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Bloody Something by m_vicky
Chapter 1 : Well, this is awkward
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                                                                                                          CHAPTER ONE                                                                           


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 Don't you just love spring days?

The days with a perfect temperature where you can under a tree’s shadow and feel cool enough to wear only a light cardigan. Those days when the sun is hot but not hot enough to be bother anyone. The kind of days when every other moment brings a light breeze that reaches you, making you feel relaxed and bringing with it all kinds of smells and noises.

I just love those sunny days. Today was a perfect example. Especially since this is the first sunny day after a very long, snowy, rainy and quite unappealing winter.

I don't like winter. They're especially terrible because I live in Scotland and winter here is always like torture. Moreover, they're cold and I have to wear coats and hats and gloves and other ugly items of clothing.

Sunny days only get better when they are on a Sunday after a Hogsmeade visit. On these days, you absolutely have to be sitting by the Black Lake doing completely nothing.
Oh, how I love doing nothing! It's my all-time favorite hobby.

This includes when I’m alone with my friends and boyfriend of nearly two months. My eyes are closed and I'm standing by the Lake's edge allowing the breeze to play around with my hair and splatter my face lightly with water. My friends are behind me chatting animatedly and laughing loudly. Their laughs always make me laugh, particularly when they cannot see me. They have a horrible sense of humour and most of their jokes are pathetic, I am of course, the worst of the group. Thank Merlin, we’re all equally lame, that one fact prevented any awkward conversations from ever occurring.
That would have been really awkward.

I have this game I play on daily basis. It's more like a challenge actually.

My best friend, Leah hates it. She says it's not very intelligent and makes look like a four year old. Well, she's wrong. I find it funny and I most definitely do not look like a four year old. I'm graduating Hogwarts in three months for Merlin’s sake!

Plus, during Christmas break I went at this New Year's Eve family gathering and a thirty-one year old dude was hitting on me. He was a friend of my stupid cousin Gilbert and I find both of them disgusting. Let's say his attempts to seduce me failed miserably and he left the party before midnight struck, walking funny. My cousin Gilbert has yet to talk to me. That's a fact which easily made up for his offensive friend and made me double happy.

Marie-Anne couldn't stop laughing when I told her. She literally fell off her bed and was rolling on the floor, her fist repeatedly hitting my arm. Bitch. I've still got the bruises. She said she sees me in a completely different way now. She even hugged me after calming down, a process that lasted almost thirty minutes. She said she was really proud of me even though I act like a snotty know it all most of time.

Excuse me, it's not my fault she only ever read “Quidditch through the ages” and I've read almost one third of the books at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry’s Library.

Don't look at me like that- I really try. But, I'll have you know that Hogwarts Library is the biggest library in Scotland and I've been reading three books per week since my first year. That is the highest humanly possible percentage for a person to accomplish.

I guess Hermoine Granger may have read more than fifty percent of those books as well, same with Tom Morvolo Riddle and most likely Dumbledore too, but these were very exquisite personalities, one every fifty years. So yeah, I'm proud for my percentage.

I'll have you know Marie-Anne that I don't act like a snotty know-it-all. I simply know a lot of facts and I like to share them. Big deal.

Oh, Marie-Anne is my sixth year sister. She's in Gryffindor and loves Quidditch. She plays beater at Gryffindor Quidditch team and she's pretty awesome at it.
What was I saying before Marie-Anne? She's always such a distraction.

Yeah, I was telling you about that horrible New Year's Eve party. Why was I mentioning that? It was embarrassing and I had a terrifying time. At least now Gilbert hates me which is a good thing because I never even liked him, he's a creep.

