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This is My Story. by DobbysSock
Chapter 4 : A Hogwart's Weekend
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 Author's Note : Hello to whoever is reading this story :) Before I start I'd like to give a thank you to my beta Mintleaf, who is amazing! Did you guys know that I recently made a Meet the Author page? I did, and you should go check it out, ask me anything! Now I'll let you get to the chapter :)


The rest of my week had passed in a blur, all of my classes blending together. Before I knew it Saturday morning was here and I was throwing on a blue lace top and some jeans, grabbing my ever growing mountain of homework and heading outside. If I was going to spend my weekend doing homework, I would at least spend it outside, enjoying the sunshine.


Lily preferred to work in the library and Alice was spending her day with Frank so I sat by the lake alone, scribbling the answers to my Transfiguration homework down on a piece of parchment. I had pulled my hair up into a messy bun and was enjoying the sun beating down on my neck when a bark like laugh pierced my thoughts. Looking up to find who had ruined my concentration, I saw Sirius, Remus and Peter strolling along.


I sat there mortified, too scared to even turn the page of my text book in case they'd notice I was here and come over and talk.


Unfortunately, Peter spotted me. Pointing me out to the other two, they changed directions and headed over. I didn’t mind Remus and Peter so much, it was just Sirius that bothered me. The three boys collapsed on the soft ground around me, and I closed my book, knowing I wouldn’t get any homework done now.


I looked up at each boy, every one wearing a bigger, goofier smile than the last. I couldn’t help but smile back, it was contagious.


“Hi Haley,” Remus said, smiling at me. He had such a nice smile, one that extended past his lips and shone through his eyes.


“Hey, what’re you three up to today?” I asked, not wanting Sirius to start bringing up the fact that I was a bit socially awkward.

“Just enjoying the sun,” Peter said, his blue eyes sparkling. I didn’t understand why girls didn’t swoon for Peter like they did the other three. He was charming in his own way. His face was a bit reminiscent of a chipmunk, but he had really nice blue eyes and fluffy sandy brown hair. There has got to be at least one girl at this school that fancies him.


“Where’s James?” I asked, though I suspected I already knew where he might be.


“He’s off to the library. Trying to convince Lily to help with all of his homework,” Remus said.


“I wonder if she’ll help him,” I wondered aloud, playing with the hair in my bun.


“Probably not, though he might force her to. Now that she’s Head Girl and all, she can’t ignore students when they ask for help,” Sirius said, grinning at the thought, “I’ve been made Quidditch captain you know? I can’t wait to start training! Gryffindor is going to be winning both the House cup and the Quidditch cup this year!”

“Do you watch Quidditch?” Peter asked me, turning the group’s attention back to me. I shifted uncomfortably under their gaze.


“I’m terrified of heights.” I confessed, shaking my head from side to side.


“Yeah but, it’s Quidditch!” Sirius exclaimed, as if by just saying that, my fear of heights would be banished. “Haven’t you ever watched a game?”


“Never, the seats are too high up, it frightens me,” I confessed, pulling at the grass around me and making a small pile of it in front of me.


“I’m going to make you watch one of the games this year,” Sirius decided, a convinced expression on his face. Worry bloomed in the pit of my stomach as I realized that if it came down to it, I’d be forced to sit through an entire game. An entire game up that high!


“Here comes your fan girl mate.” Peter said, tapping Sirius on the shoulder and pointing to the schools steps. I looked for the girl peter was pointing to and I quickly spotted her. She wore her long brown hair in a high ponytail, a hot pink ribbon tied in a bow holding it all together. Even just wearing a pink t-shirt and jeans, I could tell that she was beautiful.


“Who is that?” I whispered to Remus, leaning closer to him, but my eyes still on the girl.


“That’s Ivy, she’s in Ravenclaw and she’s well... it’s not quite love,” Remus replied, leaving me to wonder what he meant by that. Sirius looked at her, a playful smile on his lips and gestured her to sit beside him.            


