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Seventh Year by zoeey
Chapter 2 : The Rest of My Life - Sirius
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My head was pounding, everyday this summer it had been though. So I wasn’t really bothered. I reached under my bed for the vial James and I had constructed a couple of days before. Completely oblivious to the owl sat on my window ledge. I sat up in bed and looked in the mirror directly in front of me. I sighed and ran my hand through my hair, getting it off of my face. I looked rough. Felt it too.

James bombarded into my room merrily… he was seeing Lily today. Whipped fool - I could talk though.

She wasn’t returning my letters. Hasn’t for a whole year.

Maybe I should give up.

No. I couldn’t do that.

I couldn’t give up on my Ade.

“Morning princess!” He grinned bouncing down next to me. I shoved him roughly and smirked as he fell flat on the floor. I walked towards the bathroom and shut the door. Turning on the warm water in the shower I leant against the side. Wondering what she would be doing now.

“Hey man, you’ve got mail. Can I read it?” James pounded on the door.

Nosy sod.

“Go on then,” No matter what I was going to say, he still would have read it. Like I said… nosy sod. I stepped into the shower and allowed the water to dwell over my skin. I closed my eyes imagining the soft brown eyes of my girl, I wondered if they’d changed.

Would they still be that perfect circle shape with the iris of each diamond shape yet still round? Would they still have the speckled parts which made her face look so smart and enduring? Would she still have the eyes that I fell in love with.

“Shit man, you need to see this. Now.” James said barging straight into the bathroom

I screamed and turned away from him. He screamed and covered his eyes but not moving out of my bathroom.  We’re manly. Don’t judge.

“What the fuck man?!” I shouted angrily, I mean barge in me why I’m sleeping, okay no problem. Do not come in why I’m in the shower like one of them fucking fan girls!

“Sorry! Sorry! Sorry! But you have to read this!” He stamped his feet as I growled.

“Boys, why are you in the bathroom together?” Great. My adoptive mother saw us. Amelia Potters face shone with laughter as she saw us both in the bathroom.

“He interrupted!” I protested childishly, I don’t care Mummy Potter loves me!


“Out James,” She demanded and he left with his head hung low. I snickered, she always sided with me. Smiling at me she shut the door behind herself.

Well, with the enjoyment of the shower now worn off. Damn you James. What was so important that he had to interrupt my important time alone?

I shook myself on put on a towel and left. Sat on my bed was a sulking James starring at the letter, trying to figure out all of words and they’re hidden meanings. I grimaced at him and pulled on some boxies and a wash-out pair of jeans before smacking him upside the head.

“That your lover!” I playfully laughed

“No mate, yours” He replied and I froze. Low blow.
He said it seriously too. No jokey tone in his voice. No smile on his lips.

“w-what?” I stammered, not understanding what he meant. He wordlessly passed me the letter. I took it.

Sirius, I immediately recognised the handwriting and my stomach gave an uncomfortable lurch
I know you probably hate me, but before you shred this letter up; hear me out. I could never hate her. Even if I tried to.
I stayed at home this year, because I had to. Mum took my letters. Every single one of them. I didn’t know you’d sent any. I thought you’d forgotten about me. Her mum never liked me, but really? Why would she do that? She’s stupid. I could never forget her.
I got them back just now, and I thought I’d drop you a line or few … got something important we need to talk about…
-Adriana x
It was really my girl. My girl was writing to me. It even said right there.



Adriana! Adriana Bells.


My Ade. My Riana.


She rings my Bells.


My girl.


Looking up at James, his face was concerned. I couldn’t understand why. My girl loved me! She wrote back! Her mum took away her mail. She thought I hated her. I could never hate her, even if i wanted to! I grinned and he visibly relaxed.

“You meet your girl today and I’ll meet mine!” I grinned and practically skipped to the parchment to reply to my baby girl.

Adriana Bells I fucking love you so much!!
You have no idea how much I’ve missed you. How much I’ve needed you.
But its okay… I hate your mum okay. You don’t mind do you!?
See me today? Leaky Cauldron? 12?
I’ll be there waiting.
I love you Ade,
-Love Sirius xxx

I smirked as James read it and rolled his eyes.

“Over the top much Pads,” he laughed and I rolled my eyes at him

“You would be too if Lily’s mum took her mail for a whole year and you didn’t see her!” I exclaimed and ran to the wardrobe getting ready for my date with my baby!

