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Life, Love, & Berries by xXMissGrangerXx
Chapter 7 : Teri Porfirio: Normal...but awesome
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Chapter 7

It was just a dream.


Just a dream.


But why was Al there?


After reassuring myself I was bonkers and dreams aren't reality, my senses returned to me. I could hear screaming from every corner. There was a horrible smell in the air, that was too strong. I grumbled and turned over on my side, my hand flopping off the bed, nearly touching the floor when I felt this squishy thing under my hand. Someone was shaking me and I was so confused I reluctantly opened my eyes, white light blinding me till I fell off the bed entirely.


Well poop that hurt.


Now I felt all this squishy stuff under my feet and opened my eyes. I was so confused, I was looking at the ground, but the white light was still there. I rubbed my eyes so I could see clearly and then I understood.


I was lying on top of shaving foam.


“AHHHH!” I shrieked, lifting myself off the ground. I stood up and twirled round and my mouth just dropped.


The room was covered in the white shaving foam from head to toe. (I know the room doesn’t have a head or any toes for that matter but….too bad). There were girls screaming as they went flying across the room in the white mess. My eyes widened in shock and disbelief at the chaos of the entire scene.


Before thinking I just ran straight to the bathroom to wash so I could think properly. I took off my sweats so I was only wearing a black camisole and shorts. I went to grab my shampoo and squeezed some into my palm to see,


“This isn’t shampoo!” I looked closer.


It was flobberworm slime. Flobberworm slime.


Albus POV.


As I was walking out the shower, a towel around my waist, about to shave, I heard a very high pitched scream echoing around like lightning, from the other side of the building, blocking out all other noise, holding the note for quite a long time till for some reason it sounded like it was getting closer.


Uh oh.


I guess Berry woke up then.


I tousled my wet hair and lifted the razor to my face. I started shaving as I hummed my favourite track of the Wailing Wolves- ‘Grenade’.


  “Hmmm. Hmm!" I hummed. “Hmmm. Throw my head on a blade, for ya. Hmmm. I’ll jump in front of a train, for ya. Yeahhhh yeah. You know I’ll do anything for yaa. Ohhhh ohhh oh.” I sung holding the note.


From the other room I could here some yelling and yelping as thudding footsteps echoed round the room. I raised an eyebrow in suspicion but decided to forget it.

 Interupting my song. HOW COULD THEY?!

Suddenly I heard pounding on the door.




Oh great, its definitely Berry . I rolled my eyes. I do not appreciate the full name use. Jeez.


“OPEN UP!” She yelled. I moaned.


“M’busy!” I yelled back.




“No!” I shouted grumpily. I heard her fist pounding angrily on the door. Ugh. Grumpy, hormonal, teenager with a tatntrum. I sighed and continued shaving as If I hadn’t heard her at all.




Uh oh.


Immediatley the door blew apart to ashes causing an explosion of dust and a chunk of wood went flying into my back.


Come on! She couldn’t even realise the door wasn’t even locked?


“OUCH” I said. I pulled the razor away from my face and looked into the mirror. In the reflection I could see a murderous looking Berry shooting daggers at me, only wearing a camisole and shorts with her hair as wild as ever. She looked ready for the kill. 


   To annoy her even more I carried on shaving, pretending nothing had happened, unable to hold back a smirk. At once she grabbed my hair, yanked me backwards, out into the other room where I saw two boys howling with laughter and another back against the wall in fear.


“Albus Potter you ruined my shampoo!” She screeched like a banshee swatting every patch of skin she could. “Don’t you dare, try deny it!”


“Leave m’be. Can’t you see em’ shaving?” I said frustratedly.


“I DON’T CARE! About your bloody shaving and your bloody face. GIVE ME BACK MY SHAMPOO!” She said swatting me even more.


“PMSing much?" I said. She growled. "Ok I’m sorry, I think I ‘might’, have ‘accidentally’ poured it down the drain.” I said proudly. She widened her eyes in horror and I grinned in response.


“YOU POURED MY SHAMPOO DOWN THE DRAIN?!” She shrieked, grabbing the bottom of her shampoo bottle and she started bashing me up with it, from shoulder to shoulder.


Just for your information, you never want a girl beating you up, let alone with a shampoo bottle, and you really don’t want said girl to be a Gryffindor team beater.


I yelped and ran in terror back into the blown up bathroom grabbing the first thing I could find.


