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Heritage by lilypotterfan123
Chapter 2 : An Unfinished Goodbye
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The next day Phoebe had acquired all her equipment in diagon alley with Professor McGonagall. The trip to Gringotts gave her a shiver down her spine; seeing what was a small pug like creature that still had human features made her heart stop for a moment, she was that scared.


 She entered the cart that went through many twists and turns to get to her vault; while Professor McGonagall seemed used to the cart ride Phoebe jumped every time the cart made a sharp turn she let out a little yelp and whimper. When they finally got to her vault she saw masses of coins, mainly gold and silver. Then she saw a necklace beside the gold; it was a silver necklace with an onyx in the centre of it. Phoebe was still shaking from the cart ride so she slowly walked into her vault and picked up the necklace and wore it around her neck. She took out 35 galleons and raced back to the cart to prepare for the ride back. While in the cart she picked up the onyx and twirled it round.


“I wonder why I have an onyx necklace.” She then looked at Professor McGonagall who was also admiring Phoebe’s necklace.


“Professor what do onyx’s represent?” She asked curious of why it was left to her.


“Hmm this is just a rough idea as I’m no expert or believer in divination but, you were born under the zodiac sign of Leo as yesterday was 1st

August was it not? Then there’s how it protects your emotions and can keep one grounded. It can also symbolise eternal mysteries, they like to live life theatrically and tend to play a part so well they can even fool themselves. Though I find it a load of old codswallop; staring at stars gets you nowhere in life. Well I don’t think it does. However I do doubt the person who bought you the item thought of all that! They most likely thought it was eye-catching, which it is, and you would have liked it!” She explained. Phoebe was drawn to the words eternal mysteries, what if that meant her parents bought her it and they never wanted her to find out who they were. She turned back to Professor McGonagall.


“Professor, do you think my parents bought me this?” She asked innocently. Phoebe didn’t realise the questions that she were asking were so dangerous. McGonagall was so tempted yet she was the head of Gryffindor, therefore it was her job to stay loyal to the promise she had made to Professor Dumbledore. She knew the answer wasn’t exactly disobeying his orders but it would then lead to more questions which she couldn’t bear to answer.

“Perhaps.” She answered, she wasn’t lying but she knew she was far from the truth.


Phoebe’s favourite part of the whole trip was heading to Ollivander’s Wand shop. The room was filled with towers of boxes that each contained a different and unique type of wand. Though she found that she wasn’t very successful with her spells, she was afraid she’d do something wrong and then everyone would mock her. She still pondered about the whole situation and whether it was a dream or not. After going through many wands Ollivander seemed stumped in Phoebe’s eyes. He paced the room from time to time looking at the odd shelf but then shaking his head in disbelief. Then McGonagall spoke to him, she whispered words in his ear, looking Phoebe’s way once or twice. Once she did Ollivander strode towards her and looked her in the eyes. Phoebe bit her lip and her eyes widened’ she felt like she was shrinking in fear, she despised it when she knew she was being watched or observed. Ollivander snapped his fingers and dug through many shelves of wands he found a wand which was beautifully carved. As she handed it to her he explained,


“Ah yes I see you’ve become smitten with this one. Its walnut, 10 ½ inches and has a unicorn tail core.”

After only one attempt of a spell which she deemed to be her best one yet as all her previous attempts had hardly any effect or the effect was far too catastrophic.

The day had ended on a high when she visited the animal emporium that was full of life and cries for freedom. Phoebe was torn between the dark brown tawny owl and a black and ginger kitten. She looked over at McGonagall who was admiring all the cats in the room.

“Which one would you go for??” Phoebe asked her concerned. McGonagall looked up and rolled her eyes.

“Miss Blackett, my animagus is a cat, my patronus is a cat. So therefore isn’t the answer obvious?” She sighed. Phoebe didn’t understand some of what she said but she realised the professor could turn into a cat so that is what she went for as the one she had chosen was a lot cuter than the owl.