“Hello there,” She winked as she sat dangerously close to him. They looked at each other, both wearing a flirty smile and I looked away uncomfortably. I didn’t really know Ivy, though I could already tell I didn’t like her. Sure, I was completely basing this off her appearance and about two seconds of personality, but I didn’t care. Every little bit of her vile me, down to her color changing ring and her stupid sparkling diamond bracelet.


“What were you guys talking about?” She asked, her voice sickeningly sweet.


“Haley here as never watched a game of Quidditch in her life. Can you believe that?” Sirius asked, gesturing towards me.


“Really? How interesting,” She yawned, sounding incredibly bored, “Hey Sirius, would you like to help me study tonight?” She perked up, batting her lashes and leaning towards him.


“Sure, when do you want to meet?” He smiled at her.


“About ten,” She smiled back as she got up, “I look forward to studying.” She winked before leaving. I just sat there, judging her silently as Sirius smiled contently. I looked at Peter, who was patting Sirius on the back, to Remus, who was shaking his head, a small smile playing on his features.

“What’s wrong with you?” Sirius asked, his smile fading.


“Don’t you know what she meant by that? I mean really, who studies at ten?” I refuted, clearly irritated now. I really disliked Ivy though I didn’t have any real reasons to, aside from her blatant nature.


“Yeah, she meant she wants me to show her a few things,” He chuckled, wiggling his eyebrows, sending Peter into a bout of laughter.


“No, she meant she wants to snog you!” I exclaimed, wondering how he didn’t pick up on that. He stopped laughing at this and stared at me funny for a moment before responding.


“I know, what’s so bad about that?” Sirius called, as I collected my books and homework and took off, headed to the Gryffindor common room. I was so focused on storming away that I didn’t notice Remus’ all-knowing look haunt me back to the castle.


I burst through the dormitory door, dropping everything that was in my arms onto my bed. Didn’t he know that she was a complete and utter slag! But if he wanted to go snog her senseless, it was his stupid choice.


Just then the dormitory door burst open once again, Lily storming through and dropping all of her books onto her bed. I couldn’t help but giggle when she did this. Turning around to see me she started rambling on and on about how she couldn’t stand James. She collapsed on top of Alice’s bed and I went to go lie next to her.


“I hardly got through any homework!” She sighed angrily.


“Neither did I. The other three found me and decided to stop by for a chat!” I related.


“Come on, get up. We might as well finish it while we’re hiding out up here,” She said, getting up and moving to her bed, grabbing her Defense against the Dark Arts book. I sighed, breaking my gaze from the ceiling and moved to sit on the end of my bed, grabbing my book too.


“Do you know somebody named Ivy?” I asked before I could stop myself.


“Ivy? Hmmm, do you mean Ivy Vane?” Lily suggested, “Long dark hair, flawless skin,” She asked, rolling her eyes.


“That’s her. What do you know about her?” I quizzed, trying to sound nonchalant.


“She comes from a pretty wealthy family, though she’s not very bright at all. I think she has someone else do her homework for her, though she is in Ravenclaw. Go figure. Why?” Lily asked, her curiosity awakened.

“No reason, she’s got a thing for Sirius and I’ve never even seen her so I wanted to know if you knew her,” I replied, thinking it would be enough to satisfy her. She looked at me for a moment longer before focusing back on her homework.


We were working at a pretty fast pace, almost done with it when someone burst through the door for a third time. I looked up to see an ecstatic Alice, panting slightly from the dash up the stairs most likely.”

“Frankjustoldmetheseventhyearslasyeargotadanceattheendotheyear!” She exploded, all in one breathe. I glanced at Lily to see if she understood, though, judging by the look on her face, she was as clueless as I was.


“One more time, jus’ a bit slower,” I suggested, chuckling slightly.


“Frank and I were talking about graduation and he told me that the seventh years last year got an end of the year ball. They got to choose their own theme and everything! Isn’t that fantastic?” she squealed slightly.


