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Life, Love, & Berries by xXMissGrangerXx
Chapter 6 : Scorpius Malfoy: My Partner Of Hatred and Fellow Beater
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Scorpius Malfoy. That arsehole, you know? The annoying dude? Find him fit and i'll hex you.


I was walking down to McGonagall’s office with Al in silence. We were both exhausted after our rather eventful Runes class where Wood had nearly killed Jake by using the killing curse as part of our ‘scene’ with an actual wand where I kicked Jake out of the way so he wouldn’t die which resulted with a broken rib. Then Professor Binns gave me a detention because he wouldn’t believe that I was actually saving Jake’s life rather than using ‘unnecessary violence’. Like seriously, when is violence unnecessary? Oh hang on, when all male kind are extinct.


    Ok. Please let me get this straight.


I, am not, a feminist. I may not share an obvious soft spot towards boys (cough –demons) but don’t think I’ve never wanted to be able to connect with them.


It’s true, some people, like Rose, can have such a close friend, like Al. They’re always talking and chatting and getting along unless the subject is Scorpius. But otherwise, they are perfect, they have a real history being cousins. The closest thing I have to a ‘boy’ friend would be Jake cause we more than often have civilised conversations together, and right now I’ve just had him sent off to the hospital wing. It makes me wonder whether I’m just an ice cold bitch that radiates evilness and just repulses boys entirely.


   Sometimes it can get a bit much with Luiza and Teri having all these cute, caring boyfriends that cuddle them and lookout for them. It makes me feel a little lonely. But when I think about it, I’ve realised I survived sixteen years without a boy in my life, and I can live through another two years at Hogwarts loveless without breaking down, into some lifeless penguin. (that simile didn’t really work did it.)



Back to the picture.


“Why oh why couldn’t we have Quidditch practise today?!” I yelled, breaking the peaceful silence with frustration, flapping my arms around.


“Whoa, did Berry West just ask for Quidditch practise?”




“And Is James Potter still Quidditch captain or did you slice his head off this





“Is the apocalypse upon us?!” He said dramatically.




“And is ‘yes’ the only word you know?”




He smirked at me. I looked up at him seeing if he had just triumphantly hexed me or something. Oh.


“Uh, I mean no!” I said a little late on timing, but who cares. He rolled his eyes.“McGonagall is going to work us to death I swear.” I groaned.


Weakling” Al coughed.


“Oh I’m sorry Mister Muscle. I didn’t know you took pride in pushing smaller people down.” I said grumpily.


“Hey. That’s such a cool name. Mr Muscle.” He said nodding his head in pride.


I smacked his head. “Git.”


“That hurt!” He said, hands moving to his head.


“It was meant to.” I stated coldly. Next thing I knew I felt a sharp pain in my shin, yelped, and was falling forward. Al caught me when my nose was nearly touching the ground and smirked.


“I may not be allowed to hit a girl, but there’s nothing said bad about tripping her up.”


 I gave him an icy glare before getting back up to my feet.


“Your such a narcissistic person.”


“I’m what?” he said squinting his eyes as we took a turn through the corridor.


“Narcissistic.” I said proudly.


“And what the hell does that mean?” He said.


“I may not be Rose, but a least I’ve opened a text book! Does it never even rub off on you?” I questioned holding my hands up in the air.


“Well I am so sorry Berry , and would like to apologise for not knowing every single word in the dictionary.” He said nastily. I ignored his fake apology completely and continued.


“ Narcissistic is the word for excessive love of oneself.” I said matter-of-a-factly.


“Soooo, you could have just said Vanity.” He replied.


Sheesh this child is getting very irritating.


“ I suppose.” I said mimicking a ‘Rose’ kinda tone.


“Wait! Are you calling me vain?!” He said putting his hands out.


“You are so slow.” I said shaking me head and pinching the bridge of my nose.


He was about to respond when the door in front of us swung open to a large room with a humongous cluttered desk with a flustered looking McGonagall seated behind it.


“You may come in.” She said dryly.


Both of us walked over to our seats in silence. She put down some partchment and tore away her spectacles.


“Mr Potter and Miss West, tonight your task will take place in the greenhouse where Professor Sprout needs you to help out with the greenhouse. Unfortunateley, these days she’s getting a little elderly. “


And McGonagall isn’t?


“She’s left a note with the instructions for you there. Give me your wands.”

