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Innocent by Erudessa94
Chapter 2 : But you didn't
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The next few months passed by in a blur.

Dumbledore’s funeral. Questioned by the Ministry. Comforting Harry. Questioned by mum. Taking OWLS. School ends. Summer vacation started--not really.

If you could define summer vacation as sitting alone in your room bored to death while listening to the Weird Sisters and counting the stripes on your wall, yeah it was definitely summer vacation.

Charlie had left after Dumbledores funeral but he promised he would come back in a month or two. I was currently waiting for the owl that would tell me the exact date. Before he had left he sat me down and told me he was proud of what I had done with Draco. He might not know it but those simple words meant a lot to me. No one knew it was my hand that had saved Dracos innocence and though I wasn't searching for the attention I would have if people did know it felt nice to know my good deed hadn't gone unnoticed.

The fact that he was proud of me wasn't the only thing Charlie had said, though it may have been the only good thing. After that he warned me that although Draco hadn't killed Dumbledore he was still considered a death eater and in his own words...

"Draco now has to make up for not killing Dumbledore to Voldemort somehow. And now that Dumbledore is gone he might think his last chance at redemption is also gone. I know you know him better than anyone but I just want you to be careful. Death eaters aren't people you want to mess with, you should know that."

My reply may have been a little more sarcastic then was necessary however he knew me too well to take it personally. The rest of his visit was spent talking about quiditch and how school had gone. Although he tried to keep away from the later due to its close relation to Draco who I had not spoken to since before that fateful day and whenever I got to thinking about Draco I couldn't help but worry.

Charlie was a little worried about my worrying but I told him he needed to calm down. Yes, Draco and I had had a thing. Yes we had secretly dated for more than half the year. Yes we had a messy break up with tears, pumpkin ice cream and chocolate frogs but no we were no longer dating. We were just friends.

Charlie couldn't understand my relationship with Draco; I didn't even understand our relationship sometimes. After we had broken up we became closer. Well not right after, right after I wanted to aim a Bat Bogey hex at his family jewels but I got over that...kind of.

A few months after me and Draco broke up he passed me a note to meet him in the kitchen after dinner. That’s where we had originally met and that’s where he had broken it off. I was a little hesitant but I knew Dobby would be there if I needed help he could fetch Harry in an instant. So I agreed to meet with him.

The meeting went quite well, I won't bore you with the details but let’s just say that was how our friendship began. After that we met regularly it was similar to when we had been dating but there was no more snogging, just talking. I found the talking to be rather interesting actually. With Draco Malfoy there was definitely more then what meets the eye.

When Draco and I had first started hanging out we both got to know each other more than we had before but when we started dating we stopped talking and started having a different kind of fun. Now that the dating had ending it was nice to go back to talking and getting to know each other.

By the end of the year I knew Draco better then I knew myself at times. I knew his likes, his dislikes, what made him tick and some of his deepest secrets and he knew the same about me. I felt comfortable enough to tell him about my first year, about my short lived relationship with the-boy-who-lived and about what it was like to be the only girl with 6 older brothers.

We laughed, we cried, we laughed some more. When everyone else had become so focused on the war I was able to just go and have fun whether it be in the kitchens, in the room of requirements or an empty classroom. No matter where we were and no matter how little the time was I always walked away with a smile on my face.

It wasn't until the end of the year that our meetings became a little more serious. I was aware of the poisoned necklace that someone had tried to sneak in and though I knew Draco had been acting slightly suspicious I brushed it off but when my brother was poisoned accidentally I didn't have to investigate any further.

At our next meeting I broke down, I hadn't let anyone see my cry but I couldn't hold it in any longer. He held me until I had stopped and then he confessed. Yes I was angry at him but what he said next quickly pushed that anger aside. He told me everything.

"Weasley wasn't supposed to get poisoned," Draco sneered his name, though we had become close he was still at war with my brothers, "it was supposed to get to Dumbledore." Of course I was in shock but I was at a loss of words so he continued without interruptions. "You-know-who has given me the task of killing Dumbledore, and if I don't do it he will kill my parents. I have no other choice."

