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Behind Enemy Lines by MidnightBlue_x
Chapter 10 : Ill
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Disclaimer; Disclaimer; The characters not including Victoria Drew and fragments of this plot are property of J.K Rowling’s wonderful work and I am not trying to say otherwise. Thank you for reading.


Another hour passed before anyone else arrived in the Department of Mysteries, Amy Sampson- the office intern and Augustus Rockwood arrived together, followed by Broderick Bode. At the sound of the black door closing once more, Victoria sprung out of her seat and towards the door. Pandora threw her bag over her wooden chair and shuffled through the paperwork on her desk, still oblivious to the fact that Victoria was standing there. She turned around, picking up her notebook before noticing her friend.


“Vic?” She asked, her eyebrows furrowing.


“Yeah, Hey” Victoria replied softly, watching her friends eyes settle into a suspicious glare.


“Where were you last week, eh?” She asked casually, as she heard towards the Time Chamber.


“I’m sorry” Victoria said, following Pandora into the chamber. Pandora shrugged her shoulders in reply and counted the amount of time turners- something that was required every morning to make sure that none were missing.


“Check the amount for me?” Victoria nodded and counted through the time turners before telling Pandora the answer. “All there” She muttered, noting the number down. “So, you didn’t tell me where you were?” Victoria sighed.


“I can’t, it’s just a safety thing okay?” Pandora sighed- Victoria could tell that her friend wasn’t sure.


“Just tell me one thing” She asked, “Regulus didn’t do something did he?” Victoria shook her head and Pandora smiled, whispering words of relief.


“He’s back though” Victoria muttered, taking a seat.


“Again?” Pandora asked, her voice laced with sarcasm and worry. “Will he still be there when you get home?” Victoria shrugged her shoulders and Pandora sighed. “I know you love him Vic, but you deserve someone who will stick around”


“I know, but I can’t leave him- I just-“


“I understand Vic; he’s good to you when he is around. He loves you more than breathing, but I don’t understand why he leaves” Victoria sighed.


“He’ll get killed if he doesn’t go; they can find him so easily” Pandora rubbed her friend on her shoulders.


“I just hope that they never need to do that, or that they ever need you” Pandora went back to working as Victoria bit down on her lip, how was she going to tell Pandora what she’d signed up for? Suddenly feeling the weight upon her shoulders she excused herself. Without even realising what she was doing, she found herself running as fast as she could through the corridors of the Ministry, trying to find somewhere to breathe. She finally collapsed against the Fountain of Magical Brethren out of breath and sweating. She closed her eyes and rested her head between her knees, trying desperately to catch her breath.   


“Are you alright?” A soft voice asked from above her, Victoria glanced up to see Amy Sampson- the intern of The Department of Mysteries. Victoria nodded, but Amy sat down beside her and rubbed her back soothingly. “Would you like me to get you some food and water?”


“That would be lovely” Victoria whispered and Amy smiled, pulling an apple and a bottle of water out of her bag. “Thank you”


“I’m sorry that it’s not overly interesting food, but it’s all I have” Victoria shook her head and smiled over at the girl.


“It’s fine, in fact it’s amazing to be honest- I really needed some water so thank you” Amy smiled and moved her hand from Victoria’s back, she stood up before offering her hand to Victoria.


“I think you should head home early. Don’t worry- I’ll cover for you. You can apparate home and I’ll bring your stuff around tonight, okay?” Victoria nodded reluctantly, to be honest she didn’t want to go back and face Regulus nor did she want to stay there and keep lying straight to Pandora’s face. “Okay, you have floo in your house right?” Victoria nodded, “Perfect I’ll floo over later and see how you are and drop your stuff” She paused, “You do have someone to look after you right?”


“Yeah, my boyfriend’s home” Victoria assured her, taking the girls hand in order to stand up. “Thank you Amy, you’ll be an amazing co-worker once you graduate from Hogwarts” Amy smiled brightly at her.


“I’m not sure whether I want to leave Hogwarts yet” Victoria grinned.


“It always seems like that when you’re coming up to your seventh year, but once you’re out you’ll be so grateful of the pure beauty of that castle and everything you learnt there” Amy nodded and thanked Victoria before heading back in the direction of the Department of Mysteries. Victoria sighed and pushed her way out of the Atrium, she wasn’t going to floo home, not with all the things racing through her head- she needed time to think and walking in the fresh summers breeze was perfect for that.


Before stepping out of the telephone booth, Victoria checked both ways of the street for any signs of muggles before she headed in the direction of her home, millions of thoughts running through her head.


What was she supposed to tell Pandora? And what about Regulus, did she have to lie to him too? What if this Lord Voldermort found out? She’d be killed within seconds for betraying them, for telling secrets to the Order of Phoenix, to bring him down and let every type of person and that Earth to live freely. She knew it was the right thing, there was absolutely no doubt in that but was it worth giving everything she’d worked so hard for?


Taking a deep breath and ignoring the pain in her chest, she pushed her key into the door and swung it open. She slipped off her high heels at the front door and threw her keys into the bowl by the door, leaning against the wall and listening to the footsteps coming down the stairs.


“Vic?” Regulus’ voice asked, Victoria replied softly before she felt herself being drawn into a hug. “What’s wrong?” Regulus asked, staring at her with a worried look.


“I just felt a little ill so they sent me home” Regulus nodded and bought her into another embrace.


“Go hop in the shower, my mother’s requested that we go around there for dinner tonight but if you’re not feeling well-“Victoria sighed.


“I’ll be fine, besides if we skip your mother will just hate me even more” Regulus shook his head but placed a kiss on Victoria’s cheek, leading her down the hallway and into the bathroom.


“We’ll go for a little walk when you’re out?” He asked and Victoria nodded, turning on the shower and slipping out of her clothes, she found herself relaxing as the warm water hit her back and shoulders. After a few minutes she stepped out and wrapped a towel around herself before picking out a summer dress and slipping that on.


“I’m ready, Reggie” She called, slipping on a pair of black flats and walking out to find Regulus by the front door. He smiled at her and laced his fingers with hers before pulling the door shut behind them.


“Where do you want to go?” He asked, Victoria smiled over at him- squeezing his hand slightly before taking a deep breath.


“I want to become a Death Eater Reg” Regulus’ eyebrows shot up immediately and he found himself lost for words- Victoria had never once even mentioned hating muggles let alone wanting to kill them.


“You realise you’d have to kill innocent people Vic?” He whispered, staring at her with confusion.


“Yes, don’t you think I can do it?” She snapped back.


“Well, no. You’re Vic, you’re not a murdered” She rolled her eyes angrily.


“Well neither were you Regulus and you seem to be doing it fine”



Authors Note; I’m sorry! I’ve been trying super hard to get this chapter finished for weeks now but I just could not get passed the first paragraph so ultimately it’s a lot short than what I had in mind but I really wanted to finish the chapter with that ending- so yes it’s very filler-ish but there are some really action filled chapters coming up very soon.


And wow- I can’t believe this is the tenth chapter already, I’d like to thank you all for sticking by Victoria and I and I hope you will continue to read. Thanks guys!

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Behind Enemy Lines: Ill


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