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Mary MacDonald by mugglemania
Chapter 6 : Chapter 6
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“Hey, MacDonald!”

She turned to look at the voice. Mary had been walking to Muggle Studies alone. It was the only class that she did not have with Lily (Lily took Ancient Runes instead), but all four Marauders were in it. That was how Mary and they had become such good friends, much to Lily’s dismay.
It drove Lily crazy when she saw Mary and the boys hanging out one day in third year. She still hated the Marauders (mostly James and Sirius) with passion no matter how many times Mary had told her that they were actually really nice and good people. So, Mary had made it her personal goal to show Lily how kind and funny the Marauders were.

“Sirius,” Mary replied.

“Remus!” James yelled.

“James!” Remus added, getting the hang of the game.

“Peter!” Peter joined in, saying the only remaining name. Everyone turned to stare at him. “What?” he asked confused.

Nobody answered.

"Hark, halt and battle you scurvy mongrels!”

“Shut up, Sir Cadogan,” James muttered to the annoying talking portrait. The short knight chased the group through the portraits on the walls. In the process, he knocked over a blonde angel, a crowd of singing Quidditch players, and several drunken nuns.

“Somnus,” James said, pointing his wand at the frantic knight.

Sir Cadogan suddenly dropped his head to his chest and closed his eyes. As he became to snore, the Marauders (plus one) laughed and ran down the hall. They stood outside the door to the Muggle Studies classroom, catching their breaths, for several long minutes.

“Merlin’s beard!” Mary suddenly yelped.

“Wha-*gasp* what?” Sirius asked, doubled over clutching his side.

“We're late,” Mary replied as she threw open the door.

“Well, well, well. I’m glad you have decided to join us,” Professor Vicis said sternly. He normally taught Arithmancy and was one teacher who absolutely nobody liked. He was the reason none of the 5th year Gryffindors were still taking Arithmancy. Vicis had pale grey, almost white hair and a dark red beard and eyebrows. He was a stickler for the rules, even stricter than McGonagall.

The five students looked at each other guiltily.

“What are you doing here?” James asked.

“Substituting. Now, would you lied to explained the reason you are late?” Vicis sneered.

“You see,” Sirius began, “We were on our way to class when this poor little first year girl who, erm, fell down the stairs and we had to help her get to the Hospital Wing.” He was a bit nervous, usually he could talk circles around anyone, but Vicis was the exception.

"Sit down, Mr. Black. Fifty points from Gryffindor.”

“But, Professor the poor little girl…” James began.

“It wasn’t our fault,” Mary agreed.

Remus nodded vigorously, “We were trying to do a good deed, sir.”

“Fifteen points each,” Vicis stated, though he wavered when he looked at Remus. It was as though, he was not entirely sure whether he should believe the prefect.

Sirius grinned, “Thank you, sir. I knew such a wonderful professor such as yourself would want to reward us for trying to help the girl.”

“Fifteen points each from Gryffindor,” Vicis corrected himself, “And sit down.”

“Yes, Professor,” Mary said angelically.

They each took their seats. Sirius and James shared a seat in the very back of the room, Mary and Remus sat in front of them, and Peter sat in the farthest corner in the front of the room. Peter was not normally part of the plans anyway. He got the jobs no one else wanted to do when the friends pulled a prank. Usually, Mary wasn’t even involved in the Marauder’s plans, but when she was it was monumental.

Professor Vicis sauntered back to the front of the classroom, “As I was saying, before I was interrupted, Professor Dokein is ill and I will be substituting for him. Please turn to page 198.”

Someone poked Mary in the back.

“What, Sirius?” she asked quietly, without turning her head.

“We’re gonna plan a prank,” James said, pretending to be taking notes on the book.

Mary smiled to herself, “I’m listening.” She faked taking out a quill and ink. They needed to pretend to be doing something class related or Professor Vicis would notice. He saw everything that went wrong.

“This is what we are going to do…” Sirius grinned evilly.


Charms. The last class of the day. Double period with the Slytherins. The one class in which a person could commit murder in and get away with it. The perfect time to carry out a plan.
Professor Wilhelm Wilson stood in the front of the classroom each day and read from a book. Meanwhile, all of the students had their own side conversations, goofed off, and once, even threw a party. Today was no exception.

Lily sat at her desk, taking notes and occasionally shushing someone who got too loud. Mary, Sirius, James, Remus, and Peter stood nearby, but not too close to the Slytherins, ready and in position.

“Dermo chrom,” James began as he aimed his wand at one particular Slytherin.

Peter had needed help thinking of his hex, but had finally chosen, “Avi.”


"Volcan pneumon,” Sirius added to the mix.

Mary concluded the snowball effect, “Cephalo leuk.”

“Dura duo,” Remus finished, making the effect permanent (for the next two weeks).

“Argh!” Snape screamed.
The whole class turned to stare at him. Then they burst out laughing.

The Slytherin’s skin was bright purple and huge, neon orange boils had erupted all over his face. They must have been painful because he was scratching and grasping at them. His arms had turned to bird wings and were flapping all over the place, knocking books, quills, and parchment to the floor. They were even hitting the other Slytherins that were nearby. When he opened his mouth to say something (whether to apologize or to scream, the world may never know) fire came out, singeing Narcissa Black’s flawless blonde hair. Finally, Mary had taken all the color from his greasy black hair and it was now a colorless white.

“Wasn’t that great?” Mary laughed as she and the Marauders entered the common room before dinner. Lily had raced out of the classroom as soon as class was over so Mary had walked back with the Marauders.

"Did you see his face?” Sirius chortled.

James snickered, “Yeah, and…oh.”

Lily stood facing the portrait hole. Her arms were crossed; she was tapping her foot. Her body language implied she was furious.

The boys noticed and ran towards the boys’ dormitory. They pushed each other back in their efforts to get away as soon as possible. Lily was known for her temper, as the Marauders knew very well (especially James Potter). In a matter of seconds Mary stood facing her best friend, alone and defenseless.

“Mary MacDonald, that was not funny.  How could you do that to poor Severus? I told you not to get roped into those Marauders’ pranks. Now, you’ve lost fifty points from Gryffindor,” Lily yelled.

“I did not lose us points,” Mary argued.

Lily narrowed her eyes, “I’m a prefect and so yes, you did. Just now. You also earned the five of you two weeks’ worth of detentions.”

“Lily-pie, that’s not fair,” Mary complained.

Lily shook her head, “Yes it is. I cannot believe you would do that to poor Sev.”

“Poor Sev, my foot.”

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