Now he was the one to break down, I held him as he silently cried into my shoulder. Of course he wasn't a loud and obnoxious crier like me and he definitely didn't look like a blubbering baby. He was actually quite put together for being so broken down. After his tears had dried I tried to coax him into letting the order help but he refused. Said it was too dangerous.

From that day on our meetings were never the same. They would start fun and we would laugh until we cried but at the end of each I always asked him to get help and he always declined. But I did make him promise he wouldn't try such foolish stunts as he had before and he promised to alert me if anything big was to happen. Which he did.

Now I was alone in my room on a hot July morning and he was off god knows where, doing god knows what; I truly hoped he was okay. I raised the volume as my favorite song came on and I tried to lose myself in the lyrics. Wanting to drown out the deafening silence of loneliness.

Before the song was even half way up Harry burst into my room. I all but fell off the bed.

"What the bloody--" He wouldn't let me finish, he simply pulled out a newspaper and turned to page 9. The headline read


I dropped the paper and looked at Harry. I didn't want to read it. I couldn't bring myself to even comprehend the simple words. Shaking my head I asked Harry. "What happened?"

"No one knows, they say it may have been a potion gone wrong but it would have had to be a pretty serious potion and a huge amount too. The manor was huge, took up nearly an acre of land." Harry was now sitting across from me at the end of the bed. He looked uncomfortable and I thought I knew what was coming. "Ginny the articled says something else," he paused unsure of himself. Harry was rarely unsure, there could only be one thing. "They said there were no survivors."

I shook my head violently. "NO" I screamed at him and threw the paper. "He wasn't there. He couldn't have been."

"Ginny, no one has seen the Malfoys since-" He cut off, he still had trouble saying it, a lot of us did. "Since before school ended" His rewording still reminded him of the true event and I could tell it still hurt him to think about it. I felt bad for screaming at him.

"He can't be dead Harry." I tried to say calmly. "He must have survived. He must have gotten away. But this was no accident. You-" I paused. Fear of the name only increased fear of the thing itself. "Voldemort tried to kill them. He tried to murder them because Draco didn't kill Dumbledore. This is his punishment."

Harry nodded solemnly. "I agree, as does everyone. Your mum has some interesting thoughts on the topic but I think she's mad about other things so if she says anything just try to ignore her. Another thing I should tell you is Charlie is going to be coming back t-" he didn't even get to finish his sentence. My door bursted open again, this time Charlie was the one standing there.

I ran and threw myself into this arms; it felt good to hug him again. He walked into my room and we both sat on the bed, Harry closed the door behind us. Now I was in for it. I never liked having Harry and Charlie in the room together. They both knew too much about me and they both disagreed about some of my choices so it made it easy for them to gang up on me. Two boys to one girl was so not fair.

"Gin," I only let Charlie call me Gin...and Draco sometimes, but Charlie didn't know that. "I read the article, and I stopped by the Ministry. It's got them pretty shaken up. No one has seen the Malfoys in a long time and the place has been demolished. It looks as if a muggle bomb had gone off." Of course I didn't understand that so Harry didn't hesitate to fill me in, then Charlie continued. "There was no way anyone in the house could have survived."

"Okay so no one in the house survived," I repeated, "That means he must not have been in it. He must have gone out or something."

"Gin, please don't do this." Charlie was looking me in the eyes, I tried to turn from the deep blue but he held my chin so I couldn't budge. "Ginny, I know he was you're friend. I know you guys were close but you can't deny the clear evidence in front of you. Please for my sake don't fool yourself into a false sense of security. I don't want you to get hurt anymore than is necessary."

Tears welled in my eyes. I tried to turn my head again and this time he let me. I knew he was right but I didn't want to admit to it. Draco was my best friend, I told him everything. While everyone was off talking about the upcoming war he would talk to me about what was happening currently not what was going to happen.

