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To the Third Power by Spaz
Chapter 1 : Mia, Lia, and Tia
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Hey, Mia's the name, sarcasim is my game!

I know, that's completely lame, but my sister, Tia thought it would be "cute" if we all started out like that, so you'll be hearing two more times. Don't you dare make fun of it, only I'm allowed to!

So, yeah, I'm Mia, I'm the oldest of the Rosaria triplets, born a minute before Lia and two minutes before Tia. The only thing that sucks about being the oldest is that it seems our mother gave me all the sense of humor and ran out of it before Lia and Tia came out. So now I'm the only one with the sense of humor, and Lia and Tia are a little boring, but I love them anyways.

I find it very weird that we're triplets, but we're all so different. Being around us at one time is like being around a bipolar person. See, first you get me, sarcastic and blunt, then it switches and you get Lia, nice and brave, another switch and you get Tia, quiet and super smart.

Although we're different in personality, we of course look almost exactly alike. We all have long blonde hair that fall down our backs, bright blue eyes and the same smiles. The thing that easily sets us apart is our hair, Tia's is stick straight and stays that way no matter what. Lia's hair falls down in gorgeous waves, and is almost impossible to keep straight. And my hair falls down in ringlets, and is a bit wild, but I love it like that.

And again, even though we look the same, Lia and Tia reckon I'm the prettiest, which makes no sense,I mean, we all look alike! I personally think we're all freakin' gorgeous in our own way. Me in me being that kind of crazy gorgeous, Lia being nice gorgeous, and Tia being a simply gorgeous.

I know they only think that because I've dated alot of guys. It's not like I've had alot of boyfriends, I've only had two real ones, I just see, and date alot of guys…at the same time. Now before you start thinking I'm a total slut, hear me out. All of the guys I see know that I'm seeing other guys and they're fine with it. So it's not like I'm cheating or anything. Now if you still think I'm a slut, well, screw you sideways.

I don't give a flying fuck what people think of me. If it's something nice, well then I'll take the compliment, if it's mean well, the person will not at all like the words I choose to call them. But, hey, that's just me, deal with it.

Anyways, back to the guys, I've been seeing this one really gorgeous guy, Mason for awhile. He's great, he's also a Metamorphagus, which means he can change his appearance at will, which is good because that means I'll never get bored with what he looks like, like I usually do with other guys. But I can't help but wonder if Mason actually looks the way he does, or if he just changes his appearance every time he sees me. I guess that will always be a mystery, which keeps me really interested.

As great as Mason is, he's not enough to keep me from seeing other guys, I have yet to meet anyone that does, actually. I'm starting to think I never will. My sisters think I should try having a real relationship, but I can't do it, it's just not my thing. Besides, Tia only says that because she's tired of me talking about five different guys, and Lia was only saying that because she was in a real relationship and she "loved" it. Too bad for her she was in a real relationship with a real asshole.

Liam was the biggest asshole I ever met, and I would know because I'm a part time asshole, but Liam, he's full time, actually he was sometimes overtime, which never ceases to amaze me. All he ever did was pick fights with Lia for absolutely no reason,and she'd end up crying, but she would never let me beat the shit out of him, cause apparently she "really cared about him" or something stupid like that. I don't care anymore, I'm just glad they broke up, though it didn't end well.

You see with us being triplet witches, we have power together, that other witches don't. For example, when one of us feels an extreme burst of emotions, we all feel it, it's like we channel eachother's feelings. So, a few weeks ago, I was out with Mason and we were playing our usual sarcasim game when suddenly, I felt really happy, therfore, the next thing that came out of my mouth was happy, instead of sarcastic. I knew right away that I had channeled one of my sister's feelings. Luckily Mason did, too, still our game was ruined. So when I got home, I asked Lia and Tia who was so happy, it was Tia, apparently there was some new book coming out that she was excited about. I didn't care much, since there was no harm done, but with Lia, it was another story. It turns out that when she channeled Tia's happiness, she and Liam were fighting, and it's not exactly good when people are fighting, and then suddenly one of them is extremely happy. So, Liam thought Lia was happy that they were fighting, even though Lia told him she was channeling one of our feelings, and he dumped her.

That was pretty much the last straw for me, I wasn't going let that asshole hurt my sister and get away with it, but at the same time, I couldn't beat his ass, although there are many people who could have done it, since he is hated by many, Lia has seen me beat up enough people to know what my work looks like. So, that night Tia and I snuck into Liam's house and put poison ivy in his bed.

I was very surprised Tia accompanied me, she usually never does things like that, except when I manage to corrupt her and Lia to sneak out to parties with me or to the beach at night.

So the next day, Lia goes to Liam's house to drop off all of his shit and his mother tells her that Liam somehow got in contact with poison ivy, turns out he's allergic to it and he had a horrible rash for three weeks. Lia was so happy to hear that,she knew he deserved it. I think she knew I had something to do with it,but she never said anything about it.

Lia has been really depressed, though, she really like Liam and they were together for awhile. So it's a good thing we're starting at a new school, Hogwarts, Lia could use a change in her life. And as for me, there will be a whole school of boys I've never dated, which means I have to end it with the guys I was seeing, including wonderful Mason. Tia has been wanting to go for ages, and is really excited. I wonder what kind of guys they have at Hogwarts…


Hey, Lia's the name, kindess is my game!

I know you've already heard that once, and I'm sorry you'll have to hear it once more after this. As Mia probably already told you, Tia thought it would be cute if we all started off the same. Mia probably told you how lame she thought it was, too, but Mia wants Tia to be happy, so she went through it. I on the other hand thought the idea was all right, I didn't think it was completely cute like Tia, but I didn't think it was completely lame like Mia.

