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Splashes of colour by yorkgal
Chapter 14 : clown school pays off...
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A/N i do NOT own anything you recognise, harry potter rights go to J.K Rowling


Chapter 16
“Good Morning Class!” was what was heard as the group of tired newly named sixth years stumbled into the classroom. The Untouchables took seats at the back with the Marauders in front of them and turned to the overly excited brunette woman that was jumping around the room like a deranged bouncy ball. “Now class, my name is Jessica Nicholson but you can call me… Jess or Professor Nicholson- whichever you choose!” she smiled exuberantly around the Room “I studied drama at a muggle college and have a lot of experience in said department, so as a warm-up before I hear any of you sing or other wise we are going to drama-tise and pretend to be various people, this is called characterization.” She said treating us like five year olds as she got up and pulled something out her bag. “I wonder if she went to clown college” Emma whispered in my ear…

5 minutes later
Turns out she did! The thing she was pulling out her bag was a big red nose and clown shoes, and after she put them on she made us walk around with water squirters thinking of cheesy jokes! Of course, we loved it but we were already part-clown anyway.

After we had found our inner clown she made us sit down again as she explained our next activity. “Now that you have found your inner clown we may continue to our main topic… the production! There is a musical that i wrote, called Fratenising with the frienemy- im sure you've all seen the flyers- that we will perform and we need a large cast of singers, dancers and actors to audition and for homework I would like you to all research the musical (the library’s muggle performing arts section is good) and decide which part’s you would like to audition for!” she beamed at us as we launched into various discussions about the musical, giving us around 10 minutes to talk she clapped her hands again and said “okay, does anyone want to sing or play an instrument for us?”

After a moment of silence in which we came to a silent agreement the Untouchables and I all stuck our hands up as Zoe asked “um… Jess, is it okay if we perform together then separately?” she said unsure about calling her Jess but we all seemed reassured as Jess jumped up and down clapping saying “of course girls- you never have to hide your talents in here!”

So we mounted the stage somewhat reluctantly and summoned our instruments- Emma had a keyboard and mic, Kat a drum kit and mic, Zoe a base guitar and mic and me a electric guitar and mic. Then, as only we could, we began to sing

Meaning to drive me insane
No black or white
A shade of grey

With a final beat we finished and Jess jumped up and clapped along with the rest of the class much to our pleasure and dismay considering we wanted to escape the stage and leave Emma to take the limelight for her solo “Brill girls! Tell me, was that song an original?” she asked peering over her glasses I was trying to sneak off but Kat stopped me and replied “yep, this song was all Lils work!” smashing my cheek against hers in a patronizing way, like she knew I had been attempting to escape… which she probably had!

“Oh really it’s nothing…” I trailed off looking at the floor as if willingly it to swallow me up- what if they thought it was stupid? Or they laughed at me, I can’t have people laughing at me, I really can’t!

Running back to my seat, my face slightly flushed, I ignored the class’s looks and focused my attention on the stage where Emma was setting up for her solo.

She sang cry me out with a sweet voice, hitting all the right notes and playing her piano at the same time. After that it was Kat’s turn and she sung Turning Tables in a rich, velvety voice keeping up a beat on her drums. Then it was Zoe’s go and she decided on Thinking of me with a fun edge to her voice and playing the melody on her guitar.

Finally, it was my go and I was left with the puzzling question, what song to sing? Something from a musical? No Popular at the moment? No um… ohh!

Breathing in and out slowly I grabbed a acoustic guitar from the stand at the back and strummed slowly, as if gathering courage and began to sing

People seemed mesmorised as the first lines to the climb came out my mouth.
By the end of the song I found tears pouring down my face, im not sure what possessed me to sing that song- i always felt like it summed up my life well and I’ve always felt really protective of it. It seemed to have the desired effect though because everyone was clapping enthusiastically!

As I journeyed back to my seat, people patted me on the back and complimented me, like they had for the others but at that moment in time, as I captured a certain persons hazel eyes, I felt special.

A/N Thanks for those who've stuck with me so far! cry me out is by Pixie Lott, Turning tables is by Adele, Thinking of me is by Olly Murs and The Climb is by Miley Cyrus.


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Splashes of colour: clown school pays off...


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