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All Over Again by Lily_Ginny_Mione
Chapter 4 : Getting Along
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Everyone said that our relationship was going to be put through its paces. But really – this is just taking the piss.

I can’t even walk down a corridor without people looking at me. Everyone knows the basics of what’s happened. Scorpius Malfoy can’t remember Rose Weasley. Or something along those lines: I’ve given up trying to correct them exactly.

Every night I slip off my ring and read the engraved words over and over. It doesn’t help.

Scorpius is still in the Hospital Wing, but he’s coming out tomorrow. It’s been three days. I actually don’t see why he’s still in there: he still remembers Al, everything a sixth year should know, and everything else. Apart from me. I’m the missing piece to the puzzle.

I haven’t been back to the Hospital Wing since the first time I went in, but Al has convinced me to go and try again. So here I am, pacing up and down outside the doors, working up the courage to subject myself to more verbal abuse.

Here goes.

“Miss Weasley? Are you sure this is a good idea?” Madam Pomfrey looks worried and glances over to Scorpius who hasn’t yet noticed my arrival.

I shake my head. “No, not really. But Al thinks if I try a bit at a time. Y’know – talking to him on his own – then it might help a bit,” I shrug.

“Call me over if you need any help,”

“Sure,” I walk slowly over to Scorpius’ bed. “Scorpius?”

He looks up and his face twists into a sneer. “What, Weasley?”

“Hey,” I sit down on a plastic seat next to him.

“Quit the small talk, Weasley, what do you want?”

“Do you remember that time on the Hogwarts Express in our first year? The first time we ever met?”

“Sure do, ginger. Hate at first sight,”

“Yeah, but –”

“What is point of this? You’re just being annoying.” He snaps.

“I’ll go,”

“You say it like I care,”

Yeah. I should be so lucky.


“It’s hopeless. The only thing he remembers about me is the hate we felt for each other!” I give a cry of frustration.

“And he didn’t look like he remembered anything at all?”


“It’s weird: it’s like – he remembers everything up until he got hit in the head with that Bludger. But it’s like you’ve just been wiped from him mind completely,”

“Yeah thanks for that, Al. Kick me when I’m down why don’t you,” I snap.


“I just wish I understood. It’s so frustrating,”

Al and I are in the Gryffindor common room and it’s late at night: we shouldn’t even be awake at this house: especially not me – I have a freaking Potions test tomorrow that I haven’t revised for. Why should I? I’ve had a lot on.

I’m doing what I do best when I’m thinking; I’m pacing the floor.

“Sit down, Rosie; you’re making me exhausted just watching you,”

“I can’t. I’ll only jiggle my foot and I know how much it annoys you,”

“OK, keep pacing,”

We are in silence for a few minutes.

“Have you told him that he loves me?” I ask quietly.

Al looks up at me sadly. “I tried. He doesn’t believe me,”

I already knew this of course: but it was worth asking him.

I sit down next to my cousin and lean against him.

“Who’d have thought that Rose Weasley would ever let another boy other than Scorpius Malfoy get this close to her,” Al teases.

I hit him.

“Shut it, Albus, you’re family,” I say wearily.

“And you are my favourite cousin and probably my best friend,”

For someone whose head is inflated to the point of a beach ball, Albus can be very nice when you need him to be.

“So what are you going to do, Rosie?”

“I’m going to sit back, and let everything happen. If he remembers anything, it will come back to him on his own,”

Albus looks slightly startled. “So you’re not going to do anything?” He asks with raised eyebrows.

“Nope. All I’m going to do is let it all happen,”

“Rose … that’s going to be very hard …” Al says sceptically.

“I know: but Scorp and I got together with each other by accident. Let’s see if Fate would like to recreate the past,” I say strongly.

“Well good luck with that one, Roro,” Al says with a wink.

Al!” I hiss. “Don’t call me that in public!”

“Ah, chill – no one’s around,” he shrugs with a boyish smile.

I give him a look, but I can’t keep a straight face for the life of me.

“OK, I need to go to bed now. Night, Al,” I yawn and stand up. I give a wave to my cousin and proceed to climb the stone stairs up to my dorm.

Slipping into more comfortable clothes, I crawl into bed and try to go to sleep. My eyes are as heavy as lead, but my mind is buzzing awake.



Bloody alarm clocks.

There are five simultaneous groans in my dorm as we all sleepily stir in the early morning half light.

Liz reaches out a long, toned arm and with a lot of force behind it, swipes the clock off the bedside table and onto the floor with a clang. The clock gives on last pitiful ring and then dies.

“Ah shit, don’t tell me I’ve broken it,” Liz says tiredly, sitting up in bed and pushes back her pale red hair from her face.

“Yeah, like that wasn’t your intention,” I say sarcastically.

Reparo,” Clem says groggily and the alarm clock springs back together.

I sit up and see the rest of my dorm mates doing the same with their hair sticking out in all sorts of odd angles. I rake a hand through my own hair and feel my fingers catch on the knots and tangles.

Oh wonderful: another day for me to stumble through. Another day without my boy.


I watch Scorpius from across the stone courtyard as he is surrounded by a gaggle of girls. I am sitting on a stone bench with my cloak and house scarf huddled tightly around me to keep in any warmth I still possess.

Scorpius leans into one of the girls and something he whispers to her that makes her giggle and hit his arm playfully. I feel a pang of jealousy and sadness, watching Scorpius be flirty with other girls.

I haven’t spoken to him for a whole month – which is a long time when you’re watching your boyfriend date other girls.

His current girlfriend is Macy Starling; a Slytherin in our year. I know her and she’s nice. But not nice enough to have declined Scorpius when he asked her out. So that’s great!

