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Poison Ivy by KateRhodes
Chapter 2 : Friends, Foes, Minions and Marauders
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Hi there!! This is chapter two =)

Hope you like it! Please, leave a review if you have a couple spare seconds :) Thank you!

Hogwarts was beautiful. I missed the nice glamorous streets of Paris but I couldn’t deny that the castle was magnificent. As the carriage I was in approached the stone walls of the school I felt something twitching in my stomach. I wasn’t sure whether it was something similar to nervousness or pure starvation; I hadn’t had anything except for a couple diet cokes and a skinny coffee in the entire day. We walked up the main stairs and entered the hall. It was decorated in the same was all Middle Age touristic constructions were but it was nice. Whoever had chosen the carpets and chandeliers had good taste. Although I was more of a modern, minimalistic style fan I guessed I could get used to the opulence of high ceilings and silver armors. I saw a woman walking towards us and motioning for the students to go through two massive wooden doors. I followed the crowds.

The Great Hall was even more wonderful than the first room we had been in. The ceiling was enchanted so it looked like we were staring at the sky. It was a chilly night but there were no clouds. I could see the tiny shinny dots emblazoned in the navy blue of the evening. I lost myself in the stars for a second. I had always found them extremely intriguing. Distant, beautiful and absolutely out of our league. The woman reached my side and spoke to me. There was this authoritative air around her that told me she was someone you did not want to upset.

-“You must be Naomi Ivy”- she said. I looked at her.

-“Indeed”- I replied.

-“I am Professor McGonagall, welcome to Hogwarts. Please, come with me to get you sorted into a house”- she walked back to the hall and I followed her. I saw Black, Potter, Sun and two other boys sitting at a table out of the corner of my eye.

-“You will join the first years for the sorting ceremony”- she informed. No way. I glared at her and stopped walking. She turned to face me, a little surprised.

-“I will not be sorted with the first years, Professor”- I said icily. She raised an eyebrow. The woman is in urgent need of a plucking session.

-“Excuse me?”- she said, clearly shocked by my attitude. I could tell she was not used to have anyone question her command. Well, there has to be a first time for everything.

-“I am a seventh year, with a reputation. I am not joining the… freshmen”- I said in my sweetest tone. I only used it to persuade extremely difficult people. It always worked.  

-“Well, I do not see any other way of doing it”- she looked thoughtful. I decided how I wanted to do it, so I told her.

-“All first years will be sorted first. Then you announce there is a new girl for the seventh year”- it was a good first impression. If I was sorted separately everyone would have to notice me, meaning I’d be the next day’s gossip.

-“All right. Wait here then”- she gave in. I smirked and leaned against the wooden door.


The sorting took forever. The first years looked scared and nervous as McGonagall called their names and they walked up to the hat. I took the chance to analyze the different tables. Hufflepuffs I decided were rather boring people, Sun had been right. The Ravenclaws looked a little too serious, but I could live with that. Then there were the Slytherins and the Gryffindors. Although they were mainly beautiful people, there was some sort of evil aura surrounding the Slytherins that put me off a bit. But they looked cool. I could tell most of them were rich. Gryffindor table was savage. They would roar anytime a new member joined the house; it looked like the most fun table of all but the boys lacked manners. Most of them, at least. I spotted Narcissa Black when there were only three more first years to be sorted left. She was beautiful but plain. Her blond hair was long, straight and shinny.  Her skin was well taken care of, but it lacked life. It was too pale. She was elegant, but that was something inherent to all Blacks except Bellatrix, probably. Even Potter’s friend had this royal grace thing when he moved.


My analysis of the enemy was suddenly interrupted by McGonagall’s announcement. It was my turn. I walked slowly towards the hat, fully aware of all eyes on me as I gracefully made my way. I had the school uniform on but it had been adjusted to fit me perfectly. The skirt was short, a little too sexy. It was revealing enough for other girls to say it was too much but it was also long enough to leave all boys intrigued by what was underneath. The white blouse wrapped my body quite nicely, covering my entire torso but giving the hint that the body wearing it was as appealing as the legs they could see. I wore heels, of course. I did not look at anyone, my eyes were fixed on the hat, and my lips were curved in a half smirk. I knew that there were girls already hating me and boys already fantasizing. I flung my dark hair as I turned to face the students and sit on the chair. The hat fell on my head.