We both stubbornly put them on the desk. “Now be off.” She said. I let out a whimper and walked sluggishly to the door.


As soon as the door sounded a close I wailed and went down to my knees.


“Why oh why does she make us do this?” I cried.


“Oh get up.”


“No.” I said stubbornly rocking back and forth. I felt a hand on my wrist and Potter yanked me up off the ground. I looked at him grumpily.


“I hate you.”


“And I love you too Berry .” He said with a forced smile which soon turned into a scowl.


“Ugh. You know what piss off.”


“I can’t!” He said, pointing out the obvious.


“Still. Just, you know,”


“I don’t know.”


“Whatever!” I shouted as we reached the doors entering to the school grounds. He rolled his eyes.


“Your such a drama Queen you know.” He said.


“Oh. So I’m the drama queen now? After third year when you ripped up a Hogwarts portrait because your ‘dad’ didn’t send you the right ‘broomstick’?” I yelled pointedly.


“Hey, That was three years ago and it’s totally beside the point!” He snapped back as we descended the entrance hall steps.


“It is not beside the- WHOA” I yelled pathetically as I slipped backwards and started sliding down the steps one by one hitting my elbow, my ankles, my back and my bum on every, single, step.


Al calmly walked down the steps after me smiling like nothing was wrong. He crouched down to my level when he reached the point where I was and looked at me like a parent proving their little kid wrong.


“Ready to be normal now?” He asked offering a hand. I stared at it.


“I will never, be normal, I refuse.” I said staring at his hand and pushing myself off the ground. Al rolled his eyes and muttered stuff about being ‘fussy’ and ‘independent’, seriously, why would he say that stuff about himself?


We strolled over to the greenhouses when we found a yellow note spello-taped to the door.


“To Mr Potter and Miss West.” I began reading aloud. “The following are the instructions for you to do. 1. Scrub all the windows with the mop and bucket placed in the store cupboard. 2. Water ALL the plants in greenhouses 6 and 11.  Ugh! Does she hate us?”


Potter smirked. I groaned at him before continuing.


“3. Mr Potter wipe that utmost irritating smirk of your face.” He just laughed at me.  “4.” I said harshly. “It was a shame they couldn’t make Mr.Potter a vaccine for stupidity.” His laughter turned into a scowl which of course made me burn with happiness. “And 5. I would like to ask Mr. Potter, were you concieved on a Quidditch pitch? Seeing as that’s wear most accidents happen.” I finished proudly.


“Does it really say that?!” He said, snatching the sheet from my hand. I rolled my eyes as he read it. He glared up at me as If  he were a small kid that I had just taken his teddy from.




“No kidding.” I said in an annoyed tone. “Are we going to do this or what?”


“Do what West?” He said leaning in fake-seductively. I lowered my head and raised my eyes.


“huh huh, The JOB.” I said, all smiles gone.


“I was just toying with you West.” He said smirking.


“Ya. Cause I didn’t realise.” I said sarcastically.


He sighed smiling. “Sure sure, say what you want West, but are you sure you should passed that opportunity?”


Ok. Hello there? Yes you. Reading my life. Don’t act confused. Cause sure as hell, I don’t know what he’s bambling on about either. So we’re just gonna play it cool and go along with his, weird, creepy tactics.


“Pass the opportunity? Dude, you thought I considered it? Ha hah, just where do you think you are.”


I’m losing it here. There was a little pause where he raised his eyebrows. “Everyone-likes-Albus-Potter-land?” I finished weakly. “Ha hah. I don’t think so!” I said like some hyper active drunk.


“Er…let’s just do the job.” He said.


“Yeah.” I said nodding my head vigourously.


We did the first task scrubbing the place in silence. I was just innocently scrubbing a corner, down on my knees when I got the fright of my life.


“Aghhhh!” I started shrieking like a girl as I jumped back onto Al and he and I went crashing to the ground where he hit his head as I lay on top of him.


“Any reason, you just happened to jump on top of me?” He said.


“Sp-sp-sp….spider.” I gulped. He sighed in annoyance. He finally got me calmed down and promised me that he had ‘smashed the spider to pulp’ (his words, not mine) before we continued working. When we were about to start the watering of the plants I suddenly stood stock still.


“Er…West? “


I didn’t answer. I was staring through the glass walls out into the grounds. There was this rock rolled onto its side like it had been recently disturbed.