I vogue posed at the wardrobe knowing that this would have sparked James’ laughter. And of course I was right! James burst into laughter then strutted next to me and together we vogue posed.

“Lily would be so proud of us right now!” He laughed, and I grinned knowing that Ade would be too!






“James?” I asked hesitantly, not confidently knowing the answer to this next question.

“Pads?” He mocked elbowing my still bare stomach, I grimaced and rubbed my abs better, they needed to be perfect for today. My Ade needed to be pleased!

“Serious mate,” I stated and lay back on my bed helplessly, truly flummoxed.

“What’s up?” He said laying next to me like the best mate that he truly is.

“What does she want? Not that I am so relieved that she’s wrote to me and I really need to see her. But something must be up. She even said,” I breathed slowly, not wanting to think whether it was good or bad which she wanted to talk about. She didn’t even tell me where she’s been.

I really need her.

I truly love her.

“You need to see her for yourself mate, she obviously has missed you. I mean she thought you’d forgotten about her… it’ll be okay. At least you’ll have her back” James sighed, obviously having have thought of this reaction according to the look on his face when I got out of the shower.

“But what if I’ve got to give her up again. I can’t lose her again,” I whispered, knowing that James would still be able to hear it.

“Tell her that mate,” He said patting my shoulder and leaving me in my room, with her owl sitting on the window ledge again. I slowly walked over and took the letter from its foot.

I’ve missed you so so much,
I was so scared you’d hate me.
My mums a bitch, and I actually hate her, I cant believe she'd do that to me.....                 My mate Jamie wants to meet you, he's
dropping me off so you can meet him.
Leaky Cauldron at 12.
I’ve needed you for so long babe!
Love Ade xxxxx

She didn’t say she loved me.

She didn’t say it once.

She wants me to meet another bloke.

She wants to move on.

She doesn’t want me.











So its 11.50 and I couldn’t bring myself to walk in and sit at the bar alone and wait for her. So I’m stood outside the Leaky Cauldron, you know in muggle London. And yes I’m completely crapping in my pants.

I mean so would you if you hadn’t seen the love of your life in a whole year, and then she tells you she’s bringing a bloke to meet you. It was going to take all of my willpower not to turn around and smash his teeth out. No-one touches my Ade except me. She’s my baby girl. No-one else can have her.

Yes, yes I know how protective that sounds. And I know how much of a dick I was to her in Hogwarts. And I know I should have snatched her up when I could. I knew I shouldn’t have made her cheat with everyone of her boyfriends. I should have just had her all to myself, then this whole situation wouldn’t have happened at all. However nothings ever as simple as that.

And its me. I’m a prick.

I heard her tinkling laugh, the one I’ve been longing to hear for such a long time. The one that had haunted my dreams and made me forget about the bad things that I had going on. The one that I’ve needed to pick me up every single day, the one that was never there. Until now.

My head snapped up and I zoomed in on her beautiful face, which held the same beautiful brown eyes that I fell in love with. The same squiggly nose that crinkles together when she grimaces. The same smile that literally reaches the edge of her ears, with a little dimple on one side that I loved to poke whilst we lay together.

There was something different about her as well, she looked older. More mature. Happier. She glowed. Literally.

If me losing her again, meant her happiness then I would give her up in a heartbeat. She is all that matters to me. Her happiness is extremely more important than my own. It always will be.

I noticed the arm slung over her shoulder, and how close she stood next to his body. The way his head dipped as his lips moved to speak to her. My stomach dropped. My heart stopped. This was him.

“I LOVE JAMIE HUTCHINGS AND HE’S GOING TO BE THE BEST DADDY EVER!” She shouted loudly before laughing and smacking his chest forcefully as he smirked proudly and hugged her closer to his body.

My heart stopped. My heart shattered.

She was pregnant.


With his kid.


Fuck no. no. no.


I’ve truly lost her.




I was going to run. I was going to leave. Spare myself the heartache.

But I couldn’t move. My feel were stuck to the floor. My body was not listening to me. It didn’t want me to move and that was all that mattered.

She noticed me too, before I could run.

“Sirius?” She asked quietly standing just in front of me without him. My eyes lit up. My stomach lifted. I smiled. This was her. This was my baby girl. I raised my hand to lightly run my fingers over her face, breathing in and out slowly. Taking in her breathtaking beauty.

“Ade?” I whispered slowly running my fingers through her hair softly, her chocolate hair slipping easily through my fingers. I smiled, adoring having her in my hands.

