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To the Third Power by Spaz
Chapter 2 : Off Limits and Sortings
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"Mia, get up!" I shouted banging on Mia's door, "We have to be on the train at exactly eleven o' clock, it's already ten fifteen!" I walked in her room to see Mia rubbing her eyes, "What?" she asked sleepily. "It's already ten fifteen," I repeated.

Mia's eyes widened and she practically shouted, "Already ten fifteen?! That's not good! Oh, that's bad, really bad!" She ran her fingers through her messy hair looking around nervously. I finally understood why she was acting like that, I couldn't believe her.

"Um, all right," Mia said, "Get out so I can get ready!" "You don't have to be so mean," I said, "You could say good morning, you know." "Fine, fine," she said impatiently, "Good morning, Tia," I smiled and said "Good morning, Mia,"

Then I headed to the door, before closing it I said "Oh, I almost forgot, good morning, Mason!" "Good morning, Tia," Mason's muffled voice came from beneath Mia's covers. I closed the door and headed down for breakfast.

Lia was already at the table when I got to the kitchen. "Where's Mia?" She asked looking up from her newspaper The Daily Prophet. "She's probably thinking of a way to sneak Mason out of the house," I answered. Lia laughed and shook her head "What's new?"

A few minutes later Mia walked into the kitchen wearing Mason's blue button up shirt and boy shorts, with Mason trailing behind her wearing a plain white shirt and jeans.

"You know, Tia," Mia started "it's not nice to lie about the time. Ten fifteen my ass, it's nine fourty-five!" Lia and I laughed "Well, it's the only way you'll be on time," I said.

"So, Mason, will you be joining us for breakfast?" Lia asked. Mason scratched his head and said "Nah, my mom will kill me if she finds out I didn't come home last night. I gotta get going,"

Mia walked him to the kitchen door. Mason grabbed her hands. "So, this good bye, huh?" Mason asked sadly. It didn't take a genius to know that Mason was absolutely crazy about Mia, and though Mia didn't have boyfriends, I know he considered her his girlfriend. He never saw any other girls or anything, to him Mia was the only girl.

"Yeah, it is," Mia said just as sadly. Mason was Mia's favorite guy to date, she really liked him. "When you come back for holidays, I swear, whether I have a girlfriend or not, I'm going to take you out, it's going to be just like it is now," Mason said. "Okay," Mia whispered.

Then they kissed, and I can tell you, it was more passionate than the kisses I read about in books. It was true genuine passion, I'd probably never experience anything like it. They broke apart and Mason left, looking as though he would cry.

Mia sighed and ran her fingers through her hair again. I couldn't help but be a bit jealous about the fact that even though Mia's hair was messy, it still looked good. "I'm going to get dressed and packed," she said taking her cup of coffee and leaving, I could have sworn I saw a tear in her eye.

"We're leaving in five minutes, Mia," I said opening her door. Clothes were flying around and folding themselves into Mia's trunk. Mia didn't at all follow the whole "No magic outside of school" rule, and it's not like our mother was around to enforce it, she was always working.

"All right, I'll be ready by then!" Mia shouted from somewhere in her closet. Surprisingly, Mia was ready five minutes later. After I saw her, I immediately wanted to change clothes. Mia had great sense of style, and she always dressed so cute. She stood in her doorway wearing a purple half shirt that was shoulder-less, with the sleeves going down to her elbows, and showed off her stomache, and matching belly button ring, a black mini skirt, and black boots. To top off the look, her hair was down and loose and she wore stylish sunglasses.

I looked down at what I was wearing, skinny jeans and a blue shirt, I was definitely jealous. "Ready to go?" Mia asked pulling her trunk down the stairs. I sighed and followed her.

"Where should we sit?" Lia asked as we walked through the train. "How about here?" Mia pionted to a compartment to our left. "Someone's stuff is already there," I pointed out.

