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Alice Liddell by VeronicaOlivia
Chapter 1 : Dandelions Blew
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     Clouds of steam floated around me as people bolted towards their trains while large families pushing disorganised carts of an assortment of luggages, hollering to one another. Warm light flooded in through the stations windows upon the glistening trains. Attempting to make my way through the crowds of people waiting to board their next train, I anxiously looked around to ensure that nobody would be injured by my towering cart consisting of a trunk, several bags, and noisy owl waiting to spread its wings.

     Cautiously, I glanced around one last time before pushing the heavy cart towards the brick wall, squeezing my eyes shut for a brief moment before opening them to see teary parents saying their last good byes to their children and students talking to their friends excitedly about their holiday.

     The first blow of the train echoed throughout the hidden platform while students began to pile into the trains, saving the first empty compartment their eyes see before another could take it. I took the moment to take in the familiar sight of the magnificent trains. After five years, I had fallen in love with the war billows of scarlet steam and the chatter of people surrounding me.

    According to the student population in Hogwarts, the only Alice in sixth year was Alice Prewett, a brave Gryffindor with a sweet round face and perfectly cropped hair. The name Alice Liddell is that off a person who once was considered someone who was somewhat significant many years ago but now she has faded. To this day, not even a whisper of her name is ever heard. I am non-existent, a ghost who wanders empty corridors.

     I heaved my trunk onto the train along with my other luggages, leaving the heavier items in the storage area and making my way down the narrow aisles. Slipping past people who stood outside, poking their heads in to receive the latest updates on their friends, I finally reached compartment 14B. Sliding open the old door, I stepped inside the empty compartment, closing it behind me. With a simple levitation charm performed with my Beech wand, I sat comfortably in the plush seat, gazing out the window, watching parents wiping away tears whilst waving good bye.

    Watching the parents resulted in me thinking of my family, which consisted of my muggleborn father. My mother, who I hardly consider her one anymore, had decided to take a taxi and leave to a far away place. She never dared to return. I was only thirteen, a cheerful tween girl who was in the middle of her third
year, when I watched as she climbed into a cab to go live with another man after discovering that my father was a muggleborn. To this day, I hate those who consider your blood status a quality that determines the type of person you are.

    A reflection of a girl with deep brown eyes stared back at me as the train blew it's last steam. Soon, the clickety-clack of iron wheels racing across the rails filled the silence.

    Outside the compartments were packed with chattering students, except for this one. Nobody came into compartment 14B for there was a rumour that it was home to Wrackspurts.

    I spread that rumour after the Winter holidays in Third Year.


    A few hours later, my eye lids fluttered open to meet the green countryside of Scotland while raindrops fell onto the clear window. Although we were close to Hogwarts, we weren't quite there yet so I decided to grab a handful of coins and towards the trolley for by now, most of the students would have already purchased whatever candy they had been craving.

     Sliding the door open, I poked my head out, looking up and down the aisle. I stepped outside, closing the door, and slowly made my way down the carts as the train rushed along the tracks, curving every now and then. In one compartment there were a group of young girls whispering to one another; however, one of them spotted me and decided to pull down the shades with a glare. Further down, another compartment was clouded with smoke as I faintly saw a few shadows inside of it. There were all sorts of groups here in Hogwarts but I was not a part of a single one. It was too late anyway.

   When I finally caught sight of the trolley I noticed two students already purchasing pounds of candy. I waited against the wall patiently, watching as they argued. One of them insisted on buying two of every type of candy while the other argued that there would be a feast back in Hogwarts so it would be better if they didn't fill up on candy now.

"Now be honest, will you consume about two pounds of candy?"

"Of course not, that is why we have a packed compartment full of men who need their sugar."

"It will end only being Prongs and you eating it."

"There is a reason for why I loathe my mother, are you trying to impersonate her, Moony?"

"Fine, buy all of it but do not complain later on if you have a stomach ache."

   The other groaned out of frustration while handing the trolley lady a few coins and turning around abruptly. The action was so abrupt that he immediately crashed into me, a few sweets spilling from his arms.

   "Oh, I'm so sorry," I immediately send, collecting the sweets that had spilled and handing them back to the person who I recognised as the infamous Sirius Black.