“Babe,” She breathed and leaned into a hug, throwing her arms around my neck and burying her head into my neck. I breathed a sigh of relief and then pulled her body closer to mine, keeping my hands on her waist and placing my head in her neck; in the midst of her hair. Taking in her soft fragrance that was fused with something else- him obviously.

I didn’t think about that though; I just thought about my girl in my arms. And that was perfect for me.

She was perfect. Her head fitted perfectly in the same spot and my hands fitted comfortably in her curves and the delicate small of her back. And I swear she kissed my neck inconspicuously, I kissed her hair. Not caring one bit if that was her boyfriend right there, I don’t care if that’s the father of her child; she’s my baby.

“I still love you so much baby,” I whispered into her hair, hoping that she wouldn’t hear me either. I didn’t want this to be more embarrassing than it had to be.

“I love you Sirius Black,” She muttered quietly, looking me straight into the eyes. My heart beat out of my chest. I never thought I’d hear her say those words again. I knew that there was a massive, cheesy grin spread right across my face, but I don’t care. She’s my Ade. I kissed her softly on the lips, not letting the hesitance show in my lips or eyes. Hopefully she wouldn’t reject me. Hopefully she’ll let me kiss her.

She did. She kissed back too. Just for a second, then she pulled away smiling. She looked at that bloke with a smile; and he smiled hesitantly back at her. Okay so he definitely wasn’t her boyfriend, yet there was a dangerous gleam in his eye directed straight at me.

“Sirius, this is Jamie. Practically my big brother,” oh. That explains it. My heart lifted completely and I brought my arm around her shoulders keeping her body close to mine.

“Hey mate,” I nodded my head, he didn’t look the hand-shaking type.

“Ite,” Jamie nodded to me again - his was a cooler ’sup’ nod. Something that I would never be able to pull of. That in itself was impressive. “Right Ade, I have to role. Ky is planning something and I have to be there. Hopefully I’ll be home before you but if not - keep an eye on Cat for me. You know how she gets,” My head was completely confused now. None of that made any sense?

Did he and Ade live together?
Planning something else? He had to be there?
Hopefully I’ll be home?
How Cat gets?
What is he running, a day camp?

“Kay babe, be careful. Try and talk to Kyle again?” Ade moved over and kissed his cheek before hugging him tightly like it was the last time she was ever going to see him. That of course was quite alarming. Seriously what was he running?

“Ite beautiful,” He said turning and walking away. Ade just stood there, staring at his silhouette obviously wishing she was anywhere but here. Joy.




“So your pregnant?” I asked as soon as we were in a both in the pub with Butterbeers in front of us, it was still way to early for an alcoholic drink. Even if I did desperately need it, couldn’t get away with it here.

“E-excuse me?” She nearly spitted her drink out in disgust, I smirked loving knowing that I could still make her stutter. I’m the only one who can do that you know. Of course it’s an amazing achievement.

“Before, with that Jamie?” I asked, my voice losing some of the confidence. I knew she was going to confirm my suspicions, so might as well deal with it now. I’ll never be able to change her mind. She’d always stay with him.

To my ultimate surprise; she burst into laughter. Literally having to wipe away the tears. Personally I didn’t find any of this current predicament amusing.
“No. No. No!” she paused to breath and my heart nearly exploded with excitement - thank god. “No, he’s pregnant. Well no his girlfriend Cat, by muggle best friend and who I’m staying with! They’re pregnant!” She laughed. I did too, I took it the complete wrong way. But hey - I could suck up to her and it could all be good.

“I’m so glad, I can’t lose you again” I moved closer to her and nibbled on her ear softly, not failing to notice her body stiffen beside mine. I looked up at her, “What’s up?”

“What would you say if I had a kid?” My heart froze. What? She’s got a kid?

“A 10 month year old daughter, called Summer,” She has a daughter. Called Summer.

“An-and she’s yo-yours,” And she was mine.

My head span. Not understanding the words that came from her mouth.


Lies. Deceit. Aguish.

All in them three sentences. She touched my arm softly. No.

“Don’t, don’t touch me!” I growled and then stood up holding my head, it was hurting. My heart was too. 10 months of my little girls life I’ve missed, 10 months she’s been calling someone else daddy. And Adriana didn’t even think of telling me.

So I did the one thing I’m good at. I ran.

Well apparated but same thing. To James.