-“GRYFFINDOR”- was the sentence. I smirked and stood up, swinging my hips on my way to the table. My fellow house mates were screaming happily, the noise was a little too loud but I couldn’t blame them. It was me they were cheering for after all. I saw Rhea waving enthusiastically and I decided it would be wise to sit with her. I walked over to where she was and Black moved aside, letting me sit between them.


-“Narcissa Black looks as if she’d just been slapped”- a boy with dark blond hair said casually when Dumbledore finished his welcome speech. I looked behind him and saw her. She was whispering frantically into one of her minion’s ear. I smirked.

-“She can’t take a little competition”- said Rhea. I looked at her, surprised. I wasn’t expecting her to understand what my arrival meant to Narcissa. She didn’t look like the kind of girl who’d be interested in gossip and popularity. After all, she did need some moisturizing cream for her hands like immediately.

-“Why would Naomi here be a problem to my cousin?”- Black asked. All other three boys nodded to show interest.

-“Well, Narcissa is Queen Bee at the moment only because she’s been here forever and everyone is too afraid to do anything against her”- Rhea said, matter of factly. She was piling food on her place while talking. I swear to Merlin, if she ate all that she’d be sick.

-“Why would anyone do anything against her other than because she’s a Death Eater wanna be?”- Potter asked. I rolled my eyes. Boys would never understand the complexity of social networks, let alone the impossibly difficult task of governing them.

-“Rhea means any other girl”- I clarified. I took a vegetable sandwich from a tray in front of me and bit it carefully. If it tasted of butter or mayonnaise, I’d leave it. Fortunately, it didn’t.

-“Exactly, you see, this is a High School. A magic one, but a high school after all. There are groups of people who socialize according to very strict rules that were set way before we came to this world”- she was a little over dramatic, but so far, she was describing it fairly well. All four boys were listening to her as if she was explaining how to build an airplane while stuffing food in their mouths.

-“There is a hierarchy”- I continued, reaching for an apple –“Queen Bee rules the school. Her word is everyone else’s command. All girls would die to be her friend because if she likes you, you are immediately on the top. It’s a popularity competition and Queen Bee is the judge”

-“We are not friends with Narcissa and we are the most popular boys in the school”- said Potter. Black nodded right before adding some more potatoes to his already too filled plate. Rhea chuckled and I raised an eyebrow. This was important news to my plan.

-“That’s because the whole popularity thing applies to girls only. You know what I’m talking about, the greatest parties are Narcissa’s, you’ve seen her minions following her around and you must have noticed that there is nothing they can’t do”- Rhea said, rolling her eyes. I scrutinized the boys. Was it possible that in a mixed school society rules applied to women only? Were they the Queen Bees of the male population? And, if they were, how had they come to be?

-“Yeah, Rhea’s right”- Black said. I looked at him, smirking.

-“Of course she is, that’s how the teenage world works”- I retorted. The blond boy looked at me. Of all four, he was the only one who showed some manners at the table, which made me like him straight away.

-“Well, we know nothing about society rules and, like we told you, we’re the coolest of the coolest around here”-Black said, smirking.

-“And why would that be?”- I enquired. He looked at me flashing his perfect smile. Oh, get over yourself.

-“They are just… well, you know… The Marauders. The pull pranks, get in trouble… you know, bad byo appeal I guess. And they’re good Quidditch players so that adds up to their popularity”- Rhea explained.

-“So basically you’re the black leather jacket guy who skips classes and rides a motorbike to school”- I said, bored. Rhea chuckled.

-“And you were Queen Bee at your old school, weren’t you?”- the one with the dark blond hair asked. Rhea sighed loudly.

-“Of course she was! Have you not seen her?”- I liked the girl. She was good friends with these four boys who were quite good looking and annoying enough to be cool; I guessed they were the equivalent to the football players in muggle American movies. If I had to guess, Black and Potter were the Quarterbacks and the other two their best mates. Furthermore, Rhea herself was rather pretty and she understood how my world worked. I made a mental note to keep her close; she was bound to be useful.