A toothbrush. Really Al? Really? A girl is beating you up with a shampoo bottle and you find a toothbrush? How manly. She froze and gave me a weird look before shrugging and resuming to ninja mode.


I dropped the toothbrush in stupidiation, (is that a word?) and picked up a vase of flowers (yes, this is a boys dorm, no we are not gays, and yes the house-elves put them there) and started using it like a sword, fending off the opponent.


So, Berry and I had our own little sword (shampoo and flower) fight galloping round the dormitory, me sloshing the water out at her and putting the occasional flower in her hair (which really seems to piss her off) and she tackled me to the ground with her shampoo bottle, (now filled with flobberworm slime which spilt all over the floor) swiping millimetres from my head.


“DIE DIE DIE!” She said as she smacked my ear and then my face.


“oooh me nose!” I whimpered, hand covering my face in pain. She bashed me in the stomach and then the face again which resulted in us both crashing to the ground, me on the bottom : (


Eventually we were at the point where she was sitting on my stomach, pinning me down to the floor. She leaned her face down to mine and I swallowed.


“Now. Give me all your shampoo or I will pour all the rest of this gunk on your face. You won't like it.” She added smiling dangerously.


I stayed silent. She raised an eyebrow glaring.


“Ca-can’t. Breathe.” I said, forcing the words out painfully. You know, it’s not very nice when people decide your stomach is now their sofa.


She scrunched up her face, looked downwards and realised.


“Oh.” She said. I rolled my eyes. She stayed in the same position, back to her stance.


“You gonna, get off me now?” I croaked in a gruff voice, the words finding it hard to escape my lips.


“Nope.” She said and gave me a sweet little smile as she shook her head. Suddenly I became lost in her eyes, glowing gold and glittering green all at once. They beamed down at me and I just couldn’t look away. Bloody hell I was still wearing just a towel, with shaving foam around my face.


“Well are we just gonna wait till the cows come home?” I said grumpily.

"No..." She  said.

She glared. “NOW GIVE ME THE SHAMPOO!” She said rather frighteningly waving it at my head.


“Cam’t moo.” I squeaked. I may say I squeaked guys, but by that I mean manly squeaked alright?


Like a low pitched squeak you know?


 You don’t?


Fine then, just when I thought we could be friends.


“Huh?” She said confused but still angry.


“Can’t move!” I yelled. She rolled her eyes as If I was being the stupid one and lifted a leg over to the side before straightening her glowing pale legs. I mean, what is she a Veela? There actually glowing. Or maybe I’m just going mad.


Definitely the latter.


Suddenly I took an intake of breath as the weight was lifted off my stomach and I scrambled up, refreshed and energised, for attack. She was just skipping happily towards the destroyed bathroom but I went straight in, picked her up, threw her over my shoulders, ignored her squeals of protest and her pounding fists on my bare back, and carried her out the dorm.


I dropped her outside the door, gave her an exaggerated smile before saying sarcastically: “Goodbye!” Then slamming the door in her livid face, I turned back to the dorm, triumphant, and then my towel fell off.


Berry’s POV.


I, was, fuming. That Potter just thinks he can pick me up and throw me out his room?


NO! I will not have this.


After returning to the dormitory, Rose uttered a few charms and the room was back to its immaculate state.


I stormed over to my bed and threw myself on it, folding my arms, and glaring at an ink splodge on my bed, refusing to look up at the others.


“Where have you been?” Rose said grumpily.


“The boy’s dormitory.” I growled.


“What the heck were you doing in there?!” Luiza said rather worriedly.


“Killing Albus Potter.”


“I swear that’s your lifetime mission.” Teri said smirking as she planted herself on my bed.


“He was the one who pulled this prank.”


“WHAT?!” All three of them yelled at me.


“Hee hee. See? Now your on my side.”


“HE, did this?” Luiza said almost steaming.


“Yes.” I said grumpily.


“So what did you do for payback.” Rose asked, probably worried that Al may be in the hospital wing.


“Well, I went in as he had just finished his shower-“


“This could be interesting.” I rolled my eyes at Luiza.


“Anyway, no he wasn’t naked Luiza, so I started doing the usual shouting because he made all my shampoo into flobberworm slime-“




“Anyway, so we had this shampoo-but-not-shampoo-really-actually-flobberworm-slime verses a flower-vase-thingamajig battle across the room, then I beat him up and forced him to allow me his shampoo since mine was poured down the drain, and then as I was just retrieving the shampoo from the bathroom he just picked me up and threw me out!”


“HE THREW YOU OUT?!” Luiza yelled psychotically.


