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Long Live by thekingscross
Chapter 2 : Raging Heads and Clumsy Friends
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Disclaimer: Anything you recognize belongs to the brilliant Jo Rowling. We're BFF.


 Brushing away tears, Mia ran briskly into the barrier between platforms nine and ten. Mia and her mother always said goodbye before crossing the barrier. Mia’s mother always told her it was because she hated the feeling of nostalgia. Mia knew it was actually because walking through the wall made her feel “unbearably nauseous”.


These feeling of sorrow were brief, however, for Mia could not keep the smile off her face as the Scarlet Steam Engine appeared in her view. Not two seconds later, Mia felt her breathe knocked out of her as a blonde head bobbed across her vision.


“MIIAAAA!” the girl screeched in a high-pitched voice. Squeezing tighter, Claribel got a better grip on one of her best friends. “Oh my gosh, I’ve missed you! How was your summer? You look amazing, by the way. Where did you get that dress? It is ridiculously cute on you.”


Not letting go, her rant continued without pause. “Lily must already be doing her Head Girl duties. Can you believe it, our own Lily Evans running the school? She must be going bonkers.”


“Clair….I…can’t…breathe,” Mia managed to gasp.


“Sorry, sorry, sorry,” Claribel said anxiously, releasing her tight grip.


“Oh, it’s fine.” Mia smiled sweetly at her friend, projected nonexistent innocence. “Ahhhh! Come here you gorgeous girl!” Mia laughed as she grabbed Claribel in her own bone-crushing hug.


“Can I join in?” said a male voice, interrupting the girlish giggles. The two pulled apart to look at the new arrival.


“Reems!” shouted Mia as she attacked him in a giant hug. Remus laughed, returning the hug. “Hey, Claribel,” he said, smiling over Mia’s shoulder.


“Hey, Remus,” Claribel replied with a broad smile of her own.


Quite suddenly, Mia wrenched herself out of Remus’s arms, shouting, “LILY!” across the platform.


Laughing, Remus turned toward Claribel, arms outstretched slightly. Claribel needed no further invitation. She launched into Remus, knocking him slightly off-balance. Not startled in the slightest, Remus laughed, enclosing his arms tightly around her. Claribel enjoyed the hug immensely, but forced herself to withdraw, sighing heavily on the inside. “Did you have a good holiday?” Remus asked her, his blue eyes sparkling.


“Yeah,” she told him, “It was pretty uneventful, but I just like spending time with my family.”


“Of course. How old is that little sister Anna of yours now anyway?”


Pleased that Remus remembered Annabel, Claribel replied, “She just turned nine this summer.”


“Ah, I bet she has you all wrapped around her little finger. Gets everything she wants.”


“Haha,” Claribel intoned sarcastically, “Naturally, she does. The kid’s a master manipulator.”


“Well, she did learn from the best,” Remus said slyly.


“Are you insinuating that I am a devious, manipulative schemer, no better than a Marauder such as yourself?” Claribel asked, feigning shock.


Laughing, Remus consoled her, “Never, I was merely pointing out that you are a girl who will use her devilishly sweet nature to get exactly what she wants.”


“Well, what can I say? I’m just remarkably persuasive,” she told him, batting her eyelashes and winking suggestively.


Unable to keep a straight face for longer than two seconds, Remus busted out laughing. Claribel posed haughtily, pouted, and pushed up her hair before she could no longer contain herself and started to laugh as well.


“What’s so funny?” Mia asked the two as she jumped into the twosome, grabbed both their heads, and proceeded to bonk them together.


“Mia!” chided a stern Head Girl in the form of a Miss Lily Evans. “Try not to knock them out, would you?” Remus pulled slightly away from the crazed girls, rubbing his forehead when, suddenly, someone crashed into him from behind. Remus was throttle forward into Claribel. The two swayed awkwardly, then toppled over, landing on the rough station platform.


“Ok, who’s the idiot who decided to stand right in front of the barrier?” asked a rather annoyed Megara Rivera. Glancing down, she raised her eyebrows. “Of course,” she answered her own question, “these idiots that I like to call my best friends.”