"Yeah, but it's only on that side, there's enough room," Mia was already in the compartment putting her stuff on the shelf. Lia and I followed and did the same thing and then we all took our spots across from where someone else's luggage was.

We had been sitting there talking about what we hoped Hogwarts was like when a boy with flaming red hair and freckles walked in. He looked at us, realizing we were triplets "Bloody hell," he said.

I giggled on accident, because he had voiced exactly what I was thinking. Not the exact words, because I would never use such language, but you get the idea. This guy was really attractive, he wasn't as cute as Mason or anything, but there was something about him. I had never felt like this.

He looked all of us over again, I was happy he seemed unfazed by Mia's beauty, not completely, though, his eyes lingered on her for a moment longer than I would have liked, but he did move on. Then his eyes came to me, he had gorgeous blue eyes that complimented his hair quite well, he didn't drop his gaze, I could feel myself blushing.

Lucky for me, Mia started talking, "Hi, we're new to Hogwarts this year, I'm Mia," "Hi," the boy said finally dropping his gaze. "I'm Lia," Lia said.

I didn't say anything,everyone looked at me expectantly. "Oh, I'm Tia,"

"Nice to meet you," the boy said taking the seat across from me, "I'm Ronald Weasley," My eyes widened and I looked at Mia and Lia to see if they were thinking the same thing, I think they were.

"Weasley as in Weasley's Wizard Wheezes?!" I asked excitedly. He chuckled a little and said "Yeah, my brothers, Fred and George own the place," "Wow," I said getting up and holding out my hand, "It's really nice to meet you," he took my hand and shook it and my hand tingled a bit.

Ronald stared at me as though he had come in realization of something "Tia?" He said suddenly "Yeah," I said excitedly, yes I know I already told him my name, but I was still happy he knew it.

"My brothers talk about you all the time, you're their favorite customer! And they said you gave them some great ideas!"

"Well, yeah, a bit," I said, "But so did Mia and Lia" "Yes, but we're not talking about us, we're talking about you," Mia said with a smile. I could kill her.

"So, tell me about one of your ideas," Ronald said looking genuinely interested. So I went on to tell him about the joke book I had thought of that every page holds one of your fears instead of the actual text of the book. Then I saw one of my biggest fears, a spider crawling on the seat next to me.

"Spider!!" I screamed jumping into Ronald's lap as he also freaked out. There was a Zap sound and the spider was dead on the ground. "Yes, I got it!" Mia exclaimed. "Darn it, at least let me throw it out," Lia said.

"Fine," Mia said "I'll open the door." With a wave of her wand the compartment door slid open and Lia made the spider float towards it, unfortunately she didn't notice there was a boy standing there. "Ahh!" He exclaimed as the spider hit him in the face.


I immediately put my wand away and put my hand over my mouth to keep from laughing. Lia on the other hand scrambled up saying "Oh, goodness, I'm so sorry!" And makes her way towards the boy, unfortunately, being the clumsy person she is (actually, we're all really clumsy, one quality we actually share) she trips over nothing and falls into the boy.

He catches her around the waist and her her arms are around his neck. "I'm sorry," Lia repeats smiling all dreamily. "It's okay," he says looking down at her in awe.

I rolled my eyes, what the hell is wrong with my sisters?! Tia is getting all worked up over a Ginger and Lia's all googily eyed over a guy she just hit in the face with a spider. I clear my throat and they let go of eachother. I study his features, cute, bright green eyes, jet black hair, all together nice looking, completely not my type, though.

The unknown guy turns to Ronald, and looks at him quizzically, Tia is sitting in his lap still having a panic attack. When she realizes everyone is staring at her she jumps up and says "Sorry, Ronald, I don't like spiders," he smiles and says "It's okay, me neither."

Then he turns to unknown guy, who is now looking at me and my sisters as though we're from another planet or something.

"Ladies, this is my best mate-" "Harry," unknown guy interupts him, holding his hand out to Lia, "Harry Potter," Lia giggles the way Tia did when Ronald first came in. "Nice to meet you," I said, "Big fan."

