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Severus Snape and the Silver Sorceress by schoenberg12
Chapter 1 : The Disappearence
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The Disappearance

Severus looked at the parchment for the address. Scribbled in tiny cursive was Leyden Street, Fazenda. He looked up at the street sign. Sure enough, he was on Leyden street. He walked along it until he found a tiny cafe on the corner. As he pushed the door open, the smell of coffee invaded his nose. He shivered, he didn't like coffee much.

"Sev, over here!" Said someone to his right. He turned. There was a beautiful red-headed woman waving at him with a big smile on her face. Severus couldn't help but smile a bit himself. He went and joined the girl.

"I ordered you a cup of tea," Lily said, pushing a cup of tea at him, "I know you don't like coffee."

He took the cup in both hands.

"Thank you," he said in his least nasaly voice. He sipped the tea as she sipped her coffee.

The two hadn't talked in ages. They both graduated Hogwarts a year and a half ago. In their final year, Severus and Lily had stopped talking completely when Lily began to date James Potter. After that, they took different paths. Lily had moved to Devon with James, Sirius, Remus and Peter to help with the Order. Severus had moved to London to help Lord Voldemort.

"You wanted to tell me something?" Severus said, trying to act non-chalant as he gripped the edge of the table, expecting the worst.

"Yes, I did," Lily said, taking a breath. "James and I, well, we're getting married," she said.

Severus stared at the table with immense intensity. He couldn't make himself look up at her. This was the worst.

"What do you think, Sev?" Lily asked after a while.

"Don't call me that," he muttered.

"Don't call you what?" She asked.

Still not looking at her, Severus continued, "You sent me a cryptic letter asking me to meet you here after a year of no communication at all. You wave me down, smiling, as if we merely hadn't seen each other in a week-- as if we aren't on the opposite sides of a war. You call me 'Sev' and order me tea because you know I don't like coffee. And then you tell me the worst news you could possibly tell me. You and Potter are tying the knot," Severus snarled, "What am I supposed to do."

"You can at least look at me," Lily said, Severus now realized she was crying. He looked up at her. Tears were running down her beautiful freckled face. Her green almond eyes were wet and puffy from crying. "You were like a brother to me," she sobbed. "You were there for me from the beginning. And now, my sister has abandoned me. You're all I have left," she reached her hand out for Severus'. For a moment, he let her hand linger on top of his. Her skin was so soft. But then he pulled his hand away.

"You have Potter," he said. He pulled his coat off the chair, and darted to the door. Lily was left crying with an empty cup of coffee and a full cup of tea.


Severus didn't care anymore. He ran out of the cafe and aparated in the street. He roughly landed in his London flat. He sank to the ground and held his head in his hands, weeping.

How could this have happened?

He wiped his eyes on his cloak. He stood up and began frantically searching for something. He tore out the drawers in the kitchen, he flipped over the couch. He needed to find it.

Finally he found it.

It was a small piece of parchment, folded and torn, that he had stowed away in a cupboard. He nicked it from Barty Crouch Jr's house. Undetectable Time Travel, was scribbled at the top. It was a spell Crouch was working on before being caught.

"If I can go back in time, I can stop this," Severus said, holding the paper in front of him. His hands were shaking. "Eight years ago, that's when I began to lose her."

He read down the page, his tears dripping onto the fragile parchment. He read what was scribbled on it. "Tempus procella tergem," As he said the words, a tornado-like force spun around him. It whirled all of his nearby possessions into disarray. The spell then required that he insert the exact date he wanted to return to, "Septemper 1, 1971," he shouted above the windy mess. Just as he finished the wand gesture, his door was pounded down. Three big men, holding wands in front of them, burst through his door.

Severus could barely make out what was happening, he was beginning to be surrounded by the spell's effects.

"Expelliarmus!" One of the men shouted. The spell hit Severus square in chest. He fell to the ground. The parchment fell from his hand and Severus Snape disappeared.


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