“Luiza, he didn’t literally throw me like a ball-“ I started, but she wasn’t listening.


“HE THREW YOU OUT?! HOW ARE YOU NOT IN THE HOSPITAL WING?!” She shouted. Teri immediately started calming Luiza, trying her best to soothe her as Rose went to the taps. 

“Here you go, this should help.” Rose said sweetly, shoving the glass into Luiza’s hands.


“What is it?” I asked. “What are you poisoning her with?!”


Rose sighed and looked at me stupid. “It’s just water Blue.”


I nodded in approval. How the hell was water going to calm Luiza? Rose should really know better. Anyway.


Luiza tilted the cup to her mouth, and the colourless liquid streamed down. Instantly her eyes bulged and she smiled like an absolute lunatic.


“He he heh!” She laughed jumping off the bed.


“It actually worked!” Teri said amazed. Rose gave Luiza a concerned look. Then looked back at the remaining water in the glass, she looked closer before it was snatched away by Luiza, downing some more of the stuff with the same reaction, as if it was firewhiskey or something.


That’s it.


“Bingo!” I said, jumping off the bed.


“What now!” Rose snapped grumpily as she tried to sit Luiza down.


“This isn’t water!” I said, grabbing the glass and taking some to prove it.




That. Was. Heavenly.


As soon as the thick liquid had touched my tongue a tingly feeling spread through my body and my eyes bulged and I jumped off the bed joining Luiza, prancing round like an idiot.


Oh well.


“Its Alcohol.” Teri said, eyes widening in realisation.


“Stronger than that.” Rose said fearfully. She turned dramatically to Teri biting her lip.


“It’s Vodka.” They both gulped as they look at their two best friends, running around, jumping off beds, and continually, drinking from the tap.


And then Teri burst into laughter.


Rose’s POV


Some how in all this mess, Emma had managed to disappear after she’d woken up.


I can’t believe Al would do something like this.


I’ve read the charm somewhere before, in a dusty covered book from the restricted section. The chances of Al knowing it were slim, and even then, it’s such a complicated spell, the Aquantatus charm.


When I reached breakfast with two lunatics at my side, I slid into a seat next to Al and gave him the evils. But he wasn’t looking, he was too interested in his food.


“You know that’s so unattractive.” Berry said gesturing to the way he was stuffing his food down his throat like it was his last meal. Well then, if she’s insulting Al, at least she hasn’t completely lost her mind.


“I don’t care.” He said, voice muffled by the bacon that was now being rammed into his mouth by a dangerous looking fork.


Berry sighed and plopped herself down on what she at least thought was an empty seat.


“OUCH!” Yelled James as she sat on him rather hard.


“Oh sorry James.” She said patting his head like he was a dog. And the scary thing was, she actually meant it. No sarcasm this time, she just truly made an apology, to a Potter.


She really has lost her marbles.


She budged over and sat opposite Al and I, picking up her fork and then, suddenly, dropping it and staring madly at Albus.


We all raised a few eyebrows.


You have such pretty eyes!” She said drunkly, smiling.


Albus snorted loudly beside me as he sheepishly hid his face by bowing it  to stuff another helping in his mouth.


Berry started to sing rather high-pitch and turned her attention to a poor ickle firstie, saying how he was really fit but he should get a face lift.


How that works out, I don’t know. Al was still laughing into his bacon, not being able to help it.


“Albus. I know what you did.” I said sternly. My cousin looked up at me and suddenly held the perfect innocent expression.


“Me? What are you talking about?!” He said. “Are you accusing me of something Rosie?!” He said jabbing his fork at me questioningly.


“Yes Albus Snivellus Potter, I am.” I said, no smiles. His shoulders sagged as he wore a sheepish smile. “The Aquantatus charm Albus?”


He licked his mouth and looked round the room as if he thought I was accusing someone else.


“Ooops?” He said, giving me a hopeful half smile when he turned back to me. I rolled my eyes.


“You better fix it Albus or I will, sort you out.” I said sternly, waving my disciplining finger.


“What kind of a threat is that? ‘I’ll sort you out’. What is this Rose?!” He said. I pinched the bridge of my nose shaking my head in annoyance.


“Albus. Just fix it. Truth is, you don’t even want to know the consequences.”


He raised a brow looking at me funny.


“I will take away your school books.”  I said threateningly in a dark dangerous voice


“Rose, that is the most pathetic threat I’ve ever heard in my life. If you did that I would be so happy because it would be an excuse for not doing homework.”