Opening my eyes and he was with her. Her and Lily. Su-Summer and Lily.

“Sirius mate?” James asked, his faced pained as he looked between my dau-daughter and me. I locked eyes with her. The exact same as mine at that age, her hair the same shade, her face so beautiful. And she smiled her mothers smile, and the tears ran down my face. I knelt down next to Summer, and smiled as her little fist reached and grabbed my wet nose. I smiled as she laughed a gorgeous tinkling laugh.

This was my daughter. My little girl.

She swayed towards me, and Lily reluctantly let go so I could hold her into my arms. She launched her weight into my shoulder, like she was hugging me tightly. I held her close, not caring about the tears down my face. Summer was so precious, she was gorgeous and everything I imagined in a little girl of mine.

“She does that,” Lily spoke quietly, “Summer Lily Black,” My eyes widened in shock, I never thought she’d have my name. Or Lily’s for that matter. I thought she would just be Summer Bells, but Summer Black does have a better ring to it.

“You knew about her?” I asked Lily, stroking my little girls head.

“No, I met her yesterday and Ade told me everything, but you ran out,” She didn’t say it accusingly, but it still hit my heart.

“Yeah, he did,” Ade answered, I hadn’t even notice her arrive. I didn’t do anything, I just sat down and stared at my daughter. Smiling as she reached to grab some of my hair and then taking some of her own hair in shock. I held her tightly, but not to hurt her. I wanted to hold her forever, her skin so silky smooth and her face the best thing in the world.

“Sirius, let me explain,” Ade started but I interrupted her,

“No. Do not talk to me.” I said. Not wanting to put up with her crap. I can not believe that she kept such a perfect creation away from me. “Yea, I’m your dada,” I smiled at Summer, “Sorry I haven’t been here baba, but I’ll make it up for you!” I told her smiling as her face scrunched up, I kissed the end of her nose lovingly.

She’s actually mine. For real.

“A-a!” She shouted then laughed at herself, she just nearly said dada! I looked up at Ade as a reflex,

“She can’t talk properly yet, but she nearly said muma yesterday and nearly said Cat this morning,” she smiled her gorgeous smile. And then I nearly forgave her, the I remembered what she had done.

“Shall we go and meet Grandma Potter?” I asked Summer excitedly, loving having her attention and her reactions. She bobbed her head up and down excitedly, “Come on then,”

“Sirius we need to talk before you take her anywhere!” Adriana called after me as I made the way to the Floo Parlour,

“Padfoot mate, wait!” James called after me, and my heart nearly got shitted out. He was on her side. He thought it was wrong that I was taking my daughter! “I wanna see the look on mum’s face too!” He let out a great big laugh and I let out my relief. At least I would always have my best mate.

“SIRIUS!” I heard her cry as James, Summer and I stepped into the fireplace and disappeared. Summer had buried her head into my chest and I held her there so not to get any dust into her eyes. I steadied myself before we even got out, just so we didn’t fall epically at the other end.

Stepping out, I stumbled a little but I never fell; thankfully.
“Muma would never forgive me if we fell would she? No!” I cooed as she started to baul. I shushed her and told her everything was okay, and daddy was here.

“Mate, she’s gorgeous. I’m god-father yeah?” James laughed as she stroked her hair lightly. We sat comfortably on the sofa’s and waited for mum, she would have gotten the intruder alarm even if it was just me! She would come running, she always does.

I put Summer on the floor and watched as she crawled quickly around the room, tugging on James’ leg at one point. He lifted her up and spun in the air like a muggle airplane. Weird things yes, but she loved it.

She was so much alike me it was scary. The little movements she does with her hands, exactly like me when I was her age. Her eyes, her hair. Her little laugh already combined well with mine. My little girl.

I never thought I would ever say that. My little girl.

Course I always knew that Ade was going to be the mother of my children, but it was always happier circumstances. This wasn’t as happy as it should be; bringing my daughter home to meet her nanny for the first time. Ade should be here too. She should be holding onto the baby as I stroked the little hair that had already appeared on her head; I should be kissing her little head then kissing Ade’s, telling them both that they’re my girls. That was how it was supposed to be.

Whether it would ever be like that now, well that’s just another story.

“What in the world is all the racket coming from here,” I heard Amelia Potter’s voice get closer to the door.

“Sum, come here babe,” I called her over so that mum would immediately make the connection between her and me. Happily she came over and I spun her quickly and then put her on my knee rubbing her legs softly. A little yawn escaped her mouth and she looked around shocked that it had just happened.

