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McGonagall Cheers Up a Little by SusieBones
Chapter 1 : McGoagall Cheers Up a Little
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Professor McGonagall sighed, looking down into her pensive. Memories swam before her: her friends waving goodbye as they left Hogwarts in seventh year, one of her friends running to her with a ring on her hand, Minerva never getting married. The Headmistress sighed again in old-age despair.

“Minerva,” came the voice of Severus Snape’s portrait from behind McGonagall, “I… I once felt the same. I wanted a family, not to be a loaner.”

McGonagall said, “Thank you, Severus. Here I am, in my old age, felling sentimental about the past. I ought to get back to work.”

“No,” replied Snape, “Don’t try to forget about it. I tried, and, well, it just made things worse. Try to… try to help others in the way you never helped yourself.”

“Which means… what, exactly?”

The portrait opened his mouth to respond, but was interrupted by a password:”Lemon Drops!”

The Head’s office fell silent, hearing voices, then footsteps running towards the door. With a flick of Professor McGonagall’s wand, the door creaked open to reveal the famous Harry Potter bursting into the room without so much as knocking.

McGonagall looked at Harry disapprovingly to see what was wrong. The only mark of emotion on Harry’s face, however, was one of wild happiness.

“What is it?” the professor asked irritably. “Haven’t you learned any manners, Potter?”

“Sorry, Professor,” gasped Harry, out of breath. “It’s just… someone’s here to meet you!”

“Who is it?” McGonagall asked sharply, teacher quickly filling in for the soft older lady she was a minute ago. “Why won’t you say something of use, Potter?”

Harry, shaking his head, only grinned. “Go downstairs.”

Minerva resigned herself to putting up with this absurd boy’s talk. Walking stately downstairs, McGonagall warned, “This had better be good, Potter. Otherwise….” She fingered her wand threateningly.

Harry just smiled. This was not like him.

When at last the Headmistress reached the last step, she nearly fainted with joy.

Ginny Potter was standing at the foot of the stairs, holding a cooing baby.

“Hullo, Professor. Sorry about him.” She jerked a finger towards her husband. “Now, this here is James, James Sirius.”

In that instant, Minerva realized what Snape had been trying to tell her. If you don’t have a family, help others enjoy theirs, and have a great time doing so.

For a heartbeat McGonagall was an older lady. Then she turned back into schoolgirl Minnie again, crying with joy and running to Ginny to embrace her and her son.


James grabbed onto McGonagall’s finger, squeezing it with a baby’s grip. The small party of teachers and Potters were gathered in the Gryffindor common room, celebrating the first baby Potter of the Next Generation.

Now Minerva looked at Harry and said,”You named this one correctly, all right. He’s going to be as bad as his grandfather.”

Then she turned back to speak to the little mischief maker, saying, “When you get back to Hogwarts as a student, I most certainly won’t allow you to sit on my lap and suffocate my finger."

James Sirius Potter just made an innocent baby look, and Headmistress Minerva McGonagall shook her head in exasperation and secret joy, knowing that she wouldn’t sigh again that day.


A/N: I know this is short but the idea just popped into my head. The line about "Get back to Hogwarts" is from A Very Potter Musical, just in case you were wondering. Thank for reading; please comment!

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