My heart dropped into the bottom of my stomach and I wished it was only a rumor that was going around, though it seemed like I would be the only one who'd go alone. Lily had done a little dance in her spot and was already contemplating who she would go with. I shifted uncomfortably, knowing there was a 99.999% chance I would be accompanying myself. Alice must have noticed the look on my face because she quickly sat beside me, stopping Lily mid-rant.


“Don’t worry Haley, this year you’ll find a nice boy to escort you to the dance. You have all year to find one!” Alice said, trying to be supportive. I put on a nice big smile and told them both not to worry and they quickly continued talking about dresses and themes. I picked up my still unfinished homework and headed down to the library, not being able to concentrate in here anymore. The library was silent other than the scratching of quills and the occasional turn of a page. I relished the quiet, taking a seat at a nearby empty table. Opening my text books for, hopefully, the last time that day, I started working on my homework again.


I sat there for what seemed like an hour or two before I was finally finished. Sighing a breath of relief, I grabbed my things and made my way down to the Great Hall, my stomach rumbling loudly  as I thought of dinner. To my dismay though, everyone was leaving the Great hall, dinner already over. I slinked against the wall opposite the door, disappointment flooding my body. I missed dinner and now I wouldn’t eat until tomorrow. I watched the crowd filing out, waiting to see if I already missed Lily and Alice.


Just as the thought crossed my mind, Lily walked out, accompanied by Remus. Spotting me, she quickly hurried over, as he following along behind.


“Where were you?” Lily quizzed.


“I lost track of time in the library,” I admitted.


“Are you hungry?” Remus asked me.

“Starving!” I replied as my stomach rumbled once again.


“Follow me. I can bring you somewhere to get food,” Remus told me as he took the books out of my arms. I looked to Lilly, surprised, though she just winked at me before she took off.


“Come on now!” Remus shouted and when I turned back to him, he was already half way down the corridor. I jogged quickly over to him, that’s right, jogged not ran. I hate running. I decided about three years ago, the only time I would run would be if there was some crazy deranged thing chasing me. Anyway, I quickly caught up to him and looked at him curiously, wondering where he was taking me.


“We’re going to the kitchens,” He said as if he read my mind.


“You know how to get there? How did you find out?” I quizzed.


“When James and Sirius are your best mates, you find out a lot about Hogwarts,” He chuckled as he moved aside a small portrait, revealing a hole that looked like a chute, “Ladies first,” He said, gesturing to it.


“Is it safe?” I asked, a bit hesitant as I looked down into the dark tunnel.


“You don’t trust me?” He asked, pretending to be offended. I took a deep breathe to calm my nerves before stepping up to the chute.


I looked to him before I pushed myself down. It was dark and a cold wind blew past me as I slid down and down until finally I shot out the bottom, landing on my rump, with a thud. Confused as to my surroundings, I looked around and noticed a giant portrait of a fruit bowl. Remus walked over and helped me up, chuckling slightly at the sight of me. Ignoring his amusement, I dusted myself off and questioned where we were.


“The basement somewhere, near the Hufflepuff common room,” He answered as he walked up to the portrait of the fruit and started tickling the pear. I looked at him like he was insane but then the pear started giggling and the portrait swung open. I followed him as he disappeared and couldn’t believe my eyes when I walked into the room.


There were four long wooden tables side by side at one end while at the other, kitchens, sinks, stoves and cabinets stood, filling up any empty space.


“Welcome, to the kitchens!” Remus said, gesturing around us. Just then a small house elf appeared at out feet, huge tennis ball eyes and a grin just as big.


“What can I get the Sir and Miss?” He asked, his blue eyes shining bright.


“Nothing for me, thanks!” Remus said and the elf switched his attention to me.


“Mashed potatoes!” I said greedily, and the elf took off through the kitchen and came back with a huge bowl of mashed potatoes and a fork. Remus led me over to one of the tables and I took a seat, digging in to my food.