"Ginny listen to your brother," Harry brought himself a little closer. "I know Malfoy was a good friend but he did try to kill Dumbledore, are you sure you can trust him? He might not be who you think he is, forget h-

Before Harry or Charlie -or even myself- knew what was happening I was off the bed and my voice had risen considerably. "Are you kidding me?" In contrast to the hushed tones we had been speaking in my voice sounded as if it was amplified. I lowered my voice before I continued, knowing it would be the end of me if anyone else found out about this.

"I know him. I know him more than you could imagine. When you, Ron and Hermione were off talking about what’s going to happen a year from now he was there for me. He was there to help me through life as it came. I would trust him with my life. Yes he may have tried to kill Dumbledore but he was doing it for his family. If Voldemort had Ron and Hermione what would you do?" I asked Harry. "Charlie, what if he had mum and dad? Would you have spared a 200 year old man so your own parents would take the fall?" My voice had gotten considerably lower now. I fell onto the bed, as if the anger I had felt a moment ago had completely drained me.

Charlie wrapped his arms around me in a huge hug. I rested my head on his broad chest as a few tears escaped and slid down my cheek. "I can't forget him,” I added in almost a whisper. "He was my best friend. I love him."

Charlie gave me a comforting squeeze and let me sob silently. My own arms were wrapped around him now and I held on tightly; I knew even if I used all of my strength it wouldn't bother him. We stayed like that, I didn't know what Harry was doing but I didn't care right now. I had my big brother and that was fine with me.

"I'm sorry," I heard Harrys soft voice after what felt like an eternity. I could have spent the rest of the day in Charlie’s arms, he was my big brother, and I loved him. I slowly loosened my grip on Charlie and tried sitting up. I knew I must have looked terrible but neither of the boys said anything. Charlie handed me a tissue and I took a minute to blow my nose, dab my eyes and fix myself up.

"No Harry," My voice came out scratchy, after clearing it I started again. "Don't be sorry, you had every right to say that. Draco hasn't exactly been your number one fan or Dumbledores for that matter. I know where your lack of trust is coming from and I know it is well suited but I also have gotten to know him, the real him. I know why he was how he was and why he did what he did. Don't worry Harry, I wouldn't trust him if I had any reason not to."

"Okay Ginny, I believe you" Harry conceded. "but that doesn't change the fact about what happened. How do you think he survived an explosion such as this?"

"I don't know," I couldn't lie to them, they knew me too well. "But I do know that I would know if he was dead." Charlie and Harry exchanged a look when they thought I wasn't looking. Of course they thought I was just holding onto nothing but I knew I wasn't. He was alive, I could feel it.

"I'm going for a walk." I didn't let them respond, I simply left. I felt like I needed to go somewhere but I didn't know where. I just walked; past my mother in the kitchen, past the garden gnomes, past the protection charms that I had sworn to never cross and into the woods over the hills.

I finally stopped and sat when I reached a small stream. I had never been here before but there was something that felt right about it. I knew I was supposed to stop here. I slipped my shoes off and submerged my feet into the clear water. The water felt cool and refreshing as it lapped at my ankles; I had a strong urge to jump right in. To let the water surround me and wash away all the emotions currently filling my head.

I stayed on the rock; I knew better then to lose my senses in such an insecure place. I was here for a reason, now if only I could find out what it was. I looked around for any strange marking or anything that would make this place significant. After finding nothing I quickly got up from the rock, dried my feet and slipped my shoes back on; I was ready to go back home.

A twig snapped. I turned around, my wand at the ready.


The moment the spell left my lips I felt my own wand leave my hand and a second later another wand came flying towards me. I picked the wand up and instantly knew who’s it was. It didn't surprise me; I found that I was actually expecting it.

He walked out of the trees, holding my own wand out towards me. I took it and handed his back to him. I didn't know what to say, I didn't know what to do. We both just stood there.

"I see dead people..." I don't really know why I said it. I remember I had forced him to watch the muggle movie "The Sixth Sense" and the tagline had always been a joke between us whenever ghosts passed us in the hallway.

He laughed.

