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Lost Prophecy by muggleborn_parselmouth
Chapter 6 : Burning Nightmare
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Author’s Note: Ok, this chapter should explain a lot. If not, please let me know, that way I can explain it a lot better. Also, this is the introduction to Draco after the battle of Hogwarts.



The darkness seems to stretch for eternity.  It looks as if you can get close enough to some light, but then complete darkness.  A hissing sound is heard again, and a voice follows.

"He ruined your life, let's not forget that.  If it wasn't for him, you wouldn't have lost your best friend.  He is scum.  You've deserved better."

The voice is hissing, and his left arm is burning, and he can't see anything.  Then a light is shown, and the mark on his left arm starts to light up as if it was on fire.  The image of the snake through the skull illuminates him until he is ultimately ablaze.

"This is your calling......this is what you were suppose to be.  You are his ultimate rival, not me.  I was merely a pawn to your true destiny.  He is the one that caused you this pain!"


 Draco Malfoy sat up quickly in his bed.  He immediately grabbed his left arm, as if he was in pain.  Sweat dripped all over his face and hair.  He looked down at his arm, the mark that reminds him of his past doings.  Things he doesn't want to remember, but come to his dreams at night. Mostly a lot of frightful and horrid things that come to his mind.  He see's death and destruction, and wants nothing to do with it.  His thoughts run through.

Why is this happening to me?  Why am I suffering through this?  It is his fault, but what can I do?  I'm nothing anymore!  Why do I feel this hatred?

Draco winces as his arm is in pain.  Then looks up as his door opens, and his mother walks in. Narcissa Malfoy runs to the side of her son's bed, as Luscious walks in.

"What is it Draco?", his mother asks.  She has been worried these past few months since the end of the war.  She sees him grasping his arm, and looks at Luscious.

"Fight it son," Luscious said.  "Eventually, the pain goes away.  Just fight the demon."

Draco embraces his mother, and father, as the pain slowly starts to fade.

Tomorrow, it will go away.  Tomorrow, I'll be going back to Hogwarts.


Hailey wakes up from the sleep she was in, and calls for her mother.  There was no answer.  What a strange dream she had.  Some blonde kid was in pain, and it felt as if she could feel it too.  She was grabbing at her left arm.  It felt as if it was burning, but then cool as ice to the touch.  It faded, and she got up. 


There was a lot of ruckus coming from the downstairs area.  She flipped on the light, as she looked around for a change of clothes.  What she needed was a shower, and grabbed a towel that her "adopted" grandmother gave her.  She got into the bathroom and locked the door.  She started running the water, and began to undress.  As she got in the shower, the beads of water felt good over her skin. 


She felt clean already, without the use of soap. She got a lot dirtier than she had though going through the fireplace, with what did they call it, floo powder.  She felt disgusted.  But they say that it only happens the first time, and that the chimney hasn’t cleaned yet.

Downstairs, all the guests had started arriving for a special dinner.  Everyone had come to see Hailey and Emily.  Weasley family members whose memories were erased were coming, along with those who still held on to that memory. Ginny was very excited as well.

"I can't believe I have a sister," she said to Harry.  "Just like you, what are the odds!"

Ginny was right.  It was very coincidental that his god mother turned out to be a Weasley.  Ginny had noticed that Harry has been the happiest this last hour since coming out from the bedroom talking to her sister.  She found it weird, but understood.  They could hear the shower start from upstairs, and Harry knew what that meant.  Soon he would finally get to meet his sister!

Minutes passed as Harry and Ron was talking to the rest of the Weasley men, George, Bill and Charlie. Arthur was sitting with Kingsly Shackelbot, Molly, Emily and Professor McGonagall, Emily with Ginny and Hermione. 

"Minerva," Emily said.  "Why can't we go to the ministry tonight?"

"My dear, " said McGonagall "The ministry has to agree to let us do this.  Kingsly is doing the best he can.  When it happens, we will immediately go. Besides, you have to get ready for Hogwarts."

"What?" she said.

"Well, if I'm not mistaken, you worked well with potions when you were in school, and seeing that we need a few teachers this year, I was hoping that you....well"

"Have a job?" asked Emily.

"Yeah, and you'd be close to Hailey" she said.  "Kingsly has agreed to it.  Here"

She pulled out some parchment, and handed it to Emily.

"You're going to pay me how much?" she said. “Um, yeah."

All of a sudden, the loudest scream is heard and the house begins to shake.

"Bloody hell...." Ron states really loud!

"Watch your mouth Ronald", yelled Molly.

Emily quickly rushed up stairs, followed along with everyone else.  When they got to the bathroom, they opened the door, and there stood Hailey, partly wrapped in a towel standing on the toilet looking down at Kreatcher, the house elf.

