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One True Love: Acceptance by DracoGal
Chapter 16 : Christmas Day
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I woke up and found Draco not in bed. I looked around the room and saw the bathroom door open a little bit and steam coming out; he was taking a shower. I got out of bed and made my way into the bathroom to scare him. I opened the door quietly and tiptoed across the room to stand behind the shower stall. The water turned off and I saw Draco reach for a towel. He wrapped it around his waist and stepped out of the shower. He walked over to the sink and that’s when I jumped out. “Boo!” He jumped backward, lost his balance, and fell onto the floor. I started laughing hysterically as I walked toward him. He glared at me when I said, “Merry Christmas!” He held out his hand and I took it expecting him to jump up when he pulled me onto the floor next to him.

He kissed me and said, “Merry Christmas. I have something for you.”

“I thought the necklace was my present.”

“It was your early Christmas present.”

“You got me more stuff?” I groaned. He chuckled.

“I thought you being a girl would make you go berserk at the sight of more gifts.”

“You already spent too much money on me with the necklace.” He smiled.

“Love, you aren’t going to win this argument. Besides, the necklace cost practically nothing.” I rolled my eyes and got up off the ground. “Where’re you going?”

“Get dressed and meet me out there.” I walked out of the bathroom and sat on the couch.

Draco came out five minutes later and sat down next to me. “Are you seriously mad at me for getting you Christmas gifts?” I smiled and got off the couch and rummaged through my underwear drawer. I pulled a package and went back to the couch. “Is that my present?” I nodded. “Can I open it?” I smiled.

“Not until you give me mine.” He laughed and pulled a box out of his pocket. When I reached for it, he pulled it out of my reach.

“I thought you said you didn’t want it. I think I’ll just take it back.”

“NO! Gimme gimme gimme!” I exclaimed as I tried to climb over him to get it. He laughed as he pulled it out of my reach again. As I reached for it, I fell off the couch and started laughing hysterically. He started to laugh as I got off the floor and sat on the couch.

“You’re such a five-year old.” I rolled my eyes. “But since it’s so cute I guess I have to give it to you.” I smiled as he handed it to me. When I opened the box, I gasped. Inside was a diamond encrusted bracelet with a charm hanging off it that said ‘D+N.’ I looked up at him with my mouth hanging open. “It matches your necklace.”

“Draco, this is too much.”

“Nonsense. Put it on.” He took the bracelet out of the box and put it on my wrist.

“It’s beautiful!” I exclaimed.

“Not as beautiful as you, though.” I blushed. “Now give me my present!” I laughed and handed him the package. He practically ripped the paper off and smiled when he saw it. It was a picture of me and him in Honeydukes when we went to Hogsmeade. “Who took this?”

“Colin Creevy. He’s a boy in my year who’s obsessed with cameras.” He looked at it for a while; watching us in the picture laughing at something he said, and then me kissing him. “There’s more where that came from, but you’re going to have to wait for tonight.” I said after a few minutes.

“So, where are we going?” he asked.

“That’s a secret.”

“You can’t even give me a hint?”

“I gave you a hint last night.”

“No, you just told me what I should wear.”

“Which is a hint.” He groaned and I laughed. “Now you know how it feels to have someone keep something from you.” He chuckled.

“What time are we going?”

“Around five-ish.” He nodded.

“Where do you want me to meet you? I need to go back to my dorm to get ready.” I thought it over for a minute.

“How about the courtyard that goes into Hogsmeade?”

“Okay then; I’ll meet you at five o’clock in the courtyard.” He kissed me and walked out of the room.


I was standing in the Room of Requirement in the dress that I picked out with Narcissa. It was a red and strapless with a black ribbon around the waistline. I also did my makeup similar to the night before, but instead of blue eye shadow, I put on red. I took a deep breath and walked out of the room and went to the courtyard where I was meeting Draco. When I got there, he was standing by the fountain in a white dress shirt with a black tie. I loved how he didn’t do anything with his hair. He looked up at me and smiled. I walked over to him and pecked him on the lips. “You look handsome.”

“And you are beautiful.” I smiled and took his hand into mine.

“So, where are we going?” he asked as we started walking.

“You’ll see.”

“Can’t you give me a hint? I gave you plenty.” I laughed.

“I want you to be surprised.” We walked a little farther and arrived in Hogsmeade.

“Why are we in Hogsmeade?” I smiled and led him into the Three Broomsticks.

“AH, Natalie, there you are!” Madame Rosmerta exclaimed. “I thought you weren’t going to show!” I laughed.

“Oh no, I wouldn’t miss this for the world!” She smiled.

“Well, everything’s ready. Just go on upstairs!”