“Rose, are you going to sit there and let your heart be broken, or are you going to do something?” Jennie demands.

“I think I’m just going to sit here and let my heart be broken, thanks,” I reply miserably.

“Well, honey, I have a date tonight and Clem is going to be with Rich seeing as it’s a Friday night,” Jennie says carefully.

“Oh that’s OK,” I say as happily as I can manage. “I’ll just tag along with Al or get on with some homework,” I add with a smile. “I really miss him. That’s all. I hoped that he would remember by himself, but it looks like that isn’t going to happen without some intervention,”

“Don’t do anything stupid, Rose –”

“D’you think I’m just going to give up on him?!” I start heatedly.

“Hey – don’t get sassy with me, I’m trying to make sure you keep whats left of your sanity,” Jennie says firmly.


“That’s OK.” Jennie sits next to me and there is silence for a few moments. “Right, I’m going to get ready for my date. You’re coming up to the common room with me. The longer you sit there drooling over Malfoy –”


“—the more you will depress yourself. Now come on,” Jennie finishes firmly, standing up and yanking me up with her by fastening her long, pale fingers around my upper arm.

“OW!” I squeal and half the students in the courtyard, including Scorpius and his new girlfriend, turn to look at me.

I ignore their stares and follow Jennie up to the seventh floor with a sour look on my face. She turns round and catches my expression.

“Stop sulking,” she says in a motherly exasperation and turns back to give the Fat Lady the password.

“Make me,” I mutter.

“I heard that,” Jennie sings as she climbs through the portrait hole.


I flick through the newest copy of Witch Weekly whilst lying on my tummy on my four poster bed.

“How do I look?” Jennie is studying her reflection in front of the mirror.

I look up. Jennie is wearing a cute floral dress with pale blue flowers printed on the cream cotton. She’s wearing a pale pink cardigan over the top of it and her dark hair is swept up into a casual top knot.

“Hot,” I say and Jennie catches my eyes in the mirror and gives me a look. “You look gorgeous,” I concede sensibly.

“Thank you,” Jennie smoothes her dress down: it’s a strappy, sweetheart neckline, cinched in at the waist and kicking out to just above her knees. “Right, I’m off. Later, Rosie,” Jennie gives me a fleeting kiss on the cheek and exits the dorm.

“Have fun!” I call after her just before the door closes.

“Ta!” She calls back and I smile.

It takes me about five minutes for me to gather the energy to haul myself up off my bed and stumble down the stone stairs into the common room.

It’s seven in the evening so the common room is busy with students scrambling to finish last minute essays and research papers, with first years swapping the latest Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes products and playing loud games of exploding snap.

I manage to squeeze my small frame onto a sofa and waste about two hours writing an essay. My usually fluent script is spidery and all over the place because I am attempting to write this paper on my knee and it’s not ending well. When I glance upwards I see that loads of people have gone up to bed seeing as it’s nine in the evening. There are a few older students lingering around, but it’s basically empty.

A shadow falls across my parchment that I am scribbling on.

“Rose,” Al starts tentatively. “This has to stop.”

I look up at him. “What?”

“This moping around after him – it has to stop.” Al says firmly. “Get out a bit – and maybe even date someone,”

I simply stare at him. “Date someone.” I repeat in a hollow voice.


“I … I don’t think I can,”

“Rose, you need a life,” Al tells me softly.

“I’m going to bed.” I say suddenly, standing up and walking away.

“Rose –”

“Goodnight, Al.”       


What the hell is Al thinking? I can’t go on a date! I mean, sure, my boyfriend has got another girlfriend but he has an excuse. If I went on a date with someone else, I would be technically cheating. And anyway – no one would want to go out with me.

“So what’s happening with you and the Malfoy boy then, Weasley?”

I look up and see Andrew Hallam jump off the high wall and land in front of me with a boyish grin on his face. His light brown hair falls casually tousled over his eyes and he flicks it back from his face. I roll my eyes.

“Disappear, Hallam,” I say with a slight smile, shouldering my bag further up my shoulder and walk on past him.

“That’s no way to treat a gentleman,” Andrew falls into step with me and I can’t help but smile a bit more.

“Oh I’m sorry. I forgot that you had a sensitive side,” I tease.

“Not so loud! I have a reputation to uphold, Weasley!” Andrew says with a wink.

“Whatever,” I say with a laugh. “So why are you actually here?”

“Oh you know,” Andrew kicks a stone and it skips off down the slightly dusty path. “Sat on the wall, saw you, jumped off said wall –”

“I get it,” I cut across him.

“You never answered my question, Rose,” Andrew turns to me with a lopsided grin. His Ravenclaw tie flutters slightly in the late October wind.

“Well. I hardly need to answer it, do I,”

“Are you still with him?”

I raise one eyebrow at him. “What do you think?” I say dryly.

“Good. So you’ll come on a date with me this Saturday then?” Andrew says jovially.

I narrow my eyes at him. “How much did Al pay you?”

“Damn, you’re good,” Andrew says and then laughs when he sees my expression. “Only kidding. He just told me that you were really depressed –”

“I’ll kill him.” I mutter darkly.

“—and that you should get out a bit. So I volunteered to cheer you up,”

“I don’t want another boyfriend,” I say firmly.

Andrew holds up his hands. “Woah there, Weasley – just as friends,”

I weaken. “Well … OK,” I say finally.

“Awesome! See you after dinner in the Entrance Hall tomorrow then!”

“Sure thing, Hallam,”

By now we’ve reached the castle and I’m going up to my dorm, and Andrew’s off to the courtyard to meet some friends.

“See you Saturday then, Rose,”

“Yeah. Later, Andrew,”

Ohh, man.

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