"WHAT IS THAT THING?" she screamed.

"Kreatcher was only getting master's sister's clothes." said the house elf.  "Kreatcher didn't mean to scare master's sister."

"Kreatcher, it’s ok." said Harry.  "Go ahead and clean up the chimney Kreatcher.  We'll be down in a bit."

"Hailey are you ok?" asked her mother.  Emily keeps looking around, and seems to be calmed down, but realizes that there is a whole bunch of people around, and she is half naked. She sees who has to be Harry, and her face is all red.

"Hi," she says with somewhat of a confused smile on her face. "I'm Hailey."


Not quite the first impression she wanted to give to her brother, though his friend Ron kept staring down her way at the table!

"Ronald Weasley!" said Hermione. "Take a picture, it would last longer."

"You know you’re right," he said starting to get up.  "I'll go get my camera."

Hermione grabbed the back of his shirt as to pull him down.  Harry laughed, along with the others sitting down.  Harry looked at Hailey, and listen to her speak.  She had that American accent, and it was different hearing her talk.

"How was America" he asked.  He had always wanted to go there, from watching the telly at his aunt an uncle's house, whenever they left for some fancy ado trying to make them look sophisticated or something. But that was before he found out what he really was.  He never wanted to go back to that place, but knows that they will need to know.  He knows how Vernon reacted, but with the reconciliation with Dudley and his aunt Petunia before he left, he owed it to them to know the truth.  He would owl them later tonight before he goes to bed.  He loves owling to his uncle, only because he knows how crazy Vernon gets.  Harry is senile when it comes to his uncle.

"It is great." she said.  As shy as she was, she didn't really want to a lot of small talk.  But she did want to get to know her brother.  From everything that has happened to him, and believe me people like to talk about it, he seemed subtle about things.  Perhaps they were more alike than she had thought.  The crowd started to dwindle, and she was amazed at how many people came to see her and her mother.  Harry and Hailey were sitting in parlor room, Harry usually slept on the big couch, because he felt comfortable down there.  Kingsly and Arthur walk in.

"Just leaving Harry," Kingsly said.  "I will get with you some other time to discuss something’s."  He looked at Hailey.

"Miss, it was a pleasure to meet you," he said.  "If your anything like your brother, we can expect great things from you."

Hailey wasn't quite sure what to say, but thanked him, and he walked out.  Arthur followed him, no doubt talking about Ministry stuff.

Ginny comes walking in, and sits next to Harry.  She grabs his hand, and Hailey noticed that.

"So you two..." she said kind of pointing at them.  Harry nodded.  The voice of Molly and Emily start coming through, and immediately the two drop their hands.  Hailey noticed that too, but decided not to say anything.

"G'nite dears, “said Molly.  "Hailey, you can stay with Ginny and Hermione’s room.  A bed and your clothes are already in there."

Emily looked at Hailey. "Don't stay up too late, tomorrow, we go get your things for school." and kisses her daughter on the top of the head.

"MOM" Hailey yelled.

"What....not in front of your friends?" Emily said in a smart-ass way. "Relax!  Goodnight Harry, and you too Ginny." 

She looks at the two of them, and smiles. She walks upstairs with her mother.

"I think she knows," says Ginny. 

"Oh she knows," says Hailey.  " But your mother doesn't."

"You know, I just thought of something," said Harry.  "If Emily is your adopted mother, then Ginny is your adopted Aunt!"

Ginny starts to laugh, but Emily gets the weirdest look on her face. 

"But in all seriousness Harry," she said to him.  "How did you do it?"

"Do what?" he asked her.  The conversation was now going from playfulness, to seriousness.

"How is it that you survived and our parents didn't." she asked.  Harry forgot that she too never knew her parents.

"Mum" he said.  "She sacrificed herself for me.  That created this shield that protected me.  And at the time, thought to have destroyed....."

"Voldemort, right?" she said cutting off Harry.

"How do you know that name?" said Harry.

"Mom told me." she said.  "But can you keep a secret?"

Harry kind of straightened up.  Of course he can.  He still hasn’t told Ginny everything yet, which is something he would still have today.

"Yeah, what's up?" he said.

"I've been having these weird dreams," she said.  "Ever since I found out about being a witch, I keep seeing the same thing over and over."

"What?" asked Ginny

"A blond boy with a weird looking tattoo on his arm.  It keeps burning him, and then engulfs him.  A voice is talking to him about someone, but I don't really understand it."

"And this boy," Harry asked. "Does he have a name?"

"I think so." she said.  "Who's Tom Riddle?"

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