I pouted in anger. Why would he want to skip homework? It’s like the best thing, writing essays. It makes me go giddy just at the thought of my next Charms assignment.


“Fine, I’ll lock you in a cupboard with Emma Thirsk!” I said proudly. He jumped back in his chair.


“Yikes!” I rolled my eyes at the idiotic boy. I’ve been with Emma quite a lot recently, and she’s changing, and not for the better. She’s become a lot more bitchy, always cursing about Berry , and I’ve seen her closet (don’t think me nosy) and she’s now come to using thongs and push-up bras. She used to be sweet and gossipy but now she’s a boy-magnet. Apart from the fact that she’s the one that’s pulling towards the boys.


 I knew it would happen one day. All her life, she’s been one of six children, quiet, and shy. Really I can just tell her instincts are dying for attention after just being brushed aside by her oblivious parents, and now she’s acting on her wishes, and not in the right way.  


Al has always despised the girl and recently I’ve seen her flirting with him and I don’t like it one bit. He seems scared of her if anything. But he’s too arrogant to tell anyone that. So instead he makes a point of ‘liking’ her.


“Now why, oh why, would you do that?!” He said waving his hands madly. Apparently he doesn't make that point in front of me. 


“Why oh why would you destroy our dormitory?!” I said challengingly, tilting my head whilst awaiting an answer. He groaned.


“Fine, I’ll fix it. But then we’re even ok?”


I bit my lip in consideration.


“Fine.” I agreed and we shook hands on it. He grinned manically and turned back to his meal, preparing a fourth helping of bacon. I really don’t know how he stays so thin. 



Berry POV.


Rose charmed me back to normal after the Vodka intake and Al fixed the taps, but either way, I’m still angry with him, and he’s not getting away with this.


Today, I was going girl shopping. Yes, that’s right. That sickly word where you have to go into all these shops full of puke-coloured dresses that are either too fanciful or too provocative. And worst of all, they are muggle, dress shops.


Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against muggles, I just don’t agree with their taste. Apart from worshipping their feet for inventing jeans, the other stuff is a crap.


We were walking into Hogsmeade. Rose, Teri, Luiza, (and annoyingly) Emma, and I were shuffling through the cold streets bags empty, and waiting to be filled with goods. (in their case, fanciful dresses, in mine, well erm, CHOCOLATE! DUH!)


We took a separate road from the main village street which led to a few muggle stores round the corner.


Although I was sure this experience was headed to be ghastly I was most content to enter the shop for the warmth rushed over me so suddenly, I even felt like broccoli, and I never feel like broccoli. You may find it strange that I feel like broccoli because of the warmth of the shop but I don’t so, hey, get over it already. There was a gasping sound and I looked up to see all my friend’s faces at the wonderful dresses hanging from every corner.


Immediatley they squealed and sprinted off in different directions except Luiza who walked slowly over towards a rack with me.

 Jeez. What kind of shop is named 'Topshop' anyway?

“Hey,  why haven’t you got a date yet for the ball?” Luiza asked in a caring tone as we wafted over to a few sale racks..


“I dunno, guess they’ve got other people?” I said in a tired voice.


“Berry. I can tell your lying.” She said pointedly.


Don’t hit her, Don’t hit her, Don’t hit her, Don’t hit her.


“Eurgh. Well, Will asked me. I wasn’t going to even consider that. And then three other boys asked me-“


“Three other boys asked you?!” She said shocked waving her arms madly. “And you said NO?!”


“Hey! You weren’t there! The first was a boy from the year below-“


“Aww.  A Midget Stalker Crush.” She said with a tinkle of a laugh at the end.


I glared before continuing. “The second was a hufflepuff.”


“What’s wrong with Hufflepuffs?!” She almost shouted.


“They’re Hufflepuffs. It says it in the name Luiza.” I snapped back. She rolled her eyes but couldn’t help a laugh.


“Then, there”


“Then?” She said questioningly.




“Jeez, you have not got nice fans.” She said, giving me the pedo look.


“Hey! I had Wood, a fitty fifth year and A PUFFLE! WAYYY!” I said, quite proud of myself.


“You hate puffles.” She said with her hand on her hip.


“Shhhhh!” I said with my finger to my lips, eyes wide scanning the room for any nearby eavesdropping puffles. She rolled her eyes.


“Oh Berry you make me Laugh.” 


It was my turn to roll my eyes before she continued speaking. “Look, you’d actually have great fun at the ball. I’ll set you up with someone.”