The sweet meolodic sound that erupted from his lips was the best thing I had heard in months. I ran into his arms. "Draco" I sighed as his arms wrapped around me. I wanted to cry. I wanted to sing. I wanted to jump for joy. I wanted to hit him. I wanted to kiss him. I didn't know what to do.

We broke away from the hug and just looked at each other. I was the first to break the silence

"Everyone thinks you're dead, along with your parents and anyone staying at your house,"

"I know," That was all he said.

"I'm sorry" we both spoke at the same time...again.

"You go first," He said with the usual smirk on his lips. I hadn't realized I missed it until just now.

"I'm sorry," I said again, “about everything that has happened but I'm glad that you are okay. What happened exactly?"

I sat down on a boulder by the stream awaiting his reply. He sat beside me and simply sighed.

"You don't have to tell me if you don't want to" Of course I wanted to know, more than anything but I would let him say it in his own time.

"No I want to," He seemed troubled, I was itching to hold his hand and say it was okay but I wasn't sure if I could. So much had happened since we last saw each other. Were we still best friends or had he changed...could my brother and Harry be right? I was almost second guessing my decision to leave the protection of my home but when he started to speak again I knew I had made the right choice.

"I need to start from the beginning. Um do you know what really happened that night on the astronomy tower?" The answer seemed obvious to me but I answered anyway. It surprised me how surprised he was; if that makes any sense. I had forgotten that Harry had been invisible so no one knew he had been there. I told him Harry’s story and he told me his story. It wasn't anything new really until after Snape killed Dumbledore.

"I was going to ask him for help Gin," His voice was pleading, Malfoys weren’t supposed to plead. I didn't like to see him like that; it was so out of character. "I wanted his help; I didn't want to kill him. You know that and then I couldn't get help because the other death eaters turned up and then Snape was there and he just did it. I couldn't even react. The next thing I know we were running off the grounds and Snape was whispering in my ear. He told me that as soon as we left the grounds to apparate. I asked if it would be safe at my house and he said no. Then he gave me a slip of paper and as soon as I had read the address written on it, it turned to ash."

The story came spilling out of him. I listened intently and didn't interrupt although my mind was bursting with unanswered questions. Why was Snape helping him? What was the address? Where were his parents, were they okay too?

I cleared my mind and thought of nothing but what Draco was saying.

"I didn't know what to make of it." Draco seemed to be completely lost in the story. Before I knew it I was holding his hand. I hadn't even thought about it I just did it. It wasn't awkward or weird in anyway, it felt natural. Our hands fit perfectly together like they were made for each other. Now that sounds way too corny but honestly it was true. Holding Harrys hand was comfortable and all but it was too small. Charlies was much bigger but he had so many calluses it wasn't exactly comfortable. Draco was large enough and definitely soft enough.

It was exactly like the muggle children story Goldilocks and the three bears. Draco was the perfect bowl of porridge and the right sized chair. I'm sure he wouldn't appreciate being called porridge or being related to a muggle story but what he didn't know wouldn't hurt him.

He simply looked at me and smiled but it didn't reach his eyes. He was still troubled. I would do anything to make him happy again. He started talking again. "I always thought Snape was really one of Voldemorts avid followers but he truly was on your side." I dropped his hand. That statement held way too many inaccuracies. He looked hurt by the gesture and I felt guilty; I hadn't meant to do it.

"It's not my side." He looked rather confused after I said that, probably wasn't what he was expecting. "Draco you were brought into this war for all the wrong reasons. You were forced to fight for a side you didn't believe in. You can't-"

"You know that’s not true." He interrupted me which I found rather annoying but I let him go on. "I did believe in what Voldemort stood for. I believed I was better then muggle-borns and half-bloods because I was a pureblood. You saw how I always treated Granger and how I despised your family because they were blood-traitors."

"I also just heard all of that spoken in the past tense." I interjected before he could say anything else. "You called them muggle borns not mudbloods. You did believe that stuff but you don't anymore. Your family used to follow Voldemort but I know they have changed as well as you. I have seen you talk about your mother and father. You respect them and love them as much as I do mine. Like Dumbledore always said, love is something Voldemort has never known or understood. It's a magic that you can't learn about in books but only from those around you. Love is what will help us win this war."