“Someone must have moved the rock!” I said pointing straight ahead, to it. Al leaned over to see what I was pointing at.




“Oh nothing. That was just the rock I used to stand on for the meerkat act.” I said and shrugged turning back to the work.


“Meerkat act?” He asked, completely confused.


“Yea. In third year I was desperately bored cause no one wanted to be near me because I was having this depression mode cause my old cat Freckles died and because everyone I went near I started screaming in their face.”


“I remember that part.” He said rolling his eyes. “Continue.”


“Anyway I was really bored so I pretended to be a Meerkat on that rock mimicking  what they do, just turn their heads and squawk. Hang on! They don’t squawk! They do some really weird noise like- oh it doesn’t matter. Anyway, I stood there for 11 hours till I started sleep walking and started lecturing Professor Sprout how I wanted to ‘check out’ her plants. She felt very hurt and that’s why she hasn’t liked me since. After that was the time I went to the hospital wing because I couldn’t walk any more from the pins and needles in my legs.” I said sighing. “The good old days.”



Al gave me a rather freaked out look before speaking.


“Well, that was a nice story.” He said turning his head away as he freaked.


What is up with me today? I’m such a freak. No wonder I repulse boys. By the look on Al’s face I just scarred him for life!


I’m really not doing well with this ‘trying-to-get-al’ thing. I mean, I guess I never really decided it was a thing but….yeah it is now. So, I’m not really great with the whole situation of ‘fancying someone’ because really all I do is make them hate me and gain bloodlust (like me) wanting to smash people’s heads in (especially mine). But then again, I always think I’ve been fine on my own. I don’t need a boy. Do I?


“Berry, are you gonna pick up the bucket or what.” Al said, snapping me out of my daze.


“What.” I answered smiling up at him.


“Huh?” He said, suddenly confused. I sighed at him, turning it around so I was the parent and he was the child.


“You said, are you gonna pick up the bucket or what? So I said, what.”


He gave me a disbelief look and then and then a death glare and chucked the bucket in my face, dousing me with water. Oh he did not just go there. He just snorted and turned around so I couldn’t see him laughing at my look of utter shock and distress. I just gaped as the anger burned up inside me. When he finally prepared himself to turn round again, he took one look at me and my murderous expression and then just cracked up.


“Oh so your going to play it this way are you?” I said backing him up against the wall. He just tried to refrain himself from laughing again. “Ok. Two can play. We’ll just see.” I snarled. He smirked.


“Deal.” He said.


“What?!” I said, suddenly confused.


“Your on.” He said tilting his head to the side wearing a fake smile.


I kicked his shin before swivelling round and picking up the bucket to go refill it at the taps.



That night, right then and there, Potter and I made a mutual agreement, to hate each other for life. Too bad about the love idea, hatred is just too much fun.


And so, the war, began.



I was walked into the common room, soaked, and exhausted, moping around and just about ready to kill Potter. He had left me by the entrance saying he needed to find Rose in the library. I was fit for murder, and a shower. Then, I had an idea.


Potter’s going to regret being born.


*********one hour later********


After I had showered and dressed in my pajamas and thrown a huge jumper on top I came down and was just innocently sitting in the common room, boring my eyes into a book of Rose’s, pretending to look the slightest interested, when all I could think about was my evil plan., pretending to look the slightest interested, when all I could think about was my evil plan. I kept looking up expectantly at the portrait to see if he was here yet. I was getting extremely impatient and I really needed to pee so I was actually praying for Potter’s arrival. And I can tell you, that has never happened before.


Finally I saw him poke his head round the door with my a particularly exhausted looking Rose, who had, obviously been studying late again. I was so excited to see him I actually jumped in the air and had to force myself to sit back down and bite my lip to stop from screaming my evil happiness in his face. Rose shot me a funny look as she tilted her head before saying good night to Al as he ran up to his dorm and she drifted over to me.


“What did you do.” She said, like a parent scolding, but smiling.


“Me? Nothing! I’m just sitting here innocently reading……” I said trying to read the cover. “Oh what is this Greek?!” I said.


“Its upside down blue.” She said. “And just for your information, you’re a terrible liar.”


“Thanks.” I said in fake appreciation.


“Anyway, what did you do.” She said looking at me as she leant forward in her seat.