"Er, thanks," Harry says. "I'm Mia, by the way," I say. "And I'm Tia," Tia says still looking a bit embarassed. "And you are?" Harry asks Lia. She giggles and says "Lia," "That's a beautiful name," Harry says smiling at her.

Before I can comment on the ridiculousness that they are, the compartment door opens, and in walks the best looking guy I've ever seen. Seriously, this guy is even better looking than Mason. He had this gorgeous white-blonde hair, captivating grey eyes and amazing, sharp features, now he was definitely my type.

A sneer crept across his face, which somehow made him even cuter. "So this is where the famous Potter is," he spat, "With the Weasel as usual. Where's the bucktooth know it all?" "Shut up!" Ronald shouted angrily, wow does he have a temper,Tia had better watch out for that.

The gorgeous guy looks around at me and my sisters, his sneer turns into a smirk. "Triplets, huh?" He asks "By any chance, are you the Rosaria triplets?"

"Maybe," I answer, smirking "Who wants to know?" He scoffs and says "You don't know who I am? " Oh, my goodnes this guy is definitely my next victim, I mean next date, of course.

"Um, no, should I?" He shakes his head in mock disappointment "Yes, of course you should, but since you're so damn gorgeous, I'll let that slip. I'm Draco Malfoy"

"That's nice," I said, " Should I know who you are?" "You know what? Forget it, because I have nothing more to say to you about this topic,"

"Well, what do you have to say to this?" I asked giving him my manicured middle finger. He raised his eyebrows and smirked "I'd say when, where, and how hard, baby?" I'm about to answer his question when a girl walks in "Rosaria triplets?" She asked "Yes?" We all say.

"Professor Slughorn would like to see you guys in his compartment in the front, now." We all stared at eachother curiously, but we got up.

"We'll be back, okay?" Tia says to Ronald. He nods smiling for the first time since Draco Malfoy entered the compartment. "Yeah, we'll see you later," Lia says to Harry as she walks out of the compartment.

Before walking out, I stop infront of Draco "To answer your questions, when: later, since I'm busy right how, where: where ever the hell we happen to be, how hard: very,"

As I tried to walk away he grabbed my arm, "I never got your name, gorgeous," "Mia," I said smiling and walking away.

"So, Ronald and Harry are off limits?" I asked Lia and Tia as we headed to this Professor Slughorn's compartment. "What?!" They say in unision. "I meant they're off limits to me, since, Tia you like Ronald, Lia, you like the Boy Who Lived, am I right?"

"I don't like Ronald," Tia said. Lia on the other hand said "Yes, Harry is off limits to you," I knew Tia was lying, so I was going to get her to admit it. "Well, Tia since you don't like him, I guess I'll go after him, he's really cute."

"No!" Tia exclaimed, "Why, you don't like him," "Fine, yes I do!" I smiled and said "Was that so hard?" Now, Draco is off limits to you guys, all right?"

"Is he your next victim?" Tia asked. "Shut up," I replied. We stopped at the bathroom before going to the compartment. There, we saw Harry sitting in the corner, holding hands with a red haired girl.


Okay, so I'm a little shocked seeing Harry holding hands with some red haired girl, but it's not my place to be upset or mad. I mean I just met Harry, what do I really know about him? Nothing, so I shouldn't like him, or be upset that he has a girlfriend. Who is she anyways?! He didn't even mention her, so it must not be that serious, right?!

"Welcome, ladies, we've been waiting for you, please have a seat." A man, who I assume to be Professor Slughorn says. We all take our seats,Harry is smiling at me so I smile back, that is until his girlfriend noticed and looked me up and down quite rudely, then kissed him on the cheek as though to say he belonged to her. I stopped looking at Harry and tried to focus on some guy who was talking, and then started choking, I heard Mia stifle a laugh.

