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Rebel in love by RegulusSiriusGirl
Chapter 27 : The Plan: Phase One
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 "Okay, class" Professor Leech said, "time, please leave your papers on the desk, closed over and leave your quill next to it".

"Thank Merlin for that," I grumbled, "ready to kill myself".

Matt shot me a sympathetic smile, "Hey, thanks to me, you'll get an .. okayish grade".

I smiled back at him, "I know, just glad I will never need to do that again," I spread my arms wide and spun about, "I am free of Potions forever". My hand connected with someone as I spun and I turned around, "I'm sorry, just happy I'm-"

"Free of Potions I believe it was?" Uh-oh, Professor Leech.

I opened my mouth but nothing came out, luckily for me he was smiling, "Don't worry Miss Halliwell, something tells me I won't be too disapointed to see you go either".

Matt snorted behind me and I grinned at him, "Oh please, you'll miss me," I shrugged, "I guess I will end up missing you teaching me Sir".

He nodded at me, "Thank you Miss Halliwell, I guess I will end up missing teaching you also, you were a great challenge to try and teach" he smiled at Matt and headed on towards the staff room.

"You know what, old Leech is actually okay" I said to Matt as we headed up to the Great Hall, "but still, seriously, I am glad no more Potions".

"Yeah, he is okay," Matt's grin grew as he saw Ami and Albus waiting at the top of the stairs, "theres my girl" he called out and ran up to her. I shook my head to Albus as I trotted up to catch up with him.

Ami raised her eyebrows, "Wasn't aware I was someones posession" she said teasingly as he sneaked kisses on her neck. Albus and I put our fingers in our mouths and faked being sick, loudly.

"Shall we go somewhere without the children," Matt said, pinging my arm, I glared and pinged him back which earned me a pout.

"Can't I have erm, a thing with Rose" Ami said, raising her eyebrows at me for help, "you know what I mean Alix".

"Oh yeah, the, the, present idea for Victoire and Teddy's wedding present thing" I made up as quick as my brain would allow. While Matt and Albus shared a confused look, Ami shot me a grateful smile, what she really was doing with Rose was seeing if there were any alternate ways into Ravenclaw tower except from the main entry - the door. We didn't want anyone knowing what we were up to, well if the Polyjuice potion works as its meant too and we manage to get the hair tomorrow, no one would.

"We have to get them presents?" Albus said making a face.

"No Albus of course not" Ami rolled her eyes, "they expect you to come and get a free meal even though you are family".

"But I can't pick out presents, Merlin, even ask Lily".

"Get Tia to help you, chicks are good at this" Matt said shrugging.

"Yeah, I'll go find her, she has a free" Albus said.

"You can't!" I said quickly, "we're gonna ..... go over .. the thing ... together". I squeezed my brain to think of another exscuse .... the guys just stared at me and judging by Ami's look she couldn't think of one either ... damn.

Matt looked at me suspiciously, "So, Ami and Rose have a thing, and now you and Tia have a thing?".

"Yeah, problem?" I said defensively.

"Nope, just you girls have things all the time" Albus said, "just make sure they don't turn into flings okay?".

"Albus, Ami and Rose are not getting together romantically and neither am I and Tia, that only happens if our male other halfs die unexpectedly" I said, Ami nodded.

The boys were dumbfounded, "What?!" they both kinda shrieked at the same time. Ami and I just shook our heads and headed off, to meet our "other halfs" so to speak. "What do you mean unexpectedly?" Albus shouted.

I giggled and headed up to the fifth floor where Tia was waiting on me. Our part of the plan, while Rose and Ami came up with ideas to entering it and exiting it without using the door, were to find out exactly where Eve's dormitory was, so we didn't have to waste precious time with the Potion.

I saw Tia talking to a dark haired girl at the end of the fifth floor corridor, and it wasn't till I was closer that I recognized her as Bree Williams, Tia's cousin, a 4th year Ravenclaw. "Hey, Alix" Tia smiled, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear, "you remember Bree?".

I smiled at her and nodded, "Yeah, hard not to know the famous Bree Williams", she practically beamed at me. One thing that Bree liked was to be known through Hogwarts and to get on her good side, you reminded her of her popularity and that was exactly what we were doing which equaled to kissing her ass massively, but not in the literal sense.