“You’ll just have to wait and see.” I said, winking at her. She rolled her eyes and picked up the weird book I was reading but not reading and started to read. Strange girl. Of all the things she could do like say ‘talk to me’ and she picks up a bloody book?! Weird. Then the whole common room went silent as we heard a boy’s scream of rage above us and a lot of stomping feet and then a huge bang and more screaming.


   Over from a corner of the room Jake, Luiza, Fred, and Teri came over to sit on the couch opposite.


“What did you do.” Luiza and Jake said at once as the other two looked at me expectantly.


“Soon enough you’ll understand, and I must warn you Jake, sorry mate but your not gonna like it.”


He looked at me suspiciously, about to say something but was interrupted as a thunderous looking Al Potter stormed down the boy’s staircase. His jet-black hair was ruffled and his glasses were hanging lopsided and pink glitter covering him head to toe that seemed to stick onto him and he looked very distressed and very livid. Overall, he looked dashing. And he was looking at me!


Probably not the best time to go all happy with the love thoughts.


“BERRY KAYLA WEST I AM GOING TO KILL YOU!”  He said as he marched up to me.


“Me? What did I do?” I said innocently smiling at his devastation.


“Hmm.What did you do? You just so happened to pour honey ALL over the sixth year boys dormitory which happened to make me fall over which happened to trigger a huge amount of fairy dust-“




“WHATEVER! To fall from the ceiling which happened to make me want to kill you!” He yelled angrily. I gave him a sheepish look and then leaned forward and whispered quite loudly into his ear:


“Potter. I think your making a scene.” I said in triumphant voice. He growled before taking a breath.


“You know I could just use that Caeruleus charm on your hair again West.” He said coyly. “And there are plenty of spiders in my room.”


At that I flinched, hands immediately touching my hair in case it was blue again. Then I realised it was fine. And laughed.


“Potter, you’d do no such thing!” I said still laughing. “You’re a right mess. Why don’t you go clean up? You and the boys have some serious scrubbing to do in your dorm. And Rose is mine so I will do anything to stop her from giving you some clean-up charms.” I said. Rose laughed at the whole scene and then looked at Al sympathetically. She opened her mouth but immediately my hand was covering mouth and she started shrieking into my palm and no one could hear.


“Toodles Al!” I said feeling wonderful.


“Toodles.” He grunted back before dragging Will, and Scorpius up to their dorm. He seemed to have missed Jake. Or maybe that was just because Jake had known what was coming and gone into hiding with a chair.


Gryffindor burst into fits of giggles as I sat back proudly with a wonderful feeling running through my body. Score.


I released Rose who started gasping for breath.


“Sorry.” I mumbled. “I just couldn’t let you tell them.” I said smiling.


“I knew you disliked Potter but what made you do that?!” She said.


“Well. He threw a bucket of water over me in detention.” I said.


“Sounds like fun.” Luiza said forcing me too scoot over in my comfortable seat.


“Yes, humiliation truly is the happiest times.” I said deadpanned.


“ Aww Berry , that really was hilarious.” Teri said coming over to my side.


“Yeah, high-five!” Said Jake slapping my hand as he sat on the arm of the couch by Rose. “Bloody hell that hurt!” He said holding back his hand. Rose and Teri laughed.


“Guys. This couch was mine. What was wrong with the other one? Did Fred turn ugly?” I said sarcastically gesturing to Fred now abandoned, sitting alone on the couch opposite. Luiza rolled her eyes.


“Nah, everyone loves Fred , Berry .” Luiza said, blowing him a kiss. I gagged. “You were just the one looking lonely.” She said sweetly.


“Excuse me, that’s bollocks seeing as Rose was sitting right next to me thank you very much.” I snapped back.


   “Oh! Berry , Luiza, Rose and I that as it’s a Saturday tomorow we should go shopping in Hogsmeade for dresses for the ball. Have you got a date yet?” Teri asked.


“Nah I said, I’m not going.” I said sighing.


“Oh Berry, we all know you will in the end. Do you wanna come anyway?” She said.


Honestly, I wasn’t interested in going, but by the pleading look on Rose’s face, and the i-will-kill-you-if-you-don’t look on Luiza’s face, I knew I didn’t really have a choice.


“Ok. I’ll go.” I said. Luiza bounced up and squeezed me to death and Teri smiled.


“Cool! See you then!” She said starting to get up.