Alright, I remember now. I was trying to prove you I don't look like a four year old but like a young woman indeed.
I'm what people call short and I'm definitely not skinny. I have no problem with my height, tall people are scary and they creep me out. Well, Matt is freakishly tall now that I think about it. Ok, maybe he's not freakishly tall per se because he's a guy and that makes his height acceptable. But if he was a girl he would had been a freak. Good thing he's not a girl though cause being called freak daily can be very depressing and then Leah would have been a lesbian. That would have made me feel awkward. I honestly don't have a problem with homosexual people. I would be wondering why she didn't choose me, I look better as a girl than Matt does. I know this for fact, he dressed up like a woman last Halloween and he was plain and ugly.

I may be short but I have a fully formed female figure. I have nice curves at all the right places and a pretty face. I don't look like a beauty pageant queen but I look alright. Although, I could use losing a couple of pounds. It's only too bad I hate exercise and I love food. Andrew, my second best friend, says that I shouldn't lose any weight cause then my boobs would be too big for my body.

What a perv, really!
And now I've embarrassed myself again.

Leah says my game is silly, meaning mostly that I'm silly, but I reckon it's only because she'll never be able to beat me. Granted, she has to play along with me to win or even lose but whatever, stop killing my buzz! My game requires creativity and imagination and she's rubbish at both.

However, now that I think about it once more, Leah is a very creative person and definitely very artistic.
She draws or sketches all the time, makes portraits of strangers passing by her and all her presents are handmade or at least somehow transformed to be quite personal. When she's bored she makes jewelry and on summertime she sells them to impressed muggles who comment that her jewelry look like they've been touched my magic, no shit Sherlock! She makes enough money to never ask her parents for allowance. Not that they have financial problems, Leah Lawrence is filthy rich, she just likes the idea of independence.
Crap, she must truly think my game is stupid.

I turned around, opening my eyes and taking a look at my friends. Leah was sitting under an old oak tree, her back supported by the huge tree trunk. She was playing with Matt's hair who's been laying down with his head resting on her lap. They seemed engaged in conversation and judging by Matt's expression he was probably enduring one of Leah's lectures about “Why not work at the Ministry of Magic”. Too bad for Leah, Matt had decided he wanted to be an Auror just like his father since he was a little kid and could barely ride a broom.

That meant her perfectly structured, full with completely rational arguments speech was being wasted once again. She should have known better than that.

Leah and Matt have been going out for ever.

I'm slightly exaggerating. They've been dating for twenty six months and fourteen days not that Leah has been counting or anything stupid like that. They're totally in comfort with each other and they usually don't make me feel uncomfortable by public display of affection.

I'm a little bit of a prude. I don't appreciate witnessing the very private moments of anyone especially not my friend's. They say I'm stupid and Andrew says I should get laid.
Again, what a perv!

I smile a little at myself, they're just so cute together. I love them for being such a good match. I even amaze myself with how unselfish I am, being so happy for their happiness and even loving them some more for being happy together.
If they ever break up I think I would cry non-stop for a week, then I would be depressed for three whole months and then I would never talk to either one of them ever again.
That would make my own boyfriend break up with me. I guess some time in those three months he would get tired and dump me.

And thus resulting in Andrew being my only friend for the rest of my life. What a life that would have been, huh?
Not that I don't love Andrew, because I do, but sometimes, meaning every other day, he's a little too much to handle. That's why we have Leah, to balance things out. Andrew is quite different from me despite being in the same House for seven years. Our House qualities are probably the only things we have in common.

He's quite social and has a lot of friends even though Leah and Matt and I are his real, closest friends, the ones he trusts and cares for as if we're family. He's really smart, outgoing and has an opinion about everything. Well, as for me, Leah, Andrew and Matt are my only friends.

What can I say? People aren't my favorite thing on this planet, like perfect spring days or rotting under the sun doing nothing. If I ever moved to planet Mars people might be my favorite thing and I could just hate sun. Because, you know, Mars has no atmosphere and it's freezing there.

That was my pathetic attempt to be funny. Funny is not my thing. I have yet to find what ‘my thing’ actually is, but I'm working on that. You've been warned, don't even try to say otherwise.