"Yeah, thats why we wanted to ask you a question, since you know practically everything about Ravenclaw," Tia smiled, "much more than me".

"Whats the question?" she asked, twiddling with her blue and white tie.

"Where is Eve Adam's dorm in Ravenclaw Tower?" I asked, Tia shot me an annoyed look but I couldn't wait to wreak revenge on the bitch.

"Why?" Bree asked hesitantly, she wanted to be a someone in Ravenclaw so it was understandable that she didn't want to become known as a grass to one of the Ravenclaw elite.

"Because, we're gonna do something to bring Eve's reputation down, and show just what a bitch she really is" I said, "but before we do that, we need your help first, so are you going to tell us or not?".

Bree folded her arms, "I don't see why I should, whats in it for me?" she said tossing her dark brown hair behind her.

I attempted to think fast but it just wasn't happening, my muse must be on holiday, but luckily I had the amazing Tia Williams working with me. "Because, when Eve gets torn down from her pedastol, someone has to take over right?" Tia smiled, "and if you knew how and why before, your going to have all the gossip first and I'm sure that will get you a lot of attention, because we don't have plans to reveal it, so all the limelight on how Eve was found out will all be on you".

Bree's eyes lit up, "You guys promise, I'll be the only one telling people?".

Tia and I shared a glance and smiled, "Yep, we solemnly swear".

Bree thought it over for a minute before nodding, "Okay, I'm in. Adam's dorm is up two flights of stairs and the third door on the right you can't miss it because its the only one with E.A on it" she rolled her eyes, "she shares it with four other girls, but she's the only one allowed to put her initials on the door".

I grinned excitedly, getting this information was easier than I thought. "Thanks Bree," Tia smiled, "you've been very helpful".

"Just remember your promise" Bree said, she glanced at her watch, "I have Charms in ten minutes, good luck with your plan" she smirked, "can't wait to see Adams dethroned, Ciao". We watched her head down the corridor and then shook her heads.

"My cousin, the attention seeker" Tia sighed.

"Can't believe thats all she wanted" I said, "luckily I didn't need to part with my Galleons". I had brought money just in case bribing was to be used, in the money sense.

"Theres a little bit of evil in everyone" Tia shrugged, "you just need to find it".

"And we did and we got what we needed" I said, as we turned back towards the stairs, "just hope that Rose and Ami were just as sucessful".

"We'll check in with them at dinner" Tia consulted her watch, "Albus has a free period so this would be the prime time to head down to the Slytherin Common Room and start a little behavioral analysis"

"Circe, I hate sitting in that Common Room" I said shuddering at the thought of the last time I was in there with Al' and Tia, "it's just so dank and ...."



Luckily, there was no begging every Slytherin to go in and get Albus as we caught up with him just before he started to head down to the dungeons. "Hey, Tia" he smiled, it disapered when he saw me, "Alix" he nodded.

"Albus" I said, my smile an amused one remembering our chat from before. Tia just looked from him to me with a small frown on her face, "Later" I said she just nodded and smiled.

"Can we come into the Common Room with you?" she asked.

"The Slytherin Common Room?" Albus said confused.

"Yeah, Alix has a dare from Devon and I am her witness, she needs to spend an hour in the Common Room and hit Kurt with a spell and hide every twenty minutes" Tia said.

"Okay," Albus said disbelievingly, "so why don't I believe you".

Tia rolled her eyes, "Look, while she does the dare, how about we go up to your room?" she batted her eyelashes, "I can't remember what it looks like" she smiled.

That did the trick, Albus suddenly smiled and raised an eyebrow, "Sure, as long as Alix doesn't mind?".

"Nope, not at all, if I do this dare, Dev' has to streak" I said in a matter of fact voice.

"Okay, lets head down then," Albus said shaking his head, "seriously, girls are more confusing than guys".