Alright so maybe I got a little mushy at the end but come on I was on a roll! I couldn't watch Draco say things like that, he was a changed man and I knew it. By the time I had ended that lovely soliloquy I had somehow gotten closer to Draco and his hands were in my own. I looked into his silver eyes and felt a slight pull from the middle of my stomach. I knew what this feeling was and I knew I shouldn't be feeling it. I closed my eyes and blocked it from my thoughts. Friendship. That's what we share right now.

"I tried to kill my own headmaster," Draco of course had a positive remark to make. "I don't think it was love that made me do that." I wanted to strangle this man right now. He wasn't getting it, He was so much more than what he thought; why couldn't he see it?

I took a deep breath and composed my voice into a calm and sincere manner. "You don't get it Draco, who you are, is not where you've been. You didn't kill him therefore you're innocent. However Snape is not. He killed Dumbledore, he is no longer on our side."

"You're wrong," of course Draco didn’t agree with me. "Snape and Dumbledore had planned it all. I don't know all of the details but I do know Snape was always faithful to Dumbledore. He was willing to do anything for him, even kill him, because that's what Dumbledore had wanted."

"Draco," I had just realized something but I was wary to ask and confirm my worst fear. "Why are you talking about Snape in the past tense?" Draco didn't respond to me, he looked down at my hand. When he looked up I was more than surprised to see them filled with tears. He didn't have to say it, suddenly I knew.

"He went back," Draco’s voice was hard and clear. "He went back to make sure Voldemort wouldn't get suspicious and to tie up some loose ends. Blaise Zabini was under the imperius curse but he had been fighting it and was able to help Snape get my parents out of the house so Snape went back to make sure no one had found out Blaise was the one that had helped."

"Somehow Voldemort had found out though so when Snape arrived he was ambushed and brought to the dungeons," Draco’s voice never wavered but I saw a tear slide down his cheek. I reached up slowly and wiped it with my thumb, Draco leaned into my hand so I left it there for a moment, then he continued. "Snape was kept prisoner because he refused to give any information on where my parents and I were”

"Then he blew the manor up." Draco said it so calmly, I had always envied how collected he was but now I was beginning to think maybe it was better to break down and cry sometimes. Maybe Draco wanted to but he didn't know how. "Voldemort blew the manor up while Snape was still in it. He killed my godfather, my uncle, my friend." His voice was dripping with malice now and my own eyes were filling with tears. Snape had been my favorite professor, now he was gone. He was the tragic hero of my own tale, he saved the man I love and was loyal enough to kill the man who loved us all.

"He didn't only blow it up to kill Snape," Draco started up again. "He was also sending us a message. We can't go back now, we are officially off their side and if we ever show our face anywhere he will have us killed." I didn't like how that sounded, anywhere. "Gin, that's why I'm here, I'm here to tell you that I have to go and that I can't ever come back until the war is over and even then I'm not sure what I will do."

"No!" I nearly screamed the word but there was no way I was going to let Draco do that. "Draco don't you get it, you are no longer on the wrong side of the war. You can fight with us now! We will protect you, Voldemort can't get you if you're with us."

"If I go with you then you're in danger," I couldn't believe Draco just said that, he knew how much I hated that. "I know Ginny, I know that is not what you want to hear but it’s the truth. You can fight for yourself, I know that but Voldemort wants my family almost as much as he wants Harry. No death eaters have ever left him. If they even think of it they are killed without a second thought. The fact that we got away from him has made him angrier then I have ever seen. He's going to try harder than ever to get us."

"That makes you staying even more necessary," I wasn't going to let him leave, no matter what. "If you leave I will have no way of knowing if you're okay. I'm not going to let you go," I was serious, he laughed.

"What are you going to do?" He asked, I was getting quite annoyed with him. He should have known better than to ask that.