“Megs!” Lily exclaimed, running forward to embrace her friend. While the two girls exchanged their post-summer greeting, Mia eyed the couple down on the ground. Remus was attempting to help a klutzy Claribel to her feet. Needless to say it was not going well. Noticing Claribel’s bunched up skirt, Mia cleared her throat, getting her attention and nodding to the exposed skin. Claribel looked down, blushed, and again fell to the ground almost taking Remus, who was still holding her hand, down again with her. Trying and failing to contain her laughter, Mia took Claribel’s other hand, and she and Remus finally managed to pull Claribel off the ground.


Still tripping over her own two feet, Claribel tried to keep her composure, but was unable to when yet another person crashed through the barrier, knocking her once again to the ground.


“Bloody hell! Who stands in front of the barrier?” Two teenagers of Indian heritage bounded through the barrier at full speed, clearing a pathway for a large group of almost-but-not-quite late passengers and parents. Claribel barely managed to scramble away from the stampeding horde. Crawling on all fours, Claribel huddled herself into the corner of the platform and glanced around her to check that everything was now safe. She sighed. No one could see her here through the bustling crowd. Thank goodness. All her hard work into looking good lost because of a couple of meetings with the ground. With little enthusiasm, Claribel attempted to fix her hair and once again straightened her skirt, which it was so not the right day to wear, she decided.


“Found safety, huh?” Claribel looked up to see Remus grinning down at her. Remus then slid down right next to her on the ground. “Sorry about that,” he said nodding toward the flow of witches and wizards now saying their frantic goodbyes.


“Not your fault that I’m terribly clumsy.” Claribel told him.


“True,” Remus replied, “but I’ve always been of the belief that a rightly chivalrous Gryffindor would never let a lady be trampled on by a crowd of unruly Hogwarts students and their mad parents.” This got Claribel to smile faintly at him. She had had such high expectations for today. Oh well, maybe if they sat here a little longer she and Remus could find a compartment of their own…


“Claribel!” someone yelled across the platform. Claribel tried to look up but couldn’t see through the sea of legs.


“Claribel!” several voices this time. Remus grabbed her hand once more and finally managed to pick her up off the ground, for what she hoped would be the last time.


“CLARIBEL!” Claribel leaned on her tiptoes to see that Mia, Lily, and Meg had now been joined Shanti Sunrita. Catching Lily’s eyes, Claribel waved frantically. She turned toward Remus, but he was looking with anxious eyes in the opposite direction, toward the now empty barrier.


“I’m sure they’re here” Claribel told him consolingly, “we’d better go get a compartment before they’re all full.” Remus turned back, faced her, and nodded.



Lily smiled as she walked passed the train compartments on her way to the prefects’ meeting. When greeted by friends, she graciously accepted their ‘congradulations’s and ‘we knew you’d get it’s. Reaching the prefect compartment, Lily was happy to see that most prefects had already arrived. Lily scanned the chests of the male seventh years, trying to determine who had received the badge. She had found herself extremely disappointed to learn that Remus, who followed after her into the room, did not get the badge. But, she thought, maybe it was for the better if the two Heads were from different Houses. It might show some unity between the Houses.


“Hey Lily!” Lily turned around to see a handsome young man with lightly tossed brown hair and grey eyes.


“Amos! Hi,” Lily greeted with a smile. Amos would really be a good candidate for the job, Lily thought with hope. The two got along really well, and he certainly was something to look at…


“I trust that you had a good break? Congrats on Head Girl by the way! Knew it had to be going you. Any idea on who got the job to partner with fair Lily Evans?” Lily’s smile lessened slightly. If not Amos, then who got it.


“No idea,” Lily told him looking around the compartment. She counted up the seventh year prefects in her head: from Hufflepuff-Amos and Natalie Fawcett; from Ravenclaw, Nikesh Sunrita and Ruth Brown; from Gryffindor, Remus and herself; and from Slytherin, Katherine Dobbs and…oh no.


“Hope you haven’t been waiting on our account,” said a slide voice at the compartment entrance. Two young men stood in the doorway. The one who spoke had an aristocratic face, long dark hair, and cloudy grey eyes. He was without question attractive, but his domineering attitude was quite unappealing. Lily registered the fact that he looked more like his elder brother each year before observing the second arrival.