As usual, the temperature dropped a little as we headed deeper into the dungeons, Tia shivered a little and Albus put an arm around her. She glanced up and gave him a quick smile and he returned it with a small kiss on the head. I couldn't help but feel an ache as I followed behind them, missing it when James would do that to me. It was all the little things I missed, the ones you take for granted, like when they held the door open for you, held your hand when you didn't expect it and most of all the way their eyes lit up whenever they saw you.

Unlike the Fat Lady, the Slytherin's spoke to a wall to enter their Common Room but like the Fat Lady you had to give it a password. Albus walked up to it and put his hand on the wall, "Serpent" he said in a loud clear voice, the wall shuddered and stairs appeared leading down a little corridor.

"Creepiness is starting up again," I muttered as I hugged myself as we walked along.

"Hey, I don't call your Common Room creepy" Albus turned around and smiled at me jokingly, I smiled back but couldn't help but dread sitting in a Common Room with bloody Kurt and his girlfriend, the sister of my sworn enemy, watching and listening to them by myself, but if Tia and Albus were there, he would want to know what we were up too, and we had decided to just keep it to ourselves so if anything went wrong, no one else would be blamed for our idea.

The Slytherin Common Room was a strange one and it was creepy to think that it was under the Black Lake. It was half full, luckily most of the Slytherins, the really mean ones e.g Kurt, Grace and their hapless cronies, were up the back, too observed in Kurt's conversation to notice two Gryffindor's enter.

"See you guys later," I said as they headed up, "caw-caw, Tia, remember, caw-caw".

Albus frowned, "Caw-caw?".

Tia nodded, "Caw-caw, don't worry I won't forget", they headed up with Albus giving me a 'what the hell?' look, I just grinned and chose a chair right next to the column behind those who I was meant to .. studying. Grace Adams in paticular.

One thing I noticed about Grace was that she never gave her full attention to the person who was speaking, she would occasionaly glance up at them but then she would be twiddling her hair, or smoothing creases in her clothes then BAM she's checking the nails.

God, I felt sorry for Rose who would be portraying this strange girl.

After about twenty minutes I got a good idea of how Grace acts to help get us by tomorrow. I stood up, and prepared to caw-caw to Tia when IT happened. The pile of books that I never saw beside me, the same pile of books that collided with my foot and the same pile of books that made the very loud smash and crash as they fell to the floor and also knocked over a green vase on a stand.

Which gained me the eye of every Slytherin in the place.

"Ooops?" I said, their eyes narrowed, uh-oh this wasn't good.

"Tia" I yelled up the stairs, "caw-caw big time!", Grace glared over at me and got up, "DAMMIT TIA! CAW-CAW!!" I shouted and began to scurry over to the door. I turned and saw Grace advance on me with wand in hand and brutish boyfriend behind him, but before I could grab at my wand (come on, it was like sending me into the lions pit or snake pit in this case) she had raised hers.


I glanced up to see Tia with her wand pointed at Grace, Kurt turned round and hissed "Bitch" at her and raised his, but he wasn't as quick as Albus who quickly hexed him.

"Densaugeo!" he shouted, and in seconds Kurt's teeth began to grow at an alarming rate. He leaned his head back to stop them hitting the ground, Tia started laughing but soon she was ducking as one of Kurt's followers sent a Jinx her way. Albus and her began to shoot jinxes back as did I.

"Protego" I said quickly, blocking a spell from Grace who got her wand back, "Anteoculatia!" she stumbled backwards and then gave a very loud scream as she felt the antlers that were growing rapidly out of her head "suits you Adams" I smirked.

At that point the door opened and Scorpius came through looking shocked at the scene before him. "What the-"

"No time!" I shouted as Tia, Albus and I pushed him through the door and began to run out of the dungeons, it wasn't untill we hit the third floor that we stopped and caught our breath. Safe from Slytherins, well the bad ones.

"Okay, what was all that about?" Scorpius said, making me feel bad as he wasn't out of breath at all, but me being as unfit as I was, was gasping for breath.

"Alix was doing a dare and it must've not worked out well" Albus said, giving me a quick look, "did they catch you in the act?".

I nodded, "Yes, that is why we had to run" - not because I had smashed a vase and got their attention - "they caught me out before I could jinx Kurt".

