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Nothing Sirius by ElectrixxSoul
Chapter 15 : The Hogsmeade Trip- Part I
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Melora observed herself in the mirror with a critical eye. She was definitely starting to show.

Her uniform (Thank Merlin) was still baggy enough to hide it. But in the muggle clothes she was wearing to go to Hogsmeade, the bump was quite clearly defined.

The blonde let out a small sigh and grabbed her cloak from her bed. She knew it was going to happen eventually, but she was still hoping she might get that slim chance of barely showing at all.

Melora paused in fastening her cloak to observe the baby bump once more. It certainly was strange to think there was something growing inside her.

“It suits you.” Melora spun around in surprise to face Beatrice, dropping her cloak in the process.

“What does?” she asked. Bea waited until Melora picked up her cloak to answer.

“Pregnancy,” she said, sounding slightly embarrassed, “I mean, you’ve sort of got this glow about you.” Bea let out a little chuckle, “I always thought you’d be a great mother.”

Melora flushed a bit and rolled her eyes, “You’re ridiculous,” she said.

“Oh come on Lora,” Beatrice said with a smile, “You’re such a mother hen.”

Melora shrugged the comment off and nodded towards the door, “We’d better go before we’re late.”

Bea nodded. It was Hogsmeade weekend and the two girls had plans with Mary and Lily to go shopping. They were already late as it was, since Melora had waited for the majority of her house to leave before sneaking Bea in and getting ready.

“When’s your next healer appointment?” Bea asked as they hurried down the winding staircase of the Ravenclaw tower.

“Uh, next weekend,” Melora bit her lip trying to remember the details, “Supposedly I’ll be able to see the baby move and find out what gender it is.”

“Is Sirius coming?”

Melora fought the blush that came to her face at his name. “No.”

Bea tucked a loose strand of hair behind her ear as they passed a suit of armor reflecting their image. This weekend was also Valentine’s Day weekend and Bea was meeting Remus for lunch after they went shopping. She had been fretting about her appearance all morning. Melora rolled her eyes, “The wind’s just going to mess your hair up more. And the Daily Prophet said it’s supposed to snow in Hogsmeade today.”

Bea ignored her and went back to their previous conversation. “Are you really going to find out the gender? I think it would be more fun to have a surprise.”

“Healer Jacoby said finding out will help me find a couple to adopt.” Melora replied.

Bea hummed in compliance, but she still looked doubtful. Just before they reached the entranceway where students were lining up to leave the castle the Hufflepuff stopped her friend. “You don’t really think it’s going to snow, do you?”

Melora stared blankly at her friend’s worried expression. The brunette’s eyes were wide with sudden fear and she was gnawing on her bottom lip. Melora thought back to the last time Beatrice went on a date. It had been in fifth year and to say it had ended badly would be putting it mildly.

“You know the Daily Prophet,” Melora said with a smile, “When do they ever get the weather right?”

Bea smiled gratefully at Melora’s assurance and they continued on their way to join the line of their classmates.  

Sirius fiddled with a loose thread hanging off his jumper and tried not to panic.

“This isn’t going to work,” he said quite decidedly. Next to him, James rolled his eyes.

“You’ve been saying that for the past two hours,” James pointed out, “And yet here we are, fifteen minutes from making it a reality.”

Sirius stared determinedly at the thread. It seemed no matter how much he pulled, the thread would not break. Idly, he wondered if his jumper would soon unravel.

“It’s going to be fine,” Remus assured Sirius, “The worst she can do is turn you down.”

“Easy for you to say, Walsh agreed to your date.”

Remus flushed, “It’s not a date! We’re just getting lunch. And I only asked her to help you.”

James sighed loudly and threw his hands in the air. “What is this?” he exclaimed, “A pity party or the beginnings of a perfectly executed Marauder plans?”

Peter nodded eagerly next to him. “Yeah guys, we can do this!”

Sirius shot him an irritated look. “You aren’t even doing anything Wormtail.”

Wormtail deflated a bit and James frowned. “He’ll be distracting Mary. Don’t take your miserableness out on him.”

“Not a word,” Remus interjected absently.

James crossed his arms, clearly frustrated with his two friends. “Come on Padfoot, trust me. This is going to work. I came up with this plan and seeing as my last plan got Lily Evans to go out with me, I think I’ve got a pretty good tract record.”

Sirius snorted, “Yeah after years of pathetic begging.”

“Says the bloke who came begging for my help when it was revealed he cheated on the mother of his child,” James shot back.