-“Yes, we have seen her. Why should we have guessed she was Queen?”- asked the shortest of the guys. It was the first time I heard him talking, the shy type.

-“She has only eaten an apple and half a vegetable sandwich, she drinks pumpkin juice in tiny sips, her hands are perfectly manicured and she is bloody gorgeous!”- Rhea exclaimed. I raised an eyebrow at her but she kept talking –“She knew how to make her entrance to the school, being sorted alone. I bet that wasn’t McGonagall’s idea. Plus, she walked the way as if she were on a catwalk! I had not seen anyone keep such a charm on the entire Great Hall since Lucinda Hollis”

-“Who is Lucinda Hollis?”- I asked. The boys were staring alternatively at Rhea and me as if she’d just delivered the most shocking news of the century. Talk about boy’s ignorance.

-“She was Queen Bee until last year. She graduated. She was an utter bitch but, of course, she was the hottest thing around. She’s now a model…”- realization hit me as I connected the dots in my mind. Lucinda Hollis, of course. Only that I knew her as Lulu H. I interrupted Rhea.

-“Lulu H, of course”- I said.

-“Yeah, she changed her name when her career turned successful”- Rhea nodded.

-“So… you’re here to take over Narcissa?”- the blond boy asked. I looked at him, smirking. Potter and Black were carefully dissecting the strawberry cheesecake and pouring syrup on it before eating it. Disgusting.

-“No, I’m here because I have to finish school”- I took a sip of my juice. Black laughed. Potter was about to add something to the conversation when Dumbledore stood up again and the Hall went silent. I turned my attention to him.

 -“Before we all go to bed to get a good night’s sleep, let me announce this year’s Head Boy and Girl”- there was a round of whispering around the tables. I took the moment to ask Rhea.

-“What do Heads do?”

-“They are in charge of discipline. They organize the prefect’s patrols and the official parties, also they can act as a mediator between students and professors in case something happens”- she whispered back. I nodded and looked back at the headmaster as he regained control of the room.

-“I am glad to present Lily Evans from Gryffindor house as Head Girl”- there was a huge roar from my table and quite a lot of booing from the Slytherin side. Predictable and boring.

-“And James Potter from Gryffindor house, as our Head Boy”- I wondered for a second if I had gone deaf. The silence fell so heavily it was almost tangible. Then, Black and his two friends stood up on the table and began clapping and yelling. The following roar was as huge as the ovation dedicated to England when we won Quidditch’s world cup last year. They were, after all, pretty popular. I saw some Slytherins glaring our way. That house was trouble, and the fact that almost overthrown Queen Bee was with them made me even keener to take over her as quickly and brutally as possible. Something inside me said there had been a declaration of war and one of the main fronts was mine. The other one was Black and Potter’s, and his two friends. Mental note: ask their names.


Rhea showed me to my room which happened to be hers, too. We shared it with another three girls. It was a nice, big dorm. The beds were four posts and King Size, which I was quite grateful for. I saw my luggage next to one of the beds, so I assumed that was where I’d be sleeping. I took out my wand and began unpacking. Rhea launched herself on the bed. The other girls were not there yet. I was curious as to who I’d be living with. I knew Rhea had joined my cause before even beginning to plan on it, which was good. I wondered whether the other girls would be minion material, friend material or foes. I’d rather share a room with friends than with minions but I didn’t really care as long as it wasn’t foes. Sleeping under protection charms was not good for my skin.

-“So… Where did you go before Hogwarts?”- Rhea asked. I didn’t look at her, I was busy organizing my closet and getting the decorations up.

-“Beauxbatons”- I replied. She didn’t seem to be annoyed by the fact that I didn’t look at her when talking. I got the feeling that Rhea was one of those ‘too nice for her own good’ people.

-“All girls’ school… and you were Queen Bee… Narcissa doesn’t stand a chance against you”- the amazement in her voice made me turn and look at her.

-“Why do you want to have Narcissa overthrown so badly?”- I questioned. Rhea blushed furiously.