"Guess that means Devon isn't streaking," Tia said, keeping up the charade that the dare was why we were there, "oh well".

"Wait, wait, you only did this dare so Devon would streak?" Scorpius said in a dazed voice.

"Don't bother trying to figure it out mate," Albus said, "I still don't get these girls and I'm dating one".

"Don't worry," Scorpius chuckled, "I don't want an ice cream headache wondering what the hell goes through these girls heads"

"Hey, guys can be just as confusing" I said, after getting an eyebrow raise from both of them, I sighed "yeah, your right, we are more confusing".




"So you had a mini duel in the Slytherin Common Room?" Devon asked as we headed down to the Quidditch Pitch, I nodded as I took a picture of the sun slowly setting, thank Merlin I had my camera on me, I would be kicking myself for missing this one.

"And you escaped unscathed?" Devon smiled, "I'm impressed".

"Well, without Tia or Al' I would of been dead meat"

"Well duh!"

I scrunched my nose up at her, "Remind me again why I am helping you train?" I asked her, as she pulled off her jumper and began to warm up.

"Because, you are no longer cheer-captain, through no fault of your own," she said quickly as my mouth opened, "and while the others are at training and Tia is all lovey dovey, you my dear Alix, have nothing to do".

I shrugged, she was right, this was better than sitting by myself, worrying about tomorrow. When we put Plan GPSJHE into action, and hopefully show James I am not a cheater and Eve set us up because she is an evil, twisted, self-centre-

"Alix, you ready or are you going to do the whole inner monologue till curfew?" Devon was already in the air, floating on her broom.

"Oh right sorry," I said, I flicked my wand at the bag of many duplicated Quaffles for Devon to chase, "by the way, how do you do this when we were all cheering?".

"I didn't," she said, "James used to but after the ... Eve incident" she said hesitantly, "he hasn't been helping".

"Oh," I said, "how was he after the match?" I whirled my wand at the Quaffle and it flew up in the air and dropped down very fast, Devon did a barrell roll and caught it quickly, throwing it back onto the ground.

"He was ... well, we were expecting shouting and swearing, but he just said sorry for losing the match" she darted after a far flung Quaffle, and I had to wait till she came back for the rest of her explanation, "then he just went in the showers and then headed up to his dorm".

"Thats not like him" I said worriedly, "and he's played against Albus before, so it couldn't be that" I bit my lip, Devon guessed what I was thinking.

"Alix, it may of been because of the picture, but that was not your fault, you didn't cause this, she did" Devon's brown eyes were ones of understanding.

"Your right, but I still feel responsible for Gryffindor losing" I flicked a Quaffle and it spun towards her and she angled her broom so she wouldn't hurt her hands when catching it, "surprised the whole house doesn't hate me".

"Oh come on, Alix," Devon said, giving me a sad look, "its our last year, don't let what other people may or may not think about you spoil it".

I smiled up at her, "I love you sometimes Dev'"

"And I love you too, a lot more, if you actually gave me a challenge with these Quaffle catchings" she winked.

Another hour went by and with each Quaffle I tried to give Devon a difficult one, but no matter what I threw at her, she caught it before it hit the ground and without damaging her hands. She really was a talented Chaser, and could easily get into any team she wanted. It was scary to think, that if she and Lucas were really serious, I would of lost her when he said my name instead of hers at the party I threw at my Dad's flat.

Merlin, that seemed a million years ago, before things with Lucas got very serious.

I took a few more photos, silly ones of me and Devon posing on the broom, some scenic and some nice ones of Devon and the Quaffle while she wasn't looking. I didn't hear anyone come up behind me until I heard-

"Forgot you like pictures"

I turned around and felt my throat close up, it was James. I looked down, and didn't reply, luckily, Devon flew down beside me. "Hey, captain, what you doing here?" she said, changing the very awkward silence into a proffesional one.

"Wanted to see how you were getting on," he gave an impressed nod, "still see you are the best chaser".

"Don't let Joey or Matt hear you say that," Devon grinned, "they'll get jealous".

James just smiled tiredly back at her, "Well, keep up the good work, I'll see you at training tomorrow night, have fun". He gave me a glance with absolutely no emotion and I felt chilled, how could he look at me after all the loving glances and looks we shared?

