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Lost Prophecy by muggleborn_parselmouth
Chapter 7 : A Visit To Privet
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Harry knew he only had a few minutes to speak to his aunt and Dudley, before Uncle Vernon pushed him out of his house.  Harry always imagined Vernon very ungrateful of Harry for saving his family’s life, but knew that his uncle felt the same way.  Vernon had a very keen way of making sure you’re not welcome.  He had been like that to Harry all his life. 

As the car pulled into Privet Dr, Harry got out with Hailey.  Emily stepped out as well, along with Molly and Arthur.  They were there to support Harry and Hailey.  Harry walks up to the door, and hit's the buzzer.  He immediately heard Dudley's voice.

Seconds later, the locks are heard to be cracking, and then the door swings open.  There stood what looked like Harry's cousin, except allot thinner. To reference it, he is about as thin as his mother.

"Harry" he said.  "What in the..."

"Dudley?" asked Harry. "You look, uh...thin."

"Thanks." he said.  "What are you doing here?"

"Is Aunt Petunia here?" he asked. "I need to talk to her."

Dudley nodded, and asked him to wait.  Harry could not believe his eyes when he saw that Dudley lost allot of weight.  He actually was proud of his cousin.  After a few seconds, Petunia comes running into the hall.

"Harry," she said.  "Thank god you’re alive!"  Petunia starts to hug on him, as Harry kind of straightened himself as she let go.  Then he heard it.  The voice he didn't want to hear.

"Is HE here?" said the very soft voice of Vernon Dursley.  Harry could hear the coldness in his voice.

"Yes Vernon," said Petunia. "Along with some others."

"Come in here boy!" he said. 

Harry re-assured everyone that he would be ok, but he insisted Hailey to come in.   Petunia agreed, and they walked into the foyer room.  It looked just like it did the last time he saw them.  That night, Alastor Moody and his bird Hedwig died.  But the atmosphere soon changed, as he saw his uncle sitting down.  Oh what use to be his uncle?  Uncle Vernon did not look like the man he once was.  He looked very thin, not like how Dudley looked, but looked as if he was very sick.  He had an oxygen tank next to him, and a hose through his nose.  An IV was on him, and a machine seemed to monitor his heartbeat.

"I knew this day would come boy!" he said. "I knew I'd see you one last time."

"What in the hell is going on here?" Harry asked.

"Harry, your uncle is....." Petunia said before being cut off by Vernon.

"Dying." he said.  "I'm dying Harry."

That was the first time he called him Harry.  Well the first time he didn't scream his full name because Harry did something to him.

"Harry, I am glad you came" said Petunia.  "I wish you would have called us, but I understand why."

"Thank you," he said.  "But I need to tell you something."

"Anything" she said. 

"Please sit down." said Harry

Petunia sit next to Vernon, and Dudley, who hadn't taken his eyes off of Hailey, snapped out of it and sits down.

"Harry before you begin," said Vernon.  "There is something I need to say."

"I was very wrong to treat you the way that I did." he said.  "I know I can't take back those years that you lived with us." 

He continued. "But I am reflecting on how terrible a person I was, and paying for it for this disease.  It is something that I have learned to live with, and with the knowledge that I won't be around very shortly."

"Thank you," said Harry.  "That meant a lot."

"Soon, I'll be waiting for Petunia with Marge by my side."

"Aunt Marge is dead?" he said.

"Yes," she said.  "Mauled to death by her beloved Ripper."

"Wow," Harry said trying hard to make a straight face.

"So what is it you want dear?" asked Aunt Petunia.

"I would like you to meet Hailey" said Harry. "She is my twin sister."

"What...." Petunia tried to utter out of her mouth.

"She is your niece" he said to her. "I just found out this summer."

There was complete silence for a few moments, which seemed a bit awkard.  After a few more moments, you could see tears come into the eyes of  Petunia.

"My dear," said Uncle Vernon. "you are a spitting image of your mother, except with the whole brown hair.

After awhile longer, Harry had told them that they had to go and that they would keep in touch.  Harry decided to make peace with his uncle, and felt that there was more life in Vernon that day.

"Uncle Vernon," he said. "Let me help."

"With what?" Vernon asked.

"With this, all of this that has happened to you." he said.

"Son, my time is almost up." said Vernon.  "I just want to make peace before I go."

Harry insisted that Petunia take Vernon to St. Mungo's and that Harry would pay for the healing.  Allot of things could be treated, and Petunia said she would discuss it with him.  After about an hour since they arrived, Harry said his good byes, along with Hailey, not realizing the rest of the group was still out in the car waiting.

He gave his Aunt a hug, and after some persuading hugged his uncle goodbye.  He shook Dudley's hand and told them that he would write them and that the offer was still standing with Vernon.

As soon as they got in the car, Ron immediately opened his mouth.

"So how was that torture?" asked Ron.

"Honestly," said Harry "It was the best time I had ever had."  Then he smiled and started talking to Ginny.


The trip to Diagon Alley was short and easy.  Kingsley sent the best Ministry car to Grimmuald Place, and Hailey felt almost like royalty.  Harry sat there listening to his sister, talk about American things to Arthur Weasley.  Emily just laughed.

"Dad's really into muggle stuff?" she asked Molly. Molly nodded.

"Ever since your father took over that ridiculous job at the Ministry," said Molly "He's done nothing but rant and rave about muggles."