At the end of that magical and glorious day McGonagall explained to her how to get to platform 9 ¾ and then they returned by apparition which left Phoebe feeling sick and off balance. When she returned home Heather was furious with what she had bought.

“A CAT! You know the last thing we need right now is a cat! How much will that cost to look after it Phoebe! Why didn’t you think this through?!” She exclaimed putting her head in her hands.

“Heather, I have money that my parents left, if you want we could use this. Professor McGonagall says that if you take it to a post office and see the person who changes the money they will change it for you. She told me how nearly every business has at least one witch or wizard from the ministry I think she said.” Phoebe then put the money in her hands.

“Please Heather, look she even likes you.” They both looked down to see that the kitten was purring and brushing itself against her leg.

“Fine, but keep the money.” Heather ordered her. Phoebe then gave Heather a quick hug and ran up the stairs with her kitten in hand


4 months later


1st September, the day the dream turned into a reality. It was the day Phoebe was going to Hogwarts. Phoebe had awoken early on the particular day, just so she could check everything would go to plan. Heather had made sure she packed early so 2 months before Heather packed all her things for her as Phoebe wasn’t quite an organised person. Her family were awaiting downstairs; all were smiling but Heather. She wanted her expression to be real so Phoebe would know she couldn’t show for her and she couldn’t pretend. Heather looked back to the day Phoebe was brought to her, until then she had always wondered how Phoebe had got inside if the door was still locked. She checked the windows, she checked both doors, she covered every nook and cranny but still no luck.

But with magic in the picture everything made sense, the crack that she heard...the woman must have disappeared somehow, however she made sure that people would know her daughter was there.


 But why did she always think it was a woman. It could have been the father, taking her from her mother. Heather hoped these questions would be answered one day; the anxiety of it all was too much to take sometimes. Heather often wondered why she kept Phoebe, when she first set eyes on her she didn’t see a beautiful baby girl that she would love and cherish. She saw her as a burden; she wanted one that she created out of love. She didn’t know if this child was made from hatred or an accident or if anyone knew she was even there. John had always said he wanted another, but was this what he wanted? A small baby that they didn’t even know! It wasn’t until she held her and made Phoebe fall asleep.

The baby was only a few hours old and without their parents they usually feel unloved and have to express it. However Heather got her to sleep and as she did Heather held her tight and didn’t ever want to let go.


Now Heather returns to reality and sees a little girl heading into a big world that she doesn’t belong in. When Heather saw the cat she knew instantly what was going on, she was part of a big family. She had 7 sisters, 4 of which were witches. Heather felt left out when she was younger and though she had grown older and had matured the same thing was happening again.

“So Phoebe, I’m taking you to the train station with Thomas. Heather has to go out.” John stated while trying to sound enthusiastic, however false smiles were the only things that seemed to fill the room and take over the atmosphere. Phoebe looked over at Heather whose sadness was masked by her blank expression. Phoebe felt heartbroken to know that the woman who had played one of the greatest parts in her life, who had been the closest thing to a mother, wasn’t going to say her final goodbye.With a deep disappointment in the pit of her stomach, Phoebe struggled over to the car, pulling her heavy trunk behind her.

 The car journey to King's Cross Station was a quiet one, in which Thomas tried to fill the silence with half-hearted jokes, it made Phoebe feel better somehow even though she’d heard each and every joke he told at least twice before. When the trio arrived at the station, Phoebe gave John and Thomas a quick hug, then a small kiss on the cheek. She then ran through the brick wall like Professor. McGonagall had instructed her to, so that her family couldn't see the tears tumble down her cheeks.








A/N:- Thanks again to my awesome beta for everything! I would also like to thank everyone who helped inspire me to carry on writing. Then there's my special thanks to NeverGotHerLetter and BrightStar who gave me the best ideas when my muse was low! Thank you for reading and reviews are much appreciated as always!


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Heritage: An Unfinished Goodbye


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