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Chapter 1 : The slow descent
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Harry was on the Hogwarts Express, setting off to begin his 6th year at Hogwarts and he was really looking forward to another fun filledf year with his best friends Ron and Hermione. He was in a happy mood (laughing and joking with both of his friends and Neville and Luna) because his scar hadn't hurt at all throughout the summer holidays. He felt wonderful and unusally well revived after spending most of the holidays with his muggle relatives, though that could really have been attributed more to the fact that he'd spent the last two weeks of his summer holidays at the Burrow with Ron and the rest of his family.


Now the holidays were over and the three inseparable friends were heading off to start what was supposed to be their most important year at school. The three of them were laughing and joking as usual in the train carriage that they shared along with one or two of their other friends (fellow Gryffindors and one or two DA members) when all of a sudden Harry suddenly went quiet and just seemed to stared at a point between Ron and Hermione's heads. At first no one seemed to notice, but Hermione just happened to look towards him and started to frown, and had a puzzled look on her face at the same time. Leaning over towards him she gently shook his leg and Harry just sat there and didn't react to her touch at first.

'Harry' she said, and still received no reaction.

'Harry' she repeated more loudly and shook his leg more firmly.

The effect was electric, Harry almost jumped out of his skin and started to shout and rant hysterically, scaring the hell out of the other occupants of the carriage.

'Leave me alone' Harry shouted, 'don't you touch me'.

And he continued to rant and rave for another few minutes with both of his friends trying to calm him down and stopping him from throwing his arms all over the place and maybe hurting himself. Eventually he started to calm down and he collapsed unconscious on the a seat. After about ten minutes Harry started to come round and holding his head in both hands he moaned.

'What happened?'

'What do you remember?' asked Hermione.

'Nothing' came back the reply.

So Harry was told about what had happened and he just listened with a disbelieving look on his face.

'Aw come off it' he said 'you must be joking'.

But the looks on the peoples faces were enough to show him that they were not joking and they were deadly serious about what they were saying.

'But why can I not remember what happened and what I did? I mean, if what you said was true and I shouted and screamed, why don't I remember any of it?'

The question threw them. Nobody could answer; all that met Harry was blank looks and some shrugging of shoulders as if to say I don't know.

'None of us know what's going on Harry' said Hermione ' but you can be sure that we'll not rest until we get to the bottom of these things. But what we know for definite is that Malfoy will have a field day with this once he hears about this'.

'Why would he hear about it?' asked Harry.

'Harry, your on a train packed with people and you were screaming your head off, the walls aren't exactly thick. I would think that a few people would have heard you'.

'Oh, I see what you mean'. he said.




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