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Severus Snape and the Silver Sorceress by schoenberg12
Chapter 2 : The Deliverance
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The Deliverance


The last thing Severus remembered was being knocked out in his apartment. He woke up in a forest. He tried to sit up, but his chest screamed with pain.

"Where did they take me? I just apparated in front of Muggles, I didn't jinx any of them," Severus grunted.

Holding his breath, he propped himself up against a tree. He reached into his cloak and pulled out his wand.

"Episky," he muttered, pointing the wand at his chest. There was a crack and a scream. His rib set itself back in place. Severus did not anticipate how much that would hurt.

He stood up and brushed dead leaves and dirt off of himself. Everything was silent. But this was odd for a forest. What about the birds and other animals?

Severus listened carefully. It wasn't completely silent after all. Getting louder and louder, Severus heard horses' hooves against the dirt ground. Before he could run or aparate, he was surrounded.

Five horsemen, all with long swords pointed directly at him, were in a circle around Severus.

"State your name and purpose," one of the horsemen ordered.

"Severus Snape," Severus said, "I work for a florist in London."

"You're a long way from London," another horseman said. "Do you even know where you are?"

"Where I am?" Severus said, annoyed.

"The kingdom of Camelot," the horseman said. "Bind him. We shall take him to see the King."

Two horsemen dismounted with chains in their hands. Severus pulled out his wand.

"Protego!" The horsemen were thrown back as a force-field surrounded Severus.

"He has magic!" A horseman said. They too dismounted and brought their shields.

"Levicorpus maxima!" The three other horsemen were hoisted into the air by their ankles.

Snape then turned on the spot, thinking of the cafe he had just left in London. But nothing happened. He tried again, thinking of his flat. Nothing happened. Before he realized what was happening, one of the horsemen tackled him. He pulled Severus' hands back, took his wand and bound them with a chain.

"What is going on!" Severus yelled. The horsemen threw him over a horse. The other three fell from the air.

"We're taking you to the King. He can deal with you," another horseman said.


It was around a two hour journey by horse to the castle of Camelot. After being let through the gates, they entered a maze of marble and stone. People were bustling around them in markets and stores and homes. Severus could hear the sounds of chickens and cows under the drone of conversation arising from the streets. The stone paths spiraled to the center, where there was a great fortress. This is where the horsemen dismounted. They left their horses for servants to tend to and dragged Severus inside the fortress.

They climbed a few stone stairs to a room that seemed to be made of gold. There was a line of people waiting on a long, oriental rug that extended out of the room. The horsemen waited in line behind the others.

It didn't take long before Severus could see the King. He was majestic. He wore a jeweled crown atop his head. He looked no older than thirty-five. His beard was thick and blond and his hair was wrapped in braid behind him. He wore blue robes with golden tassels.

"You owe Owen Mirkwud thirty gold pieces and your goat's young," the King said. Severus saw an old man in rugged clothes leave the room, displeased.

Before he knew it, Severus was being presented to the King.

"Ah, Sir Perceval. I hope your journey to the Durham Cathedral was successful."

"It was, sire. But on the way home, I found this man. He says his name is Severus Snape and he is from London."

Another horseman pushed Severus, still in chains, forward.

"He used magic on us, sire. He does not seem to know where he is," Sir Perceval continued.

The King thought for a minute.

"Severus Snape. That is an interesting name. Perhaps he is from the east. Where are you from?" The King asked. Snape was silent.

"When the King asks you a question, you answer him!" Perceval yelled.

The King put his hand up for Perceval to calm down.

"Do you know my name?" The King asked.

Severus shook his head.

The King laughed.

"Well then, let me introduce myself. I am King Arthur Pendragon of Camelot. Where do you come from, Severus Snape?"

"But, that's impossible!" Severus said.

The King looked flabbergasted.

"Excuse me?" He roared.

King Arthur stood from his thrown.

But just as he was about to take a step toward Severus, a tiny ginger man ran past the line of people straight to King Arthur.

"Wait, wait, wait!" He shouted.

He was a curious looking man. Just as old as King Arthur, but with no beard and short, red hair. He was wearing worn out, dirty, tan robes. This man had no distinction from a common farmer.

He put his hand on the King's shoulder, but Arthur did not seem to mind.

"Sorry, sire. I just got wind of what was happening," he said to King Arthur. The King sat back down in his thrown, less agitated now that this man was here.

The ginger man turned to Severus.

"I hear you have magic," the man said.

Severus looked at him, confused.