Harry laughed, as he looked back.  Hailey had pulled out a pair of tweezers from her bag to show Mr. Weasley.  But as much as Harry was glad to see his sister, he was still puzzled about what the dream she told him about.  And not to mention that she knew the name "Tom Riddle".  Whatever the case, he wanted to tell McGonnigal about it, but felt that something just wasn't right.  Harry knew that McGonnigal would tell him to think nothing of it, and that is' coincidental.  But how  could a girl, living in America for 17 years know of the man very few people know as Tom Riddle.  To everyone else, this man was known as Voldemort or He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.  Harry wasn't the only one to think something needed to be said.  You need to tell McGonnigal Harry," said Hermione.  Ginny and even Ron stated that as well.  Harry knew he had to, but decided that instead of messing with his last trip to Diagon alley as a student, that he would wait until later to do it.

The car pulled up to "The Leaky Cauldron", where as soon as Hailey stepped out, her nose went straight up in the air. The dirty look of the location was almost gratifying to see to Harry.  He couldn't really remember the last time he came here.  Probably George and Fred’s Joke Shop.

"What in the world is that stench?" she asked.  Emily however got out, and had the biggest smile on her face.

"That my dear daughter is the smell of greatness," she said.  She looked at Molly and Arthur.  "Does Tom still make his famous Pea Soup?"

Harry could only think about the time he hitched On the he Knight Bus, where that dangling shrunken head told him to eat it before it eats you.  To this day Harry still hasn't understood that. But before he could say anything, Hailey yelled out.

"Tom?" she said.  "Is his name Tom Riddle?" 

Then it was out.  Complete silence throughout the entire group.


Draco walked throughout Diagon Alley all nervous like.  Every time he looks up, a cold, dark stare would be given.  He knew why.  He was the one of the reasons why people were dead.  His father, safe from Ministry prosecution, renounced his family of the Dark Lord.  So, in hind sight, Draco was spared, and yet persecuted by the witches and wizards all around him. The pain and suffering will not go away.  He begins to touch his arm again, as if it was still burning. 

"Draco...." said his mother. “We just need to get you a new wand.  Olivander’s have seemed to be re-opened."

Draco knew that wouldn't be a pleasant sight.  The man that death eaters kidnapped, and took to his home.  He knew this would be one of the longest and hardest things to do.  As soon as he walked, he was immediately hit with a force.  Something was not letting him in.

"NO!" said the old man standing on the ladder.  "No way in hell are you stepping foot in my store!" he said. 

"Mr. Olivander," said Narcissa Malfoy. "he needs a wand.  A good wand from the best wand maker in England."

"Absolutely not" said Olivander.  "After what you Malfoy's did to me, no.  I don't care what the ministry said I had to do."

"We were under the Imperious Curse!" lied Draco.  "Can't you see that we are all victims here Mr. Olivander?"

Olivander looked at him.  He could see into what he first thought to be cold dark eyes, and Olivander saw a different side of Draco Malfoy.  Malfoy looked at Olivander again and this time Olivander raised his wand, muttered something and a blue line began to lower.  As they walked through, the blue line lifted back up and a charge jolted the small building.

"That is the Mr. Malfoy I know," says Olivander.  "I am sorry for that, but you must realize the things that I went through as well."

"So a new wand is it?" he continued.  "Do come in, do come in." 

Draco walked to the desk, to see Olivander go through the back little alley, and climbed up the ladder, and pulled out the long slender box.


"Inside, everyone now!" said Arthur Weasley.  Harry knew that tone.  He didn't want anyone to hear what was going on.  He goes up to Tom at the bar, and whispers into his ear.  Tom nods, putting down his towel, and climbing on a stool.

"OY!" said Tom really loud.  "Due to Ministry business, the Leaky Cauldron is closed until further notice.  Everyone looked up, and immediately headed out of the bar area.

"The guest in the rooms?" asked Arthur.  With a flick of Tom's wand, you hear loud click sounds from upstairs, and with another flick, paper airplane's, that are memos fly upstairs.

"I'll put a silencing charm in here, and I'll head to my office.  Just call when you’re done Arthur." said Tom.  And with a beat, he was gone.

"Hailey....." Arthur said.  "Where do you know that name?"

Hailey looked confused, and began to sweat a little.  All the adults, including her mother was waiting for an answer?  She knew that look on her mother's face.  She remembers it vividly the day that Peyton Tisdale's hair caught on fire.  The day she found out she was a witch.

"Hailey, it is important" said her mother.  "How do you know that name?"

"I have heard that name in a dream of mine" she said.  "When I told Harry....."

Uh...oh.  There it was.  The moment Harry didn't want to happen.

"I was going to say something," said Harry. "But..."

"But, nothing Harry," said Arthur. "We needed to know that.  If there is any way of him coming back."

"There's not." said Harry.  He didn't want to tell them, but he had to. 

"There is no definite Harry" said Arthur.  "When he killed your parents...."

"WHAT?" screamed Hailey.  "Tom Riddle killed our mom and dad, and you knew about it?"

Harry was caught in a bind.  He knew now that he should have immediately told everyone.  This was going to be very hard.

"Alright...."Harry said.  "This is what everyone has wanted to know."


I really hope you enjoy this chapter.  It was very tough, and hopes it leads to where I want it to go.  That's all I can say.  Please send a review in, it would be greatly appreciated.

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Lost Prophecy: A Visit To Privet


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