-“I have an older sister, Mara. She’s two years older than me. When she was at school, she made the mistake of taming one of Narcissa’s targets… she didn’t like it and hated her ever since. Last year Mara joined the Order of Phoenix. It was her first mission, her very first time on the field… Bellatrix hexed her mercilessly for both, being part of the Order and having annoyed Narcissa at school”- that was the moment I understood that Rhea was the best ally I could have. There were strong personal reasons for her to support me. She would do anything to see the blonde Black reduced to nothing.

-“Is she okay?”- I asked. I had momentarily stopped sorting my things. If I got Rhea’s loyalty now, she would be mine as long as I wanted.

-“She will never be able to walk again”- her eyes darkened and I nodded. It was a pact. I had just promised to take revenge on Narcissa on Rhea’s behalf; she had just promised to have my back no matter what. There were no words left, we had said it all.

-“There’s nothing I enjoy more than the fall of the mighty”- I stated, coldly. Rhea nodded. I turned back to sorting my clothes, but the talk kept going.

-“You will need information, won’t you?”- she asked.

-“As much as you can give me”- I replied. Rhea stood up and came closer to me. She decided to sit on the window pane next to my bed so that she was facing me when explaining.

-“What do you need to know?”- she questioned again. I raised an eyebrow and then frowned slightly, thinking.

-“Who’s the gossip girl of Hogwarts?”- another powerful ally. I needed to have her on my side.

-“There are two girls who know everything about everyone”- she replied.

-“What’s the difference between them?”- I took out my collection of shoes and she gasped before answering. I have a thing for shoes. I love them.

-“One of them is a dumb bimbo who worships Narcissa beyond any logical boundary”- Rhea explained grimacing –“The other one should be coming in any minute now”

-“That’s very interesting”- I said, finally sitting on my bed –“If I find her weakness she’ll be mine”

-“What do you mean?”- Rhea looked confused.  

-“There must be something that she really wants. If we promise to give it to her, she’ll be loyal to us”- I sighed. Patience is not a characteristic of my personality. Rhea frowned, thinking about this.


The door opened and three girls walked in, chatting. The first one was a short clear brunette with straight shoulder length hair and very dark deep eyes. The second one was Asian; I bet she was Japanese. Her skin was tanned and her eyes were dark. She had a nice hair cut that accentuated her features; her hair was died with a mixture of reddish and brownish paint. I recognized the third one as Lily Evans, the Head Girl.  She was beautiful. She had long wavy fiery red hair and deep breathtaking clear green eyes. She had freckles and nice red lips. I looked at her as she came to stand in the middle of the room. She glared at me and I stood up. I was not allowing anyone to look at me that way, I did not give a shit if she was Head Girl of the Queen of England herself.

-“Naomi Ivy”- she said. I glared at her, straight in the eyes.

-“Head Girl”- I replied. Rhea was standing behind me, the other two backed Lily.

-“Sensational entry”- plain, direct. I liked the girl. No wonder she was a Gryffindor, she was brave.

-“I know”- I sneered, smirking. Evans looked a little appalled by the fact that she had failed to intimidate me. One of the girls behind Lily gasped, surprised.

-“Are you going to cause trouble?”- she questioned. Her eyes were hard, challenging. She knew how to put up a fight.

-“Yes”- I replied, smirking. She thought for a minute, and then spoke again.

-“Are you going to cause us trouble?”- she tilted her head slightly to her side to address her friends.

-“Only if you annoy me”- I informed flatly. My turn to ask the questions –“Are you going to cause me trouble?”

-“No”- she said. They were not minion material, at least not Evans. She was potential friend material, having the Head Girl on my side was a good thing. After all, she made the rules and took points from other people. She was an authoritative figure that others had to respect.

-“I noticed Slytherins were not happy with you being Head”- I said matter of factly. She looked at me, narrowing her eyes.

-“They do not like muggle borns”- she replied. I realized the change in her tone. She was clearly upset about the whole ‘pure blood thing’. She was a muggle born and that was extremely convenient. Narcissa could not try to recruit her no matter how desperate she was.

-“I do not like Slytherins”- I smirked. Lily smiled.

-“Narcissa Black was not happy with you being Gryffindor”- she said.

