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The smile I gave her by Owlpost68
Chapter 1 : The smile I gave her
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I have to stop staring at the hangings of my four poster. I never go to sleep right away, why do I even try? Alright, midnight walk it is.


“James? Wasgoinon? It's midnight mate, and we have DADA OWL's tomorrow. Go to sleep already.”

Damn, I really need to remember not to put my shoes in the middle of the floor.

“I can't sleep, I'm going to walk around a bit so I get more tired. Go back to sleep Worm-”


“-y... guess I don't have to tell you twice.”

I put my cloak on and head downstairs, Probably no one will be there, but just in case she's still studying... I hear pages turning rapidly, of course she is. I don't even remember her being at dinner. You would think, someone who always gets such high marks wouldn't get so worked up for OWL's.

I turn towards the portrait hole to make a quick exit. The more I linger the better chance she'll hear me.

Gurgle, growl.

I hear her mutter to herself, “Arg!, maybe I should have gone to dinner, I should have known better than to let Alice and Marley in charge of getting my ham and cheese on toast. They never remember, not with Marley flirting with boys every time she leaves the Great hall,” and she puts her beautiful face in her hands. She's rubbing her stomach with a pained, frustrated look on her face.

I feel her pain, many times, us Marauders were up to our usual pranks, and were late to dinner. I missed my favorite treacle tart! This sandwich, with the look on Lily's face, is probably like her version of my treacle tart.

Well, I know where I'm going tonight for my stroll around the castle. Straight to the kitchens to get her sandwich. She just might give me a smile for once... and no one will ever know I saw it, even her.

I'm so glad I couldn't sleep tonight.

With one last look at Lily, still pouring over her books, I silently walk through the Portrait hole to head for the Kitchens.

Dolly the house elf should be more than willing to help. Her sister lives at my house, so I know her better than any of the other house elves here. It comes in handy especially as a kid, I was homesick all the time. Padfoot would tease me endlessly if he knew that.

I tickled the pear, and soon I was surrounded by elves. I stopped one of them, one who wasn't carrying a load of dishes in their hands.

“Sorry, excuse me, but do you know where Dolly is?”

“Oh, sir, Dolly is off cleaning the dormitories sir, but I would be glad to help you sir.”

“Oh, great! Um, could you get a ham and cheese sandwich on toast, and a mug of hot chocolate up to the Gryffindor Common Room please?” I know Lily loves hot chocolate, especially at dinner, all year. She'll need something to drink with her sandwich right?

“Of course sir. It will be there in a few minutes,” with a bow, he quickly left.

I smile to myself. I can't wait to see Lily's reaction. Since she doesn't know I sent it to her, she'll definitely smile. I haven't been able to make Lily smile before, not really. She's smiled at me when she hexes me that's for sure, but not from a favor I've done for her. This will be my secret smile no one knows that she gave me. Not even her.

Taking some secret passages I didn't meet a single professor. Not even Filch, thank Merlin. I don't want to miss Lily's smile for even a second.

Outside the Portrait hole I take a deep breath, almost nervous she's going to know it's me who gave it to her, and throw it into the fire or something. Alright, maybe I'm getting a little tired, that made no sense.

“Galloping Grindylows” I whisper, and quickly open and close the Portrait hole so Lily doesn't hear me.

I look to the chair I last saw Lily working, and she's slumped in the chair with her book on her lap.

She looks incredibly beautiful in her sleep. The most notable difference is that her eyes aren't sparkling at me in annoyance or frustration. Not to mention her mouth is open to, not blast me with insults, but breathe deeply in her sleep.

It's so different I'm shocked, she's normally so full of energy, she never stays still for this long. Just a few minutes ago she was ranting to herself about her friends.

A soft pop, and the sandwich and hot chocolate appear on the table in front of her.

She its up with a start, making her hair fall in front of her face. She sleepily pushes it away to look around for what woke her. Of course, looking behind her first. Silly girl.

I hold my breath waiting for her to realize the meal in front of her. I want to see her smile more than anything right now. Why have I not thought of this before?

She turns around and finally sees it. I have to stop myself chuckling when I see her mouth drops open.

She reaches for it, but midway she stops, takes out her wand, and does a quick spell. I have to admire her for checking it wasn't a trick. She just woke up and she still has her wits about her.

Now knowing there's nothing wrong with it, she dives forward to the sandwich hungrily.

Her smile is breathtaking. Even with a full mouth, sometimes chewing sloppily. It's more gorgeous than I could have imagined. How I've gone so long without seeing this is beyond me. Now I know how to do it. Ham and cheese = Happy Lily. Even with my decent grades I couldn't figure this out before?

She finally swallows, and now she goes for the hot chocolate. It's piled high with whipped cream which makes her giggle with glee, she takes a mouthful of it which gives her a mustache on her lip.

As innocent as it is, I have the urge to kiss it off her lips. Seeing her this happy is wreaking havoc on my imagination, especially now that I'm getting sleepier. I want to be laughing with her. Maybe feeding her more whip cream or sandwich.

Walking back up to the dormitory, different scenarios crowd my brain, along with emotions making my heart beat faster. I'm so much more in love with her then before. I've never seen her so happy. To top it all off, I was the one who did it. Me, James Potter, who always knows exactly how to push Lily Evans to get her so mad she had me in the hospital wing for 3 days. Now I know how to make her just as happy as I do mad. The next time I make her mad, I'll just think of her smile I gave her, and her anger won't affect me at all.

I have the best secret in the world. I know I made Lily smile, and she has no idea.

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