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Beautiful by Star_Kid_Love
Chapter 1 : Beauty Everywhere
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“Hey Lily, you’re beautiful”  

Lysander had come round my house to hang out as we usually did, which basically consisted of playing quidditch. He was a mean machine at quidditch. I don’t really know where he gets it from either. His mum, my Auntie Luna, is so quirky he never got a chance to play Quidditch when he was younger but rather he had to hunt nargles and such. In fact, he didn’t play quidditch until his first flying lesson at school where he discovered he was ‘a natural’ in the wise words of Madam Hooch. I got a massive letter about it.

People never really understood why we were such good friends; he was a year older than me and a Ravenclaw. But something about us just clicked. I’m sure it dates back to when we were babies and Lorcan would roll around playing bricks with Albus and Lysander and I would just hit each other. It sounds worse than it is but apparently when we hit each other we would laugh for ages and then hit each other again.

The game could go on for hours, our chubby little hands making contact with the other’s body ‘hitting’ them but never causing any lasting pain, just a lot of laughter. And so my philosophy of ‘violence is the way to a good friendship’ was proven.

When we both could talk I used to make Lysander come to my ‘café’ and have cof – I didn’t eally know what coffee was so renamed it cof – and he would pretend to drink it. When we reached the ages of 4 and 5 instead of coffee we would have fire 'wickie' because one day my uncle George had given my dad some and he after he had it he was drunk it.

I wasn’t really sure what drunk was so Lander and I used to roll of the floor laughing like dad and uncle George and Uncle Ron did. According to mum we did very good impressions of them.

When we were seven and eight I was given my first broom but Lander had been told by his mum that nimple wood faeries were killed to make them so he didn’t want to play on it. Whenever he came around I would put it away and instead we’d go out hunting for magical creatures with Lorcan and Albus. 

We used to go in teams against each other. Lorcan and Albus would always find better creatures like snolaricks and hiponois whereas, Lander and I would find snails and put them in each other’s hair and pretend they were magical hair potions. We were just too cool!

To say I was sad when Lander went to Hogwarts would be an undersatement yet, I was devastated when he was sorted into Ravenclaw because I knew I was going to be a Gryffindor. How could I not be when I was the daughter of Harry and Ginny Potter?

Lander would write to me every week and tell me all about his lessons and how much I would love Hogwarts. I got more letters from Lander in one term than I got from James or Albus put together in the whole year that I was at home alone.

In the summer when my Hogwarts letter came I made sure I went to get all of my school stuff with Lander. I got robes, and a hat, and a cauldron, and my books and a wand which was almost exactly the same as Lander’s except mine was an inch smaller. I had a phoenix feather which my Dad cried at because his wand was made with a phoenix feather too.  I then got an owl and named him Wickie which reminded Lander and I of the story of when we pretended to be drunk Dad and my uncles. My dad didn’t cry at this, but he did blush a lot!

I was genuinely really sad that I didn’t get sorted into Ravenclaw with Lander but ended up with James and Albus in Gryffindor instead, even though I had Hugo, it wasn’t the same. Every lunch time since first year Lander and I would spend together and we would often meet in the evenings to do homework together. James didn’t like this and followed us once under Dad’s cloak only to discover that we were actually just doing homework together, he lay of Lander after that.

When I was in third year Lorcan got a girlfriend called Callie and I asked Lander why he didn’t have one to which he replied ‘I don’t need a girlfriend when I have an awesome best friend like you’. I’ll always remember that day.

I also learnt that year that I wasn’t allowed a boyfriend as when Dom got one James and Fred pranked him so much he cried, wet himself and ended it with her out of fear for his life. The message was clear. Not just anyone was allowed to date a Potter/Weasley.

A year later a really nice girl called Bonnie joined and James soon became besotted with her. Not that she noticed; she was too busy being Australian and having a laugh. I could tell that James didn’t like this and wanted more so watched as his affections grew and she didn’t notice. I also realised that Lander looked at me differently but thought nothing of it. And that leads us nicely to this summer.

It was like every other summer, Lorcan and Lysander would come round almost every day, Lorcan to spend time with Al and Lander to spend time with me. We would play quidditch and eat ice cream and pretend to be muggles. That was the best way to pass time.

We would go to the beach and sit about watching as the muggles struggled to put up tent like things to stop the wind blowing sand into their faces, and then copy them to see how hard it was. We would go to shopping centres and stand like muggles on escalators and get told off by fat security guards for going the ‘wrong way’. We would buy muggle clothes and look like foreigners trying to use their money, all the while, becoming closer and closer.

On the day in question we had just finished being ‘muggles in a café’ and had gone back to mine to play quidditch. This always really annoyed James as Lander was on the Ravenclaw team and could be ‘collecting tactics’ against our team. I just gave him the finger.

After a very violent game in which we had to wrestle the quaffle out of each other’s hand in mid-air (to our mother’s horror) we flew to the nearby orchid and landed.

We lay on our backs and watched the clouds fly over our heads pointing our unusual shapes like a football, or a dolphin. I was the best at this game. Just as I had found a time turner in cloud form (I totally should have been a Hufflepuff) Lander rested up on one arm and looked at me.

I imitated his position like a mirror and looked at him a smile playing on my lips. What was he going to say?

He opened his mouth and said “Hey Lily, you’re beautiful” 

I smiled, he’d said it before but never like this, never with so much hidden meaning. Without saying anything I lent my head towards his and kissed him on the lips briefly, taking him by surprise.


“And you’re handsome” I said playfully, lying back down on the grass and looking at the sky again. He laid next to me his arms lying by his side. I entwined my fingers in his and saw him smile out of the corner of his eye as he let them stay there as we watched the world pass us by …


a/n: So just afluffy little one shot of Lily and Lysander :) A spin off from my story 'A Whole lot of Running' - if you haven't checked it out already  go go go :P I'm considereding writing a longer story for Lily/Lander- good idea? Let me know :D

(Disclaimer - I own nothing you recognise :) all credits go to Team Starkid + jkr for any reference :D)



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Beautiful: Beauty Everywhere


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