“Er…Teri, your going to see me when I go upstairs to sleep.” I said. She gave a sheepish face realising her obvious mistake and grinned.


“Yeah well whatever!” She said before turning to the staircase.


“I’m going to go to bed too.” I said getting up and stretching.


“Me too.” Rose said picking up her books.


“Me three.” Luiza said before going to kiss Fred good night.


    Ha! See? They all copy me! Anyway. We walked up the stairs and opened the door Emma sitting alone on her bed. Emma and I over the years had just naturally not liked each other much. But we tried to hide from everyone else so only wheb we were alone could we argue.


I walked over to my bed and jumped on it and looked up at the ceiling of the four-poster.


“ Berry don’t you usually insist on being the first in the shower every evening rather than lie around like a lazy little girl?” Rose said rather worried I wasn’t attacking anyone in my path to the bathroom.


“Nah, I already showered before the abomination created a little ‘scene’ in the common room.” I said. Rose laughed. Luiza took her chance and raced to the bathroom whilst Teri sprung up a conversation with Emma.


“Come on, Al’s not an abomination.” She said smiling as she came and sat on the end of my bed. I sat up straight.


“Yes he is!” I said. She rolled her eyes. WHY IS EVERYONE DOING THAT!


“No he isn’t.” She said lightly smacking my head.


“Yes he is and don’t deny it!” I said. She slapped her face into her hands.


“Your mad you are Blueberry. Completeley bonkers.” She said shaking her head. My expression turned to horror.


“I will not accept you calling me bonkers Rose!” I said pointing my finger straight at her.  “Your supposed to be saying nice things about me!”


“I do say nice things about you!” She responded.


“Like?” I said raising an eyebrow and wearing my psychotic face.


“Like um...” Rose said. “Ummm… how your hair looks really nice today!” She said desperately.


“Yes, cause my hair looks so nice when its in a pineapple pony tail on the top of my head.” I said sarcastically. Hey, guys, in my defence, that’s just how I have my hair when I sleep. I’m not bothered with the stupid plaits and pigtails to make it ‘curly’. My hair already has a mind of it’s own and decides at exactly the wrong times when to be curly, and when to be frizzy, and when to be wavy, and when to be straight, and when to be- you get the picture. Sorry


“Oh, hey Berry ! I found this new book in the library! They ordered a fresh of books today! Anyway, and it was a novel about the difference between shape-shift charms and transfiguration and it was actually really good and explanative and-“


I rolled my eyes. “I am sorry Rose, you must have mistaken me for someone that actually cares!” I said. “Emma looks very enthused today! Why don’t you go bother her?!” I said like it was a wondrous idea. Rose pouted before leaping off my bed before sliding into hers. So maybe, huh! Maybe, she doesn’t like Emma either! Huh! We could start an Emma-hate club! And – or maybe she couldn’t be bothered and just wanted to go to sleep. Makes more Roseyological sense.


“Night Rosie.” I said pulling the duvet over my head.


“G’night Berry .” She said yawning.


********Al’s POV********


“I found the charm!” Will said triumphantly from across the room.


“Finally.” I grunted, walking over whilst trying to maintain my balance from slipping with al the honey.


“It better actually work this time, unlike the last one.” Scorpius growled.


We came to Will’s side and glanced at the page. To be honest I’d never seen Will touc a book in his life. It looked strange in his hands. I looked at where his finger was pointing.


“The Terseus spell. We may as well try it.” I said looking up at Scorpius. He nodded and raised his wand to the mess.


“Tergeo” He said flicking his wand.


Instantly the mess all over the floor vanished and the glitter was gone too. I sighed with exhaustion and flopped backwards onto my bed.


“We really need to get a Rose for our dorm.” I said sighing, shaking my head.


“Yeah! I’ll go get her!” Scorpius volunteered.


“Ugh you moron, it’s too late now. I mean permanently for situations like this.” I said. He nodded in realisation and lost the sparkle in his eye.


The door opened and Jake entered the room. Scorpius and I exchanged a quick, knowing glance and ran straight towards him and pounced.


“Argghhhhh! What the fuck?” Jake yelled. I had him in a head lock and Scorpius was puling him to the ground.


“You didn’t help clear up at all! You just so happened to disappear when we needed you! We even sent Lily off to find you!” I yelled at him.


“Lily?!” He said quizzically.


