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Mary MacDonald by mugglemania
Chapter 5 : Chapter 5
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Mary sat once again on the window seat in the Gryffindor common room. She was reading a book, Out of the Twilight, a Vampire Novel. It was the most popular romance novel at the time, about a vampire who traveled back in time after a breakup with his witch girlfriend and fell in love with a muggle, but had to choose between the two of them in the end.

The moon was still out, but the sun was just beginning to rise. Not a soul in the entire Gryffindor tower was awake except for Mary. Even the fifth year boys, the Marauders, were back in their dormitories, trying to catch up with all the sleep they had missed the previous night. Remus was spending the night in the Hospital Wing, just like every night after full moon. Mary reminded herself to visit him later in the day.

Not until several hours later, had anyone else joined her in the common room. When she first heard footsteps coming from the dormitories, Mary got up and went back into her room. Leaning close over Lily’s face she donned a false masculine voice and whispered, “Lilykins…”

“Go away, Potter,” Lily yelped and smacked Mary in the face.

Looking around wildly, Lily sat up quickly. As soon as she realized James Potter was not there, she growled, “Mary, stop laughing! You, too.” She added to the other girls in the dormitory. Lily and Mary’s screaming had wakened the three of them.

Alice Bones was a blonde, cheerful faced girl who was very friendly, but also incredibly forgetful. Lucy Gordon was very smart and studious and almost never even went to Mary’s parties. With her light brown hair and brown eyes, she normally blended into the background. Mira Black was simply marvelous. That was the only word to use. Her hair was black and eyes nearly so. Black was a fitting name for her. She was yet another of Sirius’ disowned cousins. Out of the three girls, Mira was the one closest to Lily and Mary. She, at least, had a great sense of humor.
“Sorry, Lily,” Mira said between laughs, “It’s just…well, you know how you get around James Potter.”

“That’s true,” Alice added.

“Anyways, Lily darling, we’ve got to hurry and get to Hogsmeade so we can find costumes for my Halloween party before our dates,” Mary elucidated.

Lily jumped out of bed, “Oh my gosh, I forgot. Today’s my date with Kian!” She glanced at the alarm clock, “Mary, it’s six thirty on a Saturday! Are you insane?”

Mary skipped around the room, “It’s late I know, but we’ve only got four hours until we meet Kyle and Kian at the Three Broomsticks. We have to hurry and get costumes.”

Lily flopped back onto her bed and closed her eyes. Mary grabbed her best friend’s legs and attempted to pull her off the bed; Lily clunked face first on the floor. Finally, Lily stood up and headed to the bathroom. On the way, she tripped over Mary’s vanity table, which she had conjured up in first year because she said it was impossible to put on her makeup in such as small bathroom. No matter how many times the other girls ran into it, Mary refused to vanish it.

After Lily took a shower and the girls had eaten breakfast, they hurried off to Hogsmeade village. They were clearly some of the first, because the castle still looked sleepy and the only others setting out to Hogsmeade were a pair of Hufflepuff boys. From behind, it was hard to discern who they were, but Mary, with a mixture of observation and twin telepathy, recognized her brother. Also, he was so much like Mary that he was probably the only other person who possibly would have dragged a friend out and about this early. Instead of calling out to him, she rushed Lily into Madam Rosette’s Costume Emporium. Once inside, Mary began pulling random garments off racks and thrust them into Lily’s arms.

“Are you even looking at what you’re picking out?” Lily asked through an enormous load of costumes, “Or are you just grabbing whatever you see?”
"Both. Now, fine, just go try these on while I look for some for me,” Mary submitted.

“All of these are for me?” Lily inquired incredulously as she strolled towards the dressing room.

Just a few seconds later, Mary entered the dressing room beside the one Lily was in.

Several sailor, pirate, ninja, spider, purple zombie, ballerina, and angel costumes afterward, Lily had chosen her costume. Meanwhile, Mary only tried on one, but was certain it was perfect. After paying, they shrunk the bags down until they fit into their purses.
Following that, Lily and Mary hastily made their way to the Three Broomsticks where Kian sat waiting for Lily and Kyle was on his way to meet up with Mary for their date.

Five minutes later, all four teenagers were in the Three Broomsticks. Lily sat down in the booth with Kian and Mary walked over to Kyle.

“Hi, Kyle,” she beamed, excited for her date.

He smiled broadly, “Hey, Mary. Where do you want to go?”

“Um,” she thought for just a moment, “What about Honeydukes? I could use some more Chocolate Frogs.”

“Great,” he replied.

Two hours later, Mary was beaming as she strolled up to the castle. She had had a great date; Kyle had bought her some candy, they shared a few butterbeers, and mocked several Slytherins. Afterwards, she had looked all over the village for Lily, but eventually assumed she had already gone back up to Hogwarts.

Mary was humming to herself as she entered the Gryffindor common room. She sang the password to the Fat Lady. Lily was not in the common room so Mary continued on to their dormitory.

The room looked just as she had left it. Alice and Mira’s beds were made, but everything they owned was scattered on the floor. Lucy’s area of the room was perfect, as was Mary’s. Lily’s normally flawless bunk had a mound of blankets on it.

Just as Mary was about to turn around and leave, she heard a whimper.

"Lily?” she asked hesitantly.

The covers on her best friend’s bed moved. Mary yanked them back, revealing the other girl. Lily was lying on her stomach, covering her face with her arms.

“Lilykins, what happened?” Mary asked.

Lily did not reply. She moaned into her pillow. Mary took Lily’s arms and hauled her so Lily was sitting upright.

“Lily, what on Earth happened to you?” Mary repeated as she brushed the hair out of Lily’s face.

Lily sniffed and faced her best friend. Her eyes were red and tearstained. 

“James freaking Potter happened.”

“What did he do?” asked Mary sympathetically.

“K-Kian and I were-were in Jonko’s and h-he was there. Saw I was on a d-date and j-just ruined it!” she wailed, “Kian s-said that…” Lily broke down and simply sobbed.

“Said what, honey?” Mary murmured sympathetically.

Lily wept, “Th-that we should just be f-friends.”

“Oh, that’s awful,” Mary felt sorry for her friend.
"I know that, “Lily snapped.

“Just remember,” Mary said, “It’ll be OK in the end, if it’s not OK, it’s not the end. You’re gonna find a great man who will love you and die for you if need be. It might be Kian, but it might not, but you’ll be all right no matter what.”


I do not own Harry Potter. I do not even own Out of the Twilight, a Vampire Novel. That would be my friend Shelby, my friend Lucie, and partially me, but mostly Shelby.

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