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Insula de Absentis Spiritus by SunSation Gal 07
Chapter 2 : James Does Something Stupid
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Thanks to all those who have reviewed! I’m glad you guys are enjoying it! Now this chapter doesn’t have much action, but that will start in the next chapter. and thanks to .asperity for the amazing chapter pic!

Lily Potter -- Georgie Henley
James Potter II -- Skandar Keynes
Albus Potter -- Logan Lerman

Rose Weasley -- Emma Stone
Hugo Weasley -- Will Poulter

Fred Weasley -- Roshon Fegan
Roxanne Weasley -- Katerina Graham

Molly Weasley -- Karen Gillan
Lucy Weasley -- Ellen Page

Victoire Weasley -- Amanda Seyfried
Dominique Weasley -- Saoirse Ronan
Louis Weasley -- William Moseley

Disclaimer – I do not own Harry Potter.

Chapter 1- James Does Something Stupid

“Remind me why we had to take a plane again?”

Rose turned around as she walked to face who had spoken behind her. “This is a Muggle style vacation, Hugo. Might as well do it right.”

“You never wondered why we got Muggle Passports?” Albus asked as the group walked through the airport in Kolind, Denmark. People saw the size of their party and quickly moved out of the way.
Warm morning sunlight filtered in through the large windows, outside of which the rolling hills of green were visible.

Hugo looked thoughtful for a moment before shaking his head. “No.”

Fourteen year old Lily Potter groaned and slapped her hand against her forehead as the group walked. “I once again have to wonder how he passed any classes at all this past year.”

“Simple,” Hugo began, moving back to where Lily waked behind him and slinging an arm around her shoulders. “I had you helping me.”

Where he walked beside them, Albus coughed. Hugo looked past Lily and over at the middle Potter sibling. “What?”

Albus cocked an eyebrow at his younger cousin. “Lily wasn’t the only one that helped you this past year.”

Hugo looked confused for a moment before he seemed to realize what Albus was talking about. “Oh right!” Hugo said enthusiastically. Albus began to grin. “Thanks for the help sis!”

The grin that had been on Albus’s face for a few seconds fell. James slapped his younger brother on the back while laughing.


A minibus drove the group of ten the ninety-two kilometers to their hotel in Elsegårde Strand, where they would be staying for two days before moving on to Germany. For a group that was typically able to travel anywhere they wished within a few moments, the almost two hour drive was brutal. Lily sat in the very back seat beside her brothers, leaning against the window as she watched the lush green landscape fly by them. Sure she had been out of Britain before, going on various vacations with her family (most of the time for a good Quidditch game), but on this trip she was going to see many places that she had not been to yet, Denmark being one of them.

Elsegårde Strand was a small beach town where they could simply spend their days relaxing on the beach, shopping, and just enjoying themselves as a family. And the only rule of the vacation; no magic whatsoever. Sure they all had their wands on them just in case, and the rule didn’t really matter to those of them that were under the age of seventeen, but for those that were of age and could use their wands whenever they wanted, the rule was tough.

“Wow,” Lily muttered as the minibus drove up to the hotel late that afternoon. The hotel was a three story beach house, white with pale blue trim. The surrounding property was landscaped with an abundance of colorful flowers.

“Okay, which one of you booked this place?” Fred asked from where he sat in the second row of seats between Roxanne and Hugo.

Victoire, who sat in the passenger’s seat, turned around to face the back as the bus stopped in front of the hotel. “That would be me.”

“Very nice choice,” James commented as the driver got out of the bus and walked around to open the doors for them. The group exited the bus as quickly as possible, eager to see more of the hotel that stood before them. After grabbing their bags from the back of the bus, the group made their way up the path to the front steps of the hotel. The French doors were open and through them they could see the lobby.

The room wasn’t that large, but it made up for space in the way it was decorated. To the right was the welcome desk with two women behind it while to the left was a set of stairs that led up to the second floor of the hotel. The walls were pale yellow and the floor a light cherry wood. In the center of the room was a sitting area, comprised of white clothe furniture with pale yellow trim. Another set of French doors were open directly across from the ones they had just stepped through, leading out to a large pool.

