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The Ghost of You. by HannahLizzieeex
Chapter 1 : Traitors for Tea.
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A/N - A new story from me! Those who ever saw my first one amy notice that it is no longer uploaded, well that's because I had no inspiration or intentions on finishing it! However this one's going well! Please leave a review telling me what you think! :) xo




The narrow room was dark , the light from the chandelier dimmed from the dust and cobwebs that had collected over the years. At the further end, standing tall against the cold stone wall was a medieval oak chair, decorated with carvings of serpents slithering up the sides, disappearing behind the back support, into the shadows. Occupying the gothic throne was a corrupt soul, with a heart so black it's very existence was questionable, tilting his ivory head slightly, sickly amused by the pleading figure kneeling before him.

"Please my lord.. he's just a boy." She pleaded, not wanting any harm to come to her precious boy, only guilty of possesing a good and honest heart.

"As amusing as this scene is, Narcissa, I am afraid your pleads are hopeless. Young Draco failed me and because of his failure, disposing of Harry Potter will be a lot more difficult than originally planned. With Dumbledore out of the picture, Potter would have no support in deciding on my destruction and the chances of me defeating him would of heightened, however Dumbledore lives, now an obstacle in what would have been a straight forward, simple course. And who's fault is this, boy?" His eyes darted towards Draco who's usually perfectly placed blonde hair was tousled, ginger in places where the blood had stained. His face was severly bruised, the purple contrasting his immaculate skin, with blood trickling down from a deep horizontal cut on his left cheek. Draco quivered as his own glassy eyes made contact with Voldermorts piercing red slits, the effects of the crutiatus curse had effected him mentally as well as physically.

"M..m.. mine." He said, his voice barely reaching a whisper.

"That's right, Draco. It is your fault." Voldermort said accusingly. He raised his eyes and scanned the room of deatheaters before letting a smile play along his invisible lips. Voldermort was known for his vicious schemes, however this one topped them all.

"Now then, my loyal followers," He spoke slowly, allowing his eyes to move from one cloaked figure to another, addressing each and every one of them, "who has suggestions on how to punish this.. this.. traitor!" He spat out the last word as though it was something foul tasting. Voldermorts clan remained silent, like children in a classroom, not wanting to put their hand up to answer the teachers question. His smile faded.

"No suggestions? What a disappointment." He scanned through the faces until he came across a heavy-lidded woman with menacing hair that reflected her personality. Voldermort let out a brittle laugh as he noticed that she was avoiding his stare. "Well I never, Bellatrix Lestrange. No suggestions from you? Has the world suddenly turned into a place where no evil roams? Then again, he is your nephew." He saw Lucius sitting two seats down, a pained expression pasted on his face as he studied his clasped hands that were resting on his lap intensly, he too was avoiding making eye-contact with the Dark Lord. The pain he was causing made the smile return to his face.

"Bellatrix, Lucius, why don't you come up here and join your sister and wife, it's unfair to have you sitting with the rest of our friends, I feel that you may be effecting their true thoughts. Wormtail, why don't you move those chairs over to my left for Draco's family,yes?" All eyes were on Peter Petigrew as he waved his wand towards the three chairs that were at the end of the first row and carefully placed them where Voldermort had pointed. Reluctantly, Lucius and Bellatrix shuffled to the chairs whilst Narcissa, still sobbing, rose and reversed onto the chair.

Draco, who hadn't let his eyes drift from Voldermort once, forced his eyes on his mother who looked up instantly, as though she felt his helpless stare. The look of worry pained him and a tear escaped from the corner of his eye, he tried to raise his arm to wipe it away, before remembering the chains Voldermort conjured to ensure he made no attempt to escape. Narcissa smiled sadly at him, tears still streaming down her face as she mouthed, "It's going to be ok." Draco knew this was a lie, her way of comforting him from a far, how he longed to reach out and squeaze her hand, to comfort her. His father apparently felt the same way as his hand covered her own petite one and squeazed it gently, at Lucious's touch, she bowed her head, introducing a fresh flow of tears.

Voldermort turned to look at Narcissa and chuckled once more, this laugh slightly more genuine than the previous. He had always been curious as to the bonds built bewteen families, how they became so attatched to each other, it was such a weakness. He didn't have a family, even when he was fully human, he lived in an orphanage where the other children found him strange, how he hated them back then. However now he realised that the rejection from the other children and his parents led him to be who he was now, if he had half a heart, he should probably thank them. This thought soon disappeared from his mind.

"How touching," a couple of deatheaters, no longer threatened by the prescence of Lucius and Bellatrix, snorted at Voldermorts words. Lucius's head shot up and glared at the deatheater who let out the heartless noise, it was Rahl, Draco's 'so-called' godfather. "There's no need to worry Narcissa, no harm will come to your boy." Narcissa looked up and let out a sob of relief, Lucious's body relaxed and Bellatrix allowed herself to finally breath out. A wash of relief travelled through Draco's body. He caught his mothers eye, a genuine smile plastered onto her face.

"Then again..."

Voldermorts movement was swift and of speed. Narcissa watched in horror as the snake-like monster promptly raised his wand and directed it at her sons heart. A flash of green escaped from the malicious rod Voldermort held and Draco collapsed onto the dark wooden floor. Voldermort put on a satisfied smile before turning his back on the dead boy and made his way to the opposite wall where the Malfoy's family tree was inked as wallpaper, he drew out his wand and pointed it at the picture of Draco, he flicked it once and a black smudge covered Draco's portrait, complete with the word 'deceased'. His footsteps echoed as he returned to his throne, he looked at each of his diciples before turning his head to look at the Malfoys, each of their eyes glued to Draco's corpse, their expressions a mixture of horror, anger and sadness. Voldermort smiled once more as he saw his snake emerge from the shadows.

"It's tea time, Nagini."


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The Ghost of You.: Traitors for Tea.


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