“Er…..yes that would be my little sister that your so in love with!” I said.


“Shudup.” Jake said shooting me a glare. I gave up and let go of Jake before shoving him away. I walked moodily back towards my bed.


“I’m going to kill West.” Scorpius said grumpily.


“I’m with you there. Whoever came up with the idea of girls being able to enter Boys dormitory’s and NOT vice versa is gonna die.” I said balling my fists.


“Er...Al, they probably are dead by now.” Will pointed out.


“Well, whatever.” I said, unable to come up with a comeback. I lay down in deep thought about Berry . I think tonight we had just mutually decided a hate for life competition that I felt was going to go on for a long time (hense the ‘for life’ part).


Then I had and idea.


“Guys! I have an idea.”



*************one hour later*************



“Are you sure about this?” Jake said look around worriedly.


“Yes.” All three of us said as we approached the base of the girl’s staircase.


“I can’t believe we’re going to the girl’s dorm!” Will said. I rolled my eyes. He can be such a pervert sometimes.


“Right, Jake have you got the shaving foam?” I asked.








“Flobberworm slime?”












“And the Nutella?”


Jake gave a sheepish face.


“What did you do with THE NUTELLA?!” I yelled.


“Shhh.” Scorpius said.


“I hid it under my pillow and hoped you wouldn’t notice.”


I tried to hide my anger. “Merlin Jake go get it!”


“We don’t have time now.” Scorpius said.


“Don’t have time? This is a life or death situation! Do you not understand?!” I answered.


“Your going to wake up the whole house!” Jake yelled.


“What do you even need the Nutella anyway?” Scorpius said. “Your hardly going to start rubbing it on the ceiling.”


I gave a sheepish face.


“Al,” Scorpius said suspiciously.


“Oh fine, it was for my snack use.” I said.


“WHAT?!” All three of them said.


“Shhh guys, your going to wake the whole house.” I said teasingly, mimicking Jake. They all gave me a murderous look.


“Ok, forget the nutella, lets go!” I said.


Will, being the stupid little boy he is went straight for the staircase, racing up madly before coming tumbling back on the slide that had formed.


“Smooth.” I said glaring. He growled and started getting himself off the floor.


“Ok, so we just take one sip of this potion and we can just walk up?” Jake said, gesturing to the small glass vial I had started to take out of the bag.


“Yep.” I said.


“Whoa. I can’t believe its this easy. Its soooo payback time.” Will said in high pitched voice with wide eyes shaking his head like a complete weirdo.


“Yeah, that really didn’t sound very manly.” I said shaking my head.


“It’s payback time.” He said again in a very low voice.


“And that’s how you get a sore throat.” Scorp said to Will. Will just fired him a glare.


“Ok, I’ll take a sip first.” I said tilting the bottle to my head letting a few drops fall down my throat. It tasted of honey mixed with another strong ingredient. Marmite.


“Ew. That’s sick.” I said gulping.


I passed it along to Jake who took one sip and spat it all out. He made a sickly noise and I rolled my eyes nudging him to pass it along. When we had all taken a sip, we advanced the steps, and for once? I wasn’t sliding back.


“So technically this potion turns us to a girl?” Will said. I slapped my hand to my forehead. So Will might be great with the girls but he is so stupid it’s depressing.


“No. It just turns off the sensing detectors on the stairs for while your on it.” I said.


“Ohhhh.” He said nodding his head.


“Yes, ohhhh.” Scorp said imitating him.


“Shut up guys.” I said as we passed the first door.


“Ok lets go!” Will said creaking the door open.


“No you bastard!” I yelled yanking him away. He gave me a look like a kicked puppy. “Can you read?!” I said irritated. He looked at the door.


First Year Girls

    Dorm G1


“Ohhh” He said rather stupidly. I could tell Scorpius was about to imitate him again but I gave him an annoyed look and he closed his mouth. We carried on up the next set up stairs until we finally reached a door that read:


Sixth Year Girls

     Dorm G6


And then graffitied on top in enchanted multicoloured writing was “The coolest dorm EVER. Enter at your Peril.”


Berry is so immature sometimes.


“Ok, are we ready?” I said turning back to the group.


“Yep.” They all answered.


So I slowly opened the door, flinching back every time it creaked. We all slid into the dark room and looked around us.