"Stupefy!" The spell hit him squarely in the chest, I caught him before he fell but I soon realized I hadn't spoken the spell. I turned around my wand at the ready, the face that met me had me nearly stumbling backwards.

"I don't mean any harm," I doubted the words but I didn't say anything. "I'm here for your help, please."

"Your son doesn't seem to think you need it," My voice was hard, I couldn't help it; this man had put me through hell.

"I know, but it's because of you," He seemed earnest but how was he going to blame this on me."He thinks if you help us then you will get hurt. He cares about you too much to put you in danger."

"I know him too well, he's too stubborn to let me help," My voice softened, I knew Lucius was right.

"And if everything he says about you is true you're too stubborn not to help," I couldn't help but smile at that; Draco talked about me to his parents. The people we hid from in school, the ones he was afraid to disappoint. He finally told them.

"Unstun him, I'll see what I can do." I knew I had to fight him even harder now. I was going to save his family if it was the last thing I do...maybe that was a bad choice of words. Lucius Malfoy reversed the spell and Draco jumped up pulling his wand out before he knew who he was about to curse. When he saw his father, he froze.

"What are you doing here?" His voice was cold; I cringed at hearing it like that. I always forgot Draco used to be so distant. "You could have been seen and killed."

"Don't worry Draco," Lucius was calm and I could now see where Draco got it from. "I used a disillusionment charm and added extra protection when I left."

"You left mom alone?" Draco blurted even angrier now.

"She's with Dobby," That made me freeze. Dobby was no longer the Malfoy elf, he wouldn't go back there unless Harry had sent him.

"Wait, Dobby is with your mum?" I asked needing to make sure I hadn't heard wrong. Lucius confirmed it. I wasn't sure what to feel. Was he helping them or was he spying. Then I realized something else. I had been out of the protection for way too long and they hadn't found me yet. That was impossible.

"Harry? Charlie?" I turned and asked the trees around me. I heard Lucius curse and I knew Draco was probably thinking the same thing. Not a moment later they revealed themselves.

Lucius was about to apparate but Draco grabbed his arm keeping him here. He knew Charlie and Harry had probably heard the whole thing. They would know better than to harm either of them while I was there anyway.

"So Ginny...funny seeing you here," Charlie tried to crack a joke, I didn't laugh. "We're sorry but we couldn't let you leave the protection and not follow."

"How long were you listening for?" I couldn't believe I didn't realize they were there before now. I had let my guard down and I wasn't going to admit it but it was probably a good thing they were there.

"Um basically the whole time I think," Harry answered sheepishly. "we heard the whole story," I didn't think he would believe the story...he sounded like he didn't know what to believe.

"Then you know Draco is innocent and so is Snape," I couldn't say Lucius was innocent, in my eyes he was far from it. "and Lucius has decided to change." That sounded good enough.

"We heard,"

"Why didn't you come out before?" It wasn't me who asked, although I was wondering the same thing, but Draco was the one to speak the question.

"We didn't want to keep you two away from each other," Harry seemed embarrassed to admit it. "We simply stayed to make sure there would be no unwanted guest." He seemed to eye Draco’s father warily when saying this, they seemed to say we didn't try hard enough.

"Why did you send Dobby to the Malfoys?" I asked my anger coming back a little and if he didn't answer correctly he would see it more than ever. However he didn't have time to answer.

"What?" the two Malfoys said in unison...well more like screamed actually.

I hadn't really thought about what they would think about Harry sending Dobby, it probably would have been a better idea to leave the question for when I was alone with him. Too late.

"" Harry stuttered, probably couldn't come up with a good enough reason.

"I told him to," Charlie said, protecting Harry from not only my anger but the wrath of 2 Mafloys. “I thought that it would be a good way to make sure they weren't in trouble or getting themselves into trouble. Don't worry though, he never revealed your location to us or told us anything that we could ever use against you. He simply told us you were not in any immediate danger and weren't planning anything with Voldemort."

His explanation calmed me down but it didn't seem to do much for the two blondes. I probably should say something before someone did something they'd regret but I don't know, it could get interesting. My life has been so boring lately I needed some action...