“I’M NOT LETTING YOU PAIR ME WITH SOME RANDOM  HOBO!” I shouted in devastation. She slapped her face in her hands.


“Gahh! Do you really underestimate my taste in boys so much that I’d bring a hobo?” She replied in an annoyed voice as she flicked through the sale racks.


“Maybe.” I squeaked. She looked at me.


“Look, we’ll sort this out! You’ll get someone really good. Just please, buy an outfit today, so that you’ll be prepared if you do go?” She said. I pouted in unconvinced consideration.


“Ugh. Fine. Only cause I love you so- AGGHH!” I said as she pounded on me screaming a string of ‘I love you’s’ to me. I sighed and held her tight before Teri, and Rose came rushing over holding hands in excitement with about four items each in their arms, followed by Emma.


“Ok! So I like this one,” Teri said gesturing to a cute stylish long-sleeved black one with a high lacy rim at the bottom. “But I really can’t take my eyes of this one.” She said holding up a midnight blue sleeveless one with a small cute bow on the waist.


“Definitley that one.” I said glancing at the blue one.


“No! You can’t just tell her now. She has to try them on first! Then you criticise and judge.” Luiza said looking at me with a look of disapproval. These things I will never understand. I lifted my hands in mock defeat and turned to Rose who looked just about ready to pee in excitement. Yes, pee.


“I really like this purple one!” She squealed pointing to a floaty dress with short cap sleeves and a tight fitted waist band. “But I don’t know if I should have this green one instead. I don’t like it as much, but I think Scorpius will like the colour…”


“Look, if your worried about Scorpius, FYI he’ll finger you in just about anything.” I said. She huffed at me before darting to the changing rooms.


Emma lifted up about six items, “Ok, This pink one?” She shoved a yucky bright pink gown with a low top in our faces. “This one?” She picked up a cropped black tight-fitted one with a low top. “This one?” She held a peachy puke colour strapless one with a low top. “Or…this one?!” She said shoving a turquoise one which I don’t even need to describe to you.


“Wow!” We all jeered, pretending (or at least I was) that they were a little more pleasing to the eye. I mean first of all, the colours were just tacky. And her wearing any of those is gonna show a lot of cleavage.


Luiza picked up a short one-sleeved little black dress with a pretty, laced gathering at the top.


“How ‘bout this? Do you think it would look nice?” She asked Teri in her usual American accent.


Teri gasped in a low voice. “Whoa! Yes yes yes yes yes! You’d look really good in that!” I kinda had to agree with Teri and admitted my thoughts to Luiza.


“Ok, they only have a size 10 and I’m an 8.” She said in a worried voice. “I’ll go check it fits.” She walked off in the same direction as Rose.


“You going to choose a dress?” Teri asked suggestively.


“Yeah I guess I will.”


“Yes! Ok, you should maybe wear green to match your eyes, or perhaps red or yellow.” She said turning to the stock filled racks. She flicked through them rapidly as I stood there lamely watching.


“So er…who’s taking you for a date?” I asked, suddenly realising I didn’t even know. She blushed red on her dark cheeks. “Just a seventh year.”


“Whoa!?! A seventh year?! What is this?!” I asked excited for her. She laughed at my enthusiasm spasm as she continued onto the next rack where I closely followed.


“Yeah. It’s…James.”


What is wrong with this girl. I guess I have to admit, James is quite fit and stuff, always good with the girls. But Teri is way out of his league.


“Wow. But you know, your way out of his league.” I said. (I’m starting to get used to this love-life talk, as much as it disgusts me.) She laughed. One of the things I love most about Teri is her laugh. It’s definitely a cackle alright but it warmer than some evil witch ‘mwhahahaha’ thing (e.g. my laugh, in case you didn’t get that) and it ranges from high pitch to low. I think from what I’ve told of Teri, you assume her to be a quiet, kind girl. I can tell you, she is none of that (don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying she’s mean) but she definitely has her hyperactive moments which is, probably, why we're friends.


Because I can’t talk to normal people. It causes, Danger, Disease, and Disaster. And that’s just the D’s.


“Oh I know. He is pretty arrogant and stuff.”


I scoffed. ‘Pretty’ arrogant. Yeah you could say that.


“But to be honest he is pretty hot.” She said. I was about to rudely express my excessive hate for him but she suddenly yelped.



I jumped back in fright. “What is it?!” I said panicked.


“I found it!” She squealed turning the dress to me. I rolled my eyes before glancing down at it.