“So how are you?” He asked, filling up a goblet that the elves had just brought.


“I’m good, I finished my homework!” I remarked proudly in between bites.


“Have you heard the rumors floating around today?” He asked me. He must have thought it would excite me just because I'm a girl, but this certainly wasn't the case.


“Yeah, the end of the year ball thing,” I sighed in a monotonous voice.


“It’s not at the end of the year. I asked McGonagall and she said it’s a week or two after Valentines Day,” He informed me.


“I hate Valentines Day and I’m not excited for the ball,” I admitted. I wasn’t sure why, but I felt very comfortable around Remus, like we were old friends even though we really weren’t. Then again, he did bring me down here, so maybe we were?


“You’re the only girl I know who hates dances!” He said, looking at me curiously. I pushed my now empty plate away from me, my belly full, and stood up, ready to leave. I knew where this conversation would lead, to me answering why boys stayed away from me, and I didn’t want that. Instead, I chose to ignore his last comment entirely. I graciously thanked the house elves and made my way back to the corridor, Remus quickly following. He led the way back up to the common room and we both walked in.


“Thank you,” I said turning to him, not wanting to be incredibly rude.


“It’s no problem! Can’t let a girl starve now, can I?” He said, flashing me a handsome smile before heading to his friends. I glanced at the four of them, laughing happily, and couldn’t help but understand why so many girls fell for them. They were quite charming. I spotted Alice waving me over and I made my way towards her, glad nobody noticed me staring at the boys.


“Hey there. Guess what? Frank was talking to Pete who was talking to Chris who said he was nervous about finding a date to the dance and he mentioned you and now Chris would like to meet you!” I looked at my friend in disbelief. I knew I was pathetic, but I just reached a whole new level. My face flooded red with embarrassment and I quickly wished I wasn’t so hopeless when it came to the male population. I was being set up on a blind date.


“He’s a Ravenclaw, and a sixth year, so it’s not too big of an age gap. And he’s really nice, you’ll like him!” Alice said, noticing my expression. I just nodded in response, not sure if I should be thankful or upset.

“Haley!” A voice sounded through the common room and I turned around to see Peter making his way towards me, my mountain of books in his arms, “Remus forgot to give these to you,” He said, placing them down next to me.


“Thanks Peter, I almost forgot about these,” I smiled at him, as he turned and made his way back to James and the others, “I better go put these away. Thank you Alice,” I mumbled before picking up everything and maneuvering through the crowd, making my way to the dormitory stairs.


I placed all my books on the little shelf under my nightstand and collapsed on my bed. The fullness of my stomach and the warm air that filled the dormitory made me drowsy and I eventually drifted off to sleep.


I sat up, suddenly awake in a pitch black room, the soft snores from four other girls filling the air. I rubbed my eyes and glanced at the clock to my right, though, due to the darkness, I couldn’t see anything. I reached to my nightstand, fumbling around for my wand, my fingers finally clasping on to the mahogany wood.


“Lumos,” I murmured and the tip of my wand quickly set alight, allowing me to read the clock. Midnight. Great. It was midnight and here I was, wide awake. Serves me right for falling asleep so early, I scolded myself. Quickly extinguishing my wand, I crept through the room and out into the common room, deciding to finally start the letter to my mum that I had been meaning to do.  Sitting by the fire, I quickly searched for a spare quill and parchment someone may have left in the common room.


Not seeing anything on the first glance around, I quickly sighed and summoned what I needed. Finally having everything in front of me, I diligently set to work onto a decent length letter.

After about an hour of writing, I placed the quill down and re-read it, making sure I had said everything I needed to. Just then, the portrait hole swung open, and in stumbled Sirius Black. I quickly slouched down on the couch, flattening my hair, hoping he wouldn’t notice me. Unfortunately, my foot hit the quill which was resting in the ink well, which splattered all over me, the sofa and the floor.