“She’s so much like you Pads,” James laughed just as mum walked into the room.

She had obviously caught the statement and I looked straight at her, hoping to see her look on her face. I caught it of course. Her mouth widened as she took it all in.

“Oh my,” She sighed and swayed slightly on the spot, I put Sum on the couch and James and I raced to get her so she didn’t fall on the floor. We carried her over to the sofa and lay her down, me moving Summer to the floor.

She was unconscious.


“Mum! Mum! Mum!” James started to shout, completely freaking out.

No this couldn’t be happening.

“Mum! Mummy!” We started to simultaneously shout at her. The tears running down my face as it dawned on me what was happening. Summer was crying too, but she didn’t understand what was going on.

“Prongs, stay here mate” I grabbed Summer and held her tightly to my chest as we apparated back to her Mum.

I saw her worried face and Lily’s anxious one still at the table where we left them, Ade’s head popped up as soon as she heard Summer’s crys. I rocked her as I ran towards them.

“WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU DO!?” Adriana screamed at me as I passed her the baby, but we didn’t have time to deal with her over protective shit,

“It’s Mia Potter. We need a Healer,” I said and immediately Ade softened and Lily shot up taking command, just what I hoped she would have done.

“Sirius, take Summer and go back to James. We’ll go get Healers,” She pulled at Ade, so she handed over Summer to me. I cradled her protectively before whispering,

“I’m sorry baby, this is going to hurt.” I held her close trying to muffle her cries, hating the raw impact that they had upon both her and myself. But we needed to get back to James and mum, quickly.

Landing in the side sitting room, I placed Sum on the floor and let her wander around; the fire and the door firmly blocked off so there was no way of injuring herself. I looked at the sofa, expecting to see a distraught James and a pale looking Amelia still unconscious. Thankfully it was none of that.

Amelia still looked a little pale, but she was sitting up with a cup of hot cocoa wearing a smile watching my baby run around the floor and straight onto her legs; James looked worried but more relaxed than he did when I left. Amelia smiled and carefully lifted Summer off of the floor, making sure that the cocoa didn’t go anywhere near her, I got the mug gently and placed it on the cabinet on the other side of the room.

“Hello little one, what’s your name?” She asked cooing her softly, Sum just laughed and attempted to answer

“Um-ma!” she tried to say, James and I simultaneously grinned at her. She was the most adorable thing in the world!

“Summer?” Mum asked and she nodded happily, “Is that your dada?” She pointed at James and she grimiced attractively, I smirked. She knew me. “Oh, who is then?” She asked playfully, Summer turned and pointed at me whilst saying

“A-a!” I moved next to them and put my arm around mums shoulder, she looked at me happily.

“Oh! I’m grandma, can you say grandma?” She asked hopefully, inconspicuously holding her breath; I did too.. I wasn’t sure how grand her vocabulary was at this age.

“Ga-ma!” Summer frowned for a second and then saw the delighted look on mums face, “GA-MA!” She laughed a tinkling laugh as did we all,

“Well done Summer! Well done son, you did good,” she whispered to me and I smirked. I really did.

“Can you say Uncle James, Sum?” James butted in and turned to look at Summer, she looked confused. “Uncle James?” He asked; she shook her head and pouted before turning back to us. I burst into laughter, and so did Summer; but she obviously didn’t get what was funny, that made her cuter.

“Well you can tell who her parents are!” Mum laughed, “Adriana and Sirius to the core!”

I held my breath, “So your not mad?”

“At you, no; but you should have known better. At Adriana, a little; for keeping this beauty away from us all, she should have known better.”

We all shared a moment, James coming out of his sulk took Summer off of his mother and cuddled her to him, and she laughed. I cuddled mum to me and she laughed as well. All was good for now; how long this was going to last was again out of my control.

“WHERE IS SHE?” Healers, Lily and Ade all burst out of the fireplace, all with mixed expressions of aguish and worry. Ah. We’d forgot to inform them she was okay.

“Um-am!” Summer shouted laughing, catching all of their attention.


They didn’t look amused.












a/n- hey! hopw you like this chapter in Sirius' POV... do you think the whole relashionship between Summer and Sirius is realistical? and i just love Summer! she's modeled on my own baby cousin Lyra actually... Lyra is just like Summer, cept she has red hair! well PLEASEEEEEE review! i love them!

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