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My Neighbour: James Potter by Hermionniny9
Chapter 21 : Undeniable
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 A little change in this chapter, this one is from James POV

“Wow!” I smiled, falling back on my bed in a daze.

There were heavy footsteps and Sam shouted “nice one mate!”

“Yeah, finally” Rich said in a loud tone, exasperated by my long winded explanations of why I couldn’t go out with her.

I had confided everything in Rich, he was the one I could trust the most, and now he had lost his job as confidant which I’m guessing made him happy.

Really it all started as a slight infatuation in second year. Sam had just chucked a large flan at Rach, I watched as her temper rose and then the tears came. Grey and Jones helped her out of the hall and cleaned her up. But I caught a glimpse of her face, and the passion and rage burning in her eyes, and it caught me: I had never seen this side of her before. She had a hidden beauty, below her normal features. I was a very emotionally mature child, I suppose it goes from having two war veterans as parents. But I knew l that Rach was a passionate person, and would fight for whatever she wanted. Then through the past four years my infatuation turned to love.

The corner stone came when I saw her flying. It was in the summer, just after her birthday. She had slipped out in the middle of the night to go fly her broom in a remote field, just the other side of the valley we lived in. I couldn’t sleep and so I saw her fly off in the night, naturally as a Potter I followed after her, concealed under my Dad’s oh so useful invisibility cloak. She was so graceful and poised, she darted this way and that in the warm summer air. She let out whoops of joy as she dived and then pulled up her broom. It was like we were meant to be, she was so similar to me, but yet so different.

That was the Rachael I loved, she was fee and herself. She could go anywhere, do anything and be anyone.

“Ah” I sighed.

“Is he okay?” I heard Paul whisper to Sam.

“Yeah, Jamsie is just in lurve,” Sam replied.

“Are you sure, he looks like his in a coma,” Paul said again

“No, he can’t be, he just sighed.” Rich said, sorting his duvet out.

“S’pose,” said Paul, sitting down on his bed and fluffing his pillow.

The door opened and Trevor walked in, bringing with him a gust of cold air.

“What’s wrong with James?” he asked peering over to look at me.

“He’s going out with the girl he has love since the second year.” Sam said, I knew he had a smirk on his face.

“Oh, who?”

“You don’t know? James has been going on about her for three years,” Rich said exasperated.

“No” Trevor replied apologetically.

“Its Rachael Edgley,” Paul announced.

Ah, Rachael I inwardly sighed.

“Nice one James, great pair of knockers she’s got on her.”  Trevor said, walking across the room and sitting on his bed.

“Bit on the plump side for me though,” Trevor added, I narrowed my eyes and sat up.

“Not that she’s fat, I didn’t mean it like that,” he said quickly, trying to cover up his blunder.

“Good,” I said, before falling back on my bed.

All I could smell was her, her hair, her scent, she was all over me.

Follow your heart, Rich had said, and I had  and it gave me the best results ever.

Strictly it was our second kiss, but I will personally class it as our first. She had soft perfect lips and a warm body, that wasn’t skinny. I could tell that she wasn’t an experienced kisser,  and it felt like she was holding back a bit, but still it was one hell of a kiss. The gentleness of it touched my heart and warmed me through.

When everyone cheered and she blushed, that was possibly when I couldn’t possibly lover her anymore than I already did.

“He better not be this distracted on the pitch,” Trevor said, in a slightly worried tone.

“Nah, I won’t be.” I mumbled.

“It’s the first shock of getting a girlfriend,” Sam said in a knowing tone.

Yes, Sam was knowledgeable in the area of girls, possibly too knowledgeable for a sixteen year old. He had had at least over twenty girlfriends over the space of the last two years alone, and then there was the casual make out cessions and the times in the cupboards. In all Sam was the fountain of all knowledge when it came to girls.

But there was one thing that I would not take from him, and that would be his most recent choice of girlfriend; Natalia Cormack

She was horrid, I mean; shallow, vapid, malicious and a perfectionist. Everything I couldn’t stand in a girl. She was also really skinny. In first year she had this quest thing where she wanted to be the first person to kiss me, in the end I ended up in detention for hexing her. She also once asked me out and well I had the urge to run away screaming, but it seems that Sam likes her. I don’t see why he does, I think that Shia Grey would be much better, I don’t think she would nag him about the mess of boxers on the floor round his bed.

There were some huge advantages with my going out with/ being in a relationship with Rach. For a start I knew her family already, so there is no need for stupid ‘meet the family’ situations. And my parents would approve, due to the face that they can talk to her. There was also the nice bit that she liked me and that she was the most beautiful thing to walk the earth.

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My Neighbour: James Potter: Undeniable


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