So, again, hi, I'm Lia, the middle girl of the Rosaria triplets, I was born one minute after Mia, and one minute before Tia. I wish I had been born first, then maybe Mia would have gotten a bit of the kindess that Tia and I got.

It's so strange, how different we all are. All of us together is like chewing flavor changing gum, first you get the sweetness of me, then the flavor changes to something kind of simple and you get Tia, then suddenly the gum is all hot and you get Mia's temper, and sarcasim.

But even though we're different our looks are of course similar, just different type of hair, mine is all stupid and wavy and it won't stay straight to save my life. Tia's is scary straight, and it won't curl, unless a massive amount of product is used, and Mia's hair falls down in these gorgeous curls that are never quite tame, but look amazing anyways.

We're all quite beautiful, but Tia and I think Mia is the best looking, yes, I know we're triplets, but there's something that makes Mia much prettier than us. Maybe it's her wild and crazy personality. Not to mention, she's dated alot of guys, even though she's only had two real, genuine boyfriends. But seriously, how many girls can get away with seeing multiple guys and the guys are fine with it? Not many, only the extremely gorgeous ones!

Both Tia and I have told Mia she should try a real relationship again, but she just doesn't want to. I don't really think that anymore though, when I first said that it was because I was in a real relationship and I loved it. I was dating the best guy I ever met, Liam. He was sweet in the beginning, but soon he was always starting fights for no reason. When we fought, I usually ended up crying, and then he would come and apologize, but that's not at all how our last fight ended.

He had started the fight, as usual. He was accusing me of cheating on him with one of the guys Mia was seeing,Mason. I would never do that, because one, I know how much Mia likes him, and two, I'm not a cheater! Anyways this time I was so shocked and pissed that I argued back, which surprised Liam, and soon we were working it out a bit, and suddenly I felt really happy. I couldn't keep the smile off of my face, no matter how hard I tried, then Liam completely lost it. He started screaming about how I didn't care about our relationship and I thought it was a joke or something. I tried to explain to him that I had channeled one of my sister's feelings, but he didn't believe me. Then he dumped me, right there on the beach and he left me there crying.

After that I could see why Mia didn't like him, he was an ass! So I went home, and found out it was Tia who had been so happy. Turns out there was some new book coming out that she was really excited for. She felt horrble once I told her what happened, but I didn't blame her, it's not her fault Liam was such a jerk. Then Mia came home from her date with Mason asking who had been so happy, then we told her the story. She was beyond pissed, but she tried not to let it show.

The next day I went over to Liam's house to drop off all the crap of his that I had, and his mother told me he had somehow gotten in contact with poison ivy. Liam is very allergic to poison ivy, so he had a horrible rash for like three weeks, I was quite happy about that. I knew Mia had something to do with it, but I said nothing about it.

Unfortunately, I still care about Liam, we were together for more than a year and we were so close. Good thing my sisters and I are starting at a new school this year, Hogwarts. It'll be nice to get away from everything familar, everything that reminds me of Liam. I'm just ready to go to Hogwarts so things can change…


Hey, Tia's the name, smartness is my game!

Didn't you think that was cute? I know Mia probably said it was lame, and Lia is in the middle about what to say about it, but I thought it would be pretty cool.

Hello, again, my name is Tia, I'm the youngest of the Rosaria triplets, born one minute after Lia and two minutes after Mia. Personally, I think I should be the oldest, I'm much more mature than both Mia and Lia, but I have no choice in the matter.

I find it very mind boggling that we're all so different. Being in the same room as all three of us is like reading a story with three different narrators. First you get my smart narration, then Mia's sarcastic narration, then Lia's nice narration.

If there is anything about us that is at all alike, it's our looks, excluding our hair. We all have blonde hair, but it's all different. Mia's hair is curly, and falls down in ringlets, my hair is straight like the edge of a book, and is always like that, and Lia's is all nice and wavy. For some odd reason, we all keep it the same length, to the middle of our backs.

I honestly think Mia is the prettiest our of all of us. It seems like her looks come easy for her, like she doesn't even really have to try. It's hard having a sister like Mia and not feel jealous, she just seems so put together,even in the worst of times. Not to mention she's dated many guys, and at the same time. I don't exactly approv of that, but the guys don't mind one bit. Again, hard not to be jealous, I mean, I've never had a boyfriend, I've never even been kissed! I suppose some of it is my fault, guys have asked me out before, but I always say no, I'm not sure why. I just feel more comfortable in my room reading my favorite books.

I realize I'm not ready to date, just like Mia isn't ready to be in a real relationship. I wish she was though, because I'm tired of hearing about five different guys. Lia had a real relationship, but I accidentally ruined it. See there was a new History of Magic book coming out that I had been waiting forever for to come out, and I got really happy and excited. And I made my sisters channel my feelings. Unfortunately Lia and her boyfriend, Liam had been fighting, and he took it the wrong way when she was suddenly happy, and he dumped her. She came home crying and I felt absolutely terrible for what I had done. But no one blamed me for it.

And that night, Mia and I snuck into Liam's house and put poison ivy in his bed. Mia had somehow convinced me to do it, and I actually enjoyed it. That usually happened when Mia corrupted me to do something, I ended up enjoying things.

Lia is still a bit upset over the break up. Luckily for all of us, we will be attending Hogwarts School of Withcraft and Wizardry. We all need a change, not to mention, I read that Hogwarts has a great educational system, I can't wait to go…

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