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Over the Moon by LilyFire
Chapter 41 : Chicken Marinara
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“So, Todd.” I say.

“What about him?” she asks quickly.

“He seems nice.”

She shrugs. “I guess.”

“He talked to me about you.” I say.

“I know. He said you told him about some bands I like.”

“That was part of it.”

“What else?” She’s intrigued. I knew she would be. She can’t stand not knowing something.

“Dude, that’s your girl. Man, you’re lucky.”

“She’s a great friend.”

“And in bed too, I’d say.” He hits me with his elbow. I try to stop my face from turning red. “I’d love to get to know her, I mean like really know her. She seems cool. More than a screw ‘em and lose ‘em kinda girl, ya know? Plus, look at her body.” I stared at him. How could he talk like that. “Oh, I mean, ya know. I’m not gonna try anything, man. She’s all yours. I don’t take other dudes girls.”

“We-we’re just friends.”

“Dude, how can you just be friends with her? Are you gay?”

“Huh? No, I’d love to be with her, I just…can’t.”

“Why not?”

“It’s …complicated.”

“You wouldn’t mind if I asked her out, would ya?” Yes, I would. You can’t touch her. Do even think about it. I shake my head no. “Great. Thanks, man.” I follow him back to the games, while he asks questions about her.

“Just stuff. He’ll end up asking you anyway.”

“Remus.” She whines, her eyes lightening a shade. I just shake my head. Thursday night’s Order meeting is pretty uneventful. Dumbledore says he needs volunteers for patrols the next day, and I volunteer. Along with several other people, including Dora. Of course he pairs us together.

“So, you just wanna come over to my place tomorrow and have dinner? Then we’ll go from there, we shouldn’t need to leave until eight.”

“Okay,” I say, “but I’m cooking.” She laughs. I show up about six. “What do you want to eat?” I ask.

“Oh, how about some of that chicken and noodle stuff you made before? With the red sauce.” I start to work. I’m sitting the food on the table when someone knocks on the door.

“I’ll get it,” Dora calls, running for the door. She trips about the time she gets there. “Damn. That hurt.” Standing, she opens the door. “Todd. Oh my God. We have a date tonight.” She has a date? Hopefully, it’s not to make me jealous again.

“Yeah.” I can see him in the mirror in the living room. It must be a fancy place he’s taking her to. He’s all dressed up. And she has ripped up jeans and a Weird Sister t-shirt on.

“I forgot. I’m so sorry. Er- Do you wanna come in? I can get ready in like two seconds.”

“Er-Sure.” She starts to walk through the house. “Were you cooking?” he asks.

“Me? No, I can’t cook. Remus is.” She stops. “Remus. Crap. We have patrols.”

“Is something wrong?” Todd asks.

“No, she’s going to go get dressed for her date,” I say, walking into the living room. She looks at me.


“I don’t think any Death Eaters are going to break in to Hogwarts tonight.”

“Remus,” she half whispers.

“He doesn’t know what I’m talking about. If I get bored I’ll just go get Harry.”

“He’s a student. And you can’t be by yourself.”

“It won’t be the first time I walked the halls of that school by myself.”

“But the marauders--”

“Weren’t always together when they snuck out. Go get dressed.”

“You cooked.”

“It’s called chicken marinara. Order it, if you want.” She looks at me for a bit, and then goes to get changed. There’s a loud bang, then a louder crash. Todd stands quickly.

“Is she okay?”

“She’s probably fine. It happens all the time,” I say. “Dora, you alive?”

“Yeah, just trying to put this dress on.” I laugh. I can’t help it. “It’s not funny, Remus.”

“Sorry, but yeah, it is.”

“Oh, shut up.” Still laughing, I sit in the living room across from Todd. He looks nervous.

“Hey, she’s super easy to get along with. You’ll do fine. It’s hard to mess up with her.”

“Then what happened to you two?”

“It’s… complicated. My job kept me away for a few months. I didn’t know if I would even survive, and I’m sick, and…it’s just really complicated.”

“I didn’t know you would be here,” he says after a short silence.

“We work in the same place…sort of. She won’t be sent away like I was though. We were assigned to watch a boarding school that had been threatened. Patrol the corridors, make sure nothing happens…I used to work there. And I went there. Well, she did too, but I know it like the back of my hand. It’s no problem, I’ll cover for her.” I shrug. Then she comes out. She’s in an amazing green dress. Todd looks speechless.

“You look beautiful, Dora.” She beams at me.


“You- Are you ready to go?” Todd found his voice.

“Yeah,” she smiles at him.

“Without shoes?” I ask. Her eyes widen.

“That’s why I came out. Er-I can’t find my flats, and I thought you would know where they were.”

“No, I don’t,” I say.

“But-but-I can only find that pair of heels Mum bought me.” I laugh. It just so funny. Her distressed look, Todd’s look of confusion.

“Come on, I’ll help.” We go into her room. “Put them on.”

“Remus, I can’t wear heels.”

“Just do it.” She does. I point my wand at them.

“What’d you do?”

“Stabilization spell.”

“And you never did this before because...”

“You never asked.”

She walks out. “Todd!”

I walk out too. Todd was standing right outside the door. “I-I thought I could help look.” She just looks at him.

“Thanks, but we fixed it.” I smile at him.

“I heard. You said something about a spell.” Dora opens her mouth, but nothing comes out. “What’s going on?” I look at Dora.

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Over the Moon: Chicken Marinara


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