each over and said they were exhausted and sleeping.

Back at the Gryffindor common room Minerva announced, “I’m glad you all stayed as requested.  As I was returning with your four dorm mates, the troll woke up, got away from Hagrid and attacked again.  I was able to stun it but not before it injured the four of them.  They will probably spend the weekend in the hospital.  Percy, Fred and George please come with me.”

When they arrived at the hospital they found Sirius and Remus were already there but their parents had not yet arrived.  Professor Dumbledore arrived shortly with the Weasley’s, Albus put up privacy wards and informed them, “They destroyed the last item earlier tonight, then they insisted on removing Harry’s.  They warned us that Harry would likely be unconscious for a couple of days.  But when they finished they all collapsed.  Poppy says they are just exhausted and will sleep through the night.  A troll was let into the castle tonight, of course it is gone but we are saying that as Hagrid was removing it, it woke up and managed to attack Minerva and these four.  The excuse for them being out is they were visiting Sirius in my office.”

“I’ll go inform Chris and Jane about Hermione.” Remus said.

“I’ll do it.” Arthur said, “I have to work tomorrow.  Molly I assume you’re staying?”

“Yes.”  She sat in a chair between Ron and Ginny and prepared to wait.

The next morning three of the four students woke up.  They were kept in the hospital for Friday and were finally allowed to leave Saturday morning.  But it didn’t really do any good to release them as they chose to stay with Harry.  It took an additional two days for Harry to wake up but when he did he was in a very good mood.

“How do we plan on stopping the last part?” Harry asked with a smile.

“Not so fast young man.” Sirius said, “You’ve been unconscious for several days.  Let Poppy look you over first.”

After his check up Poppy said, “I want you to stay for a few days to make sure I haven’t missed anything.  Your professors will be in today to cover what you have missed.  But no using magic while you’re here.”

Throughout the day Professors stopped to give Harry his homework and answer his questions.  The funniest was Quirrell because Sirius had changed into his dog for the visit and pretended to be napping.  Quirrell was allergic to dogs.  He ran out after a short explanation of the homework, he didn’t offer to answer any questions.  By the time his friends had finished classes and came to visit the only professor he hadn’t seen was the potions professor. 

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