Sirius looked ready to protest more, but instead remained quiet. He really did owe his friends for sticking with him after Mary told everyone what had happened. But he technically didn’t ask for James help until after his encounter with Melora in the hall.

After his explanation of Melora’s rational that they couldn’t be in a relationship to the other Marauders, James had looked at him quite plainly and asked the one question Sirius did not want to hear.

“But do you want to be?”

Thus leading to this ridiculous plan to kidnap poor Melora for a heart-to-heart while Remus went on his date, sorry, lunch with Beatrice Walsh, Peter distracted Mary, and James went out with Lily.

“Oh Merlin,” Sirius groaned, “This is going to be a disaster.”

“You’d better go through with it Padfoot,” Remus told him, “Or I’ll have gone to lunch with Bea for nothing.”

“Being in love with her is hardly nothing Moony,” Peter cut in with a smirk.

Remus’s face went red as he stammered out a protest, but the other boys just laughed and ignored him. The teasing did however, did make Sirius feel slightly better.

Hogsmeade was packed as usual with Hogwarts students, but Melora couldn’t help but notice there was definitely more couples around than usual.

Ever since her snog with Sirius those long weeks ago, Melora had been feeling rather, well, sexually deprived. And their fight several days ago hadn’t helped the problem any.

Seeing all these couples making out made her wish perhaps, she hadn’t fled from Sirius that day. Stupid hormones.

“Melora? Earth to Melora?” Melora snapped to the present where Lily was observing her with a wry smile. “What are you thinking about?”

Melora flushed, glad Lily wasn’t a Legilimens, and shrugged. “Valentine’s Day,” she replied, “You excited for your date with James?” Lily, like Bea, was off to lunch for her Valentine’s date after shopping.

Lily rolled her eyes. “I don’t know. He tends to go a little overboard when it comes to these things.”

Melora giggled. This was true. In their fifth year for Valentine’s Day, James had covered the entire Great Hall in roses, except for on the Gryffindor table, where he had spelled out ‘I love Lily Evans’ in lilies. And they hadn’t even been dating then.

“What about you?” Lily asked, “Have you spoken to Sirius at all?”

“No,” Melora replied quickly, her cheeks burning again. Could she never get away from the grey-eyed boy? Perhaps Lily was a Legilimens after all. “I think we’re better off separate.”

Lily looked disappointed at her answer, but didn’t press her further.

The girls’ morning went fairly quickly, a large portion of it spent in Honeydukes, where Melora found herself buying nearly one of everything. By the time noon rolled around, the four headed over to the Three Broomsticks, where they met up with Remus and James, both smiling broadly and glancing at Melora every so often, as if they knew something she didn’t.

It made Melora feel extraordinarily paranoid.

But just before she could ask them what they were hiding, James asked, quite loudly, if they were all ready to go into the pub.

The girls gave him an odd look, but nodded nonetheless. The plan was for James and Lily and Bea and Remus to go off on their own, while Melora and Mary got lunch together and went over prospective adoptive parents again.

Melora hadn’t looked through the files since the library…

The blonde shook her head furiously as they entered the pub, now was not the time to think about Sirius.

Unfortunately, the universe seemed to have other plans.

The moment she stepped into the Three Broomsticks, Melora’s friends disappeared into the crowd, and Melora found herself alone and bewildered.

“Mary?” she called out. A few people near her glanced over, but Melora didn’t recognize anyone.

A hand touched her shoulder and Melora spun around. Sirius stood behind her.

“We need to talk,” he said.

Melora shook her head and turned back around. “We already did,” she said quickly, “Have you seen Mary?”

“She’s with Peter,” Sirius replied. Melora began to push through the crowd, but Sirius followed. “You’re not going to find her. They want you to talk to me too.”

Melora spun around, “What is this? Some kind of plot? Is everyone in on this but me?”

Sirius rubbed his neck, “Sort of. Can we please talk?”

“I don’t want to talk to you!” Melora cried, attempting to storm away, but she ran into a large man, who pushed her back against Sirius.

“Please,” Sirius whispered in her ear, his hands bracing her against him, “Give me five minutes.”

Melora turned and stared into his gray eyes. They were too close for her liking.

“Fine,” she said softly, taking a step away, “Let’s go outside.”

A/N- Yay quick update! Part 2 of the Hogsmeade trip should hopefully be done soon.

Also, check out my story Lackadaisical please? It's a next gen story

And review!

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