-“Narcissa Black is not happy with me being here at all”- I replied.

-“Can you do it?”- Lily asked, evaluating me. I laughed coldly.

-“That’s not the question”- I retorted. She looked a little puzzled, but recovered quickly.

-“What is the question, then?”- she raised an eyebrow.

-“How I’m going to do it”- I said.

-“So you are sure you can”- she repeated. I smirked.

-“You could have, too. Why didn’t you?”- There was silence. I knew what my question implied. I was both, complimenting and threatening Lily at the same time. She was good enough to overthrow Narcissa, which was a hell of a good compliment. But it meant that she was not good enough for me and that, if she had taken the blonde’s place, I would still have taken her down.

-“I lacked the resources and the guts… and the time, probably”- she replied, truthfully. The mood softened.

-“Resources are not a problem anymore, not for me. And I do not believe you do not have the guts to face her. Time is just a lame excuse you’ve just come up with”- I raised my eyebrow, waiting for an explanation.

-“No, I do have the guts to confront her, alone. I can’t deal with the entire snakes nest”- Lily grimaced.

-“Do all Slytherins support her?”- I asked turning to Rhea.

-“The girls support the Queen Bee, no matter her name. The boys like Narcissa… and her… you know”- she blushed. I chuckled. Narcissa was actually stupid enough to sleep around. That was one mistake Queen Bees tended to make. It was the one mistake I did not make.

-“Sleeping around is not required for a Queen Bee”- I said.

-“Maybe, but she’s got most of Hogwarts boys drooling over her”- Lily sighed. I laughed.

-“Not anymore”- I tossed back some tresses of hair –“So… you’re obviously not on her side… ‘The resistance’?”- there was some mockery in my tone but none complained.

-“We are neither minions nor friends”- she said. The other two nodded. I looked at Rhea and then back at them.

-“I see”- I could really use these girls. They were good looking and had style. They were smart enough to stay away from Narcissa and they were my roommates. No protection charms needed. My thoughts were interrupted by Lily.

-“I think we could be friends”- she said, offering her hand and smiling.

-“I think I agree”- I replied, shaking it. Rhea came closer, so did Lily’s girls.

-“Nice to see you again”- Rhea said to all of them. I realized she knew them from before, yet she had stood by me. I had been right about her, she really had taken this personally.

-“You have to tell us all about your summer, Rhea”- said the Japanese girl. She then turned to me and smiled –“I am Jo Reiko”

-“And I am Megan Lot”- the shortest one said. I half smiled to them and sat on my bed. They all proceeded to changing and getting ready for bed while talking about their summers. Apparently, they had been roommates ever since they arrived to Hogwarts, so they were good friends. I analyzed them while they spoke. Rhea was the sweetest. I bet she was even a little naïve. Lily had a fiery temper but she was good hearted. I doubted she had ever broken a rule or been late to a class. Megan was a disaster. She’d been in the room for twenty minutes and her side was already a complete chaos. She was forgetful but funny. Then there was Jo. She was meticulously perfect. Her wardrobe was organized by color, type of fabric and style. ‘That’s gotta be the gossip girl Rhea mentioned’ I thought to myself. I decided I’d find out in the morning, I wasn’t in the mood for talking. I drifted away to my own thoughts. I had already four girls on my side. It had been easy. Too easy. I got the uneasy feeling that Narcissa was not the usual Queen Bee. There had to be a reason why these cool girls were so happy to take over her; and something told me that the Dark Arts were somehow related to that reason.


I hated mornings. I hated mornings more than anything else. I dragged myself out of bed and levitated my stuff to the bathroom. Everyone else was still asleep, as expected. I had a morning ritual that I went through every day, no exception. I showered, put on moisturizing cream, washed my face with special lotions; put moisturizing gel, then softening cream and finally light day make up. I did my hair and brushed my teeth somewhere along the process. Then I went out and got dressed. The girls were awake and half ready. Lily looked at me, surprised.

-“You wake up really early. I’m impressed”- she said while brushing her incredibly shinny hair.

-“Getting ready takes time”- I replied. I noticed Lily’s shoes were not designer and that her blouse looked as if she had used it last year as well. I made a mental note to find out when her birthday was and buy her some nice new clothes.