Anyway, I've been mentioning a boyfriend. Well, I do have one. I know you're shocked, right? I told you I'm a prude, unsocial and not clearly not funny enough. Those things are true, of course. But my dearest Leah, see, she didn't like that I was single. According to her, I had to have some relationships before I graduated and went out to the real world with the big boys.

So, she convinced Hayden I was the girl of his dreams.

He asked me to tutor him at Charms and believe me, he did need the tutoring. He was horrible. I'm constantly wondering how he passed his OWLs and what the hell was he thinking when he decided to take Charms at NEWTs level. I, on the other hand, am a genius, top of my class in Charms. That's right, be jealous!

Every time I mention the ‘be jealous’ part, Leah kindly reminds me that I suck at Defense Against the Dark Arts. I mean really? How can I be awesome at Charms but fail Defense? Defense is being able to defend yourself with the use of charms. I usually retort that it's because I'm a sweet person and dueling is out of my nature. Witty, huh? Not really, but that's beside the point.

Hayden is a great guy. He's funny, kind and a real sweetheart. A true Hufflepuff but hotter, ‘cause those puffers can be real weirdos sometimes.

Anyway, he asked me out when we came back from the Christmas holidays and I just couldn't say no. I wasn't exactly looking for a boyfriend and being someone's girlfriend freaks me out, but I couldn't reject him. That would be cruel and I would have broken his heart because Hufflepuffs are sensitive like that.

Oh, and Leah would have avada kedavra-d me on spot if I had said no to him. And I actually enjoy my pathetic life to give it up just yet, thank you very much.

Now that I've learn the basic lines, I'm getting more comfortable with the idea of being someone's girlfriend. I still believe it's a great responsibility and occasionally I'm scared. But I'll get used to it. Hayden plays keeper on the Hufflepuff Quidditch team, I can definitely get used to that.

Leah is failing at convincing Matt that being an Auror is very dangerous occupation and she is now threatening to break up with him. Matt is just laughing good-heartily and rolling his eyes.

Andrew is kicking Hayden's butt at wizarding chess, a few metres to my left.

Hey, I've said Hayden is cute and sweet but he's a Hufflepuff while the rest of us are Ravenclaws, it's only expected.
“Leah, I decided that today's word is awkward.” I say proudly, to receive a variety of responses.
Leah gave me a glare, Hayden chuckled a little and Matt let out a frustrated growl. Though, I'm sure Matt's growl was for his girl and not for me. At least I hope so.

“Nice one, Chloe.” Andrew says and moves his queen, ending yet another game with Hayden who smiled politely and shrugged his shoulders indifferently. He has gotten used to it by now.
Andrew was Head Boy while he was a quidditch player. No doubt, Hayden could beat Andrew at quidditch blindfolded.

“Chloe, I warn you. Don't say another word.” Leah said through gritted teeth, trying to sound menacing.
She wasn't menacing, she was simply terrifying. But not to me, I was immune to her scariness. I took me years and years but I was not afraid of her. She wants us to think she's a badass but she really is a softie.

You just have to learn not to irritate her too much. Then, yes she can be kind of dangerous. Beware!

“Don't give me that awkward look, Leah. I know you're trying to make me feel awkward but you can't make me feel awkward. Because when someone's awkward then everyone's awkward. And you don't want to create an awkward situation, do you? Cause that would have been really awkward. And then there would have been an awkward silence and no one likes awkward silences. Well, no one except that awkward guy who claps his awkward hands awkwardly and exclaims in an awkward way ,’well this is awkward’ and he only makes the situation even more awkward than it already was. And then everybody's looking awkwardly at that awkward guy wondering how the hell he can be that awkward and why can't he keep his awkward silly mouth awkwardly closed. Then the awkwardness of that awkward situation gets too awkward until everyone leaves that awkward situation awkwardly saying something awkward like that they have to do their house elves' laundry or something equally awkward and embarrassing. You don't want that now, do you?” I said really fast and when I was finished I took a deep breath because my lungs were about to betray me!

Damn you lungs and lack of exercise! Note to self: Start physical exercise as soon as possible.