It was a blood red colour, tight-fitted waist, sleeveless dress with a thin pretty lace covering at the top of the chest with a poofy skirt-half that puffed out a little, with again, a lace rim.


“I’ll look like a-“


“Don’t abuse it!” Teri said shutting me up entirely, raising a finger. “Just try it on and see how It looks. Then decide. Please?”


I sighed. “Alright.” I said and took the dress gently from her and walked with her to the changing room section. A nineteen year old girl came up to me, smiled, handing me a number hook for my items, and kindly directed me to a fitting cubicle. I walked in and pulled the curtains over and sat on the little bench opposite a vertical mirror.


What’s wrong with me? These days I’m giving in far too easily. I better sort this out.


I glanced over to the corner where I’d dumped the petty dress on the floor. Do I have to wear it? My mouth frowned in despair. Luiza had promised she’d get me a date, but I don’t even know if I wanna go. And all this date thing. I don’t want a date for crying out loud! Even if I did, I wouldn’t know what to say. It would just be plain awkward. I don’t want someone to love me and-


Yes you do. You want Al.


I do not you stupid little girl!


Ya you do, I can see it in your eyes.


You can’t see my eyes!


Yes I can, there’s a mirror in front of me/us/you, WHATEVER!


Fine then, bet you can’t tell me the colour of my eyes!


Um….like, green?


NO! There not bloody green, you moron!


Well how would you like to explain ‘em?


There like Hazelly….green, or something, I dunno!


Ha your wrong. Anyway, your completely changing the subject. Back to Al please?



Burrrn. You just insulted yourself.


So who cares?


Hmm….i dunno…maybe.....YOU?!


Berry, I just said I don’t care.


Well I don’t care that you don’t care Berry . So HA!


WHAT?! Gahh, your unblievable


People do tend to surprise themselves at times.


Get lost.


Get Al.


Get- wait WHAAT??!!


…..heh heh heh


“ Berry ! Come on! Open up!”


Shizzles! That’s Rose. I quickly stripped myself, shoved on the dress and burst out the door.


“Yes, I look like a fuzzy little love-penguin and your going say how it’s so wonderful like when it’s like REALLY obviously not and-WHOA!” I was in awe as I looked at Rose. The glimmering purple dress looked stunning on her. “Forget about the git and his stupid ways! Buy this one!” I almost yelled at her.


Never I thought the day would come that I was squealing over a dress. This is insane. Well, like, insane-er.


“Thanks Blue. That dress is really pretty but er…you don’t look like a penguin.”


“Well THANK GOD!” I said happily.


“No darling, you look like a prostitute.” She answered.


I gaped at her, slowly scrunching up my face into angry-shocked-how-dare-you scowl when she pointed. I looked down and saw that after putting the dress on rather less kindly the poofy skirt was half tucked up by my waist and underwear was quite visible.


Well, no wonder it was uncomfortable.


I glared at her once more as I was more angry at myself (and since I wasn’t planning on cutting myself I had to take that anger out on others) I put the dress back in place.


“How does it look?” I said rather frightened of her answer.


“Not bad actually!” She said cheerfully. “Give me a twirl.”


“Er…I’m sorry?!” I said rather confused.


“Give me a twirl!” She said, rotating her index finger into a circle.


I’ll never understand this dress language. She rolled her eyes and indicated for me to ‘spin’ around (yes spin Rose, why couldn’t you have just said that?!) and I did so, the skirt flapping as I ‘twirled’.


I turned back round to see her happy expression.


“Well? How does it fit?” She asked.


“Well it is rather itchy and I’d rather it wasn’t showing so much of my legs, and-“




Sigh. That’d be Teri. She came round in her cute midnight blue piece. She came towards me and looked at me with wide eyes. “It looks so cute on you!” She said in her usual low voice pointing to my outfit.


“Er well-“




Yes, that’d be Luiza. I swear her and Teri have some connection through the mind. Anyway.


“I told you so, I told you so, I told you so, I told you so, I told you so, I told you so, I told you so!”


“What the bloody hell did you tell me?!” I asked really rather frightened at the sudden attack of pretty girls.


“I told you you’d look good in a dress!” She yelped happily, skipping around in her black-one sleeve.


“er, NO you didn’t!!” I said lifting my hands up in question. But all too soon she was distracted by Teri, both of which were jumping up and down, clinging onto each other’s shoulders in excitement at each other’s dresses, much like I did to Al that day when I didn’t have to wear crutches anymore.