   He placed the fallen sweets on top of the pile cradled in his arms as if he were a little boy. Glad to see that his candies survived the fall, he made way his way towards the compartment. I stared, quite surprised that he hadn't uttered a single word the entire time. "They were just a few candies. Actually, he could do without a few of them but thank you for graciously picking them up," Remus said. He caught up to Sirius while I still recovered from the shock that I had just encountered the Marauders, well half of them.

   The small accident knocked my appetite out of my stomach; thus, I decided to just head back to the compartment and finish reading the muggle classic, "Jane Eyre."


  "If all the world hated you, and believed you wicked, while your own conscience approved you, and absolved you from guilt, you would not be without friends."

   The train slowed steadly as lamps slowly came into view, lighting the dark. I stuck a bookmark into my page and carefully shut my book, packing it into my bag. We will soon be arriving at the Hogsmeade station so it would be best if I were to prepare my belongings.

   My eyes met the station, the train stopping with the last blow of a horn, as the doors swung open and people began to rush out excitedly, piling into the once empty platform. Forming a queue, students climbed into the seemingly horseless carriages that rolled off into the distance once filled to its maximum.

   I patiently waited in the midst of large groups of hungry students, anxiously waiting for the coming feast. Some talked of the foods that were waiting for them while others complained of classes and O.W.L.s/N.E.W.T.s. I dropped my eyes to the ground, gently wiping a fallen blonde strand that had managed to escape the loose bun, behind my ear. Eventually, I climbed into the dark carriage. It began to move through the darkness. The lights of the glorious castle came into view along with the lanterns that moved along the river belonging to the first year boats.

    We all stared at each other, only a few whispering, until we came to a standstill. One by one, we climbed out, all rushing to the ancient castle. Crowds of students filed into the Great Hall, taking a seat with their friends at their house table. I quietly walked towards my usual seat at the end of the Ravenclaw table, waiting for the sorting to begin. Once everyone was settled in, the First Year students began to enter. Five year ago, I had been in that line, fiddling with my fingers and nervously pulling at my robes as my name had been called, earning a few chuckles from the elder years, I had uneasily sat in that same old stool. Now, I was watching those same first year's fiddling with their thumbs and tugging at their new robes.

   Hufflepuff had a generous amount of newcomers while Gryffindor gained very little; however, they were still warmly welcomed to their new temporary home. Nevertheless, every newcomer was welcomed with open arms, even the Slytherins' showed a bit of warmth towards the newbies although they would still have to prove themselves before being truly accepted into the house.

   Memories flooded back into my mind as if I were looking into a Pensieve. It seemed as if it were only a week ago when I had my blonde hair tied into a ponytail whilst I cheerfully walked down the corridors with my new friends that I had met on the train. Now, those friends of three years were a feeble dream. We had all taken our own road, it brought tears to my eyes to think that we used to be so tight knit and after the Third Year, we had become distant. I glanced at Sarah McHall, a petite brunette with soft blue eyes and a sharp tongue, laughing with her beloved friends at the other end of the table. My eyes moved toward Amelie Dubois, an elegant French whose activities consisted of listening to records and reading classic novels, who was now talking with a small smile to her closest friends at the Hufflepuff table.

   And then there was Alice Liddell, a lonely soul who would rather spend most of her time on the restricted Astronomy Tower than at a social event, who was now sitting at the end of the Ravenclaw table. Always sitting at the end of the Ravenclaw table.

  In a room filled to the maximum with people, one couldn't feel more lonely.

  What happened to those days where we would sit in the dormitory, listening to one of Amelie's French records, while eating a treat from the Kitchens and share our thoughts on the latest gossip in the rumour mill? But I knew exactly what happened.

   There was no going back now though, we had all moved on. At least that's what I tell myself.


  When all the lights had been closed for the light and the other girls in my dormitory were sound asleep, dreaming of their latest fantasies, I sat looking into the starry sky with a certain hope. A hope that I wouldn't trudge through my sixth year with weariness. My soul burned with the desire to change, to stop restricting myself from engaging into the social scene.

   I must put out the flames of my soul and sew back together the pieces of my broken heart.


Hello, fellow readers! I know, I know, the story seems strange and different than how it was before. The storyline might not make sense and the chapters will certainly not have any connection to each other until the revision is finished.

I am currently reviewing and editing all of the chapters and adding more whilst deleting material. So, overall, the story is improving because I felt that it was so sloppily written and the storyline was in dire need of a cleanup.  I hope that this will be the last time I will have to revise in the coming year.

Please, please leave a review to tell me what you think! =]

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