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Hate/Love by dramionerules
Chapter 5 : Confrontations Part 2
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Again, I don't own the characters. JK Rowling does and isn't she brilliant?

Pansy stormed in further into the room and grabbed Hermione by her hair, pulling her away from Draco and attempting to drag her a bit further. Hermione yelled out as she hit the floor and Draco was on his feet instantly. He glared at Pansy and forced her hand away from Hermione. “Leave her alone Pansy.” He said with authority. 

“What are you doing?” she pleaded, tears filling her eyes. She was confused and she didn’t like her Drakie mixing with such filth. She couldn’t let go of her beliefs and she thought that Draco wouldn’t either. He was supposed to marry her and she was supposed to be the next Mrs. Malfoy. 

He bent down to help Hermione up and directed her back to the couch. He ignored Pansy; she had gotten on his last nerve so he didn’t want to deal with her right then. He knelt down in front of Hermione, “You okay?” he asked with a smile. She simply nodded and smiled back. Pansy was stunned by the display and was about to speak when Draco was up on his feet and towering menacingly over her. “You will never touch her or speak of her that way again. I don’t care who you are.” 

”Oh Draco, do calm down. You know how Pansy is.” Blaise made his presence known and had a smirk upon his face. The whole situation was rather amusing to him. Blaise never cared about blood at all; he didn’t have a problem with Granger or any of the Golden Trio for that matter. “And Pansy, you haven’t had Draco since fourth year. Let it go already.” 

She sputtered and looked back and forth. “But…she…this..” She couldn’t even form a sentence and suddenly out of nowhere Hermione started laughing. All eyes were on her and she looked at everyone, she had to calm down before she could explain. 

“She sounded like Ron.” With that she began laughing a bit louder and then Draco put the connection together and he himself started laughing with her. Obviously Pansy and Blaise wouldn’t get the joke because they weren’t here before. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to…interrupt. Perhaps I should go for a walk and leave you all to it.” She began to stand up. 
“Yes wonderful idea Mud..” the glare that Draco sent Pansy had her shutting her mouth before she finished her sentence. 

“You don’t have to leave.” He said to Hermione, a slight pout on his face. Hermione smiled and leaned up and kissed his cheek before heading for the door. 

“I’ll be by the Lake. Find me when you are finished if you’d like.” She said before exiting and heading out onto the grounds. She walked slowly, thinking about all that had happened but instead of scowling she was smiling. She was surprised that much she was sure of. She didn’t know where she stood with Harry and Ron; she loved them both very much. They had been with her since they saved her from the troll in first year and she couldn’t picture her life without them. They were her best friends.


Especially with all that they went through together, but she hoped they would come to their senses. She sat down by the lake and laid on the grass. She patiently waited for Draco to find her, hoping that he wasn’t having too hard of a time. Then again the idea of trying to have a conversation with Pansy was a little scary to her. Not because Pansy was scary but because she just came off as completely stupid sometimes. She focused on the water and enjoyed the feeling of the cool breeze, deciding to not let herself worry about anything right then.

 Draco however was wishing he left with her. Pansy and Blaise were giving him a headache, for different reasons. Pansy wouldn’t stop yelling about purebloods and his father. He didn’t care what his father, who was in Azkaban for life, thought of who he was kissing. Blaise however was just sitting there smirking at him. Like he knew this was going to happen. Draco could only sit in place and stare at the floor. What the hell was he doing? He was kissing the one person that no one would accept, and yet he still could only smile at the thought of it all. He could admit that the first kiss was, well to piss her off more than anything. Sure he found her attractive, what man didn't? But the moment their lips touched all that changed. It was as if every angry moment they shared had disappeared and he couldn't remember why he had hated her so much.

Of course he remembered as soon as they broke apart but that didn't matter now. Not now. She was...She was something he couldn't fully describe. She was beautiful, because she was modest. She was smart, so much more than he but he enjoyed that about her. He knew that when they actually had the change to have a bloody conversation alone that they would have loads to talk about. Intellectual conversations that would entertain him for hours were something of a dream to him before, now they could actually happen. He knew that they had things in common, maybe more than they ever really knew. 

"WHAT ARE YOU SMILING ABOUT?! THIS IS SERIOUS!" Pansy yelled pulling him from his wonderful thoughts of Hermione. He shook his head and glared at her. He was beyond happy that he wasn't dating her anymore. She was crazy, rude and vapid. She had nothing worthwhile to say or offer him for conversation. She wasn't even funny. She could see the wheels turning in his head and she went and changed tactics. Instead of yelling she was trying to sit on his lap. However he wasn't having any of that and pushed her away. 

"Pansy, I will only say this once more alright? I'll even say it nice and slow so that you completely understand it. I don't want you. I don't care what you think of who I kiss, or date or anything. I like Hermione. I don't care she's a muggleborn. The war is over so get that bloody self-righteous stick out of your arse and get over it all. We are only alive because of them. If you can't see that then don't bother speaking to me for the rest of your pathetic existence." with that he stood up from the couch and headed for the door. He and Hermione really needed to have a talk. A non-interrupted one at that. "Please clear out. Come on now. I won't have you mucking about in the heads common room." he held open the portrait hole and waited for them to walk out first. Pansy of course was sputtering and crying while Blaise seemed to be enjoying himself. 

Once the portrait was closed he asked the portrait to not permit anyone inside without permission from the heads, even if they have the password. After that he headed for the lake, hoping that she was still going to be there waiting for him. He could see her basking in the sunlight that would probably disappear soon. He approached her silently but didn't want to scare her so he thought of what he would say. He could only laugh at the many different ways to explain Pansy's reaction. 

"So I truly think that you and I shall be the talk of the entire school for the rest of its existence." he said with a laugh before sitting down next to her. She lazily looked over at him with a smile before laughing herself. She didn't think he could be so funny but it was a nice change of pace to find things out about him that she never expected. 

"Oh? Do you think will have started some Gryffindor and Slytherin mingling trend or something?" she laughed. She couldn't picture that but it would be nice to see more friendly people then angry. She turned to face him better. She really couldn't believe how quickly things can change between two people. 
Draco looked out at the lake and then back to her and sighed. "We really should talk now." he gave her a soft smile. She could only nod her head. She didn’t know why but she didn’t feel optimistic about what he’d have to say. Then again she didn’t understand why she cared so much. Why? That was going to be the continuing question to her, she was sure of it.

"I suppose you'll want to go back to how things were then? Ignore me? Call me names?" she said in such a tone that didn't suggest she was angry but more expecting it. She would understand if that was the case. She wouldn’t like it, and she wasn’t even sure she’d be able to hate him like she had thought she did after everything that has happened.


This chapter was edited and spell checked. I added a tad to it to make it a little longer.

Read and Review. Oh and I don't really know if the whole bit about the portriate is correct but I went with it anyway!

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