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Love Struck by Emily Potter
Chapter 2 : Bloody Perfect
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“Lily! Up! Now!” Max said.

“Let me sleep in.” I murmured.

“Molls, help me out.” Max said.


“Aaahh! What?” I said, rolling over and falling down.

The girls started laughing, but shut up as soon as I shot them a death glare. It was the Ginny glare, and everyone was aware of it. I was as good as my mum at spells and stuff. I wasn’t someone you wanted as an enemy.

I came out of the bathroom five minutes later, fully dressed and refreshed.

“Are you coming for breakfast or not?” I snapped at Max.

“Alright, I’m sorry.” Max said, coming down with me.

“Never ask Molls to wake me up. Ever.” I said.

“It takes forever to wake you up.” Max said.

“Then let me be late. I already paid the consequences in fourth year.” I said.

“Fine, just don’t yell at me if you’re late.” Max said.

“I won't. Just let me eat in peace.” I said.

I loaded a few waffles onto my plate, and a lot of honey on it too.

“Someone should watch their weight.” Moni said, coming in with Molls.

I stuck my tongue out, and glared at Molls, “Thanks for waking me up.” I said.

“Not my fault.” Molls said.

“Just remember I will hex you next time.” I said, “Speaking of which, where the bloody hell is my wand?”

I looked in my bag, under the table, in my food, in my friends bags but I couldn’t find it.

“Shit! Lessons start in five and I need my bloody wand!” I muttered.

“We’ll find it.” Max assured me.


“Found it!” a voice called from the entrance of the Great Hall.

“Thanks!” I said, turning to thank the person, until I saw who it was.

“Thank you.” I said curtly, taking my wand from his outstretched hand and pocketing it.

“You could show a little more gratitude, you know.” Hunter said.

“Thank you sooo much! I don’t know what I would do if you didn’t find it! I owe you.” I said in the most fake voice I could manage.

He laughed, “I mean some real gratitude.” He said.

“Then you’ve come to the wrong place.” I said, picking my bag up and walking to our first class.


“I’m famished. I hate Grizel.” I said.

“Known fact.” Max said.

“Pass me the sandwich, will you?” I said.

“Dominique! Pass the sandwiches!” Max said.

Dom rolled her eyes and passed the plate of sandwiches. Bitch. Hate her. How is she best friends with Rose? Curse them both. Now I hate Rose.

Then Dom came and sat next to me with a plastic smile plastered on her face,

“Hunter Knight may be paying more attention to you that other girls, but you should know he is mine, and you will not talk to him.” She hissed.

“You think I want to talk to him. I’m so pissed off about the way you go on about him. I’m sick of him and I wish he would not notice me and leave me alone.” I said.

“Maybe.” Dom said, “But remember. He’s mine.” She said.

“I don’t care about him, and I don’t even like him, for Pete’s sake! I will not talk to him if I can help it. But it won’t be my fault if he talks to me. And being a bitch won’t change whether he talks to me or not.” I said.

“I’m telling mum and Aunt Ginny.” She said.

“That’s right. Go to mummy and cry. Honestly Dominique, grow up.” I said.

“Watch it, Lily. You may look innocent, but I know you’re not.” She said.

“Just get lost, Dom, before I hex you, and you know I’m better than you at that.” I said.

“Not if I get to it first.” She said, pulling out her wand.

BANG! She soared across the room, falling on her back.

“I warned you.” I said, picking my bag and the rest of my sandwich up from the table and leaving the Great Hall with Max.

“She is such a bitch. I wish I could strangle her. She makes my blood boil. She and her perfect veela self.” I muttered angrily, “And while I’m at it, I could strangle-”
“-her bloody perfect veela mother.” Max finished (mum and I shared feelings about Aunt Fleur and Dominique. Vic and Louis were fine).

“You know me so well, Maxie.” I said.

“Max.” she said.

“Let’s just get to Ancient Runes before Sinistra kills us.” I said.


“I’m starving! They should honestly end classes earlier.” I said, coming into the Great Hall for dinner, and starting on soup.

“Why are you always eating food?” Max said.

“Runs in the family.” I said.

“And you never grow fat.” She said.

“Also runs in the family.” I said.

“Hey Lily, Marion.” Albus said.

“Max. How many times do I have to say that?” Max asked.

“More than a thousand.” Albus replied.

“I’ll hex you next time.” She promised.

“That’s what you always say.” He pointed out.

“Fine, today I’ll keep my promise.” Max said.

“No! I’m sorry!” he said quickly.

Max smirked, and put her wand in.

“Where’s Hunter?” Dom asked. Bitch.

“I’m here. Sorry I was late. I was a little…busy.” Hunter said, sitting next to Al.

“Busy? Care to enlighten us on why you did not grace us with your presence for dinner. As you can see, dear Dominique has not even eaten a bread crumb.” I said.

Dom scowled. Hunter smirked in an amused fashion.

But I didn’t need to know what he was doing. His dirty blonde hair was a complete mess, and his sapphire blue eyes glinted with an unusual feeling. He was probably snogging some girl in an empty classroom.

“What I was doing is none of your concern.” He replied.

“But I’m sure Dom would like to know. Tell me, who were you snogging in an empty classroom?” I asked, “Wait, I’ll guess.” I said.

I scanned the Great Hall, and I saw the girl immediately. Signs were easy to see; you just have to know how to read them.

“Never thought redheads were your type, Knight.” I said.

“Don’t tell me he snogged a Weasley.” Dom said.

“Worse. It was your best friend. Give it up for Rose Weasley.” I said.

Rose turned as red as her hair, and Hunter looked in awe at what I had just done.

I could tell Dom and Rose were going to have one hell of a conversation when they got back to their dorms.

“Thanks a lot, Lily.” Rose hissed.

“My pleasure.” I said.

“You could have just shut up.” she said.

“Or you could have cleaned yourself up and you wouldn’t be in this situation.” I said.

“Now Dom will hate me.” Rose said.

“She’s a bitch. So are you. You both deserve it.” I said.

“Dom is really nice. What do you have against her? And against me?” Rose said.

“Rose darling, being the youngest was never easy. Especially when everyone picked on you.” I said.

“I’ll get you back for this.” Rose promised.

“Looking forward to it, love.” I said, picking up my bag and marching out of the Great Hall with a bowl of ice cream.

Bloody perfect sixth years. Bloody perfect Rose. Bloody perfect Dom. Bloody perfect? My arse! Like Dom would ever get Hunter to go out with her. And Rose! Dear Rose! What was she thinking? Snogging Knight on the first day of school! This whole day is bloody perfect!

Screw people and their bloody perfectness.


A/N: So what do you think? Any ideas? Comments? Questions? I am open to criticism, good and bad. And I have nothing against Rose and Dom, just so you know. This will be the last chapter I'll be posting in a while. Please bear with me and I will update when I can. Meanwhile, you can check out my other story 'Lucky Thirteen'. Please review!

XOX Emily

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