Yeah, right! Anyway...

I love it when I talk this fast and I say non senses and my friends look at me like I am a mental patient. The weird thing is that they usually try to understand what I'm saying.

Like now for instance. The view of their faces was just priceless.
Andrew has narrowed his eyes and had a pained expression on his face.
Hayden was blinking every few second, his mouth slightly hanging open.
Leah had a stone cold expression, has taken her glasses off and was massaging her temples in effort to calm herself down and probably not kill me.
Matt was thinking deeply and was using his fingers to count muttering silently.

“Twenty-seven! I think it's good considering you only have two minutes but not well enough, Chloe.” Matt broke the almost deafening silence. He looked sympathetic and smiled genuinely at me showing off his pearl white teeth.

That made Leah smack him upside down the head. He yelped in pain loudly and she only hit him again. She send him a challenging look asking him if he had something else to add. He pouted and folded his arms across his chest.

She was violent, but man he was whipped!

Matt's yelp broke Andrew out of his reverie, who shook his head and grinned widely.
“True. Last week with the word tongue you reached thirty-two. Which was really impressive, but good try nevertheless.”

Hayden has now closed his mouth but he was still staring at space, somewhere behind my back. It was like I wasn't even here.

“Chloe you love me right? I love you. So please do me this favor and quit this game.” Leah told me putting her black square glasses back to the bridge of her nose. She looked disappointed at me and I felt kind of bad.

I was her best friend. I should care more about her feelings and try harder not to do things she didn't like. Right?

Merlin, now I was feeling guilty.
“I'm sorry Leah and you guys that have to put up with me and my stupidness. It's just that I've been doing this thing for so long and it's just fun and I have a hard time letting go. You know, bad habits die hard.”

I guess you would all have realized by now what's my game. I randomly choose a word and try to use it as many times as possible in sentences for two minutes.

I like rumbling so this game is really easy for me and cheers me up when I'm sulking. Which is very often.
“You're not stupid. You're one of the smartest people I know. And you're really pretty, too”. Hayden told me sweetly giving me one of the cutest smiles ever. His smile was so wide and beautiful and vibrant that I couldn't stop looking at him.

I smiled back at him and got lost in day dreams about rose fields and chocolate and cute little butterflies and all that cheesy, fluffy stuff every girl loves but would never admit. Except chocolate, of course.

The fastest way to a girl's heart is chocolate. Or ice-cream from Florian's Fortescue. Or sugar quills from the Honeydukes. God, I love that stuff!

I was so engrossed in my day dreams about chocolate and Hayden's cute smile that I didn't realize that the guys weren't looking at me anymore. They were all focused on a spot behind me.

Leah's eyebrows were raised getting lost at her mess of black hair, Matt looked really confused, Andrew had a questioning expression on his face his mouth open ready to say something and Hayden looked irritated.

This was weird, weirder than usual, especially since Hayden never seemed to be bothered by anything.

“What's up? What did I miss?” I asked confused and turned my head to see what had caught their attention.

And came face to face with James Sirius Potter.

Oh yeah! That would irritate Hayden.

James Potter send a smirk vaguely to the direction of my mates and then did a very, very stupid thing.

He took my face and kissed me. Not just a peck on the lips. But his lips came crashing down to mine, his hands cupping my cheeks and he kissed me passionately.

I was too shocked to do anything. I didn't respond to the kiss. I didn't push him away. I didn't even slap him straight at his arrogant face.
I did nothing. I was standing there frozen and doing absolutely nothing.
He pulled away before I fully even realized what had just happened.

He winked at me mischievously and then he was suddenly gone.
I kept standing there, frozen on the spot with wide eyes and a shocked expression on my face.

“Well, this is awkward”. Andrew said closing his hung open mouth and clearing his throat.

My thoughts exactly.



Author's Note : Welcome, everyone! Hope you liked it. Thanks for reading and please review to let me know what you think!
beta'd by REEBEE, thank you so much!



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