"See yah," Devon called out akwardly as we watched his retreating figure, Devon gave me a sympathetic look, "you okay?".

"I didn't expect anything different to be honest" I said glumly, "well, we better head back up to the castle before I get more detentions".

"I can't believe she got away scott free and you have to go and clean the dungeons every morning at 6am" Devon said disgusted, "McGonnagal is unfair".

"So's life Dev'" I sighed, as we headed back up "and it's a bitch".

We managed to make it up just as curfew started, and as usual I ignored the pointing and staring I got in the Gryffindor Common Room untill we got up to our dorm where Ami and Tia were waiting. "Hey, how'd training go?" Tia asked, she was doing Tarot cards for Ami.

"Okay untill James showed up" I said in a monotone, stripping off to get into my jim jams, "and totally blanked me, oh not until he delivered a great one liner of how he forgot how much I liked photos".

They both gasped and Devon nodded, "Cold isn't it".

"What a day, specially after the whole Slytherin Common Room duel" I whined, "why can't I have an easy day?".

"How did you and Rose get on?" Devon asked "find any nifty escape routes from Ravenclaw Tower?".

Ami shook her head, "You can either fly a broom out or its just the door, Rose even checked the Marauders Map, James let her see while I checked the library"

"Hmm" I said, sitting on my bed, "I suppose the door is the safest option since Eve doesn't fly and we'd look really out of place carrying a couple of brooms into her dorm".

"Yeah and you don't want to be suspected, since Rose doesn't know how long the Potion will last, so every second counts" Ami agreed, "me, Tia and Dev can always stand guard near the entrance that way if you do need to escape we're there to help".

"I think thats the best idea-" I was cut off as the dorm door opened and shut quickly with a guilty looking Rose standing there looking shocked and covering her mouth.

"What the heck is up with you?" Ami asked eyes widened. We watched as Rose came in, took of her sweater and put it against the stove in the middle of the room, and then sit down next to me on the bed.

"I kissed Scorpius" she said quietly, eyes wide and staring into the distance, "and we very nearly had sex in the Charms classroom".

.... Silence ... you could of heard a - wait there goes a pin a'dropping!

"Okay, what?!" I said, "dish the dirt, how, when, why?".

"Alix thats not right, you start with when"

"Well I like to star-"

"Enough" Tia interrupted, "Rose please?".

"Okay, well I was heading back from the library after Ami went to see Matt, to see how James was after the match, because I was worried, and I bumped into Scorpius, and it was one of those moments when the girl falls and the guy just catches her and when they straighten up they snog the life out of each other" she closed her eyes, "it just felt so good because I missed him so much, and then we were backing into a classroom and he put me up on the desk and thats when-" she faltered and hid her face behind her hands.

We all shared a quick glance and waited a couple of seconds and sure enough she continued, "We heard a gasp and turned around and saw Filch and Mr Norris, and I just ran out of there" she groaned, "I have never been so humiliated in my life! What if my Dad finds out?".

"Oh dear, well, I doubt Filch will tell on you" Devon said, "I mean you could turn it around and make him out to be a perv".


"Yeah, and I doubt that even if he did say anything, your Dad would believe it, I mean he is getting senile in his old age" I added.

"Oh, and what Scorpius must think" she said groaning, "but I'm glad we didn't, I don't want us to just jump back in the sack even if we do get back together".

Before any of us could say anything, we heard bubbling, "Oh Merlin, the Potion," Rose said quickly and got up and went to check on it.

"What is it with the Weasleys and Williams's with doing it on a table?" I asked, "I mean come on".

Tia threw her pillow at me, "Shut up, I was .... caught up in the moment".

"So thats what the kids are calling it nowadays" Devon giggled.

"Good thing he didn't get caught up in your knickers" Ami added snorting, just as Tia was about to say something Rose came out of the bathroom, smiling and looking happy.

"Good news the Potions ready," she said looking at us all, "Operation : Get Picture, Show James Happy Ending will take action tomorrow".

I let out a shaky breath, "Tomorrow it is then" I said, "tomorrow, Eve's going down".

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