“Bullocks!” I yelled in frustration, jumping up and looking at my ruined shirt. Sirius walked over to me slowly, chuckling at my mishap.


“What’s your problem coming in so late, huh? Look what you did!” I shouted, pulling at my shirt, my favorite blue lace shirt. I sat back down on the couch, tears forming in my eyes. Can you believe that? I was so angry and upset over what just happened I was going to risk embarrassment to cry in front of a guy.


“Hey, calm down now, it’s an easy fix really,” He said, pulling his wand out and waving it once at the carpet and sofa, vanishing any ink he saw. He looked at me, with an expression that was most likely pity, and pulled me to my feet. Butterflies erupted in my stomach at his touch, which only made me more upset. I was so desperate for a guys touch that I let myself get worked up over him pulling me to my feet. How ridiculous! He waved his wand once at me and vanished all the ink that had once been on my shirt. Wiping the tears out of the corner of my eyes, I moved towards the fire, stretching my shirt as I went, to see if he really had fixed it.


“See, good as new,” He assured.


“Thanks,” I mumbled, still slightly upset for him startling me.


“That wasn’t my fault you know. That was your foot making a mess everywhere, I wasn’t anywhere near the ink well,” He said, slightly defensive.


“Yeah but if you hadn’t been out so late just to go snog some girl, I wouldn’t have been startled!” I said, trying to defend my clumsiness. He put his hands up in what I thought was defeat, and I quickly relaxed, enjoying my victory. Figuring he would be leaving for his room, I stretched out on the couch making myself comfortable, though I was quickly pushed onto the floor.


“What was that for?” I asked angrily, getting up to see he had taken up the entire couch for himself, “I was laying there first you know.”


“You were, but then you gave up your spot and now it’s mine. What’s that Muggle saying, finders keepers, losers weepers?” He asked, kicking off his shoes and making himself comfortable.


“That doesn’t apply to this situation, I didn’t lose the couch, you stole it!” I cried, crossing my arms in front of my chest.


“Seems like that saying was meant to be used in a situation like this! Anyway, don’t be a sore loser now. I’ve got the spot, and you’ve got the chair!” He said, motioning towards the small chair that sat next to the fire.


“But I don’t want the chair!” I said, stomping my foot a little.


“Did you just stomp? Are you throwing a little temper tantrum?” He asked, a wide smile growing on his face.


“I am not, only children throw those, now let me have my spot!” I was getting frustrated and if he didn’t get up soon, I was going to have to resort to magic to settle this.


“You definitely are, you stomped and your arms are crossed and you’re whining about a spot!” He laughed.


“Wingardium Levi-“ I shouted, as I pointed my wand at him, hoping to move him off the couch but before the spell was even completed, my wand flew out of my hand and into his.


“How’d ya’ do that?” I asked, bewildered. He hadn’t even uttered a sound.


“A small spell, it’s called Expelliarmus, great at disarming your opponent,” He teased, twirling my wand in his hand.

“No I know the spell, I’m not a first year. I mean how did you do it? I didn’t even hear you utter a sound. We’re not even supposed to start learning non-verbal spells till next month. How’d you know how to do it already?” I asked, completely forgetting why I was even mad at him.


“If I tell all my secrets now, you won’t have any more reasons to talk to me now will you?” He asked, tossing my wand back to me with a smile. Getting up off the couch, he headed towards the boys dormitory stairs.


“You’re not supposed to toss a wand at someone; you could poke an eye out!” I yelled at his retreating figure before sitting back down onto the couch with a sigh. He was the most frustrating person I have ever met and he did it on purpose.


Though, no matter how much I disliked him, I couldn’t get him out of my head.

Author's Note : Hello again :) So what did you think of this chapter? I'd love to hear any thoughts on the story, even if you just want to leave a review about how much you hate Haley (though I'd rather you like her). Just scroll on down and leave a review telling me what you think :) It's my birthday so it could be like a birthday gift to me :) !

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