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Salt Rocks by javct
Chapter 5 : The Article Arrives
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Hermione waited anxiously for the article to arrive. Her and Draco had gone to the interview over a week ago and Hermione had been having small panic attacks ever since.

“Hermione calm down,” Draco would always say and Hermione’s reply would be the same.
“How can I calm down? You know how that vile Skeeter writes!”

Finally, after a week of many panic attacks and fretting, the article arrived, along with a letters attached to it.

“Dear Miss Hermione Granger. We are very thankful that you were civil towards us when we interviewed you. So, to show our gratitude here is a free copy of the Daily Prophet. Enjoy!

Your Sincerely,

The Daily Prophet Team.”

Hermione took a deep breath and unraveled the paper, Draco sat next to her on her bed looking expectantly at the newspaper.

On the front cover was a picture of Harry, Ron and herself in their fourth year at Hogwarts, after the second task, they were all dripping wet and their eyes filled with innocence.


The Golden Trio Reunites!

After a year of believing that she was dead. Miss Hermione Granger returns after a one year hiatus, apparently hiding away in a London Penthouse. When asked why, Miss Granger replied with a simple: “I needed a break,”

Mr. Harry Potter and the new Mrs. Ginny Potter were ecstatic when they heard that their best friend wasn’t dead and rushed to her.

“We couldn’t believe that she back!” Exclaimed a flustered Mrs. Potter.
“It was a shock at first, but when reality set back in I was nothing but happy,” Mr. Potter said.

After receiving an Order of Merlin first class along with her fellow classmates Miss Granger promptly returned to her teaching position, at a muggle boarding school. The name of the school, Miss Granger would not disclose. When I asked about Mr. Ron Weasley, her school love interest, she simply stated: “Ron and I were friends and never anything more.”

Surprisingly Mr. Draco Malfoy, ex Death Eater was present for the interview. “Moral support,” They both said when I asked.

“Will you be returning to the world of magic Miss Granger? Maybe even take a teaching position at Hogwarts?” I had asked and Miss Granger replied matter-of-factually that she will eventually return to the world of magic but would not apply for a teaching position at Hogwarts for “personal reasons”

Speculation has already been aroused that Miss Granger was in a sexual relationship with the one and only Mr. Fred Weasley who was killed in the battle.

More on page 17...


Hermione was furious! How dare that sneak disrespect Fred like that! She could feel her cheeks becoming red and her hands were starting to shake.

“Hermione calm down,” Draco said, Hermione just ignored him.

“That bitch! She can insult me all she wants but she does not insult Fred!” Hermione uttered a few more swear words under her breath before kicking the nearby chair to the ground, it smashing in half.

She stood there for a moment before breaking down in tears. Draco rushed to her side and hesitantly put his arm around her.

“It’s okay,” Draco soothed, running his fingers through her hair. He desperately wanted to kiss her forehead, but he knew that she wouldn’t appreciate it.

“Mione look at me,” She obeyed and looked at him, her eyes filled with tears. Draco smiled down and wiped away her tears with his long fingers.

“Remember in year four? When Rita Skeeter published that article about your love triangle with Viktor Krum and Harry?” Hermione only nodded, still hiccuping.

“And, all that hate mail you got?” She nodded again.

“You stood firm and helped Harry survive all those tasks remember? You didn’t take it to heart like your doing now. Hermione, you are the strongest fricken woman I’ve ever met in my life. You have never given a crap about what anyone thought of you and you when you have an opinion you have to share it. You fought with Ron Weasley about the trivial things and then you punched me,” Hermione laughed at that memory of punching Draco in year 3.

“No matter how many times I put you down, or how many fights you and Ron had you still remained strong and kept your head held high. Make this moment one of those moments okay?” Hermione smiled and pulled Draco into an unexpected hug.

“Thank you Draco,” She mummered into his shirt. It took Draco a moment to take in what was happening before he bounced back and hugged her too. Her hair smelt like Strawberries, just like it had during their school years.

“That’s okay. Come on Hermione you need a pick me up,” Draco said, pulling Hermione up to her feet.

“Where are we going?” Hermione asked as Draco wiped away her leftover tears.
“Somewhere,” Draco smiled and together they walked out of the school boundaries and into the forest where the spun around on the spot and dissaperated.



She knew where she was before she saw it. She could smell the fresh grass and the homemade cooking. She could hear people yelling and the sound of things falling coming from the shed.

This place had been her second home for 7 years, she had loved that place and remembered all the good memories she had there, from cooking disastrous dinners to racing Ginny around the house.

“Come on, they're expecting you,” Draco said when they landed but Hermione refused to go in. She was examining everything; a new Ford Angela was sitting near the chicken coop and in the distance Hermione could see a makeshift Quidditch Pitch and Broom Shed, Mr. Weasley’s shed was in the same spot and probably was filled with even more muggle contraptions then before and in the middle of it stood the most beautiful sight ever. The Burrow.

Draco smiled and extended his arm, allowing Hermione to walk towards the Burrow first.

“Hermione!” Mrs. Weasley exclaimed when she saw Hermione walk up the dirt driveway.

Mrs. Weasley pulled Hermione into one of her motherly hugs and Hermione embraced her like she used to.

“Look at you!” Mrs. Weasley said, placing her hands on Hermione’s cheeks before pulling her inside and questioning her on what her past year had been like. Draco followed behind slowly feeling very out of place.

“I’m making a feast and we’re eating outside tonight. The Order is coming, Dumbledore’s Army and some of the ministry is coming as well, I’m sure Ginny has something you could wear,” Mrs. Weasley rattled on and on about all the people she had invited tonight.

The back door opened and closed quickly, Hermione spun around smiling expecting to see Harry or George.

“Hermione?” He asked in disbelief, dropping the broom that was in his hand.

"Hello Ron,"

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