“Thank you, Madame. Come on, Draco.” I led him up the stairs and stopped at the top where the door was closed. “Merry Christmas, Draco.” I whispered. I slowly opened the door and led him into the room. There was a small table set for two with a red tablecloth and candles on it. There was soft music playing in the background. Next to the table, there was a cart with two covered plates and a bottle of butterbeer.

“What is all this?” Draco asked.

“Your Christmas present.” He turned to me and smiled.

“This is the best Christmas ever.” I smiled and led him to the table to sit down. “When did you have time to plan all this?”

“Oh, well remember that night that I said I had to go to the library and finish up a paper for Snape?”


“Well, I didn’t go to the library. I came here and talked to Rosmerta.”

“I see.”


“You didn’t have to do this, you know.”

“Yes I did. I wanted to do something nice for our first Christmas as a couple.”

“You’re so sweet.” I smiled.

“So, do you want to eat now?”

“Sure.” I took out my wand and waved it. The plates floated in front of us and the covers came off. The butterbeer poured itself into our glasses. The dinner was chicken parmesan over pasta with a side of green beans. “This is amazing!” Draco exclaimed. “Who made this?”

“Well, I did the chicken, while Madame did everything else.”

“It’s incredible!” I smiled.

“Thanks.” We ate in silence for a few minutes until Draco spoke up.

“Do you want to come home with me for Easter?”

“Yeah sure, why not?” He leaned over and kissed me. I smiled and went back to eating.

After we were done eating our dinner, our plates vanished. Two other plates appeared in their place with pumpkin pasties on them. “I love Pumpkin Pasties!” Draco exclaimed.

“I know.” He laughed and dug into his. I watched him eat it for a minute, and then I began to eat mine.

“Where did I get so lucky to get you as my girl?” Draco asked. “Because I totally don’t deserve you.” I shrugged and kept eating my dessert. “Are you okay, love?” I shrugged again which made him get up from his chair and kneel down next to me. “Nat, please tell me what’s wrong.”

“It’s stupid.”

“If it’s upsetting you, then it’s not stupid.” I sighed and put down my fork.

“It’s just, well, oh forget it; it’ll just bring the mood down.” He grabbed my hands and kissed them.

“Please tell me.” I shook my head again which caused him to pick me up off of the chair and drag me over to the open floor where the music was playing. He held me close to him and began swaying to the music.

“Love, I’m going to keep pestering you until you tell me what’s wrong.” I sighed and buried my head into his chest.

“Do you really want to know what’s wrong?” I mumbled.

“Yes,” he breathed into my ear. I kissed him and went to sit back down at the table. He followed me and sat at my feet. He then began to rub my thighs comfortingly.

“I didn’t get everything I wanted for Christmas, Draco.” He looked at me confused.

“I got you a necklace, a bracelet, and took you to the ball; what else could you possibly want?”

“Nothing you could give me.”

“Well then, what is it?” I sighed shakily, and then felt my eyes tearing up.

“Draco, I just want my brother back.” I lifted my hands to my face and sobbed.

“Hey, love; everything’s going to be okay.” I shook my head, and he took my hands away from my face and kissed them.

“Yes, it will be. You’ll see.”

“He hates me, though.”

“He doesn’t hate you; how could anybody hate you?” I smiled weakly and he wiped my tears away.

“Do you want to go back?” I nodded and he led me downstairs. We thanked Madam Rosmerta and made our way back to the school.

“I’m sorry.” I whispered when we got into the Entrance Hall.

“For what, love?”

“Tonight was supposed to be perfect! And then I screwed it up with crying.” He shook his head and kissed me.

“You didn’t ruin anything. Come on, I’ll walk you to your common room. You need some sleep.”

“Can we stay in the Room of Requirement? I don’t want to leave you.” He smiled.

“Of course, but I’m still taking you back to your common room so you can grab your things.” I nodded and we made our way to the Fat Lady. I walked through the portrait hole and saw Harry on the couch staring at the fire. I sat down next to him and laid my head on his shoulder. He flinched away, and I almost started crying again. Instead, I went up to my dorm and grabbed the things I would need to stay in the Room of Requirement for a few days. When I walked back down, Harry was still on the couch. I quickly walked passed him.

Before I went through the door I whispered, “Merry Christmas, Harry.”

“Merry Christmas, Nat.” he whispered back, not taking his eyes off the fire.  

A/N: Hey guys. Sorry about this chapter; I know it’s a bit depressing and really really short (And I also know that Christmas is supposed to be joyful). In all honesty though, as I went back through this before posting, it’s good to see this side of Nat. I mean, all you see is the “I hate my stupid, controlling brother” side of her. It’s good to see the flipside.  But I promise that the next chapter will be longer and soooo much better!!! :D Please review!


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