"Thank you," I couldn't stay quiet, I wasn't sure how but I needed to diffuse some of this tension. "Draco they only did it to help not you but me. You have to understand why they would be a little hesitant to trust you guys but now that Dobby has said there is nothing to worry about they can and will trust you." I ignored Charlie and Harry's skeptical looks.

"Now this is touching and all," Lucius cut in with his usual sneer "but I need to get back to my wife. Ms. Weasley I truly hope you don't listen to my son. He isn't thinking about himself or his family right now." If he wasn't so proud I was sure he would be begging me. "Good bye." He finished curtly and apparated before Harry or Charlie could react.

"What was he saying?" Harry asked, always the oblivious one. I simply shook my head; I wasn't getting into it now.

"Can Draco and I talk please?" I asked pointedly, Harry and Charlie shuffled off grudgingly but I knew they wouldn't stay away for long.

"Gin." Draco started softly. "I can't stay here, my father doesn't know what he's talking about." I wanted to slap this boy. "If you help me I am putting your whole family in more danger than you can imagine."

"Who cares?" I scoffed. "Honestly Draco you have to realize something, a war is starting. We are all in more danger than we can imagine with or without you. If we help protect you it will help us. Your father was Voldemorts right hand man, if he comes to us for help he will have to give some in return. He can tell us everything he knows and Voldemort won't see it coming. We need you on our side. I need you on my side." My voice was pleading; I hated it.

However it seemed to work. Draco took my hands in his again, it was reassuring. He wasn't looking at me but more through me, contemplating everything I had said. I knew this was it, he was going to give in; he had to.

"I tried to kill Dumbledore," before he would finish the sentence I went to interrupt him but he held up a hand, I would have to wait. "Your family and the other order members are not going to feel too keen about helping me. They all hate my family."

"No, not all of them," I answered pointedly, he rolled his eyes, we both knew it was definitely a majority that did. "They don't matter anyway. If I trust you then they will, if I care for you, they will-" I had to stop myself from saying if I love you they will because we both knew they wouldn't and it's been so long since those three words have made an appearance between us I wasn't sure if I could say it. "Harry knows you're good and Charlie knows he can trust my judgment. Hermione is always quick to forgive as are Fred and George, and Harry and Charlie can keep Ron away from you," I finished kind of half heartedly with the whole Ron bit but it's Ron we're talking about.

"I think you think too highly of your family," Draco was kidding right? This man thought I thought too highly of my family? I swear he knows nothing. Well I mean I may be thinking too highly of Ron, it was definitely going to take more than Charlie and Harry to keep him away from Draco but other than that I think I had it spot on. "I tried to kill Dumbledore! They were bloody in love with the old fool!" Draco’s voice rose slightly, I turned to make sure Harry and Charlie hadn't noticed. I think Charlie had but he was smart enough to pretend he hadn't.

"Draco, please don't make me say this again." I took a deep breath, if this boy didn't give in I swear I was going to kill him myself. "You didn't want to, it isn't your fault."

"That doesn't matter," He interrupted, exasperated. "In their eyes, I may as well have killed him."

"That's not true," I tried to push my annoyance away but he was making this pretty dang hard. "Harry told us you had lowered your wand that you were going to try to get help from him. We all know that you aren't all bad. With all the new information you can give us the events that happened on the Astronomy Tower will just be a little bump in the road." He didn't look convinced. "Yes Draco you took Dumbledores wand, you had him right where you wanted, you could have spoken those two simple words." My anger spiked at his lack of response. I pulled my hands out of his and he looked hurt but screw that, he was making me mad. I waved them as I said each word. "Yes Draco we all know, you almost killed Dumbledore!" I nearly screamed it as I reached the climax of my rant, then I sank down and took his hands in mine again.

"But you didn't."


Did you like it? Let me know what you think:] This one was a lot longer than the first one and the next is even longer I think. i hope you guys enjoyed it. If not, I'm open to some constructive criticism:]

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Innocent: But you didn't


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