I looked around to see there were no other girls just guys. One that was kind of cute was staring very hard at Tia, smiling in a way I just couldn't describe, but it was a bit disturbing. I can tell Tia notices the way the guy's staring at her because she keeps shifting uncomfortably, and glancing at him. Mia on the other hand was striking up a conversation with the guy next to her, how does she make friends so easily?!

I tried to listen as Professor Slughorn interviewed each of the people in the compartment, but I was too busy thinking about Harry. Even though I wasn't paying attention, I realized we were all there because we connected to famous people of some sort, except for Harry's girlfriend, Slughorn had caught her using the Boogey-Bat Hex on someone and thought she was "talented". I made sure to pay extra attention to when Slughorn was talking to her.

Her name was Ginny Weasley, yes, Weasley which means she's Ronald's sister, and I definitely don't have a chance with him now, because Harry can't hurt his bestfriend's sister, it's just mean. When Slughorn finally got to me and my sisters, he asked about our mother, who worked at the Ministry, right along with the Minister of Magic. Luckily he didn't bring up our Deatheater father and brother, that would make things quite akward if you ask me.

Then finally when the boring meeting was over, we went back to our compartment to get changed into our robes. Ronald wasn't alone, there was a girl with bushy brown hair sitting with him. I could see the slight disappointment on Tia's face.

"Hey, guys" Ronald greeted us with a smile, "this is my other bestfriend Hermione Granger, smartest in our year," Hermione smiled and waved. "I'm Mia" Mia said, "Lia," I piped in, "Tia," Tia said politely. "Hello, nice to meet you," Hermione said.

"Where's Harry?" Ronald asked. "No idea," I said hoping he wasn't making out with Ginny somewhere.

The Hogwarts castle is absolutely stunnning! It's the biggest place I've ever seen, I immediately know I'm going to love it. When we get into the Entrace Hall a stern looking woman with a tight bun in her hair calls out "Mia, Lia, and Tia Rosaria, please follow me for your sorting," we do as we're told and end up standing with little first years who look terrified.

"Rosaria, Mia!" Mia struts up to the stool, getting a few whistles, where we're supposed to sit while a talking hat tells us if we're in Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff. I'm hoping togl get into Gryffindor, and not just because Harry happens to be in it, it's the perfect house for me. I watch as the hat is placed on Mia's head, it's on there for about thirty seconds when it shouts "SLYTHERIN!"

Mia beams and flounces over to the Slytherim table, and takes her place next to Draco Malfoy, whom she gives a seductive wink and a dazzling smile. "Rosaria, Lia!" I walk up there slowly and sit down. "Another Rosaria" a voice that's not mine says in my head, I realize it's the hat. "Where to put you?" I don't answer. "I know꿆RYFFINDOR!"

I jump up happily and practically run to the Gryffindor table. I sit across from Ronald, and unfortunately next to Ginny. "Where's Harry?" I asked Ronald without thinking.

"We don't know, we haven't seen him." Ronald said looking at Tia. "Oh," I said side glancing at Ginny who is currently giving me a glare.

I look up to see Tia on the stool, "RAVENCLAW!" The hat shouts, she makes her way shyly over to the table, I can see the disappointment on Ronald's face.

A few minutes into the feast, I see Harry making his way towards us, blood all over his face and holding a white cloth to his nose.

"Are you all right?" I asked him as he sat down. "I'm fine he said as Ginny lightly dabbed his nose with the cloth.

Halfway through the feast, to avoid Ginny's dirty looks, I look around to see how my sisters are doing, Tia is looking down at her plate looking as though she's avoiding eye contact with someone, I look to see the guy from Slughorn's compartment that was staring at her doing exactly what he was doing on the train. I now know the guy's name is Cormac McLaggen.

I look at Mia, who doesn't realize practically all the guys in her house are drooling over her while she flirts with Draco Malfoy who keeps whispering things in her ear, that apparently make her giggle.

"Hey, Lia, you okay?" Harry asks me. Even though I can see Ginny glaring at me, I give him a smile and say "Yeah, never been better."

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