He looked skinnier, she thought to herself. She noted his gaunt face and sunken in features. His greasy black hair was longer than ever, past his shoulders now. None of this was particularly flattering, but what shocked Lily were his eyes. Always dark and black, his eyes used to contain some sort of comfort…an innocence. That no longer existed. When their eyes briefly met, Lily only saw cold. Hard cold. Eyes that conveyed nothing but ice, completely devoid of emotion. Diverting her own eyes, Lily quickly skimmed his uniform. No badge. What?


“Of course not,” Lily told them monotone, “it’s barely past eleven.” She turned away, faced the compartment, and counted the present prefects. Eight fifth years…eight sixth years…eight seventh years? Impossible, thought Lily, how could there be no Head Boy. Dumbledore would never give her the job to handle alone. Would he?


All eyes were currently on her. Lily took a deep breath. She was totally prepared to handle this meeting on her own.


“Alright everyone,” Lily told them authoritatively, “let’s get started. First manner of business, I really wanted to go over…”


SMASH! The door slammed open, and a raven-haired boy of seventeen crashed into the room. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I am so beyond late right now.”


“POTTER!” Lily shrieked, “What the hell are you doing here?” Lily glared at a gasping James Potter.


“I’m here for the meeting,” he told her wide-eyed.


“What? Is crashing the prefects meeting on that stupid list of yours?” she asked incredulously.


“No! Well, yes, actually, it was. But I don’t really think this is going to count.”


“Um, well, yes, actually, it does. Now will you leave?” Exasperated, Lily placed a hand on her hip.


“But I have to be here for the meeting,” James told her in earnest.


“Why do you have to be here for the meeting?”


“Because,” James answered, “Lily, I’m Head Boy.”


People sometimes talk about those “jaw dropping” moments. Yeah, this was one of them. Lily literally felt her lower jaw fall toward the ground. She was speechless. It had to be a joke, she thought. There was no possible way Dumbledore would make James Potter head boy. But…it was rather suspicious for James to already be in his robes. Taking a breath, Lily forced herself to look at his chest. There it was: bright, shiny, and gold, like her own. The only difference was that his read HB.


Lily was officially on an emotional rollercoaster. Her shock quickly dissolved, and she was back on the anger train. Lily felt her cheeks inflame. Being a redhead, hiding emotions had never been her strong suit. She was enraged. Air was exiting out her nose in bursts, as her breathing got heavier. Steam was practically blowing out of her ears, and James just stood there. He swallowed, Adam’s apple bobbing.


“Potter, outside now!” Lily ordered.




“I said, now!” Lily said. “I’ll be back in a minute. Keep everyone here,” she muttered an aside to Remus. Lily then grabbed James forcefully by the sleeve and tugged him into the hallways. She looked around to see plenty of students still milling around looking for compartments. Still pulling on to James, Lily marched past the other students looking for someplace empty.


“Lily, where are we…”


“Shut up, Potter!”


“Yes, ma’am.” Lily flashed him a look as she barricaded past two first years into a small empty compartment. She let go of James and stepped away from him. Huffing out a large breath, she hissed, “What were you thinking, Potter? Barging into the first prefect meeting late is not a very good way to start off the year. This has to be some kind of cruel joke. No one in their right mind would make James Potter, leader of the infamous Marauders, Head Boy. Either Dumbledore’s off his rocker, which by all means is entirely possible, or this is all some sort of cruel prank to play on Lily’s first day as Head Girl, which is not just possible but entirely plausible. That must be it. Remus is actually Head Boy, and you and Sirius somehow managed to talk him into this great scheme to start the year off. Tell me it’s a joke, Potter. Tell me right now.” Lily regained her breath. That was an impressive rant, she thought to herself.


James just looked at Lily. Where there had been slight fear in his eyes earlier was now filled with fiery anger. “Lily, this is not some stupid prank. I’m Head Boy. I have the badge. The letter is in my trunk if you’re still looking for more proof. Now, either you’re going to yell at me some more, or we’re going to go back to the prefect’s compartment to lead that meeting. Okay?” His hazel eyes were staring into hers behind his rimmed glasses. She knew he wasn’t lying.


