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When one world ends, another begins by Pepper Finn
Chapter 2 : Aftermath
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The next few months passed by in a blur for Kyla. Her grief for the loss of half her family in a car crash overwhelmed her and she could not return to school for the rest of her fifth year. Liana had also deeply grieved but dealt with it by writing in a diray and throwing herself further into books, studies and her friends. Liana could not bear to see her sisters tear streaked face without it making her own pain worse.

Kyla instead spent a good deal of time walking, reading and writing and imagining a fantasy world where she had magical powers and could go back in time, save her parents or even make them stay together and be happy.

Kyla, despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary, had always cherished a hope her family would one day together again. It may have been unrealistic, but she was a child, things didn't have to make sense or be real to cause happiness.

Somewhere in the middle of all the sadness and grief, the grandparents sat the girls down told them they would not be returning to school in February.

"What do you mean we aren't going back to school?" Demanded Liana.

"I never have to go to school again? Excellent!
" thought Kyla.

"You won't be going to school in February because we are moving away, girls." Nana explained.

That was enough to stop both girls in their tracks. Instantly a million questions bubbled into their minds and started to slip from their tongues.

"But why? Where? What about my friends? What about my school?" Liana questioned in rapid sucession.

"Shh, now. All of this has made me realise how important family is, so we are moving to be closer to my family. You remember Uncle Stanley, don't you?" Nana queried.

"Uncle Stanley? The one who visted us last year, Uncle Stanley? Your brother who lives in Scotland, Uncle Stanley?" Asked Liana.

"Yes, dear. That Uncle Stanley. At our time of life, nothing is as important as family." Nana said, patting Grampa's hand.

"What about at my time of life?" Liana raged.

"It is too painful for us to be here, Liana. Too painful for all of us." Grampa said, directing his eyes to Kyla, who had sat silently throughout the entire conversation.

Liana followed his gaze and saw the small, thin and forlorn figure of her sister who was gazing out the window. She instantly bit back the sharp retort she had been about to say and just nodded, defeated.

Kyla had changed so very much from the lively and happy girl she used to be. Before there was laughter and jokes, now there was withdrawn silence. Where there used to be joy and happiness now only saddness and anger. Often on her walks, Kyla would become quite agressive, throwing things and yelling, unleashing her rage by trying to hurt her surronds as much as possible, to lessen the pain she felt, but to no avail.

Both girls where seeing a therapist, though seperately to deal with their issues. The therapist had reccomended Kyla continuing her martial arts lessons for Kyla to channel some of her excess energy and to try and teach her anger management.

The lessons had helped to use Kyla's energy and was, though slowly, teaching her to calm and control her breathing and temper. It had also taught her quick reactions, fearlessness and physical defences. That was her waking life, but at night it was a different matter entirely.

At night Kyla was haunted by vivid dreams and nightmares, dreams of crashes, dreams where she tried to save them but would always fail. How she tried in the dream world to have magic, to be stronger and stop the bad things, but it would not work. She was only a normal, small girl.


The time had come to prepare for flying to Scotland for a month, for trying to find a place to live and schools for the two girls. Liana refused to go, stating that she couls stay with her best friend who lived nearby. The grandparents eventually yielded to her request, relucatant for Liana to miss out on her schooling.

Kyla was a different matter. She had attempted to go back to school but was angry and combative. She had been provoked by a careless comment into a fight with her classmates and was unable to focus on her work. The teachers sent notes and work home to her and Kyla would complete them and send them back without really having retained much if what she had learnt.

So it was with not much reluctance and some trepidation that Kyla took her first plan trip overseas. Arriving in Scotland made Kyla feel gloomy. She hated the cold. The month passed slowly for her, though it was coming into springtime, her favorite season. She spent her time either practising her martial arts or reading Enid Blyton, animal or fairytale books.

In the meantime her grandparents had found a lovely house with a large backyard and greenhouse for Grampa to putter around in and grow his orchids and to have room for a pet or two. The house was had 3 bedrooms and a study, and, much to Nana's delight was only 5 miles from her brother. The schools were also soon selected with a private boarding school for Liana and a local primary one for Kyla. After the summer holidays Kyla would start at the same school as her sister.

It all seemed settled, and the only things left to do where to go back to Australia and sort out their belongings when a knock on the door came and unsettled it all.

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When one world ends, another begins: Aftermath


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