I’m becoming more sane than my friends. WHOA! Major break through here!


I turned back to Rose wearing an unconvinced expression. “Should I get it?” I asked rather less enthusiastic, hoping she’d say no.



Well on the Brightside at least it’s proved she can’t read my mind.


Or maybe she can, but she actually really hates me so she said it to annoy me and…oh I’ve lost it haven’t I?


That was a rhetorical question guys.


Teri chose the blue, Luiza the black, Rose the purple, and Emma the (YUCKY) pretty pink one.


We all went to the till whilst Luiza was rather aggressively forcing me to buy the red dress. To be honest, I looked like a helpless petite brunette ballerina, LOST inside a dress. Too bad.


We went home that day (rather to my distress) with bags full of clothes rather than chocolate. I felt like crying.


That’s right.



Devil friends.

Luiza, SUCH a manipulative bitch. (That I do love by the way.)





Weeks past. Albus and I were just walking into McGonagall’s office for yet another night of detentions, when we heard the BEST. NEWS. EVER.


“You have no more detentions, your free to do whatever.”


Al and I both gaped at her speechless.


“Are you serious?” Al finally said. She nodded her head severely.


“WAHOOO!” I yelled and skipped out the office. Soon enough Al came strolling out with a smirk on his face. He rolled his eyes at me, crumpled on the floor after tripping on Mrs Norris (stupid, old, hairy, puffball) and fallen flat on my face.


Must. Save. My dignity.” I said, limping away so he wouldn’t see the amount of pain I was enduring and the tear sliding down my face.


Al chuckled and walked over to me to see if my head was all right.


“It’s a little bruise, but it will pass soon. Maybe you wanna go to the hospital wing?” He asked kindly.


“Nope!” I yelled suddenly getting off the floor. The last thing I wanna do, is visit that stupid, place, ever again. “No no! I’m fine! See? Perfectly fine! I can walk and everything.” I said, hopping on my uninjured leg. He snorted as I clutched onto the staircase rail for my dear life.


This Albus Poop is becoming rather annoying with his laughter at my pain.


“Look, let’s just go to dinner. Hopefully Rose will know a charm that should do the trick.” He said offering a hand for me to hold in case I fell over.


I scrunched up my face, looking at his hand suspiciously. Should I take it?


“Do keep in mind, we’re still not on good terms, Mister, and as far as I’m concerned I am only taking your hand because this stupid thing really hurts and NOT because I appreciate your friendly gesture or any of that other crap. Understood?”


He rolled his eyes and gave me a smile as he shook his head.


“Whatever you say.” He said. I grabbed his left hand and he moved his other round my waist so I was secure.


Don’t tell anyone, but at that moment in time, his smile was mesmerising, and I felt so wonderful and nice as he held me down those steps, that for those moments, I didn’t even want to feel angry at him. I couldn’t even try to comprehend how, I could feel angry at him.

But of course that didn’t last long.


After Rose sorted me out and we sat down to eat, the feeling of hate came back to me when he started flicking peas down my top and into my bra. How the hell could someone have that good aim? Its not like I was wearing a low top or anything.


Of course I retaliated by putting a few noodles into his hair which made him scream like a girl, that got a good few laughs. After our little food fight, we came to peace and we began civilisation.


“Hey guys, Guess what? Me and West finally got out of detentions!” Al said excitedly. The small group burst into cheer, apparently, they had been missing us on these past few months.

 I feel loved.

“Hey. I say we celebrate with a game. Two-a-side?” James suggested, gesturing to Al, Fred and I. (yes that would be our small group leaving out Rose since she couldn’t play Quidditch to save her life.)


“Ooooh! Shotgun I’m not with James!” I said, desperate to be with anyone but that cow.


“Fine, I’m with James, your with Al.” Fred said.


Hey, I didn’t say I wanted to be with that cow either.


“That’s not fair!” I said.


“How come?!” James said wiping some sauce off his mouth.


“Well, firstly, Al and I will only chop each others head’s off before the game’s started. And Secondly, you two are both Seventh years and we’re only Sixth!” I replied.


“Your point being?” James asked.


I huffed. “My point, is that your two fully grown boys-“


“And Albus isn’t?”


“Well maybe, but you’ve both done Quidditch longer! And your both-”


“Al started practising Quidditch before me.”


“WOULD YOU STOP INTERUPTING?!” I yelled at the two gits.


“She has got a point bro. Plus, you can’t put the younger dude with only a girl.” Al pointed out.