"I'm terribly sorry. Let me introduce myself," the man said, noticing Severus' confusion. The King rolled his eyes. "My name is Merlin. I am the King's counselor."

Severus could hardly believe his ears. Merlin? THE Merlin? But this was a scrawny, hairless man. How could this be Merlin?

"Unbind his hands, will you?" Merlin said to Sir Perceval.

"But, sir, he tried to use his magic to harm us. He might do the same to the King," Perceval said in protest.

Merlin stood looking at Severus for a moment.

"I don't think he will," Merlin replied.

Perceval looked toward the King.

"Well, unbind him," the King said. Perceval blushed and unbound Severus.

"Did you take anything from him?" Merlin asked quietly.

One of the other horseman chimed up. He held up Severus' black wand. "Just this rod, sir."

Merlin went and took it. "Thank you," he said.

"Now, what did you say his name was?" Merlin asked the King.

"Severus Snape," Perceval replied, as his men undid Severus' chains.

"Alright. Severus. Would you mind coming with me? I'll fix you a warm drink and give you some food."

It was odd. Severus would ordinarily have said no. But there was something warm about this man. Something in his heart was telling him to go with him. Severus nodded.

Merlin led Severus out of the thrown room and into a more private, secluded room in the castle. There was a small bed and a desk. On top of the desk were countless books of all shapes and sizes. Ink was stained all over the wood of the desk and binding of the books.

"A bit of a mess, I know," Merlin said, taking a seat on his bed. He gestured for Severus to take a seat next to him. He did.

"This is mental," Severus said, "where I come from, you're revered like a god."

Merlin merely chuckled. "And where do you come from?" He asked.

"I suppose," Severus said, contemplating if he should tell this famous wizard the truth, "I suppose I come from the future," he said. Severus explained what had happened.

Merlin thought for a moment without answering.

"And this?" He held up Snape's wand.

"That is my wand. It helps me to do magic," Snape explained.

"Do all magicians in the future have wands?" Merlin asked.

"Yes," he said plainly.

"Well, why don't I fix you a drink for now and you can get some rest. I bet you've had a long day." Merlin said, getting up from the bed.

Merlin went to a nearby cupboard and pulled out an old clay cup. He took a silver pitcher from his test and poured water into it. Holding his hands over the cup and muttering some kind of a song, he boiled the water. Merlin did not need a wand. He truly was a powerful wizard.

"Can all wizards here do magic like that?" Severus asked.

Merlin put some leaves and herbs in the hot water.

"Like what?" He asked.

"Without a wand," Severus said, slightly annoyed.

"Oh. No, I'm afriad. There aren't enough who have magic to tell. This is how I do it," Merlin said, bringing hot tea over to Severus.

Severus took a sip. It took all his willpower to not spit it out. It tasted like dirt.

"You mean, you're the only one in Camelot?" Severus asked.

"As far as I know," Merlin said, sitting back down next to Severus, "That's why I had to come see you." Merlin handed Severus' wand back to him. Severus felt warm and whole again, having his wand back in his possession. But he didn't have time to enjoy it.

In the middle of the small room, a lightning bolt cracked. It lit the floor on fire in a perfect circle. When the smoke cleared, Severus could see a figure.

"Severus, hide!" Merlin yelled. Out of no where, rain started pouring around the circle. Severus did not move.

He could she her now. A beautiful wet woman stood where the lightning bolt had struck. She had long brown hair, stunning blue eyes and the fairest skin Severus had ever seen.

"Sumar asja!" Merlin shouted, holding up his hands. A web of white light shot from his fingertips.

"Ogorr frodleikr," the woman said calmly, and with one wave of her hand, Merlin's magic was undone.

"What do you want?" Merlin said defiantly.

"Not you, my dear sorcerer," the woman said in a seductive voice, "I just want to chat with your new friend."

She took a step toward Severus, but Merlin snapped his fingers and a knife flew from his desk to the throat of the woman.

"Leave, Nimueh. You are not welcome here," he said in such a bold voice that Severus did not think him capable of having.

The woman, Nimueh, smiled. She gently blew on the knife and it fell to the floor.

"Fine, I'll leave,"she said. She turned to face the door and held her hands up as if to do a spell. Merlin seemed to ease up.

But quickly, Nimueh shouted, "Ondottr knottr!" A huge ball of fire shot from her palms and threw Merlin into the wall, knocking him out. She ran across the room and grabbed Severus' hand.

"Fara apparo veor!" she yelled as ten guards of Camelot piled into the room. With an electric shock, Severus found himself in a merky, wet, cave holding Nimueh's hand.

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