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Lights Will Guide You Home by livinginamagicalparadise
Chapter 1 : I Promise You I Will Learn From My Mistakes
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Ronald Weasley wrote "Hermione" in the beige, sticky sand; Pangs of guilt filled his gut. Tears prickled in his eyes; his steady breathing restricted them to glide down his pale face. He pulled his finger away, from his perfectly traced name.

He started out into the sea, outside of Bill and Fleur’s home, Shell Cottage. After his abrupt departure from his friends, he disapparated to Shell Cottage. Ron regretted leaving Harry and Hermione, after he left. And as much as he hated to admit it: There wasn’t much he could do. Ron had looked for them every day, for about ten hours. He would search throughout Forests in Great Britain. He would go back to Shell Cottage, only take a bit of toast, than hide out in front of the sea.

As Ron brushed a hand in his Ginger hair, a hand fell onto his shoulder. He quickly glanced over and saw Bill Weasley, holding a glass of pumpkin juice in his hands. After handing Ron the glass, Bill sat down, crossing his legs.

"I can fix those for you, if you'd like." Bill said, nodding towards Ron's vacant nail bed.

"No," Ron grunted stubbornly. "I deserved it." 

Bill shook his head. “Why’d you leave, Ron? I am really not trying to criticize, but don’t you agree it wasn’t your brightest idea?”

Ron shook his head, but stayed silent. Of course, it wasn’t my brightest idea, he thought to himself. Of course it’s my biggest regret. “I’m sorry Bill,” Ron mumbled. “I really can’t say anything without slipping out Dumbledore’s mission.”

Bill didn't bring up the subject, again.. Instead, he looked at his younger brother, and his interest in tracing Hermione's name over and over again in the sand.

"You love her, don't you?" Bill asked his brother seriously. Ron felt the tears try to escape from his eyes, but he shook it off.  Deciding not to respond, he sniffed, hoping Bill wouldn’t laugh at his weakness.

Bill stared at his brother. "She loves you too…”

Ron shook his head. “Even if she did ever love me, it wouldn’t be the same; she could never love me again.”

“I think you doubt yourself a little too much,” Bill said calmly. “I think love can overpower anything. I’m sure, deep down inside, they’ll be happy to see that you came back. That’s all that matters, right?”

The brothers sat in silence. Ron stared out into the horizon; the bright colours were fading as the sun disappeared behind the waves.

"I don't know what to do..." Ron said, shaking his head. "I don't know where to go, I don't know if they are safe -”

Ron watched as his brother grinned and looked over at his beautiful wife. Fleur smiled at her husband, and beckoned him inside.

“It's getting dark out," Bill told Ron, standing up and patting his back. "You might want to come in soon.”

Ron nodded, pushing his fingers into the sticky sand. Bill’s footsteps drifted away from him, and into the cottage. Ron finally allowed the tears to escape from his eyes. Shaking his head, Ron pulled out his Deluminator, staring hard at it. Soon enough, he heard a rapid static.

Filling up with anticipation, Ron clicked on the Deluminator and saw a ball of light.

“Remember... Remember Ron? -” Hermione’s voice said quietly. "...wand...." More static interrupted her gentle and shaky words. The ball of light glided through the air, then straight into Ron’s chest. His heart filled with the exact same warmth whenever he’d see his best friends.

Ron stood up and ran into Shell Cottage. He filled his rucksack, and Bill appeared in the doorway.

“Ron, isn’t it a little late to go searching?” Bill asked tiredly. 

“Now may as well be the only time,” Ron replied. He threw his rucksack over his shoulder. Bill gave him a curious look.

“Ron, I – ”

“Please, Bill? I need to go. It’s now or never.”

Bill sighed. “If you need a safe shelter –or anything-  we’re always here.”


“Okay, Harry, Hermione,” Ron practiced his apology, once again. “Listen, I’m really sorry that I abandoned you. I swear. That locket is mad. I mean, it made me think things – Things that may or may not be true about the two of you. And I’m willing to accept if you – well you know – want to be together. It’ll hurt like all hell, but I’d rather have the both of you in my life… And I-I love you. I love you both. It’s not your fault if you love each other- Oh this is bollocks!

Ron inhaled quickly. “Okay, I can do this. - Harry and Hermione, I have come to terms to accept that you two have a relationship, and I’m okay with that….” Ron trailed off. He saw a silver light, nearly blinding him. He squinted his eyes and noticed a familiar shape of a Patronus. It glided through the air, and over a frozen lake. He approached the lake, ice cracking as he took each step. He lifted a jumper and noticed that it was Harry’s; Is Harry’s. He peered under the ice and noticed a silhouette struggling beneath the water. Ron tore off his rucksack and leaped into the water to save his best friend.


Author’s Note: Edit- 1/26/12  

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