-“You look way too good for a normal school day”- she said. I chuckled lightly and waved a hand at her.

-“There are no such things as normal school days”- I explained. She thought for a second and smiled, understanding what I meant.

-“Good morning Naomi! Are you girls ready?”- Rhea asked coming out of the bathroom with a wide smile on her face. We nodded and left the room.


We entered the Great Hall walking in what would become the usual position arrangement. I was in the centre of the group. Lily walked on my right and Rhea on my left, then Meg next to Lily and Jo next to Rhea. I could hear the whispering as we sat on the Gryffindor table. It was good; everyone was already talking about us. What they were saying did not matter at all. I gathered some fruit on my plate and started peeling it distractedly.

-“Are you only going to have fruit?”- Jo asked. I looked at her, raising an eyebrow.

-“No, I’ll also have a whole grain toast”- I said, reaching for the aforementioned piece of bread – “Breakfast is important to keep you going. If you do not eat in the morning it’s easier to gain weight”

-“So I had heard”- said Meg. I nodded at her approvingly. Rhea poured some orange juice and drank. I looked over to the Slytherin table.

-“Narcissa’s not here”- I noticed. Lily was spreading some strawberry jam on a loaf of bread absentmindedly.

-“She always comes in late because The Marauders are late”- she replied. I tilted my head to the side. Who the hell were The Marauders? The name rang a bell but I just had no idea where I’d  heard it before.

-“The Marauders are James, Sirius, Remus and Peter”- Rhea said, realizing I had no idea who Lily was talking about. I remembered they mentioned that last night. I really should pay attention to people when they talk to me. Only if I were interested in what they had to say… life would be easier.

-“Is that Potter, Black and the other two?”- I asked, biting my toast. Meg reached for the cereals.

-“Yeah”- Jo said –“Narcissa is ridiculously in love with Remus”

-“Which one is he?”- I smirked. This could not get better. Narcissa Black fancied someone; could you make it any easier for me to mess around with her?

-“The one with the dirty blond hair”- Meg explained. I nodded, I remembered him from the night before. You see, I did not really listen unless it was of vital importance, but I remembered every face I ever came across.

-“So, these Marauders… they are like the popular guys, right?”- I questioned. Lily chuckled.

-“Everyone loves them. They are the funniest and hottest boys of the school”- Jo said.

-“Yeah, they are like American movies QBs”- Meg added. There was something like a dreamy light to her eyes when she said that made me want to laugh, but I refrained. Rhea, however, did not. She laughed loudly and I turned my attention to her.

-“They are cool”- Rhea said –“I’m very good friends with Sirius so the girls here always interrogate me about them”

-“She’s the only one who is close to them”- Lily said. Jo and Meg nodded as if to reinforce the statement. I smirked.

-“And why, my dear Rhea, are you so close to Black?”- I raised an eyebrow. She chuckled.

-“Ah no, don’t go there. There’s nothing going on, he’s like my brother. We live together. It would be like incest, ugh, no way”- she said, shrugging. I almost chocked.

-“What?”- I did not expect these two to live together. Who lives with a friend at the age of 16?

-“He ran away from his family. He went to stay at James’ for a while but he didn’t feel all right with the arrangement so we moved to a flat in London together. You see, he kind of hates feeling that he’s living from charity. The Potters wanted him to stay, he’s been spending most of the holidays with them for years anyway, but he felt much better if he could get a place for his own”- she explained, smiling sweetly. I could tell she loved Black more than we thought; the way she spoke about him and her voice tone gave her away. Meg and Jo looked at her in awe, Lily was peeling an orange.

-“What about your family?”- Lily looked up and suddenly there atmosphere became heavy. I realized I had asked a difficult question.

-“I do not have a family, at least not anymore”- she said, flatly. It was that moment that The Marauders decided to honor us with their presence. They came in laughing, the four of them. I studied the boys as they approached the table. I could see why they were so popular. They had it all: the looks, the coolness and the mystery. Black caught my eye and winked at me. I raised my eyebrow and smirked in return. Then I noticed Potter glancing nervously at Lily before sitting down and turning back to their conversation.