Avoiding any more eye contact, Lily’s eyes flitted around the small compartment they were in. She was having an inner conflict. The first part of her, the responsible part, wanted to walk calmly back into the prefect compartment and begin the meeting as planned. The second part of her, the part that detested all things Potter, wanted to hex James freaking Potter for being an indolent, irresponsible prankster and an over-all pain the arse.


Lily took a deep breath, closed her eyes, and walked out of the compartment. Without a word, James followed her down the train. Looking inside the door to the prefect’s cabin, Lily could see that no one had left, and all were entertaining themselves; however, when Lily entered the room with James behind her, the cabin fell silent.


“Well, now that we’re all here. Let’s begin.”



Sirius Black strolled through the train, glanced into each compartment for a sign of someone to sit by.


Fifth year Hufflepuffs…second year Gryffindors…first years…




Recognizing the girlish squeal, Sirius smiled and headed toward a compartment two doors down. Looking inside, he saw two teenage girls on top of something…or someone? After some movement, Sirius caught a glimpse of dark brown hair emerging from the struggling teens. Deciding that this was probably the best company he would find, Sirius opened the compartment.


Walking inside, Sirius saw that he was not the only male here. Sirius nodded in greeting to a dark-skinned boy who he recognized as Nikesh Sunrita, Ravenclaw and brother of Shanti, one of the girls currently tangled up on the ground.


“Can I join in?” Sirius asked, smirking.


“SIRIUS!” came an excited cry from the bottom of the pile. Mia was finally able to gain back her breathe as Claribel and Shanti jumped off of her. The two twirled around, smiled, and tackled their second victim. Only Sirius, being stronger, didn’t fall to the ground, instead he warmly embraced the two in a proper bear hug.


Mia, having regained some of her stamina, picked herself up off the ground. She then proceeded to take a seat in the spot nearest the window, as she had intended to before Shanti and Claribel decided that she didn’t deserve the window seat again this year. Feeling victorious, Mia allowed a grin to spread across her face. Slowly, her expression morphed into a glare as she looked at the threesome before her.


Claribel, Shanti, and Sirius Black were currently bouncing up and down before her vary eyes. They laughed and chatted and giggled like the best of schoolgirl chums. Then again, two of them were.


Sirius then turned his attention the sullen looking brunette in the corner.


“Aw, is someone sad they’re being left out? Did Miss Jones want to be the first one to give me a hug?” Sirius teased her playfully.


Catching his tone, Mia pouted dramatically. “It’s not fair. Sirius Black never pays attention to me! Why? I’m the president of his fan club, his number one fan girl! It’s just not fair.” Whining was definitely one of her specialties, in her opinion.


“Life’s not fair, love. Deal with it.”


Farce forgotten, Mia’s expression turned staid. “Thanks, I’ll remember that. You are ever so kind.”


The two then faced each other in silence, completely serious. The room remained quiet for several seconds.

As the time ticked by, Shanti and Claribel looked at each other, communicating nonverbally. What are they doing? It was difficult for them to get one of Mia and Sirius quiet, so much as both of them.


A muscle in Sirius’s mouth twitched slightly. That’s all it took. Mia let loose a massive grin.


“HA!” Sirius exclaimed. “I win! First stare-down of the year is in the bank.” Sirius proceeded to do his victory dance around the compartment. In his jubilance, Sirius failed to notice the trunk behind him. Tripping over the trunk, Sirius flung out his arms before landing roughly onto the seat, practically on top of Mia.


“Move over, you big lug.” Mia ordered, yet there was amusement in her voice.


“You know, I don’t think that I can do that. I’m quite comfortable right where I am right now.” Sirius stretched out over the seat, lied back, and put his arm around Mia’s shoulders. “Ah, perfect. Nice and cozy.”


Mia gave him a disgruntled look but protested no further. Instead, she snuggled into Sirius’s shoulder, closed her eyes, took a deep breath, and tried to get some sleep…


 AN:  Yeah Buddy, I finally had the time to put out Chapter 2. Hope you enjoyed.


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