“Vic,” Molly began as the group walked across the wraparound porch and through the open French doors. “If we ever do a trip like this again, you are choosing all the hotels.”

Victoire laughed, waving her hand through the air. “Not a problem,” she replied as she walked over to the welcome desk and smiled towards the woman as she set her suitcase down beside her.”Hi. Two joint rooms under the name Weasley, Victoire.”

The woman nodded and typed something into one of the computers at the desk. “Ah yes. Two joint suites reserved two months ago and paid for last month,” the woman confirmed, her Danish accent very light. She looked up from the computer and smiled towards Victoire and the group standing just behind her. “I’ll just need to see some identification before I get your room keys.”

From one of the pockets of the jacket she wore, Victoire pulled her passport and handed it to the woman. She looked between the card and Victoire for a moment before handing it back with a smile. “Perfect. I’ll get your room keys and someone to show you to your rooms.”


“Oh wow!” Lucy exclaimed as the girls were shown to their suite attached to the boys. The main living area was done in the same color scheme as the lobby and continued a small kitchenette and a large, comfy looking sofa facing the flat screen television on the wall. On the far side of the room, double doors led out to a balcony. To the right was a short hallway, down which were the two bedrooms, one containing a king sized bed and the other two bunk beds while to the right was the door that led to the boys room next door.

It had been decided ahead of time that Victoire and Dominique would share the king sized bed and Molly would take the sofa. So that left Lily, Rose, Roxanne, and Lucy to the bunks in the second bedroom.

“I get top!” Lily shouted before she darted into the room, heading for one of the bunks. Before she could reach one she was pulled back and Roxanne rushed past her, claiming the top bunk for herself. Lily pouted and turned to head for the other bunk only to find that Lucy was already seated on the top bunk of the other. She turned back to the bottom bunk under Roxanne and set down her suitcase. “Dang it.”

A knock sounded from the other room followed by, “Can someone please open this damn door already?”

Lily headed out of the bedroom and entered the hallway just in time to see Molly open up the door to the boy’s room. “No need to get your knickers in a twist, Al.”

Albus looked a bit flustered. “Sorry. I can’t find my book anywhere in our stuff. Perhaps it got mixed in with your guy’s things?”

Molly shrugged. “It’s worth a shot.”

“Not to worry Al,” James began, walking through the door behind his younger brother and ruffling his hair. He pulled his wand out of the back of his pants and waved it. Within moments, a book came flying out of the boy’s room and into James’s hand.

“James! Did you miss my entire explanation of my prank on Albus five minutes ago?!” yelled Fred from somewhere within the boys room.

Albus was glaring towards the door to the boy’s room while Molly crossed her arms over her chest, glaring daggers at James. Lily plopped down onto the sofa, ready to watch Molly give her eldest brother a tongue lashing. “What part of ‘no magic’ did you not understand?”

“Oh come on,” James laughed. “It was one little summoning spell? What’s the big deal?”

Molly didn’t laugh, though Lily fought down a smile and met Albus’s eye as he fought to do the same thing. Sometimes their older brother was a bit of an idiot.

“The big deal is that we all agreed that no magic would be used on this vacation,” Molly countered. By this time, heads began to peek out of the rooms in the girl’s suite and the boys were looking through the doorway to see what was going on. “And since you can’t resist temptation to use magic ever since you turned seventeen two months ago, I’m going to have to ask you for your wand.”

James looked at her like she was nuts. “What? You can’t be serious.”

“Deadly,” Molly replied.

Victoire stepped out of the one bedroom and walked over to stand beside Molly. “I’m going to have to agree with Molly. Hand it over.”

James scoffed and pulled his wand back out before handing it to Victoire. He then turned and stomped out of the girl’s room, past all the heads peeking through the doorway and back into the boy’s room. Silence reigned for a few minutes after James’s exit.

“Okay,” Dominique began, clapping his hands together as he broke the silence and stepped into the girl’s room. “How about we head to the waterfront. Isn’t that where all the good shopping and food is?”

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