-“Did Sirius just wink at you?”- Jo asked. Her eyes were so wide open they looked about to fall from place. Note the irony, Jo is Japanese.  

-“So it seems”- I said, coldly.



The first class of my schedule was Charms. Lily was in it with me, so was Jo. Rhea left to Care of Magical Creatures and Meg to Arithmancy. The Marauders were in the class as well. The fact that it was three of us presented a problem. One would have to sit with someone else. If I chose to sit with either Lily or Jo it would mean that I liked one of them better than the other, making the chosen one to escalate in the rankings. If I sat with someone else I would have to decide who was worthy of sharing an entire hour or my day with. I knew no one else apart from the girls and The Marauders; if you could say I knew them at all, so I had no way of deciding who would be a good Charms partner. We reached the classroom before I could make a decision. Jo turned to me.

-“How are we going to sit?”- she asked. I looked at her, surprised. Apparently, they had already acknowledged me as their leader, without me having to do anything to prove myself. Were they so eager to get rid of Narcissa?

-“I want to sit with sweetie”- said a voice behind me before I could reply. I knew the voice and the sweetie. I turned and glared at Black.

-“I thought you understood English”- I spat. Lily and Jo stood on both sides of me. The four Marauders had just arrived. They resembled a pack of wolves, somehow.

-“I do understand it, perfectly indeed”- he flashed me a smile that would have melted the North Pole. Too bad for him I am immune to such tricks.

-“Hello Lily”- Potter said. I looked at him and then at her. She was busy looking everywhere else.

-“Potter”- she replied, still concentrating on not making eye contact. Professor Goud came and asked us to enter the room. My sitting arrangement problem had not been solved yet. Then I saw a couple Slytherins out of the corner of my eye.

-“Do we share this class with the snakes?”- I asked. Jo nodded.

-“Narcissa’s in Charms”- Lily said. I smirked. Sitting arrangement solved.

-“Lily, you sit with a Marauder”- I would have asked if she minded, if I had been nice. But I was not, so I just gave the order. She looked at me narrowing her eyes.

-“Anyone but Potter”- she replied. These two were going to end up married.

-“Get Lupin”- I said. She went to Remus and sat with him. Jo whispered in my ear.

-“They are good friends because he’s a prefect and the quietest of the four. He is also very smart and hard worker, Lily gets along with him well”- I loved it when my girls knew how to deliver relevant information in the right time. I nodded slightly and looked at her.

-“Who does Narcissa’s second girl fancy?”- I asked. Jo smiled.

-“Black. Everyone fancies Black”- she said, blushing slightly. Yeah, I expected that.

-“Sit with him, I’m taking Potter”- I commanded. Her brightened a little and she looked at me adoringly. Okay, so I was wrong. Jo is minion material.

-“Thank you”- she whispered before going to Black. I knew how to make my girls happy, which was important. I approached Potter, who was right behind his friend.

-“You better behave yourself”- I warned him. He smiled at me as I sat. It occurred to me that they were expecting us to sit with them, because they had not sat together immediately, which I thought was odd.

-“So Hogwart’s new hottie has decided to sit with Gryffindor’s Quidditch Captain”- I heard a voice. I turned to face the girl who talked. She was very skinny and had mid length straight brown hair with a straight fringe. Slytherin.

-“Have a problem?”- I asked in a tone that suggested extreme boredom.

-“No, I have a message”- she replied. A minion with a message, meaning Narcissa was going to try to recruit me. How predictable. I rolled my eyes and looked away, but she kept talking anyway –“Narcissa wants you to sit with us today at lunch. We expect you to be there at twelve thirty. Do not be late”

-“Fuck off”- I spat. She looked taken aback but left, nonetheless. I figured she still thought I’d show up for lunch.

-“Why does Narcissa want you to sit with her?”- Potter asked when the girl had walked away.

-“She wants to recruit me”- I said, flatly. He looked puzzled. Black turned around to join our little conversation. How amusing.

-“My cousin cannot afford a rival”- he said to Potter.

-“Your cousin is no rival for me”- I retorted. The class begun and I turned my attention to the Professor. 


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