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Forbidden Love by malfoydraco
Chapter 8 : Surprises
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A/N: I am really sorry for the long wait please don’t be too mad. So in this chapter I plan to have surprises. Just saying a little before hand, I don’t know if I’m following any of my previous authors notes or not and if I’m not I’m sorry. I also changed to authors pov because some scenes in here require a know-all-see-all-narrator. So I hope you like it. Bye. 




Author’s pov




Draco turned to find  Ginny walking furiously toward him and Hermione. Ginny‘s face was almost as red and fire like as her hair. Her entire figure suggested that she was in a world beyond furious. She took long but quick strides over to Draco and Hermione. She stopped only about two inches from Hermione’s face. “You have some nerve! I can’t believe you would do that! Why would you accuse my brother of cheating and then go and  kiss Harry! I can’t even believe that you would do that to my brother, and me! Has our relationship meant nothing to you?!” She yelled further proving she was absolutely furious.  


Hermione was taking aback. She had the most confused looking look plastered across her face. “What are you talking about?! I never would kiss Harry. He’s like my freaking brother! And you’re like my sister! Why would I do that to you?  And bloody hell, your brother did cheat on me! Why would I accuse him if I wasn’t absolutely sure?  Who told you that bull shit about Harry and me? Was it Ron? I swear to god if it was then I’ll rip his lying head off-” Hermione was cut short by Ginny.


“It wasn’t Ron, you little whore who doesn’t deserve to say his name. It was Cho. The one you accused of Ron cheating on. She said that you and Harry were going at it! Ron was faithful, you were a slutty slut! Now Ron’s fucking devastated and wanted me to say it was over between you to! I hope you rot in hell! I never want to speak to you again!  I hope you and your new toy or in other words my Ex-boyfriend have terrible lives together!” Ginny yelled her face seemed to be getting redder if that were possible. It appeared to be. 


Ginny looked over at Draco and a surprised look  spread over her face.  “Why are you-” She stopped mid-sentenced when she noticed the shiny silver badge on his chest. She cackled evilly. “Well I’ll be dammed I see how they  picked this years Heads. They picked the most bitchiest and the most bastardish. They did well. They definitely picked the best candidates,” Ginny said evilly. Hermione seemed to finally hit the rocker because she smacked Ginny across the face. A crowd of students had started to form of students who were supposed to be getting off to get to the carriages. 


“You know I thought you were different, but I guess I was completely wrong. I hope you rot in hell too.” Hermione said venomously. She whipped around and ran out of the door. Ron, one of the bystanders, ran forward to his sister.  


“Are you okay?” He asked worriedly placing his hand on where Hermione had slapped  Ginny inspecting it.


“Yeah I’m fine. I’m just glad I upset that bitch!” Ginny said happily. Draco squinted his eyes into a deep glare that did not go unnoticed by Ginny nor Ron.


       "What's your probl-" ROn began but was cut short.


“You are the bitch, weasalette.” Draco said calmly, but still remaining his glare. Draco sharply turned and left the train running after Hermione not really knowing what he had said or done that but that it just happened naturally. Ginny smirked at him. 


“I can’t believe it’s with him but, I have to agree. You know that Hermione would never do that to you or Ron and that I wouldn‘t either,.” Harry said from with in the crowd. He pushed his way through and ran after Hermione and Draco. 


For a moment there was complete silence. Everyone in the crowd was staring at the two red heads in the middle. As If one cue everyone started mumbling and exiting the train. Some people were giving their own guesses as to what it was about, others were starting gossip,  that even they knew wasn’t true. 




Hermione was nearing the carriages as she ran. She was feeling a mix of emotions. Anger, confusion, sadness and betrayal. She sprinted to the first carriage she saw and flung open the door  she sat down and was about to pull it shut when a hand was in front of it. The hand pulled it open and not one but two boys stepped in. One with raven black hair the other platinum blonde stepped into the covered carriage. 




“Hermione,” Both boys said at the same time. 


Hermione appeared to be holding on to her knees for dear life. She lifted her head and there was a stream of tears running down her face. And if it were possible both boy’s faces softened even more.  “God, how is it we haven’t even gotten to Hogwarts and I’ve already lost a best friend and given up on a boyfriend/ best friend?” Hermione asked to no one in particular. “With in half of a day the world has gone a complete 180,” Hermione continued.


Draco gave her a confused look. Which made her crack a barely visible smile. “Granger wha-” Draco was cut off by Harry.


‘It doesn’t matter, Malfoy,” Malfoy was about to retort, but remembered that there was a crying Hermione across from him, so he shrugged his shoulders and turned toward her.




A few carriages back sat a boy and two girls. They were smiling evilly. “That’ll teach her to mess with any of us,” said Marietta, (A/N she’s mad about the pimple thing from 5th year just to let you know) Across from Marietta sat Ron with Cho on his lap. 


“That bitch had it coming same with that bastard, Potter,” Cho spat the name. “So what if he saved the wizard world, he dumped me for “overreacting” about Granger putting a spell on poor Marietta.”


“I can’t believe she would kiss Malfoy while she was still in a relationship, if you can call it that, with me! At least we all got her back.”






A/N: So do you like it? Do you not? Feel free to express your opinion below in the box for reviews. Oh and to those who are thinking “whoa that was completely out of character for Ron!” this will all make sense, eventually. Once again I’m sorry for the wait, I hope you’re not too mad at me! Bye!






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