I saw my cousin Rose On the far left end, closest to me. She was fast asleep with the covers pulled right over so all you could see was the streaks of red splayed across her pillow. To her right was a bedside table with a picture of both of us waving nervously at the camera trying to hide Berry’s bodying lying behind the bush back in the fourth year summer holidays where she had misplaced water for firewhisky on a very sunny day and drank the whole bottle that James had filled and she passed out.


To her right was a very disgruntled looking Berry who was lying on top of the duvet with her head on the wrong side of the bed with her pale legs in an uncomfortable position as she twisted and turned in her sleep as if she was living a nightmare. Her dark brown locks were everywhere, moving about as her petite frame rolled over. Now I could see she was only wearing a black tank top and some blue pajama shorts. I suddenly felt bad about playing such a prank when she looked so innocent. Then again, it was just for fun, and she had caused plenty of trouble in our dorm.


I turned to my side to see Will drooling as he looked at her. Some instinct in me made me slap him on the backside of the head and he yelped. I slapped him again so he would shut up.


There were three more beds in the room with Luiza, her small structured face peeping out of the pillow wearing a dreamy smile, Teri who was turned over onto her side, and Emma who was a bit of a strange sleeper like Berry who was just everywhere on the bed at once.


I lifted my fingers quickly to my lips, motioning the other guys to shut up as Jake passed me the bag.


“Right.” I whispered in a low voice. “Malfoy, your in charge with the shaving foam, spray in EVERY corner.” I said smiling. He nodded taking the bottle and setting to work. “Will, your in charge of the Lynx. Just spray the stuff everywhere till it stinks like hell.” I said. It was the easiest job for him so he understood and grabbed the bottle. “Ok. Jake, go into the bathroom,” He gagged, I rolled my eyes. “Empty all the shampoo and conditioner bottles and fill them with the Flobberworm slime. Got it?” He nodded and tiptoed to the bathroom.


I took out the vodka and went to there water supply. This plan is just too good to be true I said, shaking my head with a smirk on my face.


My dad had given me his old potion book because of all this pathetic stuff ‘it used to be owned by Severus Snape and as your are named after him I think you should have it’. Yes, I really do love my names. Well anyway, I had found the charm scribbled on the edge of a page and researched it.


“Aquantato.” I said, waving my wand whilst placing a drop of vodka into the sink. Immediatley a glowing ring came about the sink and I knew my work was done. Their water had all turned to Vodka, and they would never know. Well, till they started getting drunk of course.


I smiled and creeped back into the main room that now stank of Lynx and was white everywhere. We all stood their laughing silently if you get me, waiting for Jake to finish in the bathroom. Suddenly, the freakiest thing happened.


Berry twisted and turned and then instantly sat up with her eyes wide open. We all froze. She looked quite frightening in the moonlight but she looked, elegant in it, like she was shining.


Then the creepiest thing happened. She started speaking.


“No no no. No! It wasn’t me! Please please it wasn’t me! Please” She said sobbing, still sitting up straight. “No! You can’t do this! Mom! Don’t, d-d-on’t go!” She wailed. “Don’t go! Not after Dad! Just please, stay! STAY!” She shrieked. “Don’t leave me Mom, don’t, don’t!” She was silent for a few seconds.



“I’m all alone.” She gulped as tears fell from her eyes. We all stood their, horrified as she started sobbing again, not knowing what to do. I was about to walk up to her, but she suddenly saw me. Staring her eyes into mine.


“Hi Al. Allllllll.” She said elongating the words. “I want- I wanna check out the sofa.” She said walking off and in a circle before she tripped on something on the floor and flew in the air and she lay crumpled on the floor, innocent and vulnerable.


A few minutes later Jake came into the room and we were all standing stock still. I glanced at all of them before walking forward, lifting her easily into my arms, and placing her delicatley onto her bed, pulling the cover over her. Eventually we heard a cute little snoring sound escape her lips as she breathed in and out steadily.


We all turned to each other faces white, before we crept out the room, our job done for the night.



A/N – oooh. So Al and Berry aren’t getting along well :/ too bad. I know your all wondering about Berry’s little sleep talk scene, and im not so sure myself but it is linked to something that’s going to happen sooon. also the bit where she’s like ‘I wanna check out the sofa’ well, apparently my mum said I was sleep walking and talking last week and i said that to her. Oh I shouldn’t have told you that, im blushing with embarrassment! please review!




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