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Typically Teenage by ginny_butterfly
Chapter 1 : Obsessions
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“Soph! I need you!” I shouted over the loud music that was playing in the Gryffindor Common Room. It looked as if my best friend was otherwise engaged. Kissing her boyfriend. Like the good friend that I am, I waited patiently for them to come up for air. The needed oxygen sometime, right? Of course, “waited patiently” really meant that I went up to the couple and pulled them apart by force.  What? This was an emergency; a matter of life and death.

Ignoring the annoyed look that Josh Adams, Sophie’s boyfriend, sent in my direction, I pulled Sophie to an empty corner of the Common Room.

“What?” she practically spat at me. “Could you not see that I was busy?”

Oh whatever. Go and tell someone who cares about your issues.

“Fix my hair.” I ordered her.

Luckily for her, she was used to my random outburst and demands.

“Katie. Your hair looks fine. Can I go back to Josh now?”

“No!” I shouted at her, drawing some unwanted attention from the second years. I hate second years. They’re so small and annoying. Yes, I know that I was once a lowly second year, but I’m sure I was never as small and annoying as they are now. I swear, they get worse every year.

“No,” I repeated, in a quieter voice, “Fix it. James can’t see me looking like this.”

She smirked at me. Being my best friend, she knew all about the little crush I had on James Potter. Yes, Potter, as in the son of the world famous Harry Potter. Get over it. As I was saying, she knew all about my crush. Or as she liked to call it, my “obsession.” As if. I was not obsessed with James Sirius Potter. No way. Just because he was gorgeous, the most popular boy at Hogwarts and basically perfect, that didn’t mean I was “obsessed” with him. Or even “in love” with him as Sophie also said.

Even after all this inner rambling, sorry, I tend to do that a lot, I had noticed that my so – called best friend still hadn’t fixed my hair.

“Now.” I said in a calm voice, attempting to make myself sound threatening. I think I failed.

Sophie rolled her eyes at me, but nevertheless she murmured a spell under her breath. I guess I could have just said the spell myself, but Sophie is better at spells than me. In fact, Sophie is better at most things than me.

“Better now?” she asked me sweetly.

I beamed at her as I saw my reflection in the mirror that she held up in front of me. Sophie always carries a mirror around with her. Yet another reason why Sophie Williams is better than me, Katie Lane.

“Thanks Soph! You’re the best!”

“Yeah, and don’t you forget it.”

As if I could. She took every opportunity she could to remind me about how perfect she was.

Without saying another word, she turned on her heel and walked away from me and re-attached herself to Josh. How rude. She had left me on my own. Great, now I have to go and find someone to talk to so I don’t look like an idiot standing on my own. Which I guess I am. But no one needs to know that.

I scanned the room, searching for a red-headed person. No one in particular, just that at Hogwarts, having read hair usually meant that you were a Weasley. For some reason, the Weasleys all loved me. Even though they didn’t know about my...crush on their cousin. And yes, it is cool to be friends with the Weasleys, and no, I will not get your their autographs.

But as I was saying, at Hogwarts, red hair usually means Weasley. Or Potter if it’s Lily. Unless you’re Alice Martinez. But she doesn’t really count. As she constantly tells us, she has auburn hair, not red. Well, we all know that “auburn” is just another word for ginger. No matter how hard she pretends it’s not.

I love Alice. She makes me look almost sane. She makes me look like a normal person on normal tablets in normal land. I’m telling you, the girl is crazy. Sophie thinks that I’m weird for being “obsessed” with James, I’m nothing compared to Alice. Although her obsession is with Michael Collins, not with James. Not that I have an obsession or anything. Alice brings Michael into every conversation. She is seriously in love with him. For example, the other day I asked her for a name that I could use in my family tree (I don’t have any interesting family members, so I decided to make it up) that we were meant to be writing for class, and the first name that she said was, you guessed it, Michael. Honestly. The girl has issues.

“Katie!” I quickly spun around at the sound of my own name, recognising the voice. Just as I suspected it was Sophie. “We’re leaving! Now!” she shouted at me. Being the genius that I am, I guessed that her and Josh had just had another argument. They have one almost every month. I had been waiting for this argument for a while now. It’s no big deal, they never break up. They both just take a day to calm down and then it’s like nothing ever happened. Those two make me sick.

Sophie grabbed my arm and I allowed her to pull me up to our room. When we got there, I sat down on my bed, sighing. It was always the same. They argued, she spent all night telling me how much she hated him and then they forgave each other.

I knew my participation in the conversation would not be necessary, so I made myself comfortable on the bed and prepared myself for what I knew would be a long night.

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Typically Teenage: Obsessions


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