“I guess.” Fred said, James nodded.


WHAT IS THIS?! They don’t even consider my reasons and suddenly when Al comes in saying ‘cause I’m younger you can’t put me with the weakest member, a girl’ they agree? THESE SEXIST LITTLE BIMBOS!

“I am not a little sexist bimbo! And you can talk about little.” James said gesturing to my small figure.


So apparently I voice my thoughts?! This isn’t good. And he did not just call me little......


“ AND NOW, YOUR HEIGHTEST TOO!” I yelled, waving my finger in his face.




“YES, HEIGHTEST!” I roared angrily. Al gave James an annoyed look for teasing me, for he could see this wouldn’t end well.


“Fine whatever, I’ll go with Al, James, you go with Berry .” Said Fred.


“But I shotgunned!” I yelled ferociously.


“Don’t care. Let’s get to the pitch.”


And the three of them, strode out of the hall like the big stupid blokes they are, and just expected me to follow?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!


I huffed, gave Rose an annoyed look, and reluctantly followed them out to the changing rooms.


I changed quickly, tying my hair in two sloppy plaits. The boys were banging on the door like their lives depended on it) and eventually I walked out side to join a group of three energised boys, desperate to get into the air.


“Ok, so are we basically gonna have one chaser, and one keeper?” I asked.




“Ok, so um, can keeper’s use beater’s bats?”


They all gave me a weird look.


“Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeyss?!” I said give me puppy dog eyes.


“Fine, just let her do what she wants, now-“




They all stared at me, James angry for interrupting him mid-sentence.


“As I was saying, I’ll be chaser, she’ll be keeper.  Al, Fred, sort yourselves out, and first to 80 wins.”


“Deal.” I said, swinging my beater’s bat like a sword, cutting through the air as I strode confidently away, swung one foot over my broom, and rocketed off the ground before all the others could so much as blink.

Sometimes, I'm just too awesome.

I laughed at the feel of adrenaline, with the wind flapping wildly through my hair, I twirled around before taking my spot. I sent a challenging wink at Al, in his set position as chaser, and he smirked and gave me a ‘your-on’ kinda look.


We charmed the Quaffle to soar up into the middle, and I watched as the two Potter boys zoomed in for the prize.


Al got it first (I’m going to kill James. For a captain he is utterly useless in my opinion.) and swung the Quaffle under his arm, his Scarlet robes billowing in the wind like a cape. He swerved downwards, heading towards me. When he got close enough, he looked at me, winked, before doing a 360 dive and threw the ball right at the 3rd goal post.


But I wasn’t stupid. (and I wouldn’t argue. Just saying.)


I raised my bat in the perfect timing to smack the soaring Quaffle to the other end of the pitch, where James just so ‘happened’ to be waiting. Al sent me the middle finger so I just stuck my tongue out at him before he shot up into the sky, and headed towards James.


We played for a long time, James and I were winning 70-20 due to my marvellous defending skills that no one will ever master. Well, apart from Hugo, who, after all, is the Gryffindor keeper. But still, I’m better, because I defend in style (that style would be my bat.)


“It’s getting dark!” Al yelled.


“Does Potter need to go sleepies??” I yelled over to Al, trying to wind him up. He glared at me.


“Yeah right.” He said swerving towards me, and suddenly letting something out towards my face.


I shrieked in terror and ducked completely till I realised. It had only been the Quaffle, and I just let it through the hoop. He chuckled at my horrified expression and James shot me an irritated look.

 "I GOT ALL THE OTHERS OK?" I yelled at James. And turned to Albus. “Damn it Al!” I shouted shaking my fist in anger. “I wonder how soon till your ego inflates so much it POPS!”


He just rolled his eyes, coughed something suspiciously like ‘melo-dramatic’, and zoomed off before I had time to react.


That boy is so infuriating sometimes.


And you love him so your just going to have to get used to it.


Ignore her Berry . Ignore her.


Why on Earth would you ignore yourself Berry ?


Ignore it.


Your such a silly billy.




……heh heh heh. Then we both die.


I slapped my hand on my face. Why, oh why Is life, so, so, HARD?!


A/N – Hoped you liked that! I fed you well, a long chapter I thought! I really hoped you liked it, it was my favourite one to write so far! I have to say i liked my first scene with Al in the shower singing. Thanks to Bruno Mars and his epical song 'Grenade'. You know I always love to hear your reviews and comments! Thanks for reading :D
Sophie xxxx

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